The virtual world of the metaverse already has millions of active monthly users. For businesses, this means a whole new target market where they can advertise their products and services. 

Crucially, in order to grow their business, new metaverse projects will need the insight of expert marketing agencies.

In this guide, we have curated a list of the best metaverse marketing agencies for 2023. Each agency discussed can help launch a new metaverse project, improve brand awareness, and generate enhanced revenues.

The 8 Best Metaverse Marketing Agencies in 2023

Interest in the metaverse is driving many companies to revamp their marketing strategies.

Below, we list the best metaverse marketing agencies that can help brands grow and dominate the virtual world. 

  1. CryptoPR – Overall Best Metaverse Marketing Agency for 2023
  2. OMNI – Multi-Form Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Coinpresso – Premium Crypto Marketing Agency
  4. NinjaPromo – Top Digital Marketing Agency for Metaverse Projects
  5. Digital Pulse – Data-Driven Metaverse Marketing Agency
  6. Rumfoords – Metaverse Marketing Agency Creating Virtual Experiences
  7. Metavision – Top Metaverse Marketing Agency for Entertainment Brands
  8. Blockchain PR – Leading Marketing Agency for Cryptocurrencies

Keep reading to understand the features and benefits of each of these top metaverse marketing agencies. 

Top Metaverse Marketing Agencies Reviewed

More and more companies are scrambling to launch their brands in the metaverse. 

Below we provide comprehensive reviews of the best metaverse marketing agencies that assist companies in launching and promoting their blockchain-based projects. 

1. CryptoPR – Overall Best Metaverse Marketing Agency for 2023

Crypto PRCryptoPR is a UK-based marketing agency that has over two years of experience in the crypto industry. In a short span of time, the agency has managed to build a strong reputation in this sector.  The company has over 100 staff working on different aspects of metaverse marketing. 

This includes promotional listings on prominent sites, social media networking, posts on investor channels, and more.  We also found that CryptoPR has an impressive portfolio.

In fact, this metaverse marketing agency is behind some of the most successful cryptocurrency platforms of today – such as eToro and It also led the marketing campaign of Lucky Block, which is one of the coolest NFT projects for 2022.  

CryptoPR review

With the help of CryptoPR, the LBLOCK token became the fastest-ever digital coin to reach a $1 billion market cap. The project has gone on to become hugely successful and has evolved to become one of the best crypto game platforms available today. Similarly, CryptoPR has also worked closely with DeFi Coin, another well-known crypto project of 2022. 

The team behind DeFi Coin (DEFC) worked hand-in-hand with CryptoPR to launch the project, raising $500,000 in pre-sale funds. Moreover, CryptoPR managed to help the project reach 1,200 new customers within the first 30 days. As is evident, CryptoPR has an excellent track record and most importantly – proven results. 

The agency offers its services not only for metaverse projects, but also blockchain services, decentralized finance, crypto exchanges, NFTs, digital tokens, wallets, and more. 

CryptoPR – Features

CryptoPR works with several blockchain platforms across the world to help companies promote their projects.

Here is an overview of the services offered by this provider, which subsequently makes it the best metaverse marketing agency out there:

  • Publishes PR regarding metaverse projects on prominent crypto-authority media outlets
  • Promotion of the metaverse project on social media platforms and Telegram groups
  • Promotional posts on financial news websites such as CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, and more
  • Banner ad campaigns on a variety of related websites.
  • Arrange interviews with cofounders and team members through popular channels
  • Promotional posts in multiple languages, including German, French, Spanish, Arabic, and others

In addition to the above, the team at CryptoPR also works with consumers to help them connect with leading contacts in the crypto media network. 

CryptoPR – Services 

No matter the stage of the project, CryptoPR can assist its customers in building a marketing plan that generates results. Each project is assigned a dedicated account manager, who works with clients to understand the project, goals, and KPIs. 

Each and every customer is offered a tailored strategy that raises awareness and helps gain exposure and legitimacy. Clients of CryptoPR have the option to avail of the following services:

Depending on the project, clients can also combine the different types of services available in order to maximize the reach of the respective campaign.  





Those interested can get started by reaching out to CryptoPR via the contact form on the provider’s website. This allows the prospective customer to provide basic info on what the metaverse project is and what kind of services are required.

There is also the option to specify the budget that the project is willing to spend. 

Overall, CryptoPR is suited for all types of metaverse projects, regardless of the target customer base and goals. The company has a team of highly experienced professionals that strive to provide a top-notch customer experience to all its clients. 


2. OMNI – Multi-Form Digital Marketing Agency

Omni agencyWhile CryptoPR focuses exclusively on blockchain-related projects, OMNI agency caters to all kinds of industries. The firm provides multi-form digital marketing across different platforms and media. However, its strength lies in social media marketing.

For each client, OMNI starts the marketing journey by conducting a brand diagnosis. It then comes up with a unique strategy that aligns with the brand voice as well as the goals of the project.

We also like that this agency takes care of every aspect of a metaverse project when it comes to social media – from content creation and post scheduling to lead generation and audience engagement.

Omni Agency

OMNI is also adept when it comes to metaverse influencer marketing across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Moreover, the agency will track key metrics to ensure that progress of the marketing campaign is analyzed.

Based on these respective metrics, OMNI will revise its strategy and adopt methodologies that align best with ever-changing trends. We also found that OMNI offers an excellent customer experience.

Prior to signing up with this firm, companies can book a free audit with the OMNI marketing team. This interaction allows businesses to receive a free overview of what they can expect from this agency and how to go about marketing in the metaverse.

3. Coinpresso – Premium Crypto Marketing Agency


Coinpresso offers a variety of marketing services for metaverse projects. It can help projects build their front-end solutions, right from setting up a website to attracting customers. Coinpresso will also make sure that the project’s website ranks well on Google’s real estate platform, by focusing on crypto SEO.

Coinpresso’s expertise ranges across different areas  – which include content optimization, copywriting, paid ads, social media marketing, and more. On top of this, it also helps with blockchain and dApps development. Companies can even approach Coinpresso for building a DeFi staking platform or an NFT marketplace.





As is obvious, Coinpresso has a team of professionals who are well-versed with the ins and outs of the crypto space, metaverse, and marketing. The agency also has a growing list of media partners, such as the likes of Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ, CoinTelegraph, Cryptonews, and other prominent websites.

Moreover, Coinpresso is a verified Google Partner and has maintained an optimization score of at least 70%. This means that the agency has succeeded in getting client accounts to perform well on the Google search engine. Coinpresso also offers one free consultation for prospective customers.

4. NinjaPromo – Top Digital Market Agency for Metaverse Projects

NinjaPromo is a full-fledged digital marketing agency that was established in 2017. Its services include everything from email marketing to full-stack blockchain development.

If customers choose to approach NinjaPromo, this platform can help with launching NFTs in the metaverse, setting up a crypto wallet, and more. 

In other words, NinjaPromo is one of the best crypto marketing agencies available today, as it helps businesses build their own blockchain products from the ground up. Blockchain experts at NinjaPromo have solid experience in working with networks such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and more.





The agency has a design team that works on developing the branding and identity of a new metaverse project. In addition to this, NinjaPromo also has a studio for producing videos for advertisements and virtual experiences. In a nutshell, this firm has all the resources necessary to create a Metaverse marketing campaign and ensure its smooth execution.

Once all the materials are ready, NinjaPromo helps its clients reach their target audience via a plethora of media outlets. This includes social media platforms, content and email marketing, website listings, bounty campaigns, and more.

5. Digital Pulse – Data-Driven Metaverse Marketing Agency

LogoDigital Pulse is another metaverse marketing agency that helps fintech projects obtain more visibility online. It is a full-service platform, meaning, it can attend to all marketing needs of a crypto project. Digital Pulse commences its services by performing an internal audit of the customer.

It also conducts thorough market and competitor research before establishing a project’s growth points. This helps Digital Pulse set up sales funnels that work specifically for the customer.

Digital Pulse crypto marketing

Whether it is to launch a crypto token, NFT, or a new metaverse experience, Digital Pulse offers its clients exposure via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Baidu. This agency can also design email marketing strategies and arrange for influencer campaigns across social media platforms.

Moreover, with Digital Pulse, customers are in full control over their metaverse marketing budget. We also like that Digital Pulse offers great customer service. For instance, it regularly keeps its clients posted with detailed reports and metrics on how strategies are performing.

6. Rumfoords – Metaverse Marketing Agency Creating Virtual Experiences

RumfoordsRumfoords has an excellent portfolio of clients, which includes Adidas, Netflix, Dior, and Givenchy. This agency focuses on providing brands with a buzzworthy entry into the metaverse. It creates experiences that resonate with a brand’s value to help promote its products to the masses.

In fact, Rumfoords has adopted a completely new and innovative strategy for promoting its own services. Those who wish to learn about the metaverse can invest in Rumfoord NFTs, and gain access to ‘The Quarterly’. This is a magazine that discusses the culture of the metaverse and offers marketing insights.


Rumfoords has its services split into three main divisions – strategy, creativity, and production. The agency helps brands find their appropriate target audience and metaverse influencers who can help promote their products. It also sets up integrated campaigns and experiences within the metaverse.

Furthermore, Rumfoords has a production team that is capable of developing web3 platforms. Rumfoords’s world-class network of digital artists, 3D animators, and creative technologists can be an asset to any brand seeking to set up shop in the metaverse.

7. Metavision – Top Metaverse Marketing Agency for Entertainment Brands

Metavision Studios logoMetavision is a marketing agency that helps brands get a strong foothold in the metaverse. It can help brands conceptualize and produce experiential worlds in the metaverse for their fans to explore and interact with.

Metavision is, in fact, part of ITV’s Studio 55 Ventures. The agency is best suited for entertainment companies looking to create a virtual experience in the metaverse.

It has partnered with creators and studios across different types of technologies – including VR, AR, and other forms of immersive entertainment.


Meaning, that no matter what kind of digital experience the brands want to build, Metavision can help create it. The agency is behind some of the most notable events in the metaverse, including John Lewis’s music launch in Fortnite.

For John Lewis, the Metavision team created a custom map, including a recreation of the I’m A Celeb castle and a store. Metavision is also working with Timberland to launch the brand’s parkour trails in the metaverse.

The project is also in collaboration with Epic Games and blends both real and virtual worlds. Needless to say, Metavision is emerging as one of the best metaverse marketing agencies to consider for building virtual experiences.

8. Blockchain PR – Leading Marketing Agency for Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain PRBlockchain PR is a company that focuses on providing professional marketing services for emerging cryptocurrencies. It also caters to blockchain-related projects, which include businesses in the fintech and the metaverse.

Blockchain PR has a team of professionals experienced in publicity, marketing, and design. Some of the most notable projects handled by Blockchain PR include Global Blockchain Forum, BitFinance, and

Blockchain PR

The agency helps its customers come up with strategic messaging that aligns with the brand’s unique voice. Companies can work with Blockchain PR right from the launch stage, and this agency will lay out a strategy for future growth. Its PR team will also ensure that a new crypto project gets visibility across many different social media platforms.

This includes developing strategies for driving engagement and building a loyal community of followers. Not only that, companies that work with Blockchain PR will also be able to get their products listed across internationally recognized media platforms.

Best Metaverse Marketing Firms Comparison

Below, we offer a summary of the services offered by the best metaverse marketing agencies of 2023.

Agency Name Services Offered
CryptoPR · Press releases
· NFT promotion
· Banner ad campaigns
· Advertorials and features
· Comparison listings
· International campaigns
· Influencer marketing
OMNI · Social media marketing
· Influencer marketing
· Content creation
Coinpresso · Search engine optimization
· Content and email marketing
· Website listings
· Social media and influencer marketing
NinjaPromo · Website listing
· Content and email marketing
· Social media and influencer marketing
· Full-stack blockchain development
Digital Pulse · Social media content
· Influencer marketing
· Community engagement
· Email marketing
· NFT marketing
Rumfoords · Virtual experiences
· Creative consultancy
· In-house production team
Metavision · Virtual experiences
· Social media marketing
· Product design
Blockchain PR · Social media management
· Product design
· Strategic messaging design

What Services do Metaverse Marketing Agencies Offer?

Brands and companies across the globe are exploring how the metaverse will change marketing.

However, the best digital marketing agencies have already started adapting their strategies, to ensure that their customers make the most of new opportunities in the virtual world. 

The main purpose of the best metaverse marketing agencies discussed today is to make sure that their clients generate more sales.

To facilitate this, agencies study the latest trends to come up with the best practices, tools, and strategies that are needed for a successful marketing campaign.

Below, we further expand on the services offered by leading metaverse marketing firms:

Press Releases

One of the best ways to get attention to a new metaverse project is to set up a press release. The top metaverse marketing agencies can get PRs published on the biggest finance and blockchain sites within hours.

For instance, CryptoPR has partnered with some of the best high-traffic global websites, which include Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, and more. This means that new projects get tremendous visibility and get talked about across all prominent networks.

Social Media Marketing

Today, social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. Typically, social media marketing is used to generate awareness of a brand by sharing content.


However, no two social media platforms cater to the same set of audiences. When it comes to the metaverse, social networks such as Twitter and YouTube have an upper hand.

For instance, many investors sought to buy Dogecoin when the crypto project was favorbly influenced by Elon Musk tweets.

An experienced marketing agency can help find the best platform for a project’s specific needs. Ultimately, top marketing agencies in this space now have dedicated teams for creating content and engagement across social media networks.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

Many investors turn to crypto influencers to learn about how to make money with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. In other words, today, influences have a lot of hold among broader audiences and their investment decisions.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to get a new metaverse project some traction is by partnering with influencers. Metaverse marketing agencies can help find the top influencers who can help spread the word about a new project.

NFT Marketing 

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a key part of the metaverse. It enables transactions in the metaverse, driving this virtual economy.

Therefore, it is no surprise that almost all brands that enter the metaverse also have their own NFT collections. This means that NFTs should be given equal attention when promoting a metaverse project.


For instance, CryptoPR is a marketing agency that offers specialized services for NFT promotion. This platform can set up NFT shilling campaigns, generate targeted traffic to a project and arrange press releases about the token.

Virtual Experiences

There are many facades to metaverse marketing. On one side, there are blockchain projects that offer metaverse-related services, such as NFTs and digital coins. These companies require agencies that can promote their products in the real world.

On the other hand, there are companies looking to enter the metaverse without any background in the crypto industry. For example, brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Netflix operate in different sectors that are in no way associated with blockchain.

And metaverse marketing agencies can help these brands create virtual experiences to gain exposure in the virtual world. This might be in the form of a virtual concert, event, or a sale in a metaverse store.

There are agencies that have in-house production studios that can help create such spaces and promotional campaigns within the metaverse.


Undoubtedly, the metaverse is going to provide an innovative avenue for all types of businesses.

To make the most of this new emerging space, it is time for crypto projects to join hands with a top marketing agency and get that all-important first-mover advantage.

CryptoPR is a prime candidate for blockchain companies looking for the best metaverse marketing agency. This company has an impressive track record and has worked with some of the most successful crypto projects of 2022.

Moreover, CryptoPR offers tailored services for marketing cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverse campaigns, and other blockchain-related projects.

Crypto PR


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