Interest in the Metaverse – which forms a bridge between the real and virtual worlds, is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years.

This is further supported by the fact that social media giant Facebook recently rebranded to Meta Platforms.

In this guide, we discuss the best Metaverse crypto coins to buy in 2022. We’ll also show you how to buy your chosen Metaverse tokens with an SEC-regulated broker in less than five minutes.

Best Metaverse Crypto Coins to Buy in 2022

A list of the best Metaverse crypto coins to invest in for 2022 can be found below.

  1. Decentraland – Overall Best Metaverse Crypto to Buy in 2022
  2. The Sandbox – Next Best Metaverse Crypto Coin to Invest in
  3. Axie Infinity – Top Metaverse Crypto Coin for Play-to-Earn Gaming
  4. Enjin Coin – Cheap Metaverse Crypto Coin That Could be Undervalued
  5. Ethereum – The De-Facto Blockchain of Metaverse Crypto Coins
  6. Render Token – Growing Project That Offers GPU Space for Metaverse Platforms
  7. SushiSwap – Decentralized Exchange Offering an NFT Marketplace via the Metaverse
  8. Ontology – Scalable Blockchain Network for New Metaverse Projects
  9. Wilder World – Low-Cap Metaverse Crypto Coin to Watch in 2022
  10. Illuvium – Fantasy Battle Game Meets the Metaverse

If you’re interested in buying cryptocurrency tokens that focus on the Metaverse – we offer a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete your investment later in this guide.

A Closer Look at the Best Metaverse Coins to Invest in

By investing in the Metaverse right now – you will be entering an innovative niche market that is still in its infancy. As such, you have the opportunity to purchase your chosen Metaverse token at a favorable entry price.

Moreover, you’ll also have the opportunity to diversify your portfolio with some of the best long-term crypto investments in 2022.

In the sections below, we take a much closer look at the 10 best Metaverse crypto coins to buy right now.

You’ll also notice that many of the digital currencies that feature in this guide are also considered some of the most undervalued cryptos you can invest in right now.

1: Decentraland – Overall Best Metaverse Crypto Coin to Buy in 2022

Launched in 2018, the team at Decentraland was able to get a major head start in the Metaverse race. Put simply, this leading Metaverse project is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and it offers users from all over the world a virtual gaming experience.

Users can create and customize their characters, chat with other users, and explore the ever-growing Decentraland world. It’s also become one of the best web 3.0 crypto coins to buy this year.

And, from an investment perspective, Decentraland has its very own crypto coin – MANA. Crucially, all transactions that take place within the Decentraland game must be executed in MANA – which gives the token real utility. Some of the most lucrative transactions conducted center on virtual land and real estate purchases – which often sell for over a million dollars.

decentraland price prediction

Users can also buy and sell in-game items to enhance the Decentraland experience. In terms of market performance,  Decentraland was priced at just $0.025 when it first hit public exchanges in 2018. Fast forward to November 2021 and the same Metaverse crypto coin hit all-time highs of $5.90.

Moreover, when you buy MANA and LAND, you’ll be gaining access to the best NFT Land projects out there.

That’s a gain of over 24,000%. With that said, Decentraland – and the rest of the crypto markets – then corrected in Q1 2022. As of today, you can pick up MANA tokens at a major discount – with the coin trading over 50% under its ATH. Read our guide on how to buy MANA.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

2: The Sandbox – Next Best Metaverse Crypto Coin to Invest in

In direct competition with Decentraland is the Sandbox, which is also one of the best Metaverse crypto coins to invest in for 2022. This project was launched even earlier than Decentraland, with the Sandbox releasing its first game back in 2012. However, since then, the Sandbox has broadened its business model to focus on the Metaverse.

Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the Sandbox allows users to build, earn, and trade in-game items. Much like Decentraland, this includes the ability to buy virtual land and build real estate. Then, this real estate can subsequently be sold on the open market. Just like Decentraland, the Sandbox has its own native digital currency – SAND.

sandbox price

According to CoinMarketCap, SAND was first listed on public exchanges in mid-2020 at an initial price of $0.051 per token. And, once again just like Decentraland, SAND hit an all-time high in November 2021, breaching a remarkable $8.44. This means that in just one year of trading, the Sandbox increased its token value by over 16,000%.

Take note, if you’re not sure if Decentraland or the Sandbox is right for your portfolio, SEC-regulated broker eToro gives you access to both Metaverse crypto coins from just $10 upwards.

If you’re looking to buy Sandbox crypto, read our full guide for everything you need to know.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3: Axie Infinity – Top Metaverse Crypto Coin for Play-to-Earn Gaming

Launched as recently as 2020, Axie Infinity is one of the best Metaverse crypto coins for play-to-earn gaming. For those unaware of this concept, play-to-earn games give users the opportunity to generate rewards when certain tasks are completed – such as reaching a specific level. And, this incentivizes users to engage with the broader Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Crucially, the end-to-end objective for players is to collect, raise, and breed digital animals. Once minted, this can be represented in the form of a unique NFT, which in turn, can be sold on the open marketplace. Just like Decentraland and the Sandbox, Axie Infinity is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Axie Infinity

And, Axie Infinity has its very own native token – AXS. When AXS was launched in early 2020, you would have paid just $0.15 per token. And, in November 2021, the same token hit highs of over $165. This translates into growth of nearly 110,000%. As such, this makes Axie Infinity one of the best Metaverse coins to buy for market performance.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4: Enjin Coin – Cheap Metaverse Crypto Coin That Could be Undervalued 

Next up on our list of the best Metaverse crypto coins to invest in for 2022 is Enjin. Founded in 2017, Enjin offers a globalized database that allows users to manage and store digital gaming products in a safe and secure manner. Moreover, the platform makes the process of buying and selling NFTs seamless, via a user-friendly mobile app that comes alongside QR codes.

And, in late 2021, Enjin announced that it would be raising $100 million to fund its Metaverse journey. On the one hand, this up-and-coming Metaverse token has enjoyed a major upward pricing trend since being listed on public exchanges in 2017. For instance, early investors would have paid just $0.017 per token.

enjin coin price

Fast forward to late 2021 and the Enjin Coin hit all-time highs of $4.85. This translates into end-to-end growth of over 28,000%. However, moving into 2022, Enjin Coin has since hit lows of just $1.17. This means that in comparison to its prior all-time high, this to-rated Metaverse crypto coin is trading at a major discount.

Another metaverse and crypto gaming related coin investors in Enjin are often interested in, is Gala. Like ENJ it’s also listed on eToro.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

5: Ethereum – The De-Facto Home of the Best Metaverse Crypto Coins 

The four top-rated Metaverse projects analyzed above – namely Decentraland, the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and Enjin Coin have one thing in common – they are all built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. In fact, this seems to be the case with virtually all of the Metaverse projects that we came across – so it goes without saying that Ethereum should also be considered if you wish to invest in the broader industry.

This is because Ethereum is the world’s leading smart contract blockchain – which is a crucial piece of technology that allows virtual Metaverse worlds to function in a decentralized and secure manner. And, when you consider that Ethereum is due to upgrade to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism this year – this will open the doors to even more Metaverse projects.

Ethereum price prediction

After all, Ethereum 2.0, as the upgrade is branded, will increase transaction speed and scalability by a significant amount, while reducing fees to near-zero. And don’t forget – when Metaverse projects build their ecosystem on top of the Ethereum blockchain, fees are paid in ETH. As such, Ethereum is one of the best Metaverse coins to invest in today.

Read our How to Buy Ethereum guide for a detailed breakdown on all the key metrics.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

6: Render Token – Growing Project That Offers GPU Space for Metaverse Platforms 

Make no mistake about it – Metaverse platforms require a significant amount of GPU space. After all, some of the leading Metaverse gamers process a huge number of transactions each and every second – all of which increases the amount of throughput the underlying blockchain needs to process.

And, in turn, this results in ever-growing transaction fees and slowly processing times. This is where Render Token steps in – as the project offers a distributed GPU rendering network that can be used by all Metaverse projects. The token was launched in 2020 at a price of just $0.05. Since then, Render Token has reached highs of $8.76.

7: SushiSwap – Decentralized Exchange Offering an NFT Marketplace via the Metaverse  

The next Metaverse project to consider is SushiSwap. Primarily, SushiSwap is home to a popular decentralized exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies without requiring a centralized third party. This popularity has since resulted in SushiSwap surpassing a market capitalization of $500 million as of early 2022.

With that said, SushiSwap has since expanded its business model by creating an NFT marketplace in conjunction with the Metaverse. Not only will this immerse the NFT trading experience, but by offering its marketplace via the SushiSwap network, buyers and sellers will be able to transact in a decentralized manner.

8: Ontology – Scalable Blockchain Network Could be an Ideal Home for the Metaverse  

Launched in 2017, Ontology is a China-based blockchain project that has its own proprietary network. The team at Ontology claim that its blockchain is capable of facilitating 4,000 transactions per second, and up to 12,000 in certain test environments. Moreover, transaction fees amount to just 0.05 ONG.  As of writing, this amounts to just $0.02 per transaction.

Taking all of these points into account, some market commentators argue that Ontology could be the best blockchain network to host Metaverse projects. In terms of its token performance, Ontology has gone through a major market correction over the prior 12 months, going from highs of $2.94 to lows of just $0.40. However, this does mean that you invest at a huge discount.

9: Wilder World – Low-Cap Metaverse Crypto Coin to Watch in 2022  

If you’re in the market for a low-cap gem that specializes in the Metaverse, look no further than Wilder World. The project – which describes itself as a “5D Metaverse built on Ethereum”, allows users to buy and build a variety of customized in-game items. This includes everything from land, condos, statues, and more. All of which will be represented by tradable NFTs.

As of writing, this top-rated Metaverse crypto coin is carrying a market capitalization of less than $150 million. This is just a fraction of projects like Decentraland and the Sandbox carry, so Wilder World could be one of the best Metaverse crypto coins to buy for upside potential.

10: Illuvium – Fantasy Battle Game Meets the Metaverse   

Founded in 2020, the final project from our list of the best Metaverse crypto coins is Illuvium. In a nutshell, the team at Illuvium has built an open-world gaming platform that is based on an RPG (role-playing game) model. In a fully-immersive nature, players are tasked with hunting creatures – which are aptly referred to as Illuvials.

Illuvium first launched its native ILV token in early 2021 – which initially hit public exchanges at just $68. Just seven months later, the ILV token hit highs of over $2,800 – which translates into growth of over 4,000%. Since then, Illuvium has dropped to lows of $600-ish, so an attractive entry price is on the table. Another great option to consider is SafeMoon coin. This new crypto has already seen unprecedented growth with some crypto traders expecting the digital asset to go to the moon in their SafeMoon price predictions.

What is the Best Crypto to Buy in 2022?    

Although you might be looking to invest in cryptocurrency and the future of the Metaverse, you should tread with caution. The reason for this is that many market commentators argue that this innovative industry is likely to be dominated by one player – Meta Platforms. As we mentioned earlier, Meta Platforms is the new trading name for Facebook.

After all, not only does Meta Platforms have significant cash reverses to inject into its Metaverse project – but billions of daily active users across its various social media platforms.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for the best crypto to buy in 2022 – you might want to consider an alternative project – Lucky Block. In a nutshell, Lucky Block – which was launched in early 2022, is building a global lottery ecosystem that will be accessible to players from all locations. This means that lottery games will no longer be confined to a nation-by-nation operation.

Lucky Block price prediction

And most importantly, as Lucky Block is built on top of the blockchain protocol, all of its games are generated by smart contracts, and thus – randomness and legitimacy are guaranteed beyond doubt. Moreover, in terms of price performance, Lucky Block is actually one of the best-performing digital currencies in 2022 to date.

While the rest of the market has struggled since the turn of 2022 – including virtually all Metaverse coins, Lucky Block has seen gains of over 6,000% in less than two months of trading. Furthermore, as the Lucky Block token is still valued at less than $500 million in terms of market capitalization, the upside potential on this project could be huge.


Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

How to Buy Lucky Block    

If you’ve looked into the technical and fundamental aspects of Lucky Block and wish to add this promising digital currency to your portfolio right now – follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet    

First and foremost, we should note that because Lucky Block is an up-and-coming digital currency that was launched as recently as January 26th, it is currently accessible on the Pancakeswap exchange.

This popular trading platform supports Binance Smart Chain tokens like Lucky Block, albeit, you will need to first download a suitable crypto wallet in order to gain access.

how to buy lucky block crypto

The most user-friendly and secure option in this respect is Trust Wallet – which is backed by Binance and comes in the shape of an iOS and Android mobile crypto app.

Step 2: Transfer BNB    

Another thing to note with Lucky Block is that it trades against the leading digital currency BNB. As such, you will need to deposit BNB into Trust Wallet from an external source – such as an exchange.

Alternatively, to make the process even easier, you can actually buy BNB directly via the Trust Wallet app with a debit or credit card. Fees are reasonable and the KYC process is usually completed in less than two minutes.

Step 3: Connect Trust Wallet to PancakeSwap Exchange    

The next step is to connect your Trust Wallet account to PancakeSwap. This will require you to click on ‘DApps’ and then you’ll need to scroll down and look for the PancakeSwap icon.

Once you click it, you will then need to confirm that you give PancakeSwap authorization.

Step 4: Paste Lucky Block Contract Address    

As PancakeSwap supports thousands of tradable tokens, you will need to search for Lucky Block by pasting in the project’s contract address.

You can obtain this via the Lucky Block website or Telegram group.

Step 5: Buy Lucky Block    

Now you can create an order on Pancakeswap. First, you need to decide how many Lucky Block tokens you want to buy. If you want to exchange your entire BNB balance, enter the amount into the relevant box.

In doing so, this will then display the number of Lucky Block tokens that you will receive based on the current market price. Next, click on the ‘Swap’ button and confirm the exchange.

how to buy lucky block crypto

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

Within 1-2 minutes, you will find your newly purchased Lucky Block tokens deposited in Trust Wallet.

Note: You might also need to paste the Lucky Block contract address into Trust Wallet so that you can view your tokens. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Add Custom Token’ button.

What are Metaverse Crypto Coins?

In a nutshell, the Metaverse refers to an emerging technology that allows tangible real-world experiences to be accessed in the virtual world.

  • This could be something as simple as a 3D replication of your local town, whereby you can walk around and view your neighborhood virtually.
  • Similarly, the Metaverse might also consist of a virtual shopping mall that allows you to browse real-world goods and make a purchase – without ever leaving your home.
  • Either way, it is important to note that the Metaverse is not exclusive to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • On the contrary, as noted earlier, large-cap companies like Facebook are also injecting billions of dollars into the Metaverse phenomenon.

With that said, there are a number of Metaverse crypto coins that we do like the look of – especially when you consider the current market decline – whereby lower entry prices are on offer.

At the forefront of this are the likes of Decentraland, the Sandbox, and Axie Infinity – all of which offer their own unique virtual gaming world that allows users to explore, chat, and buy digital land plots that can be sold in the open market.

And, in order for Metaverse products and services to be bought and sold – the platform’s native crypto coin is required. By investing in the native crypto coin of your chosen Metaverse project, you stand to make financial gains if the value of the token increases.

Are Metaverse Coins a Good Investment?

If you’re still not sure whether or not Metaverse crypto coins represent a good investment for your portfolio – this section is a must-read. Within it, we discuss some of the most important to consider before you risk any capital on your chosen Metaverse token.

The Metaverse is Open to All

First and foremost, the overarching concept with the Metaverse is that virtual worlds will be accessible to all. That is to say, you can watch a movie in a New York cinema or go to a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro without needing to leave your home – regardless of where you live.

And as such, there will be no jurisdictional restrictions for those wishing to engage with the Metaverse. In turn, this means that the global demand for Metaverse projects could be of significant size.

Virtual Real Estate

Metaverse platforms such as Decentraland and the Sandbox have created a new and innovative concept – whereby users can purchase virtual land and subsequently build real estate. Due to the virtual nature of the Metaverse, this can be customized to the ‘t’.

More importantly, we already have a proof-of-concept in place with Metaverse land and real estate projects, as hundreds of millions of dollars in sales were recorded in 2021 alone.

For example, in late 2021, an investor purchased 100 virtual islands via the Sandbox platform for a whopping $4.2 million. The investor then developed a villa on each island, with 90% selling out on the first day at $15,000 per property.

  • Crucially, this means that you effectively have two ways to profit from the best Metaverse crypto coins.
  • First, you might consider purchasing the native digital currency of the project – such as Decentraland’s MANA or the Sandbox’s SAND tokens.
  • Second, you might then consider buying some virtual real estate and building your own properties with the view of selling them on the open market.

Ultimately, the possibilities with Metaverse crypto projects are endless.

Many Low-Cap Metaverse Crypto Coins With Attractive Upside 

Another reason why you might consider adding the best Metaverse crypto coins to your portfolio is that this industry is still in its complete infancy. And in turn, the collective market valuation of digital currencies operating in this space is still relatively low.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are currently just under 200 Metaverse crypto coins that you can buy. Of this Metaverse crypto coins list, less than 10 projects have a market capitalization of over $500 million.

metaverse crypto coin list

In fact, the vast majority of Metaverse crypto coins carry a valuation of less than $100 million. From an investment perspective, this means that you can invest in a small-cap Metaverse with a small amount of money and if it takes off – the upside potential could be huge.

Diversification is Easy

An additional benefit of investing in Metaverse crypto coins is that it is relatively easy to create a diversified portfolio. This is crucial, because it remains to be seen which Metaverse projects will dominate the space in the coming years.

And as such, in using the regulated brokerage site eToro, you might consider adding a variety of different Metaverse coins to your portfolio – as the platform requires a minimum investment of just $10.

Keep an Eye on Meta Platforms 

As noted several times in this guide on the best Metaverse coins to buy, it is important to consider the risk-factor of Meta Platforms.

  • The social media giant has in the region of $50 billion in cash reserves alone, meaning that it has the required firepower to dominate the entire Metaverse ecosystem.
  • Perhaps even more pertinent is the fact that Meta Platforms – across Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, is home to billions of daily active users.
  • This means that it already has a consumer marketplace ready to go – so crypto-centric Metaverse projects might find it challenging to complete.

With that said, to cover all potentialities, you might consider adding some of the best Metaverse crypto coins to your portfolio – alongside an allocation of Meta Platforms stock.

Metaverse Crypto Price

If you read through our analysis of the top 10 Metaverse coins for 2022, you might have noticed a common denominator. That is the likes of Decentraland, the Sandbox, Axie Infinity, and many of the other Metaverse coins we discuss all hit all-time highs in November 2021, before seeing the value of their token decline.

Put simply, this is because the broader cryptocurrency market is cyclical. This means that when the broader markets are performing well – which is typically driven by Bitcoin, Metaverse coins have the potential to experience rapid upward pricing swings.

On the other hand, when the markets go through bearish periods, the exact opposite will happen and thus – even the best Metaverse crypto coins will lose value. This should once again be a reminder to you that generally speaking, cryptocurrencies prices are largely driven by hype and speculation.

Where to Buy Metaverse Crypto Coins

If you’re wondering where to buy the best Metaverse crypto coins today – this will depend on the status of your chosen project. For example, leading Metaverse coins with a large market capitalization are often hosted at some of the best crypto exchanges in the space.

On the other hand, if you’re after a new Metaverse crypto that was recently launched – you might need to use a decentralized exchange like Pancakeswap. Nevertheless, the overall best place to buy Metaverse coins in a safe, user-friendly, and low-cost way is at eToro.

Here’s why:

eToro – Overall Best Place to Buy Metaverse Coins in 2022

etoro reviewIf you’re interested in some of the best Metaverse coins that we have analyzed on this page – such as Decentraland, SushiSwap, Axie Infinity, Ethereum, or the Sandbox – eToro has you covered. In opening an account with this broker, you can buy Metaverse coins on a spread-only basis and from a minimum trade size of just $10. This essentially means that with a deposit of $50, you could diversify across five Metaverse tokens.

Moreover, eToro is authorized and regulated by the SEC and registered FINRA, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your Metaverse investments. And, in addition to Metaverse crypto coins, eToro gives you access to dozens of other digital currencies and even thousands of stocks and ETFs. We also like eToro for its simple deposit process, which covers e-wallets like Paypal, debit/credit cards, and ACH. All USD deposits and withdrawals are processed fee-free.

etoro review

We also like eToro as it allows you to invest in Metaverse coins and other digital currencies in a passive manner. In this respect, you have two options. First, the copy trading feature allows you to mirror the investments of a successful crypto day trader. Second, you can inject some capital into a crypto-specific portfolio, which is managed by the eToro team. To get started with eToro right now, you only need to meet a minimum deposit of $10.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

How to Buy Metaverse Coins on eToro

This section of our guide will show you how to buy top Metaverse coins by market capitalization from the comfort of your home in under five minutes.

You’ll learn how to complete the process with the SEC-regulated platform eToro – which offers the overall best place to invest in leading Metaverse projects.

Step 1: Open an eToro Account 

Like all regulated trading platforms, the first step is to register an account with eToro. To do this, you need to enter your name, email address, and cell phone number. Next, choose a username and a password, and enter your residential address and date of birth.

etoro review

To complete the registration process, you will need to upload some ID. Choose from a passport or driver’s license and your document will be verified instantly. 

Step 2: Deposit Funds

You will need to deposit $10 or more into your eToro account before you can buy Metaverse crypto coins. No fees are charged on USD deposits.

buy dogecoin at etoro

The fastest way to deposit funds is via debit or credit card, as this is processed instantly. Otherwise, elect to fund your account via a domestic bank wire, ACH, or an e-wallet.

Step 3: Search for Metaverse Coin

If you already know which Metaverse crypto coin you want to add to your eToro portfolio, use the search bar at the top of the screen.

how to buy metaverse crypto coins on eToro In our example, we are searching for Axie Infinity. Next, click on the ‘Trade’ button next to the Metaverse coin you want to buy.

Step 4: Buy Metaverse Coin

Now you will see an order box relevant to the Metaverse coin you want to buy. Look for the ‘Amount’ box and specify how much money you want to invest – in US dollars.

Regardless of how much the token is trading for at the time of the order, you can invest from just $10 at eToro. Confirm your Metaverse investments by clicking ‘Open Trade’.

how to buy metaverse crypto coins on eToro

And that’s it – you’ve just learned how to buy Metaverse crypto coins at an SEC-regulated platform in less than five minutes.

Crypto assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 


This beginner’s guide on Metaverse crypto coins has explained the fundamentals of how this niche blockchain sector works – in terms of the future potential and risks to consider. We’ve also offered an analysis of the best Metaverse coins in the market.

With that said, we found that in terms of upside potential, Lucky Block is the overall best crypto to buy right now – not least because its innovative blockchain-centric lottery platform has resulted in its token increasing by over 6,000% in 2022 alone.


Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

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