When it comes to investing in crypto it pays to be early and it’s hard to get much earlier than an initial exchange offering (IEO). However, finding the best IEO crypto assets can be a difficult task. With new tokens being created daily, there are a lot of different IEOs to filter through. However, we’ve done the research and found 10 of the best IEO cryptos on the market.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best IEOs on the market, explaining how they work, and even providing an easy-to-follow system for finding new IEOs.

The Best Cryptos IEOs in 2023

For investors that simply need a nudge in the right direction, we’ve included this brief overview of the best IEO cryptos on the market. However, we’ve also added more detailed reviews in the next section.

  1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Crypto Presale with Upcoming IEO in 2023
  2. Fight Out – Move-to-Earn Crypto with Upcoming IEO in Q2 2023
  3. C+Charge – Sustainable Cryptocurrency Project with Ongoing Presale
  4. Calvaria – Top Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency to Buy Now
  5. Tamadoge – Cryptocurrency with 15x Price Increase following Exchange Listing
  6. Battle Infinity – New P2E Cryptocurrency Multiple Earning Opportunities
  7. SID Token – Internet Sharing IEO
  8. MetaCloud – Peer-to-Peer Computing
  9. Lithosphere – IEO Attempting to Incorporate AI with the Blockchain
  10. Entice Coin – Building a Gaming and NFT Ecosystem
  11. Naiadcoin – Crypto based on Real-World Water & Land Investments
  12. Pledged Capital – IEO Combining Crowdfunding and Crypto

A Closer Look at the Best IEO Crypto Projects 

To ensure we’ve covered all the best IEO crypto projects out there, we’ve included a mix of ongoing and upcoming IEOs in a variety of sectors. Each of the projects we’re taking a look at shows promise and has a solid roadmap for the future.

1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Crypto Presale with Upcoming IEO in 2023

Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 gaming project that will allow players to earn rewards by competing in exciting crypto-based ecosystems. Users can participate in this ecosystem by holding MEMAG, the native cryptocurrency. Currently available to purchase during its first presale round, Meta Masters Guild aims to raise nearly $5 million from the MEMAG presale.

Along with MEMAG, Meta Masters Guild will offer an in-game currency, Gems. This currency is awarded to the top performers of the cryptocurrency games and can also be swapped for $MEMAG tokens. To earn Gems, a player can participate in three upcoming Meta Masters Guild projects.

MEMAG home

According to the Meta Masters Guild whitepaper, the first game on the ecosystem will be Meta Kart Racers. This will be a racing-style mobile game where players can challenge each other and earn Gems as rewards. Meta Kart Racers is expected to launch its Alpha version by Q2 2023. The second game being developed is NFT Raid – a fantasy fighting game. Players can compete to earn in-game NFTs and Gems tokens.

Through the Meta Masters Guild store, one can purchase Premium NFTs, which offer advanced stats and characteristics. Meta Masters Guild will also launch its metaverse environment, called Meta Masters World. Currently, in the concept/discovery stage, this is likely to be an open-world game where players can explore and compete in a virtual ecosystem.

Currently, 350 million MEMAG’s 1 billion token supply is available through the presale. Through seven presale rounds, Meta Masters Guild aims to raise a $4.97 million hard cap. Interested readers can buy the token in round one for $0.007 before the price increases to $0.023 in the last round. This equates to a 228% price jump. After the presale ends, this token will conduct its initial exchange offering (IEO) in 2023 itself.

To keep track of the project’s developments, join the Meta Masters Guild Telegram channel.

Presale Stage Price Token Allocation Raise Value
Stage 1 $0.007 70,000,000 $490,000
Stage 2 $0.010 63,000,000 $630,000
Stage 3 $0.013 56,000,000 $728,000
Stage 4 $0.016 49,000,000 $784,000
Stage 5 $0.019 42,000,000 $798,000
Stage 6 $0.021 35,000,000 $735,000
Stage 7 $0.023 35,000,000 $805,000
Total 350,000,000 $4,970,000

2. Fight Out – Move-to-Earn Crypto with Upcoming IEO in Q2 2023

The native cryptocurrency of Fight Out, $FGHT, will conduct its initial exchange offering on April 5th, 2023. The Fight Out cryptocurrency project will develop a fitness app where users can leverage the native cryptocurrency to access their own NFT avatars and achieve their fitness goals to earn rewards. Currently, interested readers can buy this token during presale for a low price.

Fight Out positions itself as a move-to-earn cryptocurrency project. Members can sign-up for a fitness app, which is expected to be launched in 2023. Within the app, the platform has the capability to track an individual’s sleep, nutrition, cardiovascular activity, and mental fortitude. The main aim of the app is to help track each person’s physical progress and incentivize them with rewards and other benefits.

Fight Out gym

Rewards can be earned by completing your goals and competing for head to head in physical challenges. Each player can also mint their own NFT avatar, which will grow stronger and develop better stats as the activity increases. Rewards are distributed as REPS, the in-game currency. These tokens can be used within the ecosystem to purchase supplements and training equipment. To multiply your REPS, users can access physical Fight Out gyms in the future.

By purchasing this token in the presale, investors can also earn bonus $FGHT holdings. Depending on the investment size, Fight Out will offer a bonus between 10% and 50%. Users can buy $FGHT tokens right now at $0.0166. When the token lists on an exchange in April 2023, the price will increase to $0.0333. Thus, the presale will allow users to purchase the token at a 50% cheaper price than the IEO.

Fight Out workouts

Read the Fight Out whitepaper and join the Telegram Channel to familiarize yourself with the project.

Presale Started December 14
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment N/A
Max Investment N/A

3.C Charge – Sustainable Cryptocurrency Project with Ongoing Presale

C+Charge is a new cryptocurrency platform that powers its native cryptocurrency, CCHG, to support peer-to-peer payments through its upcoming app. This platform will offer tokenized versions of Carbon Credits, offer transparent pricing for EV (Electric Vehicle) owners through the CCHG token.

According to the C+Charge whitepaper, this platform is a peer-to-peer gateway to support payments on EV charging stations.

C+Charge $300K

Users can download the C+Charge app and store CCHG tokens in their online wallets. Every time they access one of the platform’s allocated charging stations, they can pay with CCHG. Notably, C+Charge will offer Carbon Credits whenever a user pays with CCHG.

C+Charge tokenized the Carbon Credits by offering them through Flowcarbon’s Goodness Nature Token ($GNT). By offering transparent pricing and updates on the nearest located charging stations, C+Charge offers multiple use cases for its customers.

Before the token can conduct its IEO, C+Charge will aim to sell 400 million of its 1 billion token supply through the ongoing presale. Currently, on round one of four presale stages, CCHG is priced at $0.0013. The presale has managed to collect over $300K through the presale. The token’s price will increase to $0.0235 by the final presale round.

C+Charge has confirmed that its first CEX launch will go live on March 31st, 2023. To stay updated with the presale, join the C+Charge Telegram group.

Presale Started December 16
Purchase Methods BNB, USDT, Transak
Chain Binance
Min Purchase N/A
Max Purchase N/A

4. Calvaria – Top Play-to-Earn Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

Calvaria is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game where players can battle and outwit their opponents by purchasing and leveling up NFT battle cards. The native cryptocurrency, RIA, is used within this ecosystem to handle transactions and earn rewards. Currently, Calvaria is on verge of selling out its ongoing RIA token presale. 

Players can assemble a combination of cards that are used to battle their opponents within the Calvaria environments. These cards are minted as NFTs and can also be leveled up to offer higher levels of play. While Calvaria is the native token, these NFTs can be purchased with eRIA, the in-game currency.

Calvaria presale

All the in-game resources can also be purchased in secondary markets and traded within the ecosystem. With the available NFT cards, players can battle in Player v Player-style battles, multiplayer tournaments, or even single-player campaigns. 

RIA can also be staked to access voting rights on the DAO. With a limited supply of 1 billion, 300 million tokens have been allocated for the presale. Calvaria has collected more than 90% of its 3.075 million hard cap, and will soon conduct its IEO. 

The platform has confirmed that the tokens will be launched on Changelly Pro and BKEX, two of the largest centralized crypto exchanges in the space. Read the Calvaria whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to stay updated with this play-to-earn platform.

Stage 1 1 USDT = 100 RIA Price: $0.01
Stage 2 1 USDT = 66.67 RIA Price: $0.015
Stage 3 1 USDT = 50 RIA Price: $0.02
Stage 4 1 USDT = 40 RIA Price: $0.025
Stage 5 1 USDT = 30.76 RIA Price: $0.0325

5. Tamadoge – Cryptocurrency with 15x Price Increase following Exchange Listing

The next cryptocurrency on our list is Tamadoge – a play-to-earn (P2E) decentralized project offering staggering returns to investors. Tamadoge (TAMA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Tamaverse – a virtual environment where players can compete for in-game rewards.

TAMA can be leveraged to purchase Tamadoge Pet NFTs – which are minted using smart contract functionality. Each pet offers unique characteristics and can be bred and grown by buying additional virtual items from the Tama store. Notably, these digital avatars will function as playable NFTs – as players can use their Tamadoge Pets to compete for points on a monthly leaderboard. Whenever TAMA is bought on the ecosystem, 65% of the tokens spent are distributed among P2E prize pools and given as rewards.

Tamadoge live on OKX

5% of the tokens spent are also burnt – to increase the demand against the supply. With a limited supply of 2 billion coins, TAMA offers high-growth potential. In August 2022, Tamadoge completed its presale after raising $19 million in over 8 weeks. In September 2022, the token was released on OKX – a cryptocurrency platform which is host to more than 20 million users. With OKX, investors can buy Tamadoge by accessing the platform’s centralized and decentralized exchange.

After releasing at $0.03, TAMA reached an all-time high (ATH) of $0.19 – a 533% price increase. Tamadoge is also available to buy on some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, including Uniswap, LBank and MEXC exchange. Currently, TAMA is trading at just under $0.014 per token.


Join the Tamadoge Telegram to learn more and stay updated.

6.Battle Infinity – New P2E Cryptocurrency Multiple Earning Opportunities

Battle Infinity is a play-to-earn ecosystem offering multiple in-game earning opportunities to investors. One of the main P2E environments on Battle Infinity is the Battle Arena – a virtual world where all in-game personalities and avatars are minted as NFTs using ERC 721 smart contracts.

Through Battle Infinity’s own NFT marketplace, players can upgrade their NFT-based characters and use VR headsets to join virtual concerts, events and games. One of the available games is the IBAT Premier League – which offers a decentralized sports fantasy league competition environment. The top performers can earn NFTs, which can be traded on other marketplaces as well.

Battle Infinity IBAT

One of the top features of Battle Infinity has been the IBAT Battle Stake – the staking protocol. IBAT, the native cryptocurrency, can be staked to earn between 12% – 25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The staking feature offers flexible as well as a locked staking option.

Battle Infinity

After raising 16,500 worth of BNB to complete one of the best crypto presales, IBAT was launched on PancakeSwap. From a presale price of $0.0015, this popular token reached a high of $0.0105 per token. Currently, interested readers can purchase Battle Infinity’s native token for $0.0018.

7. Share Internet Data – Internet Sharing IEO

Share Internet Data ($SIDT), abbreviated to SID, is an interesting concept with the potential to change the web for the better. The project aims to provide free or affordable internet to people that need it by allowing users to earn rewards in the form of free crypto from sharing their internet.

SID site

Having access to the internet is almost a must in the modern world, employers post jobs online, commerce is moving online, and the best deals are found online. Unfortunately, for many, this vital service is unattainable due to a steep barrier to entry (cost). By creating a peer-to-peer system for people to share their internet and earn, SID could make the internet far more accessible for the average person.

Users will be able to earn rewards for adding Wifi networks to SID ecosystem, which can then be spent to receive free internet access. If it grows large enough, this system could mean that regardless of where a person is, they could have easy access to the internet without being charged high fees.

Overall, Share Internet Data is an interesting and unique project. There isn’t a similar system on the market (at least that we’ve found) so if well implemented, SID could dominate the sector. The exact IEO date is yet to be announced but we know each SID token will be sold for $0.01.

8. MetaCloud – Peer-to-Peer Computing

MetaCloud ($MCLOUD) is an upcoming IEO that will be listed on P2PB2B for $0.068 and will run between the 1st and 10th of August. The project aims to disrupt the current cloud computing sector, an industry worth over $130 billion in the US alone.

Metacloud site

At its core, the project aims to bring the Web3 decentralized ethos to the world of cloud computing, a surprisingly centralized industry. The team believes that the future of Web3 should not be dependent on large entities with unlimited funds, but instead give power back to the regular person.

To achieve this, MetaCloud wants to provide people with the option of renting out their unused computational resources and then connect these users with creators and organizations in need of extra power. People earn money from their unused hardware, and creators get access to ample computing power without the need for large up-front costs.

While MetaCloud is still very much in its early stages, the initial reception of the product was mostly positive. If the team can get the tech right, then MetaCloud’s model seems like it could be extremely profitable.

9. Lithosphere – IEO Attempting to Incorporate AI with the Blockchain

Lithosphere ($LITHO) is an AI-powered blockchain interoperability platform created by the KaJ Labs Foundation.  The token was available on the IndoEx Launchpad till November 2022 and was sold for $0.25.

lithospehere site

The network is designed to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized organizations by creating an AI-powered interoperable blockchain. By creating a management layer that works across multiple chains and allows all tokens to interact with one another, Lithosphere. The project has launched the LEP100 token development standard. It’s designed to be similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 but with a more friendly nature.

At the core of the Lithosphere ecosystem is the $LITHO token. LITHO will be used to facilitate both on and cross-chain transactions. Holders will be able to stake their coins in order to earn money and add validation power to the network. Furthermore, LITHO will act as the governance token for the network meaning investors will need the token if they want to have a say in the project’s future development.

While Lithosphere is an undeniably ambitious project, the team, helmed by Joel Kasr seems to have a clear vision for the project’s future.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

10. Entice Coin – Building a Gaming and NFT Ecosystem

With the blockchain gaming sector growing quickly, it’s no surprise that a host of projects are aiming to capitalize. Entice Coin ($NTIC) is one such new IEO project.

The team aims to create an all-in-one NFT marketplace and crypto gaming platform with a few unique features. The IEO took place on P2PB2B and ran until the 22nd of July, 2022. The price per token is currently $0.071.

entice site

One of the team’s primary goals is to create a series of player versus player mini party-style games in which people can face off against one another and earn Entice Coin at the same time. Furthermore, people playing crypto games on the Entice network will be eligible for NFT rewards which can then be sold on the in-built Entice NFT marketplace. Holders of Entice Coin will also receive several exclusive benefits including 5% of the profit generated by the games on Entice. Furthermore, the team has created a zero-fee exchange that can be used to purchase Entice Coin easily.

While in its current incarnation, Entice Coin is somewhat lacking, as the ecosystem grows and more games it could grow to become of the best IEOs this year.

11. Naiadcoin – Crypto based on Real-World Water & Land Investments

Naiadcoin ($NAIAD) is different from most other cryptocurrencies on the market. Rather than drawing its value from providing a streamlined service using blockchain technology, Naiadcoin is a cryptocurrency based on real investments in water and land. This gives the project tangible, real-world value, a rarity in the crypto-verse. The IEO took place on the P2PB2B Launchpad and ran until July 10th, 2022.

naiadcoin site

The Naiadcoin team plans to use both AI and Metaverse technology in order to help improve real-world irrigation systems with the goal of boosting crop yields without increasing water expenditure. At the core of its efforts is Naiad Irrigation, a system that will use artificial intelligence alongside environmental sensors in order to optimize water usage. As the system runs, it slowly gathers data regarding optimal water times, temperature, and quantities in order to create the most efficient irrigation system possible.

As both the water and land sectors are two of the most promising in traditional markets, it seems likely that a token improving both could be the best IEO crypto of the year. Naiadcoin has valiant goals, working technology, and a clear plan on how it will achieve its goals. The token is currently priced at

Also see our guide to the best upcoming Metaverse projects.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

12. Pledged Capital – IEO Combining Crowdfunding and Crypto

Pledged Capital ($GAIN)  is a decentralized fund that blends the crowdfunding and blockchain markets with the goal of creating a platform to provide funding to start-up projects. This IEO wrapped up on August 2nd, 2022.

Pledged Capital splash

With new crypto-projects being created daily, the need for a well-designed and powerful crowdfunding platform is a must. It will connect budding cryptos with investors, providing value for both parties. In order to alleviate the risk of a project asking for funding and running away, Pledged Capital takes custody of funds, releasing them progressively as pre-arranged objectives are met. This incentivizes start-ups to set reasonable goals and work efficiently, while investors benefit from a greater level of protection.

In 2021, over 5,750 new crypto projects hit the market, receiving a total of $2.5 billion worth of funding. Despite these widely impressive statistics, the failure rate for ICO cryptos increased by over 40% versus the year prior. Therefore, the need for a more secure launchpad like Pledged Capital is big within crypto.

Where to Buy IEO Cryptos

Finding the best IEO crypto is only half of the battle. Investors also need to ensure they’re using one of the top altcoin exchanges in order to make sure they’re safe. With the number of platforms on the market, this can be a difficult decision but thankfully we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

Binance LaunchpadBinance Logo

Binance is the largest centralized exchange on the market in terms of trading volume. The platform has over 90 million users and offers one of the best IEO exchanges on the market. The platform is aptly dubbed the Binance Launchpad.

As expected from Binance, the Launchpad features a sleek yellow and white color scheme with black acescents. The platform is easy to navigate and can be signed into using an investor’s regular Binance login. As it stands, the Binance Launchpad has raised almost $100 million for 64 projects; very impressive statistics. One notable project launched on the platform is StepN, a popular move-to-earn game that took the world by storm.

binance IEO Exchange

Anyone can launch a new IEO on Binance. The platform provides support along the entire journey, from offering pre-issue services, to assistance with post-launch marketing, Binance does it all. Every project launched on Binance can benefit from massive exposure and deep liquidity.

The Binance Launchpad is one of the top IEO exchanges. It supports budding entrepreneurs and offers an exquisite service for investors. While the platform doesn’t host too many projects, it offers some of the best IEO crypto out there.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

Crypto.com Coin Launch

crypto.com logo

Another of the best IEO exchanges, Crypto.com offers a diverse range of launches including some of the best crypto IDOs out there. Crypto.com supports a range of launches, meaning there’s plenty of diversity on the platform.

Like Binance, Crypto.com focuses on quality over quantity. The exchange has launched 73 projects, has 10 ongoing, and a further 3 upcoming IEOs. Crypto.com’s coin launch platform is easy to find and simple to use. All important sections are clearly labeled along with key information about each project (type, platform, network, price, cap, dates). This makes it incredibly simple to filter through projects in order to find the best IEO crypto.

Crypto.com IEO exchange

Anyone using the Crypto.com coin launch platform is able to submit their project for launch. However, the exchange makes it clear that not every project is accepted and that they can remove projects from their platform without prior notice.

All in all, the Crypto.com coin launch platform is well-designed and simple enough that even the most novice crypto investor could participate without hassle.

Those factors in combination with the brand’s excellent track record boost the platform to be one of the top IEO exchanges on the market – also see our full Crypto.com review.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

What is a Crypto IEO?

IEO stands for initial exchange offering. As the name implies, an IEO is the first time a cryptocurrency gets listed on a centralized exchange like Binance or Crypto.com. Typically, a project will be listed for a predetermined period, which gives investors ample time to research the project and decide on whether it fits their criteria. While Binance and Crypto.com are two of the biggest and best IEO exchanges, there are a number of smaller platforms, like P2PB2B, that also offer IEO services.

As new IEOs are typically fairly fresh to the market, they seldom have a long track record of success. While this is to be expected, it does mean that investing in an IEO carries more risk than purchasing an established token.

How do Initial Exchange Offerings Work?

While the terminology used can make initial exchange offerings a bit daunting, they’re relatively simple when explained clearly. To make it easier to understand how an IEO works, we’ll be breaking it down into three separate processes.

A New Coin is Launched – Before an IEO can occur, a new project must first be created. Typically, this process involves a seed round, a presale, and an initial coin offering (the first time a coin is launched, typically the tokens are yet to be minted). Once these steps have been fulfilled, if the project still shows promise, it’s time to apply for an IEO.

The Project Applies for an IEO – IEO exchanges don’t simply find projects they like and add them to their platforms, a project has to apply for a specific IEO. This involves working out a few key details like the IEO period/date, the number of tokens to be sold, and the price. Even if a project has all the information required, the exchange has the final decision on whether a project will be accepted. Furthermore, IEOs are expensive. For a project to be listed, the cost can run between six and seven figures.

Investors buy the IEO – Once the project is accepted, the actual IEO can begin. The token will be listed on an exchange and investors will be able to purchase it. Unlike crypto on the open market, an IEO token will be sold for a specific price that won’t change until the offering has ended. This provides investors with ample opportunity to invest at a fair price.

How to Find the Top New Crypto IEOs

Finding the best upcoming IEOs can be difficult – here are some tips on how to find IEOs:

Social Media – One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find new IEOs is by searching social media for upcoming projects. Using hashtags can be a great way to get a load of projects together which can then be filtered by checking things like the follower count, website, roadmap, and whitepaper.  With that said, a social following can easily be purchased so it’s worth doing some extra due diligence when using this technique.

Some IEOs may be referred to more often as ICOs, IDOs, or STOs – try a range of search terms, including ‘presales’.

Launchpads – Next comes IEO exchanges themselves. Most typically have an ‘upcoming IEOs’ section, so by searching these platforms, investors can find projects that have already passed the vetting process and will definitely be getting listed. This can be a great way of finding more serious, better-managed projects.

Coin Ranking Websites – Lastly, we’ve got coin ranking websites. These platforms list a massive variety of upcoming crypto projects but that does mean some extra work will be required to filter out lackluster IEOs. Generally, websites like this will feature IDOs, ICOs, and IEOs together so it’s important to double-check each project carefully before investing.

Are IEO Cryptos a Good Investment?

It’s only natural that anyone considering investing in an IEO would wonder if they are actually good investments. To help quell any worry, we’ve included a few points as to why IEOs can be good investments.

First Mover Advantage

One of the biggest benefits of investing in an IEO is the first-mover advantage. Because an IEO is typically the first time a crypto is gaining widespread exposure, it can be a great opportunity before any demand hits the open market. Generally, IEOs are designed to be cheaper than what the token will trade for once it’s fully released, so investing in IEOs can be a great way to snag some crypto assets for cheap. With that said, there’s no guarantee that the asset will increase in value or even have any demand at all after it hits the open market, so it’s important to always be careful.

Less Risky than an ICO

While IEOs do, of course, still carry risk, they’re still far safer than an initial coin offering. Because ICOs are often designed to fund the development process, the project is often unfinished (or in some cases even un-started). This ups the risk significantly as it’s possible the team will not be able to develop the project in the way they had promised. Furthermore, when investing in an IEO, an investor knows they’re buying a project that has already been looked at by professionals.

Fixed Cost

Investing in an IEO is often the last chance for someone to purchase an asset for a fixed cost before it hits the open market. This means IEOs give investors a great opportunity to DCA and a regular price, making it easier to hit certain goals. As soon as an asset is released on the open market, the laws of supply and demand take hold, meaning the token can rise or fall by astronomical amounts overnight.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the best IEO cryptos currently available, explained what an IEO is, and even provided a few tips on finding new IEOs without much hassle. During our research, one platform emerged as the best IEO exchange out there; Tamadoge.

Moreover, we recommend Meta Masters Guild as one of the top crypto projects to invest in this year. Meta Masters Guild is a Web3 gaming platform that leverages MEMAG, the native cryptocurrency, to run the gaming ecosystem. Currently, MEMAG is available to buy on presale for $0.007. After this stage ends, the token is expected to launch its IEO in 2023.

Fight Out - Next 100x Move to Earn Crypto

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Fight Out
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  • Level Up and Compete in the Metaverse
  • Presale Live Now - $4M+ Raised
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Fight Out


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