The blockchain gaming sector exploded in recent months. It’s red hot right now in 2023 – over the past year, the number of blockchain games doubled. In the first half of 2021 during the bull run of that year, blockchain gaming companies raised over $476 million. Interest in play to earn crypto games is high into 2023.

The gaming crypto niche combines two interesting industries – video games and the world of cryptocurrencies. This review covers the best gaming crypto coins, where to find these digital assets and the why you should invest in gaming coins.

The 14 Best Gaming Crypto Coins to Buy Right Now

From our market research, the top gaming crypto coins trending now are:

  1. Fight Out (FGHT) – Best M2E Crypto Gamifying Fitness For Users With Industry-Leading Rewards
  2. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Emerging New Meme Gaming Token to Invest in Right Now
  3. RobotEra (TARO) – Upcoming Gaming Crypto Coin with Huge Upside Potential
  4. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Gaming Crypto Coin With Exciting Earning Opportunities
  5. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Promising Gaming Crypto Offering High-Earning Potential
  6. ApeCoin (APE) – Emerging Gaming Crypto Reshaping Culture via NFTs
  7. Decentraland (MANA) – Crypto Project Combining Virtual Reality with Gaming
  8. The Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual Gaming Crypto Coin with a Unique P2E Model
  9. Axie Infinity (AXS) – Emerging Web 3.0 Battling Gaming Crypto Coin
  10. Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Crypto Gaming Platform With In-game Collectibles
  11. Gala Games (GALA) – Blockchain-based Gaming Crypto Coin With an Upside Potential
  12. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Strategy-based Multiplayer Gaming Crypto Coin
  13. Yield Guild Games (YGG) – DAO-focused Virtual Gaming Crypto Coin
  14. Gods Unchained (GODS) – Tactical Card Gaming Cryptocurrency Coin

A Closer Look at the Best Gaming Cryptos to Invest in

Investors looking to invest in crypto gaming can buy into one of these high-ranking gaming cryptos:

1. Fight Out (FGHT) – Best M2E Crypto Gamifying Fitness For Users With Industry-Leading Rewards

Fight Out is a one-of-a-kind platform that uses gamification to help people achieve their fitness goals and live healthy lifestyles. The platform uses cutting-edge tools and features to keep users motivated and focused on their goals while gamifying the fitness lifestyle.

The project quickly gained investor interest, raising over $4.6 million USDT in its presale stages. The platform’s native currency, $FGHT, is set to launch on a CEX via an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on April 5. As a result, the presale rate of $0.02442 USDT is set to rise to $0.033 USDT.

Fight Out Presale

Users can create their Soulbound NFT avatars during signing up on the platform. This feature enhances gamification further as it adds a fun and interactive element to the fitness journey of the users by allowing them to compete with others in the metaverse.

Fight Out users can earn REPS, a digital currency, by completing in-app challenges and participating in daily workouts. These REPS can purchase NFTs and other platform subscriptions, giving users additional incentives to stay active and complete challenges.

The project has gained credibility by working with MMA athletes like Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos. Its whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the platform’s offerings and growth potential.

$Tokenomics and Bonuses

Investors who own $FGHT tokens can participate in platform tournaments and buy REPS with a 25% bonus. Early investors will have access to 13.5% of the 10 billion tokens available during the pre-sale. Those investing $500 or more will also receive a 10% bonus over six months.

Users interested in staying updated on the latest updates and announcements can join the Fight Out Telegram community.

Presale Started 14 December 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

2. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Emerging New Meme Gaming Token to Invest in Right Now

Players who want to be part of a doge ecosystem that provides utility and rewards will love Tamadoge (TAMA). It’s different from other coins such as Dogecoin, which is inflationary, having increased its supply from 100 billion to 132 billion coins. Tamadoge’s supply decreases, as 5% of all TAMA coins spent are burnt. A reduction in supply usually results in a higher demand for an asset, with the price increase following suit.

Recently, Tamadoge released ‘To The Moon,’ their latest arcade game, which has generated a lot of buzz. This is the third installment in the Tamadoge arcade series, which has seen thousands of hours of gameplay.

But Tamadoge isn’t just all bark and no bite. It enables players to earn rewards as they use in-game assets such as food and toys to ensure the development of their pets. Players that take the best care of their pets and grow them will earn the highest rewards. The game pays Tamadoge rewards from the pool prize, which consists of 5% of all the tokens spent on its platform.

TAMA has raised $19 million during its presale, which is sold out. To avoid the initial coin offering on OKX, investors can subscribe to the Tamadoge Telegram channel (admins never DM subscribers first). The game’s developers also want to sell out 50% of the coin’s total supply while it’s in presale. That, combined with the 5% of tokens burnt, will make TAMA scarce.

3. RobotEra (TARO) – Upcoming Gaming Crypto Coin with Huge Upside Potential

RobotEra RobotErais an upcoming Sandbox-type metaverse game which allows players to join its virtual ecosystem by taking the form of Robots. With TARO, the native token, players can mint and trade Robot NFTs on the platform. Currently at the presale stage, RobotEra is allocating 270 million TARO coins across three rounds.

After joining RobotEra’s metaverse known as the ‘Taro Planet’ – players can hold and develop NFT-based land.

With the gaming token sector expected to be one of the strongest industries during the bear market, TARO offers multiple in-game benefits to players. For instance, players can stake TARO to earn a high APY (annual percentage yield).

Players can build anything from parks to museums on the Taro Planet, mine minerals and compete in quests to earn tokens. On the RobotEra marketplace, users can also purchase Robot Companions – which will support your Robot NFTs in the ecosystem. RobotEra is backed by LBank Labs and has been KYC audited by CoinSniper. Furthermore, the platform’s contract code was fully audited by SharkTeam.

RobotEra Presale

While gaming tokens like The Sandbox (SAND) have increased by 1000x since their presale and are still potentially overvalued, investors have the opportunity to buy TARO at a low price point.

Currently, TARO is priced at $0.02 during the ongoing first presale round. The price will increase by 60% to $0.032 during the third and final stage. Each round will allocate 90 million tokens, and the overall hard cap is just under $7 million.

Read our how to buy RobotEra token guide and join the Telegram group to learn more about this gaming crypto project (admins will not DM you first).

Presale Started Q4 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

4. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Upcoming Gaming Crypto Coin Ready to Launch Three Exciting Games

MMG logoMeta Masters Guild (MMG) is a groundbreaking web 3.0 gaming platform that allows players to earn real-world money through fun-filled games. The project has already lined up three exciting games for launch in the coming months.

In the past few weeks, the project witnessed a successful presale while raining $4.97 million USDT, which involved the sale of 350 million of its native cryptocurrency, MEMAG tokens.

Meta Masters Guild Presale

One of the unique features of the MMG project is its digital marketplace, which allows users to acquire unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) linked to their digital wallets. These NFTs can be used across various games on the platform, adding an extra layer of value to the gameplay experience.

Additionally, MMG has introduced an in-game currency called “Gems” that players can earn through various gameplay activities, which can then be exchanged for $MEMAG tokens, providing an added incentive for players to engage with the project.

According to MMG’s litepaper, the platform has formed strategic collaborations with different game developers to expand its reach and impact within the gaming space. This effort includes blending $MEMAG tokens into its games and opening up new financial opportunities for its users.

$MEMAG Tokenomics

The $MEMAG token follows Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol. A total of 1 billion tokens have been created, with 350 million available for purchase during the various presale rounds.

These tokens have multiple uses within the MMG platform, such as for staking, buying and selling assets, and purchasing NFTs from the digital marketplace. They can also be used to acquire Gems and other in-game items. Users can join the project’s Telegram channel to stay informed on the latest news.

5. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Popular Gaming Crypto Coin With Exciting Earning Opportunities

Battle InfinityBAT is another token among the best coins on a play-to-earn platform. Battle Infinity used the Metaverse and combined gaming elements to provide a realistic NFT fantasy game. Players can access the best metaverse platforms such as the Battle Arena, IBAT Premier League and Battle Stake.

Being part of Battle Infinity enables players to earn rewards while building teams. Players can also battle it out in the Battle Stake to see who is going to earn the most annual percentage yield. But starting on the platform requires players to buy IBAT, which they can do on Battle Swap. Once players have received rewards, they can exchange them for other currencies.

IBAT allows players to activate advertising on the billboards within the game and contribute to the global stake pool, which rewards active players. Battle Market puts a value on things that the gaming industry hasn’t assigned an amount to, enabling players to improve their gaming experience and earn more rewards. Battle Games provides access to multiple games and to buy and sell their gaming assets, as well as their winning NFTs.

The Battle Infinity presale sold out in just 24 days and now has a $40 million market cap after listings on PancakeSwap and LBank. Apart from this gaming platform enabling interaction while exploring the Metaverse, Battle Infinity updates are available via the Telegram group.

Considering this platform’s potential growth, as well as upcoming listings on other major exchanges, investors shouldn’t sleep on it.

6. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)- Promising Gaming Crypto Offering High-Earning Potential

LBLOCK is a new crypto gaming asset that facilitates Lucky Block blockchain transactions and it is considered by many as the next cryptocurrency to explode this year. The crypto asset is considered to be one the best gaming cryptos to invest in due to its applications in the gaming industry.

LBLOCK is a BSC based crypto asset that has leveraged the Binance Smart Chain’s low fees to grant investors more seamless transaction processes. Lucky Block was created to improve transparency and build trust among gamers during tournaments or weekly competitions.

Lucky Block is taking more steps towards building adoption with its marketing initiatives. The platform recently onboarded Dillian White, a heavyweight champion, only a few days prior to his face-off with Tyson Fury. During the match, the boxer was geared up with Lucky Block merchandise, building the curiosity of fans and supporters.

Lucky Block also signed welterweight champion Florian Marku, a British boxer, as an official ambassador of the crypto games platform. By leveraging such influential athletes in the sports arena, LBLOCK is set to make price jumps as more people look to break into the crypto sphere.

Over the last few weeks, the crypto asset has been on a downward trend along with the entire crypto market. However, this provides investors with an opportunity to invest in the asset at a cheap price point amid exciting announcements from the project.

LBLOCK V2 is now live, eliminating the 12% transaction fees of the V1 coin and allowing for easier listing on centralized exchanges. The coin is now listed on LBank, MEXC and, with more in the pipeline.

Furthermore, the project revealed that V1 holders will be able to convert to V2 when a bridge goes live on October 3, while a deflationary burn of 1% of all tokens will take place monthly from September 30.

7. ApeCoin (APE) – Emerging Gaming Crypto Reshaping Culture via NFTs

APE is an ERC20 governance and utility token used to manage the Apecoin ecosystem. The crypto asset ranks as one of the top crypto gaming coins and was created to incentivise and empower the decentralised community.

ApeCoin holders have a decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) that controls the ecosystem and votes on how the ecosystem should be used. The DAO was created to build and maintain the ecosystem in an inclusive manner, as well as provide infrastructure for ApeCoin holders to collaborate.

Launching in mid March 2022, this asset is also new to the crypto markets like Lucky Block. Over the last few days, the Ethereum-based governance token made substantial surges in the market. This build-up is due to the recent announcement from OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace by trading volume.

OpenSea announced that ApeCoin will now be accepted as a form of payment. The NFT marketplace used to only accept ETH but has now opened its payment gateway to APE holders. It’s also possible to earn interest on ApeCoin while you hold it, which helps keep your portfolio stable during price volatility.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

8. Decentraland (MANA) – Crypto Project Combining Virtual Reality with Gaming

Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that enables artists and creators to interact with each other while sharing and monetising their content. The platform was built for creators, businesses and individuals looking for an artistic medium or a source of entertainment.

MANA is the native token of Decentraland. The crypto asset is used to facilitate transactions on the platform. Some of these transactions include the acquisition of virtual real estate (LAND), voting on LAND policies, and earning rewards.

Decentraland ranks as one of the top crypto gaming projects that use DAO for governance decisions. MANA holders control of how the platform works, including LAND auctions and the types of content allowed in the metaverse.

The Decentraland metaverse has played host to a series of events, onboarding several gaming enthusiasts who are looking for how to best apply themselves in the virtual reality platform. An increase in use cases always builds more adoption for gaming cryptos, such as MANA, and sends their price on an uptrend.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

9. The Sandbox (SAND) – Virtual Gaming Crypto Coin with a Unique P2E Model

The Sandbox is a virtual gaming platform that onboards gamers to play and win prizes. The platform combines the unique features of DAOs and NFTs to create a decentralised ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts.

The SAND platform focuses on creating a creative play-to-earn model allowing users to create and play games at the same time.

Sandbox is preparing for Alpha season 3, offering more ways to interact with NFTs and bring utility to the space while building an open metaverse.

SAND currently trades near $0.75, a new support price compared to previous price movements. The crypto asset has a market cap value of $1.1 billion.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

10. Axie Infinity (AXS) – Emerging Web 3.0 Battling Gaming Crypto Coin

Axie Infinity is one of the best gaming platforms to come aboard the crypto space. The platform is a blockchain-based trading and battling game partially owned and operated by its players.

The crypto game offers players the opportunity to purchase, collect and trade the game’s creatures, known as Axies. Axies are variants and can take many forms, with more than 500 body parts available.

The gaming platform has launched its early access Origin game to allow users to play the game and provide feedback for better improvements before its actual launch.

Axie is one of the earliest play-to-earn gaming platforms (P2E). The platform reward gamers with AXS tokens, today worth around $11.13.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

11. Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Crypto Gaming Platform With In-game Collectibles

Enjin is a unique gaming platform that offers developers software development kits to create in-game collectables and digital assets linked to the platform.

The platform’s native crypto, ENJ, is locked in smart contracts to ensure real-world value of the crypto asset. ENJ ranks as one of the top crypto gaming coins.

The platform will also focus on beta testing and the alpha release of efinity, an Enjin integrated platform.

As part of its improvement and development roadmap, Enjin will also focus on its wallet 2.0 security testing to ensure the safety of user funds. The platform offers a native wallet that ensures seamless trading of crypto assets and NFTs.

ENJ is currently worth around $0.4. The crypto asset has been making minor price movements, providing investors with scalping chances to get in and out of the market with profits. The overall outlook of the chart is bearish but investors can hope for a better turnout in the coming weeks.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

12. Gala Games (GALA) – Blockchain-based Gaming Crypto Coin With an Upside Potential

Gala Games aims to give gamers control over their games. The platform is focused on using blockchain technology to introduce creative thinking to games. This is done to give users control over their games and in-game assets.

Players who own NFTs have an influence on governance proposals within the ecosystem. Gala Games offers an array of blockchain games that ensure fun with blockchain running in the background.

The platform has launched the world’s first ‘living’ NFT series, Fuzzles. The Fuzzles NFT collection comprises 9,997 friendly Fuzzles that have ‘flesh and blood bodies’ but a computerised AI-powered brain. The NFT series has been available since April 27th, 2022, and the prize for each Fuzzle Pod is 0.5 ETH.

GALA is the native crypto asset of Gala Games. The gaming crypto currently trades at $0.048. Over the last few months, the crypto asset has been on a downward trend, following general market behaviour. However, this opens up an opportunity for investors on a budget to buy GALA, one of the best gaming cryptos available.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

13. Star Atlas (ATLAS) – Strategy-based Multiplayer Gaming Crypto Coin

Star Atlas is a multiplayer online game that is played in the virtual gaming metaverse. The game, which is part strategy, combines different genres. This requires players to develop tactical plans of action to interact with other factions. The fundamental gameplay pillars are deep space exploration, combat, and building space stations and ships.

Star Atlas and the Sandbox formed a collaboration to revolutionize game interoperability between Ethereum and Solana. The collaboration will give rise to the Star Atlas Vox Edit contest, giving players the opportunity to act as envoys from the Sandbox.

The envoys will visit one of the three main galactic functions in the Star Atlas metaverse – ONI, Ustur and MUD. There, they will create reports on what they find. They will create the report by designing a portrait of one of the faction’s inhabitants, using the Sandbox’s free VoxEdit software.

Star Atlas positions its token, ATLAS, as one of the best crypto gaming coins available. The ATLAS crypto asset currently trades at $0.0035. This downtrend provides investors with an opportunity to gain from the coming uptrend due to the recent partnership.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

14. Yield Guild Games (YGG) – DAO-focused Virtual Gaming Crypto Coin

Yield Guild Games is a decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in virtual NFTs. YGG, the DAO’s token, is regarded as one of the best gaming crypto coins.

The organization aims to develop the largest virtual economy, creating maximum utility for its assets and providing systems of revenue for its investors. Yield Guild Games’ principal source of revenue is from leveraging YGG NFT assets directly or indirectly. Community members use the assets in exchange for a portion of the in-game rewards.

The organisation has announced a $4.6 million financing round aimed at continuing YGG’s investment in digital assets in games and virtual worlds across the play-to-earn ecosystem. Yield Guild Games aims to onboard a16z to assist YGG in scaling its mission and impact while establishing play-to-earn as a major innovation in gaming and business.

Over the last few weeks, YGG has been trading in a downward trend. The crypto asset currently trades near $0.243. This presents investors with a great opportunity to invest and earn substantial profits.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

15. Gods Unchained (GODS) – Tactical Card Gaming Cryptocurrency Coin

Gods Unchained is a free to play a tactical card game that gives players ownership of their in-game items. GODS, the game’s token, makes the list of the top crypto gaming coins on the market.

The game focuses on competitive play, requiring players to outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat other tactics.

GODS, an ERC20 token, is the native token asset of the ecosystem used to create NFTs, make in-game purchases, and distribute rewards.

Gods Unchained has released a series of brand new powerful trading cards available on the Gods Unchained store. The Mortal Judgement cards pack offers players powerful tools to master their gameplay and outsmart foes.

With the Mortal Judgement cards, players are given new creatures. These creatures are linked to the cards and are equipped with the power to control the game.

GODS has been on a bearish movement in the last few weeks and is currently trading sideways near the price of $0.24.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

How to Find the Best Gaming Cryptos?

There are numerous options to use when searching for the best gaming cryptos on the internet. These dedicated channels provide the most recent and in-depth information on gaming cryptos:


Reddit is a social news website and forum where content is curated and promoted by members through voting. It is a network of communities where people can dive into their interests and hobbies.

The crypto industry has developed a niche for itself on Reddit. Therefore, the platform is one of the best places to consider when looking for information on top gaming cryptos.

News Media

Crypto News platforms delivers up-to-date breaking news about the latest crypto trends. Over the years, crypto news platforms have built a reputation of being one of the most reliable resources for information on top crypto gaming coins. Here on we have two main sections:


YouTube has been a reliable medium for learning about crypto. Several crypto professionals populate the platform, all of whom are eager to offer useful knowledge to newcomers.

Some popular crypto gaming YouTubers you can check out include On Chain Gaming and Classy Crypto Gaming. Also see our list of the best general crypto channels on Youtube.

Social Media Influencers

Social Media influencers usually have a standing partnership with gaming crypto platforms. New investors can rely on these influencers to obtain accurate information concerning the asset they are interested in.

In some cases, these influencers are often early investors or testers of the crypto gaming platform, so they have first-hand knowledge about the coins and how the platform works.

Are Gaming Crypto Coins a Good Investment?

For investors still wondering whether to buy crypto gaming coins, there are many reasons to invest in these unique digital assets. These are some of the reasons to consider gaming crypto as a worthy investment:

1. Growth of the Metaverse

Gaming cryptos play a significant role in the metaverse. Take, for example, Decentraland (MANA). Investors have a great opportunity to profit while the metaverse is still in its early stages. The potential for blockchain-based gaming platforms to power virtual reality has never been greater.

MANA, the largest metaverse-related cryptocurrency, still remains the best investment option for investors in the gaming sector.

More recently, Yuga Labs (makers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT) acquired the rights of serial rival CryptoPunks and associate NFT project Meebits for an undisclosed amount. BAYC has since launched Apecoin which has launched the NFT fully into the metaverse ecosystem.

The project has since launched another successful NFT called, Otherside which sold out within hours of the launch. The BAYC team were able to sell each of the 55,000 Otherdeed NFTs for 305 ApeCoin, netting the project $320 million in the process.

2. Institutional Funding

Due to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming sector, crypto gaming platforms are attracting serious institutional funding. Some of the high ranking institutions that have invested in Decentraland real estate are Portion, an NFT auction house and marketplace; JP Morgan, Samsung and PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC).

These institutional investors are leveraging the surrounding hype around NFTs and gaming cryptos to take a plunge into the growing decentralized economy.

3. Secure Payments

Players can pay for in-game items using the platform’s native crypto assets. Each network token powers the blockchain network and is viable for transactions and all other respective activities.
Users aiming to tap into any particular blockchain-based gaming platform would need these tokens to successfully operate on it.

Take for instance the Decentraland ecosystem. The network features two native tokens; LAND an ERC-721 standard and MANA an ERC-20 token. LAND purchases are made using the MANA token and this is completed within minutes. All transactions are carried out without the interference of any third party.

Close rival The Sandbox also completes transactions using its utility token, SAND.

4. In-game Utility

On a gaming platform, crypto gaming currencies are utilized for a variety of purposes. For instance, AXS which powers the Axie Infinity platform is used to vote on policies affecting the network. AXS holders are also able to vote on proposals on how the treasury funds should be used.

This shows strong deference to the community and encourages a more democratic and engaged body of users. Aside from earning while playing token holders generally have a voice in the future direction of a project and this is a crucial benefit.

Where to Buy Gaming Crypto Coins

etoro logo

When investing in gaming cryptos, it’s important to use crypto platforms that guarantee the safety of user funds, low transaction fees, and usability. We recommend eToro for investors looking for how to invest in crypto gaming.

eToro is a social trading platform that enables investors to access crypto assets through their mobile at any time. This broker makes it easy to buy Bitcoin and a host of other financial assets.

The platform is also regarded as one of the best places to buy metaverse and gaming related coins. The social trading platform is designed with a simple user interface, enabling new investors to be onboarded seamlessly and navigate the platform. Registration on eToro takes only a few minutes.

etoro registeration

Another great feature eToro offers its users is its low deposit limits and transaction fees. Investors can deposit $10, $50 or $10,000 as their first deposit depending on their country of residence. US and UK customers have a $10 minimum deposit.

Regarding costs for trading the best crypto gaming coins, the platform charges a unified fee of 1% when investors open and close a crypto position. This is in addition to the raw market spread of 0.46%, bringing the total fee for crypto trades to 2.46% on eToro. Withdrawals have a flat fee of $5, which is more affordable than some crypto exchanges.

eToro frequently lists new cryptocurrencies to meet users’ needs. The platform supports over 60 cryptocurrencies and over 120 crypto assets in its wallet. Some of these include the best crypto gaming coins such as APE, MANA, SAND, AXS, GALA, and ENJ.

etoro market place

In order to facilitate seamless transactions, investors have access to several payment methods. These payment methods include Bank transfers, wire transfers, debit/credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

eToro prioritises user funds and information security by adhering to policies meted out by the top-tier regulatory bodies that oversee its processes. These regulatory bodies are the FCA, CySEC and ASIC. The platform uses two-factor authentication (2FA) and masking technologies for security.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.


Crypto gaming coins were designed to create easy access to in-game items and facilitate faster transactions and a secure way of issuing rewards. Some of the best gaming cryptos to meet this need include LBLOCK, MANA, and SAND.

However, we recommend Fight Out ($FGHT) as one of the best upcoming gaming coins to invest in. Being an industry-leading M2E player, it allows users to create their NFT avatars and compete with others on its metaverse to gamify fitness. The native token of the Fight Out, $FGHT, is currently priced at $0.02442 USDT during the ongoing presale round.

Fight Out - Next Big Train-to-Earn Crypto

Our Rating

Fightout token
  • Backed by LBank Labs, Transak
  • Earn Rewards for Working Out
  • Level Up and Compete in the Metaverse
  • Presale Live Now - $5M Raised
  • Real-World Community, Gym Chain
Fightout token


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