With the emergence of countless gamefi crypto projects, picking one or two of the best GameFi crypto coins to invest in is challenging. 

This guide explores standout game crypto coins, highlighting potential opportunities in this dynamic industry for the year 2024.

Let’s dive in.

Best GameFi Crypto Coins for 2024

  1.  PlayDoge -Earn $PLAY tokens engaging with pets in the adventure game
  2. Mega Dice – The number 1 gameFi token on Solana
  3. WienerAI – Part Dog, Part Sausage, Part AI Trading Bot
  4. SpongeV2 – Upgraded version of the most popular meme coin in 2023 – Sponge V1
  5. eTukTuk – GameFi token that supports sustainable transportation
  6. Calvaria – New Play to Earn Game Enabling Staking and Secondary Market Sales
  7. Battle Infinity – GameFi Token with Growth Potential
  8. Decentraland – GameFi Crypto Token for Long Term Growth

A Closer Look at the Best GameFi Crypto Coins  

The best GameFi cryptos are often associated with popular play-to-earn games. Our experts have handpicked the Gamefi token list based on their solid foundations, unique technologies, and high potential for growth in the future.

1. PlayDoge

Best GameFi Crypto - PLAYDOGE

If you’re looking for top gameFi projects, PlayDoge should be your number one pick. This project is a combination of two trending niches – Doge memes and P2E games. What makes this project unique is its 90s design, which includes a fun and playful Doge living in a pixelated world. 

PlayDoge’s upcoming Tamagotchi-style P2E game will allow players to earn $PLAY tokens by taking care of their virtual pet. They’ll also get to play 8-bit mini-games to gain additional tokens.

PlayDoge differs from most meme coins because it runs on the Binance Smart Chain, which could boost its chances of being listed on Binance once it concludes its presale.

This project managed to raise almost $300K in less than two days, which shows strong investor interest. At the time of writing, the $PLAY token trades at $0.005. Early investors will also be able to profit by staking their tokens for annual returns, which currently amount to 761%. The $PLAY token has a total supply of 9.4 billion, of which 4.7 billion will go towards the presale.

2. Mega Dice 

mega dice gamefi token

$DICE is a native token of the popular Telegram-based gaming platform, Mega Dice. Mega Dice has over 50,000 users and 10,000+ active players. This is why its token managed to raise over $861K during its presale. 

Moreover, the $DICE token has a multi-utility nature. On that note, it can be used for trading, staking, playing P2E games, and claiming rewards. This makes it one of the best gameFi tokens on solana. In addition to staking rewards, $DICE holders will be able to earn daily rewards based on casino performance and limited edition NFTs.

The $DICE token has a capped supply of 420 million. Early investors will be able to buy $DICE tokens for a discounted price, which currently amounts to $0.069. However, once this token gets listed on crypto exchanges, it could trade between $0.06 and $0.17. Its developers will also allocate 147,000,000 tokens towards the presale, while the rest will go towards staking, airdrops, LP, Casino $DICE pool, and KOL deals.

3. WienerAI 

wienerAI gamefi token

WienerAI is a new gameFi cryptocurrency that combines two niches – AI and meme coins. This playful token looks like Scotty the AI, another AI-powered token that managed to surpass its predetermined cap ahead of time. The main mission of this project is to become the top dog in the crypto market through its user-centric approach and utility.

With that in mind, $WAI is set to become a native token of the WienerAI MEV bot, which will extend its utility and user base. Moreover, $WAI holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn rewards, whose APY is currently 692%.

$WAI token has a total supply of 69 billion, of which 30% will be allocated towards the presale, while 20% will go towards staking and community rewards. WienerAI has so far managed to raise over $1.3 million, while its current price is $0.000705.

However, once it gets listed on CEXs and DEXs, its price could reach a potential high of $0.0021.

4. SpongeV2 

spongeV2 gamefi token

Sponge V2 is a community-driven meme token that will replace its predecessor Sponge V1 once it goes live. This gameFi blockchain could repeat the success of its prototype, whose price jumped by 100x once it got listed. This enabled the Sponge V1 token to reach a market cap of $100M.

Sponge V2 uses a stake-to-bridge system, which means that investors can get it by staking their V1 tokens on Ethereum and Polygon. At the time of writing, staking rewards on ETH come with annual returns of 163%, while on Polygon, this number amounts to 338% p/a. Stakeholders will also be able to use their newly acquired token to play Sponge Racer, a P2E game, and to access dApps and DeFI platforms. 

This token has a maximum supply of 150 billion, while its current price amounts to $0.001546. However, if $SPONGE V2 reaches a market cap of $100M once it gets listed, its price could amount to $0.0025 per token.

5. eTukTuk 

best gamefi crypto - etuktuk

Next on our token gameFi list, we have eTukTuk, a sustainable crypto project that aims to improve the transportation system in developing countries. How? By creating electric versions of Tuk Tuks powered by blockchain and AI. This project has raised over $3.4M so far, which shows strong investment interest.

Its native token, $TUK, will play the most important role within its ecosystem. Investors will be able to use it to earn staking rewards and play eTuk Tuk’s Crazy Taxi-style P2E game. This is a 3D Crazy Taxy-style mobile game in which players will take on the role of eTuk Tuk drivers. I.e., they’ll pick up and drop off passengers while racing through busy streets. They’ll also get to use their tokens as an in-game currency – to unlock new locations, upgrade their vehicles, etc.

The $TUK token has a maximum supply of $2 billion, of which 6% will be allocated to the presale and 20% to power staking. The $TUK token currently trades at $0.033. However, once it gets listed on major exchanges, the value of this gameFi token could reach $0.7.

6. Calvaria


Calvaria is a card game that enables players to receive rewards with two crypto tokens for defeating opponents.

The token received as a reward is $RIA. Players can receive unique cards and power-ups to strengthen their decks while using strategy to beat opponents, enabling players to combine cards of the same strength to buy higher-level cards.

Calvaria provides unique resources that players can collect and use for in-game advancement or sell to other players. The third option is to sell the resources and tokens on secondary markets. The game rewards players for winning matches and extended gameplay.

The RIA tokens can be used for staking and governance. Investors can lock up their tokens to receive daily rewards and participate in voting to determine the platform’s future. Calvaria determines the weight of each voter by the number of tokens held.


7. Battle Infinity

battle infinity gamefi token

With Battle Infinity, users will find the top GameFi projects that combine play-to-earn (P2E) features with blockchain-based technology.

The Battle Infinity platform is a decentralized project that gives users access to the Battle Arena, its metaverse-based platform. At the center of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is IBAT, the project’s utility token. For example, users trade in IBAT to gain NFT passes to participate in the P2E game IBAT Premier League.

With the Battle Arena – gamers and creators can compete with others in a virtual environment to earn crypto tokens, staking benefits, and NFTs.

Since investors seek multiple ways to earn income from cryptos, Battle Infinity provides diverse income opportunities through top crypto staking platforms, such as solo staking for high APYs and duo staking for earning interest by staking different crypto tokens against IBAT.

Additionally, the platform features Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange with a global liquidity pool, and the IBAT Battle Market, tokenizing assets into NFTs. Battle Infinity combines metaverse monetization opportunities for users to revolutionize the gaming industry.

8. Decentraland 

decentraland gamefi token

Decentraland offers a platform similar to The Sandbox, enabling users to buy, sell, and create virtual land experiences, However, in Decentraland, you need to have MANA tokens to purchase land parcels.

MANA tokens are crucial, serving as the core currency for transactions, governance, and various activities within the Decentraland ecosystem.

That being said, Decentraland has also experienced some volatility over the past 12 months. Although the price of MANA tokens hit an all-time high of around $5 in November 2021, its value has dropped since.

At the time of writing, MANA is trading at $0.42 per token and has a market cap of $757 million.

What are GameFi Crypto Tokens?

The term GameFi is an amalgamation of two words – game and finance. In simple terms, it refers to the financialization of video games. Put otherwise, these games let players earn incentives for cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

GameFi tokens essentially function as the in-game cryptocurrency of play to earn projects. They serve various purposes, including buying in-game assets and participating in contests, tournaments, and governance activities within GameFi platforms.

These GameFi coins can be acquired by completing challenges or goals within a game. Alternatively, you can purchase the best GameFi crypto tokens via popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

Are GameFi Cryptos a Good Investment?

The blockchain gaming sector will be worth over $50 billion by 2025. Crucially, this crypto gaming economy is driven by GameFi tokens.

Given the popularity of this emerging industry, GameFi coins could benefit from substantial growth in the future.

That said, GameFi crypto tokens are still relatively new, and many of these projects do not have an established track record. Moreover, Gamefi tokens are volatile, another important factor to consider before investing.

With this in mind, let us consider what makes GameFi cryptos a good investment.

Receive Rewards

As noted earlier, GameFi crypto projects play a significant role in the blockchain industry.

These play-to-earn games allow players to gain cryptocurrencies as rewards by completing tasks and other challenges.

  • To get ahead in games, users must also purchase NFTs.
  • These purchases are carried out using GameFi tokens.

In other words, those who hold GameFi crypto coins can earn regular income without even having to play the game itself.

Moreover, if the crypto game in question becomes popular, the price of the associated GameFi token could also increase – presenting you with another opportunity to grow the value of your investment.

Ownership of Digital Assets

Unlike traditional gaming models, crypto games give users full control of their assets.

You maintain ownership of these tokens if you buy or earn any GameFi coins by completing challenges. This also applies to any other NFT you collect from play to earn games.

And thanks to this provable ownership, you can monetize the best GameFi crypto tokens in different ways.

  • You can use your GameFi collection token to purchase in-game assets and sell them to other players.
  • It is also possible to sell these in-game assets on secondary NFT marketplaces or even auction them.
  • You can also choose to trade your GameFi token on a cryptocurrency exchange or swap them for fiat currencies.

As you can see, while GameFi crypto tokens are closely associated with their respective platforms, they can also be used to earn money outside their native ecosystem.

Applications in the DeFi Sector

Games built on blockchain technology also allow you to leverage DeFi functionalities.

For instance, some GameFi projects support features such as crypto staking, yield farming, and liquidity mining.

These DeFi features allow you to lock your GameFi collection token on a decentralized platform and earn additional rewards.

On top of this, depending on the chosen project, owning GameFi tokens will also give you the right to participate in the governing process of the network.

For example:

  • As we noted earlier, Decentraland is a GameFi project that supports staking.
  • Furthermore, by staking MANA tokens, you also receive voting rights on the platform.
  • The more MANA tokens you stake, the higher your voting power is.
  • Similarly, you can also stake YGG tokens to unlock exclusive content on the Yield Guild Games Discord channel and to earn additional rewards.

This allows you to communicate and engage directly with a gaming platform’s developers and influence the project’s development and roadmap.

That said, whether you can benefit from these aspects of GameFi will ultimately depend on the crypto project you choose to invest in.

Therefore, ensure you understand who is behind the project and the risks involved before investing any money.


The ability to own in-game assets and earn cryptocurrencies makes GameFi platforms the perfect opportunity and moment to invest in this growing sector.

This guide highlighted some of the top GameFi crypto tokens worth considering. Our standout choice is WienerAI, the AI meme cryptocurrency high rewards.


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