By nature, cryptocurrency is an incredibly future-focused industry. One of the main goals of many projects is to change the status quo in a certain sector. Therefore, finding the best future crypto to buy can put an investor in good stead for the coming months or years. However, it’s far easier said than done.

Throughout this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best future crypto to buy, explaining how to find these elusive assets, and even providing a few crypto future predictions. Let’s dive in.

Best Future Crypto to Buy in 2022

In order to make finding the best future crypto simpler, here’s our top picks:

  • Tamadoge  Overall Best Future Crypto
  • Battle Infinity P2E Crypto to Buy
  • Lucky Block The Future of Prize Draws
  • Quant Future-Focused Interoperability Project
  • XRP – Bridging Crypto and Traditional Finance
  • Coreum – Upcoming Layer-1 Blockchain
  • Flow – The Future of dApps & NFTs
  • Solana – Major Ethereum Competitor
  • Alightpay – Future of Crypto Storage
  • Cardano – Potential Ethereum Killer
  • DeFinex Finance – Making Crypto More Accessible

Reviews of the Best Future Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

When it comes to the best future crypto coins, there’s a massive amount of diversity. So to ensure we provide an accurate list, we’ve included a mix of future-focused projects, as well as new IEO and IDO crypto projects.  Each of the projects we’ve included has massive potential in the future, a good team, and excellent utility.

1. Tamadoge – Overall Best Future Crypto

However one looks at Tamadoge, it’s a coin of the present and the future. It’s on presale at the moment, so the time to get it is now because it could provide huge returns. But it’s also a coin of the future because of the several developments that will make this project explode.

One of the developments is the integration into Metaverse. Players can use their AR headsets to walk their dogs, feed and even breed them. By doing that, players earn points and are ranked on the leaderboard. The highest ranked players receive the biggest rewards from the prize pool, which contains 65% of the Tamadoge coins spent. So not only is this game for entertainment, but it enables players to earn.

Another big development is the introduction of the Tamadoge app and P2E Arcade games. Even bigger advancements are listings on major exchanges, which will increase the coin’s exposure to investors. But only a limited amount of tokens will be available by the time Tamadoge (TAMA) reaches exchanges because the creators want to sell 50% of the total supply during the presale.

Furthermore, the platform burns 5% of all TAMA coins spent on the platform, making it a deflationary coin – unlike Dogecoin, which has increased its supply.

So much is going on in the Tamaverse, and presale prices are discounted. So investors should act now by using their credit cards or USDT to buy TAMA. It’s also possible to use Ethereum and a MetaMask wallet to invest in Tamadoge.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

2. Battle Infinity – P2E Crypto to Buy

When it comes to the best future crypto few projects can match Battle Infinity (IBAT) in terms of potential and utility. The project aims to encapsulate the best elements from massively popular sectors like fantasy sports, NFTs, the Metaverse, and play-to-earn. By taking elements from various sectors, Battle Infinity has created an all-in-one ecosystem that will appeal to investors of all interests. This opens up a massive potential user base for Battle Infinity, which provide enough demand to propel the project to the forefront of the crypto market.

Battle Infinity game

Battle Infinity is split into six unique platforms each of which hosts its own set of features, making the Battle Infinity ecosystem incredibly intuitive. There’s the IBAT Premier League (fantasy sports), IBAT Battle Swap (decentralized exchange), IBAT Battle Market (NFT marketplace), IBAT Battle Games (P2E gaming platform), IBAT Battle Area (Metaverse world), and lastly IBAT Battle Stake (staking platform).

Powering the Battle Infinity ecosystem is the BEP-20 $IBAT token. With a total supply of 10 billion, there are plenty of tokens to go around but with the amount of investor demand, it’s a good idea to get involved sooner rather than later. The $IBAT token has a plethora of uses including staking rewards, rewarding players, and facilitating transactions. The token having ample benefits and uses ensures that it will see good demand and that the price should be fairly strong once $IBAT hits the open market.

IBAT token

Overall, Battle Infinity is packed with utility and the team is clearly thinking ahead, making it the best future crypto to buy. As the team is frequently releasing updates, it’s worth joining the Battle Infinity Telegram group (admins will never DM you first or ask for your seed phrase) in order to stay updated with the latest.

Update – Battle Infinity’s presale is now sold out, hitting its hard cap in a record 24 days. Investors can still buy IBAT on PancakeSwap on its launch day however.

3. Lucky Block – The Future of Prize Draws

With the prize draw sector growing rapidly in popularity, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) seems poised to reinvent the in which these competitions take place. By implementing blockchain technology into the prize draw sector, Lucky Block has created a provably fair and far more efficient system.


The Lucky Block team hosts two different weekly prize draws, meaning there are two chances per work (over 100 per year) to win. The coemption is split into two prize pools, one draw for people that purchase tickets for entry to the competition and another for holders of the Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers NFT collection. By improving distribution efficiency, Lucky Block can pass the savings back onto its investors in the form of rewards. Holders of the LBLOCK token can claim these rewards by engaging in votes to decide which charity will be donated to.

All in all, Lucky Block is perhaps the best future crypto to buy for fans of the prize draw model. It’s packed will utility, rewards holders, and shows a massive amount of potential for the coming months and years. Furthermore, with multiple ways to reward players and a rapidly growing user base, it’s likely that Lucky Block will continue to grow and improve alongside the rest of the crypto market.

4. Quant – Future-Focused Interoperability Project 

Quant (QNT) was one of the hottest crypto projects of 2021 and despite prices dropping significantly over the past few months, investors still seem to have faith in the project’s future potential. Over the past week, QNT has almost doubled in value, going from mid $50 to over $100. With such large price movements over a short period, it’s no surprise that investors are wondering whether QNT might be the best future cryptocurrency to invest in.

QNT chart 15.07

The primary purpose of Quant is to connect various blockchains and networks on a large scale, all while doing its best to negate any performance losses. Many crypto enthusiasts believe that for the asset class to enjoy mainstream adoption, it must first solve the interoperability issue that currently prevents different networks from communicating with one another. Quant is designed for exactly that purpose and with the project’s impressive Overledger technology already implemented by several large networks, it could be the best future crypto to buy.

Only time will tell if Quant becomes the de-facto solution for interoperability but if successful, the project will enjoy massive likely pushing the token far higher than previously. While there are some competitors in the sector (like Polkadot) QNT has done well to establish a few large partnerships which could help propel the token upwards.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

5. XRP – Bridging Crypto and Traditional Finance

XRP (XRP), created by Ripple, is an open-source technology created to facilitate fast and low-cost transactions. Furthermore, the project has a focus on scalability and energy efficiency, both factors that heavily impacted Ethereum toward the height of the NFT craze. While the project is currently under scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the case seems to be going in Ripple’s favor which could help XRP to become the best future crypto to buy.

XRP chart 15.07

The project was founded in 2012 by David Schwartz, Jed McCaleb, and Arthur Britto as a more efficient alternative to Bitcoin. However, since its release, the project has escaped its humble beginnings and has grown to provide smart contract and DeFi capabilities, with full support for NFTs also on the horizon. The company behind XRP, Ripple, has already partnered with several national entities including the Bank of America and the Digital Pound Foundation.

While XRP is currently being held underwater by the aforementioned SEC lawsuit, once that concludes we could see some explosive growth from the token. With current prices hovering around $0.35 and all-time highs breaching higher than $3, XRP could be the best crypto to invest in for future returns. For investors interested in XRP, we’ve got an excellent XRP price prediction article.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

6. Coreum – Upcoming Layer-1 Blockchain

Coreum (CORE) is a relatively unknown project from the creators of the XRP Ledger-based exchange and cryptocurrency Sologenic (SOLO). The project is currently in its very early stages with CORE tokens being airdropped monthly to holders of the SOLO token.

core chart 15.07

Coreum is billed as being the next generation of layer one blockchain. It’s designed with security in mind and if the team is successful in its vision, Coreum should be able to facilitate cross-border payments, interoperability, smart contracts, and more. While we make it a point to base our crypto future predictions on existing technology, Coreum shows a ton of promise.

While Coreum might not be as established as some of the other names on our list of the best future crypto to buy, it’s packed with utility and has massive amounts of potential. If the team can achieve its goals, there’s no telling how high this token could end up.

7. Flow – The Future of dApps & NFTs

For investors familiar with the NFT market, Flow (FLOW) is likely to be a familiar name. The project consists of a decentralized blockchain that is simple to develop projects on. Adhering to this ethos, Flow aims to be the next generation of blockchain for games, dApps, and all kinds of digital assets.

flow chart 15.07

While the project is far younger than established smart contract networks like Ethereum, it’s already been used in a range of high-profile projects including CryptoKitties, Dapper Wallet, and NBA Top Shot. As Flow gains traction, it’s slowly being added as a supported chain to the best NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.  Powering the Flow network is the $FLOW token. Required for all transactions on the network and used as the project’s reserve asset, FLOW has a multitude of uses driving its demand.

With the NFT and dApp markets growing rapidly, any project that can establish itself as the go-to will likely perform extremely well. While it didn’t quite break the top half of our list of the best future crypto coins, it’s a worthy addition and well worth taking a look at.

8. Solana – Major Ethereum Competitor 

Another cryptocurrency that rose to prominence during early 2021 amidst the NFT boom, Solana (SOL) has established itself as a competitor to Ethereum due to the network’s scalability, impressive throughput, and innovative proof of history (PoH) consensus mechanism.

SOL chart 15.07

The reason why Solana grew so exponentially during 2021, was the need for a network that provided low-cost, energy-efficient transactions for NFTs and dApps. The project certainly achieved this goal as it’s now one of the biggest networks on the market in terms of NFT volume. Despite enjoying massive success in 2021, the network has been plagued with outages and claims of centralization but as the number of network validators grows, these problems should become lesser.

Although Solana has fallen from grace somewhat in recent months, the network still facilitates a massive amount of transactions and remains a favorite among NFT enthusiasts. If it can successfully beat out Ethereum after the release of ETH2.0, then Solana certainly has the potential to be the best cryptocurrency of the future.

9. Alightpay – Future of Crypto Storage

Alightpay (ALPY) is an upcoming crypto project dedicated to providing crypto investors with a safe, secure platform to hold and grow their assets. The main draw to the project is an innovative DeFi wallet that provides users with the ability to manage, swap, and trade their funds without hassle, and from a single platform.


In order to understand what investors want from their crypto wallets, Alightpay carefully analyzed platforms like MetaMask and Trust Wallet in order to create a wallet with all the advantages of the bigger names with also minimizing any disadvantages. The project is designed to support a multitude of networks with the team currently boasting that Alightpay already supports over 20 different networks.

The purpose of the project is to make software wallets safer and more feature rich than its predecessors. Considering every crypto investor has a need for a simple, secure wallet, the potential user base for Alightpay is gigantic.  It’s difficult to say whether Alrightpay could be the best cryptocurrency of the future but regardless it’s worth keeping an eye on.

10. Cardano – Potential Ethereum Killer

Another large, well-known project, Cardano (ADA) is the brainchild of Charles Hoskinson who was also a co-founder of the Ethereum network. Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain with smart contract capabilities and a massive fan base.

Cardano chart 15.07

Like Solana, Cardano is positioned as an Ethereum competitor. The network is designed with scalability and security in mind which could be precisely what’s needed to help keep the project relevant amidst all the new releases. Despite development of the Cardano network being fairly slow, the project continues to chug along with new updates being announced and released semi-frequently. The ADA token is used by investors to vote on the future of the Cardano network in a similar way to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Cardano has an excellent team, a strong network, and frequently receives updates helping it potentially be the best crypto of the future. With the Vasil hard fork dropping soon, it’s worth checking out our ADA price prediction to get an idea of where the crypto could go.

11. DeFinex Finance – Making Crypto More Accessible

DeFinex Finance (DFNX) is a new initial coin offering (ICO) crypto with massive potential. The project aims to make the world of decentralized finance far more simple with the goal of making DeFi and the blockchain more accessible for the average person. The token is built upon the Binance Smart Chain and therefore benefits from fast and cheap transactions.


While DeFinex Finance is still a new project, it’s already packed full of features that could help it to become the best future crypto to invest in. With the worlds of crypto and DeFi both currently suffering from a fairly high technical barrier to entry, the project could help to get more of the general populous into the crypto market. The project has been audited by SolidProof and promoted on the launchpad, helping to cement its status as a valid project.

Rather than just a simple platform, DeFinex Finance aims to be a multi-faceted crypto ecosystem with a multitude of features like coin buybacks, a 10% burn, and staking. While investing in ICO projects is always riskier compared to established projects, DeFinex could well be the best crypto to invest in for future returns.

How to Find the Best Future Cryptocurrency

With thousands of exciting projects and even more releasing daily, finding the best future crypto to invest in can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Below, we’ve shared a few simple techniques that can be employed in order to find the best future crypto to buy.

Social Media 

One of the easiest and most common ways to find exciting new crypto projects is by scouring social media. By seeing which tokens are being spoken about by real people, an investor can get an idea of trends within the market and see where the demand is. Furthermore, by taking a look at the social media profiles of crypto projects, an investor can get a feel for how serious the project is and the direction it’s likely to go. As social media statistics are fairly easy to manipulate, it’s advisable to use at least one of the below techniques in conjunction with using social media.


All of the best future crypto coins should have a solid, well-written whitepaper. For investors checking out new projects, reading the whitepaper is a must. They tend to contain crucial information like the project’s tokenomics, development goals, and utility. Without exception, every project should have a comprehensive, easy-to-understand whitepaper. Without one, there’s no way for investors to actually know the ins and outs of what the team is intending to do. Therefore, it’s always worth taking a look at a project’s whitepaper to check for inaccuracies or fluff, both of which are very negative signs.


When it comes to trying to find the best cryptocurrency of the future, analyzing a project’s roadmap can offer a much-needed glimpse into the project’s goals and development schedule. Typically, roadmaps with dates with goals next to them. This allows investors to both the direction of the project and roughly when key developments are likely to take place. An investor can use this information to judge the functionality of a project. On top of this, they can also see how good the team is at keeping its promises.

Newbies might want to consider the best beginner crypto to invest in.


Throughout this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the best future crypto to buy, discussed how to find promising projects, and provided a comprehensive guide of Tamadoge. After thoroughly researching each project it was clear one crypto held the most potential.

Tamadoge is poised to revolutionize the Metaverse and play-to-earn sectors. The project is still young but it shows immense promise and already has investors piling in to get involved with the presale. With Tamadoge packed full of utility and already selling out fast, it’s worth checking out the project at the link below.

Tamadoge (TAMA) - Next Big Meme Coin

Our Rating

  • Beta Sale Ends Sept 2022 -
  • Deflationary, Low Supply - 2 Billion
  • Move to Earn, Metaverse Integration on Roadmap
  • NFT Doge Pets - Potential for Mass Adoption
  • Play to Earn Utility - Rewards Token

Battle Infinity - Latest Metaverse Game

Our Rating

Battle Infinity
  • Presale Sold Out Early -
  • Upcoming Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Fantasy Sports Themed Games
  • Play to Earn Utility - IBAT Token
  • Powered By Unreal Engine
  • Solid Proof Audited, CoinSniper Verified
Battle Infinity


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