Finding the best emerging cryptocurrencies, among all blockchain projects still amid their roadmap targets, can be challenging.

This crypto coin enables investors to enter a position before the respective token emerges in the broader market. This guide explores many of the best emerging cryptos to consider today and their use cases.

Top Emerging Cryptocurrencies to Buy 2024 List

  1. Pepe Unchained — Emerging community-driven meme coin that will run on its native Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain
  2. WienerAI — Experience the future of AI with this promising crypto priced at just $0.0003015 in the presale
  3. PlayDoge — Emerging in-game currency for transactions and accessing special features and crypto rewards
  4. Shiba Shootout — An emerging dog-based meme with an innovative rewards system and multiple use cases
  5. Mega Dice — Get bonus $DICE tokens as an early participant in the presale of this emerging cryptocurrency
  6. 99Bitcoins — Dive into the world of learn-to-earn crypto with very low presale prices 
  7. Sponge V2 — An emerging crypto featuring a stake-to-bridge model and P2E game

A Closer Look at the Best Emerging Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Constantly rummaging around for the top trending cryptos of 2024? New cryptocurrencies are entering the market every week, and to find the best emerging cryptos, investors will need to dedicate plenty of time to research.

Key metrics that should be explored include the objectives of the project, its roadmap targets, competition in the market, and the upside performance of the respective cryptocurrency.

Below, we rank and review a dozen of the potentially best emerging cryptocurrencies on the market.

1. Pepe Unchained — New Pepe-Based Layer 2 Meme Coin That Offers 100x Faster Transactions Than ETH

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $3.1 million
  • Newest Price: $0.0083591

top emerging crypto - pepe unchained

Next on our new cryptocurrencies to watch list, we have Pepe Unchained. Pepe Unchained can be described as an upgraded version of Pepe the Frog, whose goal is to help Pepe break his traditional Layer 1 chains. On that note, Pepe Unchained will launch on a Layer 2 Ethereum blockchain, which will enable it to process transactions off-chain. I.e., the $PEPU token will be 100x faster than ethereum, and it will provide lower fees and double staking rewards. At the time of writing, the staking rewards come with an APY of 4830%.

Pepe Unchained will be the first Pepe-based token to run on its own chain and will also be bridged to Ethereum, which will increase its liquidity and flexibility. Thanks to its ecosystem that combines meme coins and cutting-edge technology, Pepe Unchained raised over $500k during its presale. Its total token supply stands at eight billion, of which 20% will be allocated to the presale. At the time of writing, the $PEPU token trades at $0.008, while by the end of the year, its value could reach $0.0256.

2. WienerAI — An Upgradable ERC-20 Token That Will Be the Native Token of Wienerai’s Trading Bot

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $7.3 million
  • Newest Price: $0.00073

best emerging crypto - wienerai

WienerAI is the best AI-powered cryptocurrency to watch this year. This project combines two hot niches – dog memes and AI. Its goal is to become the ‘top dog’ in the crypto market. How? By providing an MEV trading bot that will enable its users to profit from price fluctuations on DEXs. Its native token, $WAI, which is part dog, part sausage, and part AI trading bot, will run on the Ethereum blockchain. This token will also be upgradeable, which will extend its use cases.

This project is reminiscent of Scotty the AI, an AI-powered token that experienced a 150% jump in price once it got listed on MEXC. It also managed to raise over $10 million during its presale. WienerAI could experience the same success, as managed to raise over $7.3 million so far.

At the time of writing, the $WAI token trades at $0.00073. However, once it gets listed on crypto exchanges, its price could reach $0.0045, which would represent a 500% gain.

3. PlayDoge — A Tamagotchi-Style Mobile Game That Enables Players to Earn Rewards by Caring for Their Virtual Pets

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $5.5 million
  • Newest Price: $0.00517

best emerging crypto - playdoge

If you’re looking for the best emerging cryptos of 2024, look no further than PlayDoge. This crypto project aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by merging two popular crypto trends: P2E games and Doge memes.

On that note, PlayDoge is a mobile-based P2E game inspired by the 90s phenomenon Tamagotchi. This modernized version of Tamagotchi will enable players to earn $PLAY tokens by playing mini-games and taking care of their pixelated Doge. This project also operates on the Binance Smart Chain, which increases its chances of getting listed on Binance.

Moreover, the $PLAY token has multiple use cases. Players can use it to access in-game features, conduct transactions, and earn rewards. PlayDoge also offers a staking option that currently comes with annual returns of 758%.

This project raised nearly $400k in less than two days, which shows that it could finish its presale before its scheduled date. The $PLAY token has a capped supply of 9.4 billion, of which 30% will be reserved for the presale. Its current price is $0.00517.

4. Shiba Shootout — Western-Based Meme Coin That Celebrates Shiba Inu, Offers an Innovative Rewards System and an Exciting P2E Game

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $612k
  • Newest Price: $0.0195

best emerging crypto - shiba shootout

Shiba Shootout is one of the most interesting new cryptocurrencies in 2024. Its innovative rewards system and creative design piqued investors’ interest. The story takes place in the Wild West, in a town called Shiba Gulch, ruled by Marshal Shiba and the Shiba Sharpshooters. Investors will be able to meet these characters through Shiba Duel, an upcoming P2E mobile game for Android and iOS devices.

Early buyers will get to earn $SHIBASHOOT tokens by participating in numerous events, such as Lucky Lasso Lotteries and Campfire Stories. They’ll also be able to join the referral and staking program. Staking rewards come with a high APY, which currently stands at 1,791%.

$SHIBASHOOT uses two token standards, ERC-20 and BEP-20, which makes it more versatile. Its total supply is capped at 2.2 billion, of which 770 million will be available during the presale. At the time of writing, the $SHIBASHOOT token trades at $0.0195.

5. Mega Dice — GameFi Token That Could Experience a 10x ROI Once It Gets Listed on Crypto Exchanges

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $1.6 million
  • Newest Price: $0.09093

best emerging crypto - mega dice

Mega Dice is a well-known Telegram-based casino that managed to pique the interest of the crypto community with its native token, $DICE. This gameFi token has multiple use cases. First, it can be used to generate daily rewards based on casino performance. Second, it can be used to get access to games. Lastly, it can be used for staking.

Early investors will also be able to earn early bird bonuses and limited edition NFTs. In addition to that, all casino players will get to participate in Mega Dice’s $2,250,000 airdrop.

Its total supply is capped at 420 million, of which 35% will go towards the presale. Once it gets listed, this Solana-based token could achieve 10x ROI. Its current price stands at $0.09093. However, by the end of 2024, the $DICE token could reach a potential high of $0.17.

To support the price growth and stability of the $DICE token, its developers will carry out strategic buybacks and scheduled token burns.

6. 99Bitcoins — An Educational Platform That Rewards Its Members With $99BTC Tokens and $99K BTC Airdrops

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $2.3 million
  • Newest Price: $0.00113

best emerging crypto - 99bitcoins

99Bitcoins is an established educational platform that uses an innovative learn-to-earn model to reward its users for their crypto knowledge. For example, investors who complete a certain crypto course will earn $99BTC tokens as a reward.

This project has raised over $2.3 million so far due to its cross-chain vision and a $99k BTC airdrop. The $99BTC token will first use the ERC-20 standard, after which it will transition to the BRC-20 standard. This will enable developers to mint their tokens via the Ordinals protocol. Likewise, early investors will be able to stake their $99BTC tokens for rewards that come with a massive APY of 965%.

The $99BTC token has a total supply of 99 billion, of which 10.50% will be allocated to the presale. Its current price is $0.00113. However, once it is listed on crypto exchanges, this emerging token has the potential to reach a price of $0.004.

7. Sponge V2 — The Best Emerging Cryptocurrency With a High Staking APY of 40% and a P2E Game

  • Funds Raised in Presale: $744k
  • Newest Price: $0.000085

top emerging crypto - sponge v2

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is the upgraded version of the Sponge token, which gained significant market value in 2023.  V2’s stake-to-bridge model allows holders of the original V1 tokens to stake these and receive V2 tokens in return.

Also, the addition of Sponge Racer, a play-to-earn game, enables users to engage with their V2 tokens in a dynamic environment, earning additional tokens and increasing the coin’s overall appeal. Sponge V2’s total supply is 150 billion tokens, with 43.09% allocated for staking rewards and 8% for gaming rewards. 

This distribution aims to promote active community participation. With over 30,000 members, Sponge V2 is expanding its community base and is aspiring to be listed on major exchanges like Binance and OKX.

Sponge V2 offers high staking income for investors, with a minimum APY of 40% over four years. There is also a limited-time offer where buying V1 tokens automatically stakes them for equivalent V2 tokens, virtually doubling the investor’s holdings.

Investors can follow Sponge V2 on social media platforms and its Telegram channel to stay updated and involved, where information about the P2E game launch and exchange listings will be shared.

How to Find the Best Emerging Cryptos

Once a cryptocurrency emerges, it typically does so because of a specific event. This might be a core roadmap target that the project has achieved and perhaps a new partnership.

Either way, there are several ways to find the best emerging cryptos, which we explore in more detail below.

  • Partnerships — When emerging cryptocurrencies form a notable partnership, and this information is made public, the respective token can enter a bullish period. As such, it is important to keep tabs on core developments within the crypto space.
  • Roadmap Targets — Some projects take many years to achieve their roadmap targets. However, when it becomes clear that the project is on course to meet its goals, this can create hype, and thus – the token will oftentimes appreciate.
  • Public Endorsement — When a project is endorsed by a public figure, this can have a major impact on the token’s value. For instance, when Elon Musk announced that he was a Dogecoin holder in early 2021, the digital asset generated gains of several thousand percentage points.

With that being said, one of the most effective ways to find the top emerging cryptocurrencies for 2024 is to look for solid presale launches.

This will enable the investor to buy the token at the best price possible, hoping it emerges as a leading cryptocurrency someday.

Are Emerging Cryptocurrencies a Good Investment?

Buying a cryptocurrency that emerges in the public domain is not necessarily a good investment by default. As such, the investor will need to perform lots of research on the project before proceeding.

When searching for the best emerging cryptocurrency, consider the following:

Catch an Upward Trend

When a cryptocurrency emerges, it indicates that it has finally broken out and thus attracted widespread interest. If this is the case, a bull market might be about to start.

Therefore, catching this trend as early as practically possible could have sizable upside potential. However, knowing when to cash out is just as challenging, as upward trends do not last forever.

Upside Potential

If a cryptocurrency is emerging for the first time, it would suggest that it currently has a small market capitalization. In turn, this could also mean plenty of upside potential.


The best emerging cryptocurrencies can increase in value considerably in a very short time. While the crypto market remains inherently volatile, approach each project with skepticism.

As always, anyone considering investing in cryptocurrencies should seek advice from a financial advisor, research, and understand their risk.


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