The cryptocurrency market is wildly exciting. There is no other financial market where assets frequently rise and fall by a factor of 10.

As such, certain crypto projects can yield great returns – however, the issue is that finding the best cryptos to watch in 2023 can be extremely difficult.

Throughout this guide, we’ll be exploring the best cryptos to watch in 2023, from brand new crypto presales to long-established coins with large market caps.

We’ll be taking a look at some well-known large-cap projects, as well as some smaller lesser-known assets that have the potential for rapid growth. Let’s begin.

The Best Cryptos to Watch in 2023

Finding the best cryptos to watch in 2023 doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve done the research and created this top guide to make finding the best crypto coins to watch a breeze. Below, we’ve included a quick overview of each project but for investors that prefer more detail, we’ve also taken a closer look at each cryptocurrency in the section that follows.

  1. Wall Street Memes Brand new crypto presale project that has already raised $2 million in less than a week since launch. Developed by an experienced team with a proven track record in the space.
  2. Bitcoin BSCOffers a green and profitable staking solution with quick 10-minute rewards. The platform’s high APY makes it an attractive option for early investors to compound their returns. It raised nearly $4 million in just over two weeks.
  3. Launchpad XYZ – A unique crypto platform worth watching, bridging the gap between regular users and Web3. Launchpad XYZ is a decentralized platform with the largest breadth of Web3 services in the industry. $800k raised in its presale.
  4. yPredict – Crypto platform leveraging data science and AI to produce financial market predictions. It allows token holders to buy subscriptions to predictive models and stake tokens for additional rewards. $1.9 million raised in its presale.
  5. DeeLance – Web3 project aiming to revolutionize the freelance economy. DeeLance offers transparency, efficiency, low fees, and near-instant transactions using DLANCE tokens, which has raised $1.2 million in its presale.
  6. Tamadoge – Meme coin, NFT collection and crypto gaming ecosystem that pumped nearly 2,000% after it launched. Augmented reality app in development.
  7. Battle Infinity – Crypto fantasy sports game with huge potential for the future, a built-in DEX and strong staking.
  8. Lucky Block – Leading crypto casino with thousands of provably fair slots games and a sports book, with a 200% welcome bonus for new players.
  9. Chainlink – Oracle crypto project that allows on-chain smart contracts to interact with off-chain data sources.
  10. XRP – Leading crypto project that could transform cross-border payments system and the global financial system.
  11. Chiliz – Fan token created by socios that allows sports club supporters to earn rewards and interact with their favorite team.
  12. Ethereum – Top altcoin and leading layer-1 blockchain driving mass Web3 adoption with thousands of decentralized apps built on top of it.

A Closer Look at the Best New Cryptos to Watch

We’ve scored the crypto-verse to find the best new cryptos to watch. Each of the projects we’ll be looking at is packed with utility and offers excellent value at current prices. We’ve included some well-established projects as well as some of the newest crypto to watch in order to cater to investors of all preferences.

1. Wall Street Memes – Overall Best Crypto to Watch after Raising More than $2 Million in Less than a Week

Wall Street Memes Crypto Price PredictionNewly launched crypto presale Wall Street Memes is our top pick for the best crypto to watch as it is already racing through its presale allocation after a hugely hyped launch.

At the time of writing, the $WSM token presale has now raised more than $25 million in after having raised $300k on its first day.

wall street memes altcoins

Wall Street Memes is one of the most well-known groups in the crypto space and although the developers are anonymous, they have a long track record of delivering success.

They have more than 1 million followers across their social media platforms, which means the $WSM token has huge immediate backing and a community to fall back on.

They also previously launched the Wall Street Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in just 32 minutes in 2021 and now has almost 2,000 ETH of trading volume – more than $3 million based on today’s prices.

Wall Street Memes is also concurrently launching a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection which is also generating huge hype in the space.

The $WSM token presale is already in stage five of 30 at the time of writing and rapidly moving through its allocation.

It has a max supply of 2 billion tokens, with 1 billion (50%) available to presale investors with no vesting period. A further 30% has been allocated to community rewards and 10% each for liquidity on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

That means that, notably, there is no team allocation with the project 100% community driven and open to all, with a fair launch and no chance of a rug pull.

The project has a hard cap of around $30 million which, at the current rate of sale, will not take long to reach – furthermore, the price of $WSM tokens increases through each presale round.

For more information and the latest news on the project, visit Linktree.

Hard Cap $30,577,000
Total Tokens 2 billion
Tokens available in presale 1 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Payment method USDT, ETH

2. Bitcoin BSC – A Sustainable, High-Yield Staking Token with 10-minute Rewards That Secured $4 Million In Presale

Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is a trending new crypto to watch that provides quick, high-yield rewards. The project’s initial launch price of $0.99 has drawn considerable investor interest, raising nearly $4 million in just over two weeks post-launch.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, BTCBSC offers rapid and cost-efficient transactions. The broader crypto market, notably optimistic about Bitcoin-like assets, adds to its potential for success. For instance, BTC20, a similar Bitcoin derivative on Ethereum, saw a 7x increase in value after its listing.

What sets BTCBSC apart is its green Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, a departure from the traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) systems that consume significant energy. 

Bitcoin BSC homepage

This PoS system allocates staking rewards every 10 minutes, directly proportional to your stake. This rapid payout and an APY exceeding 130% make the platform particularly enticing for early participants.

Per the Bitcoin BSC whitepaper, BTCBSC has a cap of 21 million tokens, in line with Bitcoin’s supply cap. The presale stage has 6.125 million tokens set for initial circulation.

The ability of Binance Smart Chain to handle many transactions quickly and affordably positions BTCBSC for effective scaling. This compatibility also paves the way for cooperation across various blockchain networks and extends BTCBSC’s reach into the wider DeFi space.

The close association between BTCBSC and Binance Smart Chain might be crucial in driving both its expansion and widespread adoption, potentially boosting its standing in the market.

Bitcoin BSC - Staking

The soft cap goal of 4 million tokens has already been reached, showing strong initial investor interest. An additional 2.125 million are reserved for the last presale round.

The remaining tokens, amounting to 14.455 million, are set aside for future staking, following a 120-year vesting schedule. You can join the Bitcoin BSC Telegram channel for real-time developments and community interaction.

Hard Cap $6,063,750.
Total Tokens 21 million
Tokens available in presale 6.125 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit Card

3. Launchpad XYZ — Growing Crypto Platform Making Web3 Accessible to Everyone

Having launched in April 2023, Launchpad XYZ is one of the newest additions to the cryptocurrency world. Despite its age, the project has already achieved remarkable financial results, having earned over $250,000 in the first few weeks of the presale.

There is no doubt that its growth will continue, as the developers aim to acquire more than ten million users and reach a 10 billion market cap come 2025.

These objectives sound quite ambitious; however, they may be feasible to reach. Launchpad XYZ is currently the only platform spanning the divide between Web3 and regular users. By encompassing Web3 services into a single, user-friendly platform, Launchpad provides smooth access to the third generation of the World Wide Web.

The company’s whitepaper states that the platform will feature its own decentralized exchange and Web3 wallet, provide access to NFTs on any marketplace on the network, give users access to utility token analysis, feature a trading terminal and a Metaverse Experience Library, along with the possibility of acquiring profit through its P2E Hub. You can learn more about the project’s features by joining its Telegram channel.

In addition to having a user-friendly interface, Launchpad XYZ will also offer tutorials for beginners, which can reflect positively on its user conversion and growth. If things go as planned, the platform can easily become one of the hottest new crypto projects of 2023, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

LPX tokens are currently on sale for $0.0445 in stage 2 with more than $800k raised in the presale so far.

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, Transak
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $12.5 million
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

4. yPredict — Most Promising Crypto Platform for Financial Predictions

yPredict is a cryptocurrency platform that utilizes the power of data science and machine learning to make financial market prognoses. As soon as the project entered its presale stage in February 2023, it became one of the hottest new platforms, managing to raise over $1.9 million since it launched.

The supply of its native coin, YPRED, is limited to 100 million, and its market cap is just $6 million, so it has plenty of room to grow.

A cryptocurrency platform that utilizes the power of data science and machine learning

The project incentivizes ML experts and data scientists to use their skills and knowledge to create reliable predictive models with the help of advanced predictive tools. These resources enable them to study the financial market over time and infer the most probable market moves, helping traders make better investment decisions.

YPRED token holders get free access to the platform and have the option to use the cryptocurrency to buy subscriptions to predictive models. According to the whitepaper, developers can earn token rewards for selling subscriptions to their products, up to 70% of the full price. In addition to buying subscriptions, holders also have the option to stake their tokens and earn a share of every subscription sale on the network.

With the financial, in particular crypto markets, getting increasingly complex, the need for high-quality predictive models will only intensify.

This can boost yPredict’s popularity and the price of its native token, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to keep up with, both for developers and traders. If you’re interested in following the advancement of this project, make sure to join its Telegram channel for more information.

Presale Started February 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB, Card
Chain Polygon
Hard Cap $6,507,511
Min Investment 200 $YPRED
Max Investment None

5. DeeLance – Exciting Crypto to Watch with Protocol to Transform Freelance Economy

deelance logoDeeLance is one of our top picks as a crypto to watch because it is set to bring the recruitment and freelance world into Web3 and revolutionize the gig economy.

The project, which has just launched the first stage of its presale, will make the process much more transparent, smooth and efficient for both employers and potential employees.

DeeLance is promising cheaper fees than its leading Web2 rivals as well as increasing the earning potential of freelancers by doing away with intermediaries.

By using secure escrows for payment, DeeLance will also guarantee prompt payment once work has been completed to the desired specifications – all but ending the nightmare scenario of chasing payment.

DLANCE tokens will be used to pay, thereby making the transaction near-instant and doing away with currency exchange commissions.

The project will be based on a visible feedback system, allowing freelancers to avoid bad employers and recruiters to find high-quality candidates quickly.

DeeLance will also have its own metaverse where users can network, collaborate on projects and even build office space to house meetings.

DLANCE will also be the currency of the DeeLance metaverse and has just already raised more than $1.2 million during its presale.

Tokens currently cost $0.038 but will rise to $0.05 in the final stage – there is no vesting period on presale tokens and 30% of the 1 billion supply has been made available.

Join the Deelance Telegram group or read the whitepaper or for more information.

Presale Started March 30
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Card
Chain Ethereum
Min Purchase $10
Max Purchase N/A

6. Tamadoge – Top New Meme Token to Watch

Tamadoge Logo Tamadoge (TAMA) is a cryptocurrency created as part of the Tamadoge play-to-earn crypto game. This coin has very unique tokenomics that make it attractive to both gamers and investors.

First, the supply of Tamadoge is capped at 2 billion – there simply won’t be more Tamadoge minted. Over time, the supply will actually decrease, with 5% of every Tamadoge transaction in the game’s marketplace burned. So, if demand for Tamadoge remains high, the coin will become more valuable over time.

What is Tamadoge To The Moon

Second, there’s no tax on Tamadoge transactions. That means users won’t pay royalty fees to buy or sell Tamadoge. Many new crypto projects make money from tax, but Tamadoge believes there shouldn’t be barriers to entering or exiting this coin’s ecosystem.

So, what’s driving demand for Tamadoge? The coin plays a central role in the economy of the Tamadoge crypto game – players spend Tamadoge to mint NFT pets, which they can grow and battle against other players for rewards

Battle winners receive rewards in Tamadoge, which they can spend at the in-game marketplace to mint more pets or buy accessories. There’s no limit to the number of Tamadoge pets that can be minted, so there’s no upper limit on how much Tamadoge can be recycled through the game’s economy.

The project also has five games in its Tamadoge Arcade already live, with players earning rewards from retro-inspired platform games. An augmented reality app is also on the way.

TAMA tokens appear set to be a breakout coin in the next bull run, having pumped almost 2,000% after launch before retracting amid the wider bear market.

7. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – P2E Crypto Game with Metaverse Elements

Battle InfinityAnother top choice when it comes to the best crypto to watch in 2023 is Battle Infinity. This metaverse project has been thoroughly audited by and is KYC-verified on CoinSniper, providing a credible platform for growth. This growth looks set to be fuelled by exciting play-to-earn (P2E) features in the realms of NFTs and fantasy sports.

In terms of the latter, Battle Infinity’s ecosystem features a fully-fledged fantasy sports league called the ‘IBAT Premier League’. Using this feature, users can create teams of players that are structured as NFTs in the hope of producing solid results that provide income in the form of $IBAT – Battle Infinity’s native token.

Battle Infinity game

Like many of the best altcoins, $IBAT has a capped supply (10 billion) and has numerous use cases, along with being used for speculation. These use cases include staking mechanisms, NFT trading, DeFi-powered swapping, and more. Battle Infinity’s ecosystem even has a dedicated games store filled with numerous P2E games that provide more chances to earn rewards.

The combination of these elements makes Battle Infinity one of the most exciting crypto projects of 2023. The development team recently launched a Telegram group, where those interested in the project can keep tabs on any updates or upcoming launches.

Battle Infinity’s $IBAT presale sold out after just 24 days, raising 16,500 BNB, pumped after listing on PancakeSwap and LBank and now has a market cap of $40 million. With more listings on big exchanges soon, Battle Infinity has huge potential for the future.

8. Lucky Block – Crypto Casino with 200% Welcome Bonus

Lucky Block coin

Lucky Block is one of the best Bitcoin casinos on the market since it launched at the end of 2023.

The casino offers thousands of provably fair slots games and classic table games such as poker, roulette and blackjack – it also has a sportsbook that offers everything from the NBA and NFL to eSports.

Lucky Block Sign In

New players take less than a minute to join the casino, with no KYV verification needed, and can also get a 200% welcome bonus plus 50 free spins.

Games come from some of the top developers around and players can utilize a variety of cryptos – including BTC, ETH and DOGE – with no fees on deposits or withdrawals and payout times rapid and secure.

Native token LBLOCK is set to be added as a payment method soon.

Chainlink ($LINK) has long been one of the top cryptos to watch as it’s a large project with tons of strategic partnerships and a huge market cap.

It fulfills a real need in the crypto space and has attracted investment from several prominent figures within the industry.

Chainlink crypto logo

Chainlink is an abstraction layer that allows on-chain smart contracts to interact with off-chain data sources, including payment methods. This is massively important and opens up the realm of what’s possible in crypto. For this reason, it’s no surprise that Chainlink powers some of the world’s best-known crypto projects, for example, AAVE and Trader Joe.

Despite a market-wide downtrend, LINK has managed to hold fairly strong thanks to massive demand for the project’s services. It was one of the first networks to allow the integration of off-chain data and with it being so ingrained in the crypto-ecosystem, it’s unlikely for demand to wain any time soon.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

10. XRP – Blue-Chip Transactional Crypto 

Ripple’s XRP ($XRP) is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies on the planet. It’s the fourth-largest crypto asset on the market (excluding stablecoins) and is designed to facilitate the low-cost international transfer of funds.

The XRP network is fast, cheap, and extremely energy efficient. It costs less than a tenth of a cent to transact on the XRP network, far lower than competitors like Bitcoin & Ethereum. Furthermore, transactions on the network settle in seconds.

xrp price prediction

These factors have put XRP in pole position to be used for international transactions and currency conversions. The project is already working with notable entities like the Bank of America and MoneyGram. Once things get settled with the SEC, it’s likely XRP will grow substantially.

Few assets have enjoyed as much interest from high-profile financial entities as XRP. The project has been held underwater for some time due as a result of issues with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) but as it stands it seems likely that XRP and Ripple will come out on top. For now, XRP is still one of the top cryptos to watch and when things get settled with the SEC, we’ll see the tokens true potential.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

11. Chiliz – Socios Fan Token Cryptocurrency

Chiliz (CHZ) is a crypto project created by Socios. It was designed to facilitate better engagement between fans and sports teams.

Chiliz is partnered with over 50 sports teams and produced notable sports tokens like the PSG fan token.

Chiliz Price Prediction - World Cup Pushes CHZ Higher, Can it Reach $1 in Weeks?

Chiliz partners with sports teams to create fan tokens. These tokens are then sold to fans, allowing them to vote on and participate in exclusive competitions and vote on certain decisions (e.g. a motivational message to be said to players before a big match).

This governance system takes place through the Socios platform, with fans about to log in and vote near-effortlessly.

The rate at which the fan token industry is growing is astronomical. New teams are constantly getting onboard and fans seem to be loving the concept too. The sports industry is worth billions, so a platform that improves it in any way to definitely a good crypto coin to watch.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

12. Ethereum – Large Layer-1 Cryptocurrency

Ethereum ($ETH) is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It’s known for its smart contract capabilities and several large projects that are built within its ecosystem (for example, both Quant and Chainlink).

Created by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that allows developers to create projects on the network – every ERC-20-based asset is built using the Ethereum network.

According to DeFiLlama, decentralized apps (dApps) built on the blockchain are worth in excess of $25 billion, making it by far the most popular place to build on, while recent upgrades such as the Merge and Shanghai have only made it more popular to both retail and institutional investors.

Ethereum is one of the best crypto projects to watch in 2023 It’s already established, has a great development team, and with exciting upgrades on the way, it’s a good time to begin building a position in the asset.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

How to Find the Best Cryptocurrency to Watch

When it comes to finding the best cryptos to watch in 2023, there are a lot of aspects to consider which can quickly get overwhelming. However, by following the points below, anyone can find crypto to watch today.

Follow the Money

One of the easiest ways to find crypto coins to watch is by seeing what high-volume investors are doing. Generally, the people with millions to drop on speculative investments are more likely to be privy to sensitive information than regular investors.

Because of this, keeping an eye on a platform like WhaleStats can be a massive help when looking for new cryptos to watch.

If a specific token is constantly being purchased and held in large volumes by whales then there’s clearly significant buying pressure which can lead to prices getting pushed higher once a bull run begins.


While not something to judge a project on exclusively, the price of a token is a crucial part of information that can offer an indication of the direction an asset is going.

For example, if a project is showing strength or even growth during periods of decline, then it’s a great sign there’s demand for the asset and that it’ll be able to weather bear markets.

Looking at price in relation to previous highs is also a great way of determining whether an investment is worthwhile. If a project is trading below its previous highs by a substantial amount and still showing strength compared to the rest of the market, it could be one of the best cryptos to watch in 2022.


It’s easy to sit back and judge projects by price or hype but when the market falls, only the projects that provide real value will stick around.

Therefore, utility can be a great indicator to go off when looking for the best cryptos to watch in 2022.

For example, Ethereum is the leading destination for dApp builders and therefore solves a key issue in the crypto space. It has continued to have huge usage and demand even during bear markets.

Solving a problem creates intrinsic value which in turn gives a token strength.

It’s always worth seeing what a project actually does and whether it’s unique or was the first-mover. If a crypto project does something worthwhile that no other project is, it can corner the market and grow rapidly.

How We Choose the Top Crypto Coins to Watch

When selecting the best cryptos to watch in 2022, we analyzed a few key areas to determine the good from the bad. Below, we’ve included some of the most important factors in our methodology.


This might seem like a no-brainer, but at the top of our list is potential. There’s no point in following a new crypto to watch if it’s unlikely to go anywhere. As such, each of the projects we’ve taken a look at has ample room for growth and a good chance of recovery.

While the returns an investor would be happy with will differ from person to person, we’ve tried to undervalued cryptos that have at least a 3x potential when the market begins to pick up once again.

Each of the cryptocurrencies we’ve looked at has shown strength during the bear market and will have significant demand going into the future.


When determining which assets would make it to our list of the best cryptos to watch in 2022, technology played an important role in our decisions.

Each crypto we’ve looked at in this guide has interesting or unique technology powering it. This ensures that the project cannot be easily replicated by its competitors.

However, while it can be easy to get caught up in cool new technologies, it’s crucial the technology is either working or the team has provided a clear roadmap for its going to get there.

Realistic Goals

There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there promising to be the ‘next 1000x crypto project’ but they are seldom investable.

Anyone can dream up some impressive claims and add them to a website but actually realizing a vision is the difficult part. If a project has lofty goals and offers no description of it’s going to achieve said goals, it’s worth staying away from.

Therefore, before a project could make it to our list of the best cryptos to invest in and watch in 2022, we ensured that its goals were achievable.


Throughout this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the best cryptos to watch in 2023, providing reviews of each project, and explained our methodology for choosing each project.

Furthermore, we’ve even included a few handy tips that can be used to find the best crypto to watch today.

If you want the best, you should go for our number one pick — Wall Street Memes. The newly launched project has already secured more than $2 million in less than a week since launching.

Although it has limited utility, it has been developed by a group that have huge experience and kudos in the crypto space and a large community of more than 1 million social media followers.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

Our Rating

Wall Street Memes
  • Community of 1 Million Followers
  • Experienced NFT Project Founders
  • Listed On OKX
  • Staking Rewards
Wall Street Memes


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