Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the most heavy-hitting spaces within the micro-blogging platform Twitter (X). The platform acts as both the springboard through which multiple cryptocurrency projects have launched and gained success, as well as the best place to get updates about the volatile going-ons of the crypto markets.

This article highlights the top 10 crypto Twitter accounts to follow this year. Experts who run these accounts provide detailed technical analysis and trading tips. By following these users, you’ll learn about project developments, get insights into the latest crypto offerings, and the cause of any sudden price movements in your favorite coin.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow – At A Glance

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto Twitter Account To Follow In 2024
  2. Mark Kelly – Technical and Psychological Trading Insights
  3. DegenSpartan – Anime And Trading Insights
  4. Cobie – Crypto Education
  5. GCR Classic – Crypto-Related Memes
  6. Loma Crypto – Unfiltered Trading Perspectives
  7. Krillin – Robust Price Predictions
  8. Loomdart.lens – Renowned Advocate Of FTX 2.0
  9. Awawat_Trades -Short And Long-Term Trading Strategies
  10. HsakaTrades – Intra-Day Trading Charts
  11. Keyboard Money – Trader Of All Things

A Closer Look At The Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow

In this section, we go into the offerings of each Twitter account and why their followers have continued to stay glued to them. While coming up with this review, we considered the quality of trading advice, the way that the account holders maintain the flow of information, and the level of positive community engagement.

Jacob Crypto Bury – Overall Best Crypto Twitter Account To Follow In 2024

Our number one pick for the best crypto Twitter account is the Jacob Crypto Bury. Ran by Jacob Bury, a crypto YouTuber in the making, this account pulls out all the stops to give its followers all the information they need to make sound investment decisions. The admin also showers his followers with real-time updates about the market, positioning it as one of the best crypto alert sites to use.

The tweets on this platform are a combination of price predictions about the latest trending coins. These predictions lay the groundwork for community engagement that very often is fruitful and positive.

In one of his latest tweets, Jacob Bury Crypto hinted at something incredible about the latest price movement of Bitcoin. He hinted that BTC might be heading towards $40k in the next few weeks.

On Jacob’s Twitter page, you will find a link to his YouTube channel where he analyzes the price action of utility-based tokens as well as memecoins and gives his two-cents about where the price can go. In fact, he is one of the most reliable crypto YouTube influencers around.

Both the YouTube channel and the Twitter account have proved fruitful to investors.

The best feature of this Twitter account, however, is information regarding presales. This year has witnessed the emergence of major crypto presales that allowed early movers to make gains away from the standard crypto markets. Jacob Crypto Bury’s official Twitter account has been one of the most active accounts in the presale space, bringing the best presale projects, like Bitcoin Minetrix, Bitcoin ETF Token, and many more to people and helping them become early movers.

Jacob Bury’s Twitter is quite nuanced and disciplined. While simple fun talks are allowed, the admin ensures that there is no spam on the account. Trolls that try to come and derail the flow of information are also not allowed on this page. However, the account admin has ensured that crypto lovers are free to talk about their favorite cryptos and make the community better.

Interested parties who want to talk about crypto in a more organized way can also head over to the official discord channel by Jacob Crypto Bury. It is our top-rated crypto discord server that offers paid as well as free community engagement for serious and novice traders. As one of the best crypto discord groups, it provides in-depth insights into token presales and how investors can improve their trading strategies.

Remarkably, Jacob Bury is also on TikTok. Check out our list of the top crypto trends on TikTok now.

Overall, Jacob Crypto Bury is one of the best places to talk about everything about cryptocurrency. You will be able to check regular updates about the latest price movements of your favorite cryptocurrency assets. The videos will constantly update you with tips. Also, you will be able to check up on the latest presale offerings to make gains even in a bearish market scenario.

Mark Kelly – Technical and Psychological Trading Insights

Mark Kelly, better known as TodayTrader, established his popularity in the crypto space as an influencer on YouTube. With his recent Twitter account, he is now on his way to establishing the same level of strength on the microblogging site.

TodayTraderMark Twitter

His Twitter page focuses on providing relatable insights related to crypto. Standard tweets consist of in-depth analysis of the current market, allowing users to gain knowledge in small formats.

In addition to his overarching views on the broader crypto spectrum, he also shares daily updates about specified assets.

For instance, Pepe is showing some action at the time of writing. He has covered it. TodayTrader is also concerned with letting users know about the latest early-moving opportunities, which is why he also covers some of the latest crypto offerings.

His tone when talking about these things is one of focusing on engagement. While his views are optimistic, his stance is cautious. He is not afraid of taking input from his followers as well if the matter is too complex. Additionally, he takes a simpler approach to explaining crypto, something that’s not the case with most on Twitter.

Mark is also running a giveaway right now, where he is randomly giving 120 million PEPE tokens to his followers. However, there are steps involved in participating, and joining his Twitter page is one of them.

DegenSpartan – Anime And Trading Insights

For those who are looking for a  crypto Twitter account that focuses on interests like anime and the latest updates about the markets, DegenSpartan ( is a great one to follow.

DegenSpartan is a private crypto fund manager that brings his expertise to his tweets as he discusses the latest updates about cryptocurrency and NFTs. With over 200k Twitter followers, this account has a lot to offer to most crypto traders.

DegenSpartan takes a simple and upbeat approach to discussing information about some of the most popular or searched cryptocurrencies. He always has a quirky comment to give about most crypto price action. While it may annoy some, we found this approach to be endearing and simple.

That said, he does have a realistic stance about the price movements of all assets.

In one of his latest tweets, he expressed a bullish view about the current price movements of Bitcoin, insisting that its path to $1 million is “preordained.”

However, his overall tone towards most of its crypto tweets is that of a cynic – which is not a bad idea since some pessimism is required if you want to realistically navigate the volatile cryptocurrency space.

For example, in one of his tweets, he said that people earn when other people sell mispriced hedges. Basically, he attributed market inefficiency as the reason why many crypto whales were still able to make a profit in the current bear season.

This Twitter account is also home to memes through which the admin presents his thoughts about the current market condition.

Short tweets with precise information and a quirky lingo are how DegenSparta comments on the cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to this minimalistic-yet-technical approach, the engagement that these tweets get is often fruitful and educational for everyone that wants to learn a bit more about the current market scenario.

Overall, DegenSpartan is also one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to join. The information is precise, the posts are quirky, and the engagement is worthwhile. However, beginners would find that some of the tweets are too technical to understand.

That said, the information provided is still relevant and critical. So, if you are looking for short, crisp updates that you, as a veteran trader, can understand, we recommend connecting with Degen Sparta.

Cobie – Crypto Education

If you are looking for a quirky take on crypto that combines fun inputs with an educational approach, Cobie is the right Crypto Twitter account for you.

This account has over 700k followers, and the admin also runs a podcast known as UponlyTV – an information hub that describes itself as a crypto podcast that is “childish, unprofessional and bizzare.”

The platform says that it prioritizes entertainment above all else, but that is not necessarily the case. We say that because we found the platform to be extremely educational. That said, only six of the podcast episodes have been released so far due to Cobie’s own admission of being “lazy.”

After taking some time off, Cobie returned to Twitter to discuss how he has been focusing on self-improvement and suggested that his followers do the same. His statement, as expected, was greeted with massive reactions. In fact, DegenSpartan was among those who reacted to Cobie’s revelation, describing him as an inspiration to everyone.

Meanwhile, Cobie’s official channel is only meant for serious crypto traders. It means that you must fit the criteria to become a member before you can join up.  That shows evidence that the information flow within the Twitter account is extremely controlled and focuses primarily on precise information related to cryptocurrencies.

The Twitter account is also linked to Cobie’s substack, where he discusses, in great detail, all the different cryptocurrencies. The approach here is to create explainer write-ups that give people a better understanding of the cryptocurrency markets.

In the more recent blogs, Cobie has discussed how trading in crypto during bull runs is akin to playing competitive video games.

Overall, if you are looking to know more about the crypto market, follow Cobie. However, make sure to clean up your profile since, from the looks of it, you can only get in if you have a history of positive engagement with the crypto space.

GCR Classic is the second account of Gigantic Rebirth, one of the crypto heavy hitters known for his utter disdain for the LUNA ecosystem. Gigantic Rebirth first came into crypto’s radar after the prediction that LUNA would be worth less than $94 in 2022.

In fact, he bet on his predictions, and when LUNA finally crashed in mid-2022 due to the arrival of the death spiral, he made $10 million.

GCR is a crypto-centric Twitter channel that focuses on crypto-related memes and offers a lot of information as well. Here you will find comments about the latest happenings in the crypto space, along with some small suggestions on how to navigate the space in a particularly volatile market.

Also, GCR has some of the most interesting takes about cryptocurrencies. However, he has been away from Twitter since April 2023, but there are indications that he might return soon. Many of his followers now yearn and anticipate his return.

GCR is one of the most unfiltered crypto guys on Twitter, and it shows through his list of tweets. Overall, this person is mostly here to talk about crypto, and you can join in the conversation if you feel like it.

Lomah Crypto – Unfiltered Trading Perspectives

If you are looking for something for straight information on crypto trading,  we recommend that you follow and stay glued to Lomah Crypto.

Loma has made his mark in the world of crypto trading and currently specializes in giving shot advice regarding shorting. Also, he believes traders who buy “every dip indiscriminately because being braindead works” are treading a thin line.

We did a deep dive into this crypto Twitter account and found the tone to be upbeat and the tweets to be professional. LomahCrypto also posts videos about the latest tokens and gives traders directions on the best cryptos to trade.

The channel also touches upon NFTs and other details, and you can also find information about daily trades on this platform. This simply means you can discover some of the best NFTs to buy now while browsing through this account.

Loma is not afraid to talk about the weaknesses surrounding some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges – including Binance.

Overall, those looking for an unfiltered insight about crypto might consider joining up with this Twitter account. Unlike Cobie, Loma ensures that everyone can see his tweets.

Krillin – Robust Price Predictions

Krillin is a full-time trader with 127k followers at the time of writing. This platform is unique, to say the least – because you are going to find a lot more than just talks about cryptocurrencies.

Like Loma, Krillin also favors short bursts of information through his tweets, which is a major plus for those who don’t have the luxury of time to read long posts. Krillin is also extremely good at engaging the crypto crowd with his quirky takes on crypto trading. The account specializes in teaching people how to make money with cryptocurrency.

In one of its latest tweets, he advised traders to “zoom out and reduce sizing.”

The only shortfall of this Twitter account, however, is the number of uneven tweets. Some tweets are quite informative and focus on making robust price predictions. But there are others that are just one-liners.

Thankfully, the number of tweets about crypto is far more than the ones that don’t talk about cryptocurrency. The channel is also good for knowing which cryptos to short at the right time.

Overall, Krillin is a good crypto Twitter website for those looking for tips about which cryptos to invest in. And while the slightly different tweets from time to time can be an issue – they won’t matter to you in the long run.

Loomdart.lens – Renowned Advocate Of FTX 2.0

Loomdart.lens is a crypto Twitter channel based in Dubai, focusing on bringing the best and the latest in the world of NFTs to users. The admin is extremely bullish about Ethereum, NFTs, and artworks.

The Twitter account also stated that the admin has been working on a ByWassies project – which is probably an NFT  from the looks of it.

Tweets about security in the blockchain space are also common on this channel, with talks about fingerprints often taking center stage.

The admin is a renowned advocate of FTX 2.0. He believes the reboot of the troubled crypto exchange is possible. Just recently, he tasked other creditors of FTX to participate in a voting session on the plan to relaunch the exchange.

Loomdart was also one of the FTX users that lost money. But he stands with the community and is now giving them answers to any questions they might have.

Overall, Loomdart.lens is an interesting crypto Twitter account. The information provided is fruitful, and the admin is open to talking to users. We also loved the fact that the tweets are open to engagement.

Awawat_Trades – Short And Long-Term Trading Strategies

To those looking for long-term and short-term trading advice, you might find your way to Awawat_Trades from time to time. The platform started in 2020 and has accumulated upwards of 70k followers. Although the numbers may not be huge, there’s no doubt about the credibility of this account.

Awawat_Trades is not an educational account, but sometimes, the admin gives advice on the best tokens to buy now.

Awawat is also known as the hypeman of crypto. One of the things we noted about this platform is the number of tweets discussing game cryptos. On the surface, it looks like the admin is bullish about gaming cryptos, which is a big plus for us because gaming cryptos have the potential to provide most utilities.

Ethereum price predictions are also relevant on this account – and you might find quite a few of them. Apart from Ethereum, the admin also shares insights into various movements in the prices of cryptocurrencies. Just recently, in reaction to the current market condition, Awawat believes good alts are experiencing corrections while bad ones are embroiled in pump and dump.

When we dug further down, we also found Awawat is always happy to engage with other traders – often asking for their advice as well. And since most of his followers are traders, he is not beyond asking them to take measures to move the markets.

Overall, Awawat is a great place to chat about cryptocurrencies. And the admin is bullish about cryptos and has a trade-centric focus. However, he mostly talks about trade and not about the utilities of cryptos.

HsakaTrades – Intra-Day Trading Charts

HasakaTrades runs a crypto Twitter account that focuses on giving trading advice to its followers, and the approach he has taken is also an upbeat one. To him, the current scenario is that the crypto space isn’t a bear or a bull market; it is just a market.

HsakaTrades also puts a lot of emphasis on intra-day trading charts, for he understands that it is through these charts that we can sniff out the whale movements and watch the course that the market takes.

As we dove deep into this Twitter thread, we also found a lot of talks about tracking wallets. Hsaka seeks to bring the best information to its followers, and that can be seen by the admin’s dedication to security and transparency.

Like the other Twitter accounts on this list, Hsaka also has a conversational tone. The goal here is to talk about crypto and engage with the community. And if you are up for it, you can join this platform whenever you want.

Recently, he reflected on the impact of the FTX crisis on the crypto world and how people felt the industry would never recover from the disaster.

Overall, Hsaka is one of the best accounts you can follow this year to stay in tune with the daily performances of your favorite crypto asset.

Keyboard Money – Trader Of All Things

The last Twitter account on our list that our readers will find interesting is Keyboard Money – KMB. It is managed by the host of Rekt Radio, Keyboard Money calls himself an “equity pushing extraordinaire” and a “trader of all things”.

While, like most crypto Twitter accounts, the profile does say it is not here to provide financial advice, we have seen more and enough instances that tell us that the admin is extremely knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency space.

The focus of this account, however, is not solely on cryptocurrency trading. NFTs are also the topic of discussion here, and we found that NFT-related topics get a lot of engagement from followers.

When it comes to follower count, Keyboard Money sports an impressive 164k followers. And since the admin is always focusing on trading and NFTs, upwards of 21k tweets have been posted through this account so far.

We dove deep into the Twitter threads and found that not only NFTs and cryptocurrencies are part of the conversation on this crypto Twitter account, crypto gambling platforms, too – have a space.

Here is the tweet that we found that shed light on the platform’s talk about Rollbit – a popular crypto casino.

The account talks a lot about sports betting. So, punters who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin betting sites might find this account to be attractive in many ways.

Overall, this crypto Twitter account focuses mainly on NFTs and sports betting. So, if you are a punter looking for the right games to bet on or someone looking for the next fanciful NFT project, you will find much to love about Keyboard Money.

Why Should I Join Crypto Twitter Accounts?

Crypto Twitter accounts have proven to be instrumental in providing relevant information about the performances of cryptocurrencies. Don’t forget that not everyone is capable of reading the trading charts and making split-second investment decisions. Therefore, by staying glued to these accounts, traders, particularly beginners can have a better understanding of the situations in the market.

Twitter (X)

Also, Web 3 is a transforming space where changes are happening and happening daily – to keep an eye on all of that need a space where you can have access to a wide array of information without having to do a lot of research.

That is where crypto Twitter accounts step in to help you out.

Here are some of the critical reasons why joining a crypto Twitter account is the next best move for you.

Twitter Is The First Place For Marketing A Cryptocurrency Project

There is no social media platform as bullish about cryptocurrencies as Twitter. Twitter was, in fact, the first platform to allow NFT PFP images for its users. The platform also ran a fund to support crypto content creators.

But the important thing to take from this is the fact that Twitter is the first place you will see updates about a project. It is through the site you’ll know whether a new model has been introduced or a new mechanic has been added to your favorite blockchain.

Before you check out any blog or go to the website, it is a Twitter alert that lets you know about the latest movements in cryptocurrencies and prices. A good example of this kind of post was recently conveyed by Jacob Bury, calling the attention of savvy traders to the market performance of TokenFi.

The trading view is available for everyone, but it is not accessible to everyone -meaning while all have the power to use it, they don’t have the ability to understand it. That is where crypto Twitter accounts step in to decipher what the trends mean and provide information in a short form.

While the understandability of that information varies depending on the expertise of the crypto Twitter influencer, the details provided are enough for any discerning trader to discover some of the best cryptos to buy now.

Recently, Jacob Bury leveraged a chart to fully analyze why Bitcoin could attain a $40k milestone before the end of the year.

While Twitter has been established as one of the most reliable platforms to get real-time market updates, you can also subscribe to crypto signal groups. There, you will get to learn how to streamline your trading endeavors. Check out our guide to discover some of the best crypto signal providers you can consider.

Crypto Twitter Accounts Offer A Sense Of Community

Navigating the volatile waters of the crypto space can be tough, which is why it is so important to trade among like-minded people who understand what you are going through and offer advice accordingly. That breeds a sense of community where you can grow together with other traders.

That is the sense of community crypto Twitter breeds. Most followers are traders who, like you, are looking for making it big in the crypto space. They are also as lost as you, but in some terms, they might know something that you don’t. That develops a sense of camaraderie where you take and give trading advice and watch your profile become better.

This sense of giving is only common on crypto Twitter, and that can only help you grow if you engage properly.

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, we recommend that you read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely this year before getting started.

Crypto Twitter Is A Great Place To Find The Best Presales

2022 saw the emergence of multiple successful presale projects, and this year is no different. From Launchpad XYZ to Bitcoin Minetrix to Bitcoin ETF Token, the market is being flooded with highly innovative cryptocurrencies with major upsides.

When it comes to getting the latest updates about these presales, Jacob Bury has got you covered. Recently, he tweeted about how Bitcoin Minetrix has managed to raise over $1.8 million in three weeks. As of press time, the presale has netted close to $4 million in early investments.

Talks of such projects appear first on Twitter. It becomes the first spot where people get to know about these projects – and they can then research these projects themselves on their own terms and time.

Meanwhile, you can also read our guide to discover some of the best crypto presales around.

How To Research These Crypto Twitter Accounts

There are thousands of Twitter accounts that focus on giving out tweets about cryptocurrencies and their recent developments. While many of them try to be relevant, not all of them provide precise information or are being run by actual cryptocurrency experts. In light of that, our team scoured the edges of the micro-blogging site to give you insight into the best crypto Twitter accounts that you can follow in 2024.

Here are the strategies we implemented to research these crypto Twitter accounts to ensure that you get the best places to engage with the distinguished crypto community:

Checking Comparison Sites & Blogs

The first thing is naturally to check out the list through blogs and other formats. That way, we come to know the crypto Twitter accounts favored by other users. It helped us broaden our perspective when we finally started to research these accounts and get more information.

Checking Out The Account Users Themselves

The next step was a little tricky – but we were able to accomplish it. We took a deep dive into the information related to the Twitter account administrators to take a look at their expertise. Knowing the trading background is much more important for us than the follower count – considering Twitter followers and engagement can be bought.

Also, check out our list of the best Twitch accounts this year.

Assessing The Tweets Of All Admins

We then moved on to the tweet assessment phase, where we took a look at the more recent tweets and measured them up to see if they were relevant to the cryptocurrency space. It is our way to ensure that the crypto Twitter accounts focus exclusively or mostly on crypto-related stuff.

If we found an account that was mostly focusing on personal branding and had little to nothing about blockchain, we ignored it. And when we found accounts with information tweets about crypto, we embraced it, even though many of them are a bit quirky.

Without a doubt, Jacob Bury and others on this list stand out in terms of providing relevant information about the crypto space to their followers. Jacob Bury, for instance, focuses mainly on happenings in the world of crypto, keeping the community abreast and helping them make better investment decisions.

Assessing The Engagement Of The Profiles

The fourth benchmark that we focused on was the quality of engagement. Remember, crypto Twitter is not only about the tweets that admins post, but it is also about the engagement it generates. It is through engagement that we get a deeper insight into the current happenings in the crypto space.

With that in mind, we took a look at what the followers were posting. We are happy to report that most of what was posted was engaging. Followers were upfront about asking questions and were quick to remind the admin of anything wrong going on.

Meanwhile, outside Twitter, you can also get relevant information about the crypto space on Telegram. Read our guide to discover some of the top crypto Telegram groups that you can subscribe to.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts – Verdict

We have assessed in this article the best crypto Twitter accounts that one must focus on. In our research, we have uncovered their tweets, their engagement level, and their expertise when it comes to talking about the crypto space.

We also found some accounts that focused a lot on Bitcoin sports betting, which, for punters, can be great news. And the accounts that offer pieces of trading advice that are short, precise, and often funny.

But the best one among them is Jacob Crypto Bury. It is a modest crypto Twitter profile with a modest number of followers, but they are now rising. Visit Jacob Crypto Bury’s profile for the latest updates and the best presale cryptocurrencies.


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