Getting educated about crypto has become easily accessible thanks to blogs, pre-recorded videos, and social media platforms. But having a conversation about them with popular crypto traders is a facility that only Twitch has been able to provide.

Through Twitch, crypto enthusiasts are able to engage in a direct conversation with their favorite crypto influencers while they stream their live trading sessions or talk about some of their projects in real time. This creates an engaging ecosystem and promotes a sense of community.

This guide will cover the 10 best crypto Twitch streamers to follow for relevant trading advice, live trading sessions, and understanding more about the nuances of technical indicators.

Top 10 Crypto Twitch Streamers to Follow

Here is the top 10 list of leading crypto streamers that continuously engage positively with the crypto community: 

  • Jacob Crypto BuryAn Emerging Crypto Analyst Streaming In-depth Price Analysis For Most Cryptocurrency Projects. 
  • ColdBloodedShillerA Full-Time Trader That Focuses On ETH
  • Jim TalbottA Bitcoin Trader And A Cat-Meme Enthusiast
  • HackermanAce –  Providing In-depth Analysis On Price Charts For Cryptos, Stocks, And Options
  • BTC_CharlieA Crypto Trader Offering Realistic Takes On Crypto Trading
  • UpOnlyTVA Crypto-Based Podcast
  • BitcoinTradingInformant Best Twitch Channel For Beginner-Level Traders
  • CryptoMikeTradinProvides Deep Analysis On Price Movements – Also Runs Giveaways
  • AlphaExchangeOffering Insights Into The Latest Developments In Crypto Space
  • TR4D3R10 Helping Users Trade Properly For Long-term Profitability

A Closer Look At All The Crypto Twitch Streamers

Below is the review of each crypto Twitch streamer in the market. We have made this list after considering the follower count, the expertise of the trader, and the information these streamers provide to the larger crypto community. 

Jacob Crypto Bury – An Emerging Crypto Analyst Streaming In-depth Price Analysis For Most Cryptocurrency Projects

Our first pick is Jacob Crypto Bury. He is an up-and-coming crypto influencer who has shown his penchant for in-depth analysis of crypto prices on his official YouTube channel. He currently runs one of the best crypto Twitter accounts and he is about to come to Twitch to showcase his trading skills and share his crypto knowledge with the masses. 

Jacob Crypto Bury differentiates himself from most streamers by having a realistic-yet-upbeat look toward cryptocurrencies. He is aware of the current bear season but still harbors a cautious optimism about where cryptocurrencies can go. 

On his Discord, he is known for delivering quick short-term and long-term analyses about the most trending cryptocurrencies in the market. And as an analyst on B2C, he also has multiple articles under his belt. These articles give accurate info about the current and future state of crypto prices. 

The biggest positive about this Twitch channel, however, would be the nuanced takes on technical indicators. Jacob Crypto Bury is an avid trader and makes regular videos about price predictions on his official YouTube channel, where he discusses the potential of some of the hottest cryptocurrencies to buy right now.

In the video below, he extensively discussed the top crypto that savvy investors should buy ahead of the new year.

Unlike many influencers that many might think of as too bullish, Jacob has a realistic stance about every cryptocurrency. He also focuses on reading between the lines, helping people see beyond the standard price movements and into the reasons behind them. By running one of the most reliable crypto alert sites, Jacob aims to help newbies and existing traders gain a broader perspective on the crypto market.

Jacob Crypto is also active on TikTok, so if that’s your choice platform, you can find the top trending crypto according to TikTokers there. Check out our list of the top Tiktok crypto projects.

He is planning to open his Twitch channel, and if his past actions are anything to go by, we will see the following types of content. 

General Discussions About Crypto

While most of what Jacob Bury Crypto talks about in his YouTube channel is related to precise information, his Twitch might take a different and more flexible approach. Don’t forget he also manages one of the best crypto Discord accounts where he discusses DeFi and metaverse technologies and the possibilities they hold in the digital space. General discussion will also focus on novel crypto concepts like decentralized storage, decentralized streaming, and more. 

And since Twitch also caters to gamers – and Jacob is big on blockchain games – you might see him make a lot of crypto gaming videos. You will see him discussing the earning potential of games while he plays. 

Crypto News

Streams related to news will see Jacob bringing you the latest news about some of the most searched cryptocurrencies and his own comments on them. This news will consist of in-depth research about the latest price movements, the reasons behind them, and what they could mean for the future of crypto. Information like that will help you – the viewer – make informed decisions about cryptocurrency investments. 


Jacob’s Twitch Channel will also consist of tutorials, which will be a good choice for beginners who want to understand all about cryptocurrencies. These tutorials will see Jacob going over the basics of certain crypto assets and then doing a deep dive into them to help you learn more. 

Nevertheless, if you are a newbie, we recommend that you read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely this year to gain more insights about the market.

Presale Discussions

Presale cryptocurrencies offer users an inclusive way to become early movers because of lower prices. The best presale cryptos help these early investors make multi-fold gains, and that is before these cryptos land on cryptocurrency exchanges. Jacob’s Twitch channel will also dive into discussing these cryptocurrencies. Here, you will see him assessing the roadmap and diving deep into the project’s whitepaper. 

The latter of the two, whitepaper, often consists of technical jargon that ordinary traders will find hard to understand. Sometimes technical jargon is a good way to hide the inadequacies of the project. But with Jacob translating the whitepaper through the stream, you will have a better view of the value of presale crypto. You can then decide whether to become an early mover. 

Thorough analysis, friendly conversations, and continuous engagement – these three will be the qualities that you will have to look forward to if you join Crypto Bury’s official Twitch channel. 

ColdBloodedShiller – A Full-Time Trader That Focuses On ETH

The second channel on our list that you must join to get a better glance at the crypto market is ColdBloodedShillerA full-time trader and an avid gamer who has been on Twitch for the past three years,  ColdBloodedShiller has upwards of 25k followers with upwards of 1000 views on every stream. 

High-quality content seekers must watch this channel closely, as it has a lot to offer. The streamer and crypto trader primarily focuses on ETH as he considers it a better tradable asset than Bitcoin. Part of his enthusiasm comes from the fact that Ethereum is the first crypto to introduce actual utilities to cryptocurrencies. 


Also, ColdBloodedShiller has been a large-scale trader in the past and leverages his experience to provide his viewers with great insights into the cryptocurrency space. 

However, because he has been a trader and his focus is more on trading cryptos, ColdBloodedShiller’s tone on Twitch comes with an element of intellectualism. While people will have valuable insights, none of those insights are meant for newbies. In his last streams, we saw him giving lengthy discussions about the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Even though it was a bit technical, we found that discussion to be endearing.

He talked in-depth about the recent “chops” in the price charts in his latest stream. His discussion pointed to how the emergence of chops turned price predictions upside down, making many apprehensive about the price charts which then grow defensive and lose out on making gains since fear takes their ability to make quick decisions away. 

ColdBloodedShiller is also regular on The Haven, another channel where he talks to the community and creates educational content. 

Overall, ColdBloodedShiller is a crypto channel for those serious about crypto trading. The tone can be technical, but it is still human. The streamer is also always open to answering any questions in the community. If you are interested, you can join him every Sunday at 9 pm BST.

Jim Talbott – A Bitcoin Trader And A Cat-Meme Enthusiast

Twitch stream allows people to establish a multi-faceted source of content where streamers are not bound by only one type. That is something Jim Talbott has taken to heart. His channel focuses a lot on Bitcoin trading and cat memes. 

Like most of the Twitch channels on this list, Jim Talbott’s focus is also exclusively on cryptocurrencies – with a healthy helping of cat memes on the side. In an interview with Bybit, he stated that cat memes are how he communicates with his audience – considering his dyslexia. 

Jim Talbott

Speaking of his content, you will find a lot of streams with him engaging in conversation with other crypto Twitch streamers while analyzing the price charts. And, like most twitch channels, he is not very interested in showing his face.

What you will see on the screen will be mostly price charts while he gives commentary in the background. And the type of content offered is mostly discussions about different cryptocurrencies and their potential upsides or downsides. Therefore, by staying glued to his streams, newbies and existing traders can get to realize those cryptos with the most potential

This inclination shows that this channel is also meant for regular traders. 

Jim Talbott’s trading journey began around 2017 when he first dealt with Bitcoin. He was impressed by Bitcoin’s utility in intra-day trading. After starting, it took him 18 months to make profits, leading him to create a Twitch channel with upwards of 11k followers.

Jim Talbott also has the reputation of being a “permabear.” It means that while he is trading in crypto, he is extremely apprehensive about it. But Jim says that he has used that philosophy to create crypto trading strategies that have proven beneficial to him in the past and continue to do so today. 

Joining his Twitch channel is a good way to learn the intricacies of these bear-fueled strategies. Aside his Twitch account, Jim also has a strong presence on Twitter (X), however, his name on the account is spelled as “Talbot.”

HackermanAce –  Providing In-depth Analysis On Price Charts For Cryptos, Stocks, And Options

HackermanAce is a prominent crypto Twitter channel with one purpose – teaching people more about crypto. The lessons come in the form of price chart explorations of stocks, crypto, options, and other assets. HackermanAce’s Twitch channel is an extension of his Twitter account, providing the same information but more succinctly. 

On this Twitch channel, you will find information about the latest price charts. HackermanAce do a deep dive into the candle charts and, with the help of multiple technical indicators – helps his viewers see where the price of these tokens to. 


Crypto streams aren’t limited to cryptocurrencies. NFTs are also discussed. These discussions sometimes happen between the streams because many get bored by just looking at the trading charts. 

The way HackermanAce explains prices is fit for beginners. While he does take a technical tone when doing deep dives, novice traders will have no difficulty understanding the basics.

In addition to Twitch steam, users can also check out his content on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. 

That said, HackermanAce is one of the most recent additions to Twitch and has only 3.6 thousand followers. Most of his followers are part of a close-knit community, always willing to help each other to understand a bit more about cryptocurrencies. 

Overall, HackermanAce takes an educational-centric approach toward crypto trading. You will always find an in-depth discussion about crypto’s and other asset’s price movements. And you will also be able to witness his research as he goes on social media and tries to look at the community’s sentiment about a particular asset.

The bottom line is, HackermanAce is a great Twitch channel for beginners and novice traders alike.

BTC_Charlie – A Crypto Trader Offering Realistic Takes On Crypto Trading

With a little over 2.1k followers, BTC_Charlie might give you the impression that there won’t be much to look at on the platform. However, we dove deep and found that every offering on this channel covers most of what an investor needs. 

From price predictions about the latest (and the old) altcoins to discussions about blockchain technology, BTC_Charlie covers everything.


However, what this channel is most known for is his unfiltered commentary about price trends. In his latest stream, he was shown drawing charts in order to make his viewers understand the current price movements. 

To him, charting and predicting the crypto prices is an art form, which is why he is always willing to answer any questions that his viewers have on his streams.

In addition to his trading videos, BTC_Charlie also focuses on gaming. However, these streams don’t cover the majority of his streams since his focus is still on cryptocurrencies. 

His other ventures include Plutus, which offers a crypto-compatible card with 8% cashback, and the Paragon Group, which he runs with Trader Magus, another crypto trader on Twitch. 

BTC_Charlie has also partnered with ByBit.

Overall, BTC_Charlie is a standard crypto channel that offers educational streams on Crypto in partnership with Trader Magus. The content available here is versatile, and the tone he takes is conversational. And to engage in conversations with him, you can join his weekly streams, which go over weekly market charts, predict crypto prices, and answer questions about different aspects of cryptos – including the latest ICOs and IEOs.

UpOnlyTV – A Crypto-based Podcast

While there are no live trading lessons on UpOnlyTV, it is still popular among crypto fans because of its unique hosts – Cobie and Ledger. 

This channel has upwards of 38k followers and averages 3.6k views per stream. 


The X factor that pushes this channel forward is the advice given by Cobie and Ledger. These are quirky hosts that focus on everything from the current crypto price movements to the latest events of the crypto stages. 

The podcast also comprises interviews with the biggest names in the crypto space. In these interviews, topics range from the latest presale offerings to reasons to invest in Bitcoin and more. Crypto activities and crypto company founders are regular guests on this crypto Twitch channel, and the interviews Cobie and Ledger conduct are entertaining. 

For those who miss out on the live streams, UpOnlyTV also uploads videos on YouTube. That helps those who missed out to still enjoy the streams. 

And for those who want to access more information – the official Twitter account of UpOnlyTV is also available. 

The only downside of this crypto Twitch streamer is the lack of consistency. Videos are uploaded rarely. Although that is because of the admin’s own admission of being lazy – something they have said on their official Twitter account.

BitcoinTradingInformant – Best Twitch Channel For Beginner-Level Traders

Only a few streamers on Twitch cater to beginners; BitcoinTradingInformant is one of them. By his own admission, the streamer says that he is not a trading expert or a professional. However, we have still put him on this list because of his theoretical knowledge and ability to teach his followers using simple words. 

Due to this factor, it is a crypto Twitch stream worth checking out. 

Bitcoin Trading Informant

Beginners will find a lot to learn on this channel. And if they can’t keep up with the posting schedule, they can always visit his YouTube channel to watch the streams later. There are over 7k followers of BitcoinTradingInformant, and the streamer tries to engage all of them positively.  

Other than the basics, BitcoinTradingInformant also provides real-time insights to his viewers about how to make trades in the bearish season. The streamer is good at giving complete trading walkthroughs that traders can apply to buy or sell crypto on their own at their own time.

Meanwhile, BitcoinTradingInformant has been a trader since 2016. The success of his channel shows that people respond to his advice – which makes this channel worth checking out. 

Overall, BitcoinTradingInformant is a crypto Twitch channel that focuses on beginners. However, if stick around long enough, you will discover that high-level traders also have a lot to learn from this platform. The streamer applies an out-of-the-box approach to trading, which helps his viewers get a broader view of how to navigate the volatile crypto market.

That said, you won’t always find the streamer engaging in voice talk with his audience. Most responses come through chats. We found the chats to be focused on the topic, for the channel has good modders to maintain the cohesiveness of the conversations.

CryptoMikeTradin – Provides Deep Analysis On Price Movements – Also Runs Giveaways

CryptoMikeTradin is a crypto trader and twitch streamer that focuses on major cryptos, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as low-cap cryptocurrencies. The channel has upwards of 1.2k followers and has been able to attract approximately 200 viewers. 

While the subscriber count on this channel is on the lower end, the quality of content is high. Here, you will learn about the mindset needed to trade successfully. And since the focus of this channel is not exclusively on BTC and ETH, people looking to get insights on other assets, such as top DeFi cryptos or some of the best metaverse cryptos will also find a lot to learn here. 


Another big positive of joining this Twitch channel is the existence of community giveaways. The streamer organizes regular events and engaging with the channel positively brings rewards – mostly in terms of cryptos.

AlphaExchange – Offering Insights Into The Latest Developments In Crypto Space

It is necessary to stay updated with the latest movements of the crypto markets to stay at the top of your game. And that’s where AlphaExchange shines. As one of the biggest Twitch channels in the crypto niche, AlphaExchange is always ready to deliver high-quality news-based content so that you are ready with the right information at your side. 

And the approach towards dispensing information about crypto is laid back here – and the other members are more than happy to talk to you and help you. 


When it comes to content, AlphaExchange covers interviews with major cryptocurrency influencers and live-streaming trading. AlphaExchange has 9.7k followers at the time of writing, and the number is only growing due to the channel’s many positives. 

New and old joiners can also contribute by reaching out to the people running the channel via feedback. And for those who really want to step up their game when it comes to getting informed about the latest in crypto, joining AlphaExchange’s official Twitter and Discord is also a great option. 

Overall, AlphaExchange is a great Twitch streaming channel where you will find most of what you are looking for in crypto streams. The updates are plenty and regular, the way that community engages with each other is friendly, and the trading advice given is fruitful.

TR4D3R10 – Helping Users Trade Properly For Long-term Profitability

Our final pick of the best crypto Twitch streamer to follow is TR4D3R10. As the headline states,  TR4D3R10 focuses on long-term profitability. Here, you will learn about risk management and proper technical analysis. 

The channel has 17k followers at the time of writing, and the number is continuously growing. Part of the reason TR4D3R10 has become one of the best crypto Twitch streamers is because of its community’s casual approach to trading crypto. 


The channel gets 200 viewers on average, offering a combination of basic trading advice and advanced trading strategies. The platform is also known for giving deep insight into the ever-changing crypto market. Here, you will learn how to navigate the market under that change to attain long-term profitability. 

Since recorded streams are weekly and there is a limitation to how many videos Twitch can record – and for how many days it can do so – you can watch these streams on YouTube as well.

And if you want to join the discussion to throw your own two cents in there, you can join  TR4D3R10’s official Discord channel. 

In addition to regular streams, there are also invite-only private streams of subscribers organized by crypto trading experts. You can learn from these experts to level up your investment game.

Who Is A Crypto Twitch Streamer?

A Twitch streamer is a person or an organization who streams – broadcasts – their videos for the viewers to watch live. And a crypto Twitch streamer is one whose videos are related to cryptocurrency. 

Twitch divides streams among different topics or categories. And for the crypto category, there are 449k followers at the time of writing. 

Every Twitch streamer is different, with his or her own take on the current cryptocurrency market and approach to trading. All the chats are accessed by the moderators employed by the stream. “Employed” is the operative word here as the mods are often members of the community that work towards maintaining the quality of the stream without anything in return. 

Twitch App

There are two types of streams on Twitch. One is a public stream that anyone can watch. Creating an account is not required to access a public stream. And thankfully, most crypto Twitch streamers have taken this inclusive approach. However, those who want to be subscribers can join the private streams. 

Private streams are exclusive live streams where leading crypto traders give high-level trading advice. Invitees of such streams also get access to high-level technical indicators and signals to make better investment decisions. 

A crypto Twitch streamer often doesn’t showcase their face on camera. The streams we came across were generally screen records of a trading chart with the audio from the streamer in the background. 

Twitch’s chat functionality allows viewers to engage in conversation with the streamer. This provides an avenue for followers to ask questions about everything related to crypto.

Why Should You Join Crypto Twitch Streamers?

It is important that you stay informed about the rapid changes in the crypto space. New technologies are being developed daily in the blockchain space, and the price charts show immense signs of volatility. Joining crypto Twitch streamers can help you navigate this volatility and learn more about the cryptocurrency space. 

You will get access to trading advice and updates in real-time – something that can only happen on Twitter spaces.

Here are some of the benefits of joining or staying glued to crypto Twitch streamers.

Streams Allow You To engage Directly With Crypto Influencers

Crypto influencers are often very active on all social media platforms. However, their responses to your queries rarely come quickly. And if they do, most of their replies are short and filtered. Platforms like discord, for instance, consist of mods replying to your queries – which is a negative if you want to talk directly to the influencer. 


Crypto Twitch streamers are the best in this regard. While they livestream their advice, you can engage with them through chat – which will likely give you a response directly and quickly.  Also, mods keep the discussion free of trolls and relevant to the topics. That further helps in getting the correct info quickly.

Access To Unfiltered Thoughts From A Crypto Influencer

Which one would you prefer – a single-line comment on Twitter that you may need to decipher later or a long explanation without any filter?

Twitch can help you gain access to the latter. The inflow of unfiltered information will allow you to understand what your favorite crypto influencers actually think. Since the streamer will actually be talking to you – instead of typing – you will have access to real insight. 

Jacob Crypto Bury’s Twitch will be coherent, persuasive, and unfiltered. You won’t feel the loss of information at any instant and will have access to all the information that you require. 

How To Choose The Best Crypto Twitch Streamer?

A large influx of crypto Twitch streamers followed the 2021 crypto bull run. Many of them were people that got lucky. Their trades got immense returns by chance, and believing that they had something to offer, they started Twitch channels.

As such, the number of “actual” traders with market expertise and the ability to teach is low. In light of that, we have compiled a list of things to note when choosing a crypto Twitch streamer to follow. 

Focus On The Level Of Engagement

If you are inside a public stream, know that there are many viewers – trolls – that are ready to derail the conversation. Therefore, watch how the community is talking to each other, What questions they are asking, and how the streamer is responding to them. 

Crypto is a game of patience. And if the streamer is getting annoyed by every difficult question related to blockchain, you might be on the wrong channel. 

Are Beginners Respected?

After the 2022 bear market led to the emergence of many utility-based cryptocurrencies, several non-crypto players have become interested in this space. And they often don’t know much about it. So, watch how the streamer interacts with these beginners. Also, note how the community interacts with them. 

Twitch Login

While it is too much to ask to be kind on the internet, if the streamer is serious, he will respond to the questions of these beginners moderately. 

Check Out The Audio Quality Of The Streams

Good audio quality is a must for streaming. Without it, any type of conversation is a waste of time. It is especially important because most of the streams we came across didn’t show the streamer but their screens as they analyzed the markets. If the audio is bad in this case, the stream becomes worthless. Only the most dedicated may stick around, but if the quality goes really bad, even they will leave. 

Having great audio and video equipment is the best asset for a streamer. So, make sure you consider that while deciding the crypto Twitch account to follow this year.

Alternatively, check out our list of the top crypto signals and Telegram groups to join this year.


It is not easy to find a good crypto Twitch streamer, especially when the platform is mostly game focused. However, we have scoured the internet to find the best crypto Twitch platforms that you can join today. 

Through our research, we found that the upcoming stream by Jacob Crypto Bury is the best choice for newcomers as well as veteran crypto traders. Jacob already runs a highly successful YouTube channel and a discord server. And it is highly likely that he would have the same energy when it comes to dealing with Twitch streams. 

Jacob has always been bullish about cryptos, and his insights and updates have helped early movers make huge gains by investing in presale cryptos. Some of the ongoing presales that have been featured in his YouTube content include Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, and many more. 

That said, it is important to remember that crypto Twitch channels are still small, and thus, the possibility of you mistakenly engaging with scam content is ever-present. So make sure that whatever streamer you decide to go with is focused. Don’t be afraid to scrutinize anyone. It will be better for you and the crypto community in general. 

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