Investors have the opportunity to shorten the learning curve and earn from the extremely unpredictable cryptocurrency markets by timing their trades passively.

In this guide, investors will find our analysis of the best crypto trading bots on the market this year.

Best Crypto Trading Bots 2023 List

Below is a list of the best crypto trading bot providers worth any investor’s consideration:

  1. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm Overall Best Crypto Trading Bot For Automating Trades
  2. Dash 2 Trade Popular Crypto Bot Alternative Offering Multiple Trading Features
  3. Shrimpy – Copy Trading and Social Automated Portfolio Management
  4. Pionex – Free and Paid Trading Bots
  5. CryptoHopper – Trading Bot Platform With a 30-day Trial Period
  6. Zignaly – Beginner-Friendly Copy Trading Platform
  7. HaasOnline – Customizable and Pre-Built Bots to Choose From
  8. TradeSanta – Platform Provides Numerous Indicators and 5-Day Trial
  9. CoinRule – Various Accounts to Choose from at $30-$450 Per Month
  10. 3Commas – Automated DeFi Strategies and Pre-Set Bots
  11. Bitsgap – 7-Day Free Trial for Crypto Robot Trading

Best Crypto Trading Bots Reviewed

Investors can find our crypto trading bot reviews below to help them select the best option for their goals. Our reviews cover everything from fees and user-friendliness to past performance and exchange compatibility.

1. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm – Overall Best Crypto Trading Bot For Automating Trades

Learn 2 Trade logoThe Learn 2 Trade Algorithm is a cryptocurrency bot that utilizes several trading features and indicators to automate cryptocurrency trades. Our recommended top crypto trading bot for 2023, Learn 2 Trade (L2T) Algorithm, analyzes the best possible time to execute a new trade to offer potentially profitable results. 

This cryptocurrency bot has been developed by Learn 2 Trade – a trusted trading platform with over 75,000 users. The cryptocurrency bot developers have added over 1,500 lines of code to ensure L2T Algorithm leverages more than 100 technical indicators while scanning the volatile markets. 

Learn 2 Trade Algo buy

After purchasing a monthly subscription of £49 ($58.7), users can join Learn 2 Trade Algorithm’s Telegram channel and link it with a suitable trading platform. This would allow the cryptocurrency bot to automate trades. This benefits traders who value time management and are looking to trade cryptos without spending much time. 

Notably, the automated trading feature can simultaneously scan dozens of cryptocurrency pairs, something which may not be possible when trading manually. 

Depending on your trading parameters, L2T Algorithm can also execute long and short positions. While the bot supports day trading, it also may open positions for a longer period depending on its targets. On Learn 2 Trade Algorithm, the cryptocurrency bot is set at a risk-reward ratio of 1:3. This means that the bot aims to generate $300 for every $100 invested. 

L2T Algo

Offering a claimed success rate of 79%, the Learn 2 Trade Algorithm can be a good way to begin trading in the volatile crypto markets. The £49 monthly subscription can be paid using e-wallets such as PayPal. The cryptocurrency bot can also be bought through credit/debit card options such as AmEx, MasterCard, and VISA. 


  • 100+ technical indicators
  • Automates trades
  • Offers long/short trading positions
  • Connects with third parties with APIs
  • Multiple payment options


  • Hefty monthly subscription £49 ($58.7)

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto trading sensation and an all-in-one platform for analytics. The Dash 2 Trade dashboard aims to make buying profitable assets easier by using top crypto trading bots and employing a variety of tried-and-true techniques. The platform will be powered by D2T, the native currency. D2T can be used to pay for subscriptions.

Holders of this token will also have access to a watchlist and a platform for backtesting and strategy building. The latter is comparable to customizable trading bots for crypto. Those looking for a fully-fledged crypto trading bot strategy will find everything they need on the Dash 2 Trade interface.

Dash 2 Trade Review

In terms of trading signal subscriptions, Dash 2 Trade will notify D2T owners in real time on what order to place. Signals will include the name of the potentially profitable crypto token and also whether a buy (long) or sell (short) order should be placed. Additionally, the proposed entry price will be shown on the dashboard.

To reduce the risk for the investor, Dash 2 Trade signals also provide stop-loss and take-profit orders. The social indicators offered by Dash 2 Trade provide actionable signals based on market-leading data feeds. Alternatively, investors can set up an auto trading tool to follow the signals received by Dash 2 Trade. As a result, when the dashboard detects a trading opportunity, the D2T holder can immediately place orders.

Moreover, a smooth API bridge will be available on the Dash 2 Trade dashboard. This enables investors who hold D2T to link the auto trading program to their favorite crypto exchange. On-Chain statistics is also a feature of Dash 2 Trade. The main goal of this type of analysis is to monitor popular crypto networks continuously.

D2T token price

The Dash 2 Trade dashboard will use the best robots to allow on-chain analysis to track ‘smart money’ as well. This is a reference to whales and institutional investors who are most likely to foresee a crypto pump-and-dump situation. Many investors will find the presale launch tracker helpful as it offers up-to-date insight into new ICOs and when may be the best time to invest.

D2T holders will also have full access to the strategy builder tool in the backtesting facility. This tracks real market conditions for the best results. Investors looking for a Discord crypto bot might wish to subscribe to the Dash 2 Trade channel. This will allow them to gain access to on-chain data, market insight, potentially profitable presale launches, and more.

The dashboard was created by the team behind Learn 2 Trade. After raising more than $14.5 million through a successful presale, the D2T token was listed on several centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This token is trading at $0.01368 per token at the time of writing.


  • Strategy builder and backtesting
  • Advanced trading signals with stop loss and take profit
  • Offers on-chain analysis and social sentiment data
  • Platform created by already successful Learn 2 Trade team
  • Automatic trading API to third-party allowed


  • Crypto-only subscriptions

3. Shrimpy – Copy and Social Automated Portfolio Management

Investors can keep track of their portfolios across many exchanges with Shrimpy. This platform offers portfolio management, trading tools, and some of the best crypto bots from a single interface. This guide found that a total of 16 exchanges are available for crypto management and trading.

Shrimpy allows investors to partake in automated or cryptocurrency bot trading. The latter is carried out using a variety of strategies and indicators. This platform offers one of the best free crypto trading bots. Investors can mirror and follow accounts of interest by clicking the automation button, which will rebalance their portfolio.

When the portfolio of the copied investor changes, it will automatically update itself. In addition to all of this, Shrimpy enables social trading. That is to say, users of Shrimpy can track each other’s trades and view other portfolios of digital currencies.

Shrimpy review

This benefits both new investors and those looking to share social transactions in order to earn commissions. Social investors can view the number of followers, daily, weekly, and monthly performance, chart visualizations, and the last time an investor was active for the individuals they follow.

Three price tiers for copy and social crypto bot trading accounts start at $15 per month for beginners. Professional accounts are charged $63 per month. The most expensive bot trading crypto service offered by Shirmpy is $299 per month.


  • Beginners account $15 per month
  • Copy and social trading support
  • Demo account available


  • No crypto signal service

4. Pionex – Offers Paid and Free Trading Bots

Pionex is primarily a crypto exchange. The platform supports more than 100 countries around the world for its open source crypto bots and more. The platform sees monthly trading volumes of over $5 billion. Of all our crypto trading bot reviews, Pionex stands out for a variety of reasons. First, the platform offers 16 integrated AI crypto trading bots.

Grid trading bots place buy and sell orders automatically 24/7 and offer up to 5x leverage. Rebalancing bots allow investors to create their own index. This platform also offers global crypto bots referred to as DCA, which focus entirely on dollar cost averaging.

Pionex review

On the other hand, the crypto arbitrage bot uses the futures market supported by Binance. The crypto arbitrage bot trades ETH after balancing risk and reward. The bot essentially purchases ETH on the spot market at the best price possible. Meanwhile, it simultaneously sells it on the futures market for the same amount.

Using this technique, the arbitrage bot may maintain a market-neutral portfolio and allow investors to earn interest (funding fees) paid to the short position. The arbitrage profit made by Pionex is used to pay the financing charge. Maintaining a short position in the perpetual futures market allows the financing cost of 15-50% APR to be paid to the investor’s account every eight hours.


  • Popular platform facilitating over 100 million trades per day
  • Wide variety of different
  • Financing cost of 15-50% APR paid to investors


  • Fewer crypto trade bot features than its competitors
  • 0.5% trading fee applies

5. CryptoHopper – Trading Bot Platform With a 30-Day Trial Period

CryptoHopper is a platform that specializes in cloud-based AI crypto trading bots for newbies and experienced investors alike. The provider uses an algorithmic, pre-programmed trading strategy and lets users leverage outside metrics to make smart decisions.

There are nine different cryptocurrency exchanges that investors can connect CryptoHopper to. This includes Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, OKEX, Huobi, KuCoin, and many more.

Crypto Hopper Review

Investors may use both free and paid signals from various sources with it. Additionally, it uses more than 30 trade indicators and more than 90 candle patterns. In addition to Bitcoin, crypto bot trading here covers 75 other digital currencies.

As is the case at Pionex, DCA bots on the platform carry out repeated activities while purchasing digital assets at various price points. With mirror trading, Cryptohopper enables newcomers to invest like seasoned professionals, profit from the use of their own tactics, and gain trading knowledge. This platform also offers a crypto arbitrage bot and a 30-day free trial.


  • Option of paid or free signals
  • Multiple exchanges supported
  • Supports copy trading


  • Can’t access all features without signing up for a monthly plan

6. Zignaly – Beginner-Friendly Copy Trading Platform

Zignaly allows beginners and experienced investors to communicate and contribute to the ecosystem.  Moreover, with outside signal providers’ aid, Zignaly terminal users can execute trades automatically. As with all of the best crypto bots, Zignaly’s tools may be used to generate passive revenue and are simple to use.

Advanced investors can design the best crypto bot for them by using their own unique techniques.  Moreover, experienced investors will be pleased to hear that they access the market with their preferred indicators using a TradingView account. Investors can fully or partially automate crypto bots at Zignaly.

Zignaly review

In order to make trading accessible to novices, Zignaly focuses on offering a user-friendly platform with minimal entrance requirements. Not only that but the terminal offers one of the best crypto trading bots for profit sharing. To take part, the investor chooses a trader from the 100+ pros listed in the marketplace.

The decision will be made based on the pro trader’s historical results, strategy, and other important metrics. The minimum investment is $1 and by trading on autopilot, the investor only needs to pay the trader when they are in the green (making gains). The profits they receive depend on their initial investment.


  • Automated profit sharing from $1
  • Customizable crypto bots
  • Customer support offered by real people


  • A limited number of exchanges are supported

7. HaasOnline – Customizable and Pre-Built Bots to Choose From

With a backtesting engine that can access up to 56 weeks of historical data, HaasOnline is one of the top crypto bots in the space. HaasOnline’s Flash Crash Trade Bot has a standouts feature that enables users to execute spread orders on the markets of their choice.

This guide also found arbitrages, DCA, paper trading, crypto scalping bots, options, backtesting, and more. The scripting language HaasScript, which was created for bots, is available via the main platform. It offers personalized dashboards that let traders keep track of their market activity.

HaasOnline review

Investors can employ several different strategies when crypto bot trading at HaasOnline. For instance, the Ping Pong bot offers a different approach to scalping. As such, this might be a good crypto bot for day traders. The standard crypto bot offering is highly configurable.

The Mad Hatter uses RSI Indicators, MACD, and Bollinger Bands. HaasOnline offers multiple pre-built bots. Investors also have the ability to construct synthetic order templates. Additionally, it’s possible to use a variety of order types on numerous exchanges. Investors can also access market data, charting, and other tools.


  • Supports more than  20 crypto exchanges
  • Offers multiple custom bots and indicators
  • Experienced investors can digitally recreate crypto strategies


  • No free trial

8. TradeSanta – Platform Provides Numerous Indicators and 3-Day Trial

TradeSanta offers some of the best free crypto trading bots. Investors can try out the free, basic, advanced, or maximum crypto bots for 3-days at no extra cost. TradeSanta’s cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform operates around the clock. The basic plan is free and includes one bot and access to the trading terminal.

On the other end of the scale, the advanced package includes up to 99 bots, unlimited pairs, trailing take profit, and screener signals. This costs $45 per month. The maximum package offers unlimited AI crypto trading bots, pairs, strategies, futures, custom TradingView signals, and more. This costs $70 a month.

TradeSanta review

The TradeSanta platform uses technical indicators like the RSI and supports orders from several exchanges. This includes Coinbase Pro, Binance (including the US version), Kraken, Huobi, and others. We found the dashboard to be suitable for both new and experienced traders.

The platform also accepts fiat payments via methods such as credit/debit cards. Alternatively, investors can opt for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Investors can partake in copy trading to mirror the strategies of pros. Finally, there is also a mobile app so investors can track their crypto bot on the go.


  • Investors are offered a 3-day trial of any crypto bot plan
  • Crypto bots support long and short strategies
  • Compatible with futures and spot trading


  •  Only email or Telegram for customer support

9. CoinRule – Various Accounts to Choose from at $30-$450 Per Month

CoinRule is an intuitive platform offering cryptocurrency trading bots that are compatible with more than 10 popular exchanges. This includes Kraken, Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, and more. As with many of the top crypto robots, CoinRule uses the most effective market indicators for smart fund allocation.

After signing up, investors can use the strategy testing tool on the platform, which checks the performance based on historical data. There are more than 200 rules to choose from at CoinRule. It’s also possible to execute different strategies by creating new rules based on popular indicators.

CoinRule review

Rules can be customized to run every minute and will be executed within seconds by the respective cryptocurrency trading bots. The platform adds new indicators on a weekly basis and these are announced on the CoinRule blog. Cryptocurrency traders can also use their current trading strategies.

They can begin by using the backtesting function and a free trial account to review historical data. CoinRule offers a range of packages, from a free starter option to a pro account billed at $449.99 per month.

The latter includes 50 live and demo rules, unlimited exchanges and template strategies, TradingView integration, and more. The platform offers a discount of up to 25% if paying for an annual subscription.


  • Customizable strategies
  • Free starter account


  • TradingView integration is only offered on two accounts

10. 3Commas – Automated DeFi Strategies and Pre-Sets

3Commas supports a range of DCA and grid bots as well as trading signals. In bearish markets, 3Commas employs DCA short bots to borrow, sell, and then purchase back tokens at a cheaper price. In contrast, the DCA bot can also be used to gain a more attractive average entry price in bull markets.

This is achieved by using DCA long bots to purchase the natural dips and sell the spikes as the price increases over time. In sideways markets, 3Commas suggests employing grid bots to buy tokens at a discount when they reach support levels.

The bot will sell when they approach resistance levels. Investors who aren’t sure where to start can skip the learning curve and opt for one of many preset cryptocurrency robots created by experienced traders.

3Commas review

To mirror the positions of successful traders, investors can integrate signals into the best crypto bot for their goals. As with many of the best free crypto trading bots, 3Commas offerings can be linked with major exchanges such as Coinbase Pro, Binance, and BitMex. A total of 18 exchanges are supported for crypto trading bot integration.

There is no need to enter any credentials when signing up with 3Commas. This is because the site only interacts with crypto exchanges using API keys. New investors are entitled to a 3-day free trial.


  • Supports DCA crypto trade bots
  • Compatible with TradingView signals
  • Investors can build their own open-source crypto bots


  • Not the most beginner-friendly platform

11. Bitsgap – 7-Day Free Trial on Crypto Robot Trading

Bitsgap offers some of the best crypto bots for those looking to execute the aforementioned grid strategy. The grid trading bot uses strategies like buying the dip, flat (allowing investors to earn USDT on price movements), and custom. Additionally, at the time of writing, Bitsgap states that the DCA trading bots will be added in the near future.

The indicators used in these bots include MACD and RSI utilization to outperform the market on bullish and bearish trends. There is also a bot that the Stochastic and Channel indicators to facilitate buy and sell orders inside certain parameters, and HODLing outside them.

Bitsgap review

There is also a bot called Pure DCA, in addition to a customizable option. This is suitable for those who would rather build the best crypto robot for themselves. According to Bitsgap, the best cryptocurrency bot for high risk and reward is the one focused on futures trading, which uses both long and short strategies.

Bitsgap is cloud-based, which means its crypto robot trading service continues working offline too. This platform offers a free 7-day trial, with no credit card required. More than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges are supported. This includes Binance, Gemini, OKX, and more.


  • Backtested DCA and grid crypto bot trading
  • Supports bot integration with 19 crypto exchanges
  • Free 7-day trial offered


  • No leverage

What are Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto bot trading, allow investors to try to passively profit from the digital currency markets, which are open round-the-clock worldwide.

Most investors lack the time necessary to consistently make the most significant trades. Bots and robo advisors on the other hand, can work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. For example, in our Bitcoin XOX review we found that the crypto robot claimed to work around the clock to find the best trading opportunities.

As such, investors aiming to create a well-balanced portfolio may decide to employ all resources at their disposal, including bots.

  • Crypto bots can react more quickly than human investors and can also scan markets on a 24/7 basis, which gives them greater exposure to price opportunities
  • A cryptocurrency bot can automatically execute buy or sell orders, or deliver trading signals to the investor
  • The investor would first get notifications as soon as specific market conditions are met, at which point they might manually place an order
  • Many investors use crypto bots by subscribing to a signals service
  • This is because they utilize the technology to pinpoint potentially profitable opportunities

Dash 2 Trade offers a range of features to aid crypto investors in making good choices.

The dashboard utilizes the best crypto trading bot technology to provide advanced features such as social and on-chain data, the technical indicators used in signals, and even a scoring system on the best crypto presales.

How do Crypto Bots Work?

Cryptocurrency trading bots are programmable and can be automatic, manual, or somewhere in between. That is to say, when market circumstances change, a crypto bot can either automatically execute trades or relay alerts to the investor.

Some of the best crypto bots can be programmed by the investor themselves. This means the crypto trading robots will be programmed to adhere to specific rules and utilize predetermined trading techniques.

On terminals such as Dash 2 Trade, the investor can also build their own automated strategy using backtesting that mirrors real-time market conditions

Dash 2 Trade Stretagy Builder

Some bots are designed to make trades in response to certain cues, such as price or volume of trading. When certain specified circumstances are satisfied, a cryptocurrency trading bot can automatically execute transactions by communicating with the chosen exchange and submitting buy or sell orders.

Technical indicators, which are based on arithmetic in relation to price changes, are used by trading robots to make choices. Trading bots function in a number of different ways with regard to the user interface as well.

Some have a browser plug-in that enables the trader to communicate with the bot. Others provide clients with common operating systems that may be downloaded as applications. Some take the form of software created specifically for crypto exchanges.

Are Crypto Trading Bots Profitable?

When deployed properly and in the correct situations, a crypto trading bot may create gains for the investor. Crypto bots make it possible to generate profits by squeezing out gains on as many transactions as possible. This is whilst simultaneously making a high number of orders in a short amount of time.

That said, losses can also accumulate swiftly, so it’s important to properly research the best crypto trading bot before signing up. This is one of the reasons we chose Learn 2 Trade Algorithm as our best crypto bot. This bot has been created by Learn 2 Trade, a reputable trading and forex signals platform.

This platform also leverages fundamental research, machine learning and technical analysis tools to automate crypto trades.

Arbitrage Crypto Bots

Cryptocurrency bots come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Arbitrage crypto trading bots are among the most often used varieties. Arbitrage bots are technologies that compare prices on different exchanges and execute transactions to profit from differences.

Essentially, arbitrage crypto bots place multiple orders simultaneously to make gains on the spread. Bots that can move quickly enough can defeat exchanges that are slow to update their prices.

After all, the price of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin tends to vary slightly between platforms. This subsequently enables the arbitrage crypto bot to make a risk-free trade, profiting from the gap in pricing.

Free Crypto Trading Bots

As we’ve touched on throughout this guide, some crypto bots are free, and others come at a cost. The difference between them is usually what’s included in the package.

For example:

  • The Dash 2 Trade market terminal provides investors with tier-one price data free of charge
  • The free tier provides investors with a glimpse of what the Dash 2 Trade analytics dashboard has to offer
  • This includes access to social analytics, pending presale token information, and market data
  • To access the professional-grade services offered by Dash 2 Trade, investors will need to pay a monthly subscription fee
  • This is standard across most crypto trading bot providers

There are multiple benefits to signing up for a monthly subscription. For instance, monthly subscribers at Dash 2 Trade can access the aforementioned strategy-building and backtesting platform, as well as watchlists, automated trading, signals, and more.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading Bot

Here are just a few of the factors investors can consider when selecting a crypto trading robot:

Credibility and Reputation

Any type of internet program provider must have a degree of credibility and this especially applies to cryptocurrency trading bots. Investors run the danger of putting their funds at risk if they use a bot made by an untrustworthy team with little to no online presence.

Although evaluating the security of crypto trading bots might seem challenging, the first step could be to check out the team behind the product.

Dash 2 Trade Learn 2 Trade

For instance, Learn 2 Trade is a reputable trading platform. The developers of this platform spent more than two years in developing the Learn 2 Trade Algorithm.

Strategies and Features 

There are tons of different crypto trading bot providers out there and while some are lacking when it comes to features and variety, others excel. It’s important to consider goals when looking for crypto bots.

For instance, some utilize strategies and rules perfectly suited to day scalping, dollar cost averaging, or backtesting.

Dash 2 trade presales

One of the best ways to make gains from buying cryptocurrencies is by finding presales. Although, investors can be vulnerable to pump-and-dump schemes, leaving their tokens worthless.

The Dash 2 Trade analytics platform has the capacity to find legitimate presales based on a very strict rating methodology in order to mitigate this risk.

User-Friendly Dashboard

The best crypto bots have a user-friendly and insightful dashboard. For instance, the Dash 2 Trade signal dashboard offers direct access to the plethora of internal analysts, who continuously study the technicals and fundamentals of the cryptocurrency market.

Dash 2 Trade collaborates with sophisticated technologies like AI and machine learning. Autonomous robots that search social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit will offer insight into trending coins and the kind of attention they are getting.


Investors can achieve remarkable success by utilizing the best crypto bot software, especially if they know how to customize them to their needs. It’s important for investors to explore the ins and outs of both the crypto trading robot and the team behind it.

We recommend Learn 2 Trade Algorithm as the best crypto trading bot. This crypto bot leverages more than 100 indicators to search for the best possible crypto trades. The bot also offers long/short positions, stop/losses and other trading tools.

Learn 2 Trade logo


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