Bitcoin and the broader crypto market have been in a large downtrend since their all-time highs set in November 2021 with the markets now in chaos with the FTX exchange facing collapse.

While prices are deep in the red, and could yet fall further, many investors would argue this presents a profitable opportunity to buy and hold some solid cryptocurrencies at bargain prices, for the long term – buy low, sell high as the trading mantra goes.

In this market insight, we explore the best cryptos to buy during the crash for maximum upside potential.

The Best Crypto to Buy in the Crash

Based on current market trends and future prospects, we found that the projects listed below are the best crypto to buy during the crash.

  1. Wall Street Memes – Brand new crypto presale project that has already raised more than $2.5 million in just a week. Developed by a team with proven experience in the space and more than a million social media followers across its platforms.
  2. Bitcoin BSC – BEP20 coin to copy Bitcoin tokenomics in 2011 with 6.125 million available in presale at a cost of just $0.99. Raised $4 million in just over 2 weeks, hitting 66% of its hard cap, and provides estimated APY yields of 130%.
  3. Launchpad XYZ – A new Web3 dashboard helping traders pursue crypto investment opportunities in real-time. More than $1.5 has now been raised in its presale.
  4. yPredict – A new crypto analytics and research platform that uses AI technology to offer prediction models to investors. More than $3.5 million has been raised in the presale.
  5. Love Hate Inu – A meme-based cryptocurrency with a vote-to-earn system that rewards users for participating in online polls. Pumped 3,000% after listing on exchanges.
  6. Tamadoge – A new play-to-earn meme coin styled on the 90s Tamagotchi craze. The games allow users to earn rewards and prizes, with an augmented reality app on the way.
  7. Battle Infinity – A play-to-earn crypto game specializing in final draft picks in a range of sports. Crypto rewards will be based on how athletes perform in actual games.
  8. Lucky Block – An Ethereum-based crypto casino where users can play games like slots, blackjack, and poker. Users can earn passive income and qualify for rewards.
  9. BNB – A large cryptocurrency with over 100 million clients trading billions of dollars a day. It’s known as one of the best-performing digital assets in history.
  10. Polygon – An incredibly fast later-2 scaling solution that investors love, as it helps Ethereum become faster and more usable.
  11. Bitcoin – The world’s largest cryptocurrency with the highest market cap. Beginner investors can get started easily, since it’s not required to buy a full token.
  12. Ethereum – The second-largest cryptocurrency with the potential to be a good investment. An update improved its speed and reduced energy consumption.
  13. XRP – A crypto project that acts as a financial network for banks, revolutionizing the multi-trillion-dollar interbank sector. It also offers inexpensive transactions.
  14. Decentraland – A metaverse project that has attracted major brands, including Samsung, Heineken, and Adidas. It’s currently possible to invest at a big discount.
  15. Cronos – The native token of one of the largest crypto exchanges by trading volume. Investors can enter the market at a huge discount.
  16. Solana – Considered a close competitor to the Ethereum framework, Solana can handle tens of thousands of transactions per second. Investors can transfer just fractions of a cent.

A Closer Look at the Best Cryptos to Buy on the Dip

With thousands of projects now active in this market, attempting to find the best crypto to buy during this dip can be challenging.

Perhaps the most effective way to approach the current bear market is to create a diversified portfolio of solid projects, old and new, that stand the best chance possible of staying relevant once the industry recovers.

Our pick for the best crypto to buy during the crash is in fact one that is on presale and yet to launch on exchanges, therefore unaffected by Bitcoin’s crash to the $15k region following the FTX scandal.

1. Wall Street Memes – Overall Best Crypto to Buy in the Dip

Wall Street Memes is our top pick for the best crypto to buy during the crash for a number of reasons.

The newly launched meme coin has already raised more than $25 million and is generating huge hype in the space just 3 months since its launch, with the best crypto presale projects proving shrewd investments as more established coins have struggled in recent months.

Various presales have earned huge returns on investments while the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum struggled and Wall Street Memes appears set for huge success.

The $WSM token has been developed by a team with proven experience in the space, despite their anonymity – which should be considered a red flag with some new crypto projects.

They have built a combined social media following of more than a million and their previous Ethereum NFT collection, Wall Street Bulls, sold out in 32 minutes when it was launched and has trading volume in excess of $3 million.

Wall Street Memes has also launched a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection which is generating significant hype.

$WSM tokens have also enjoyed a hot start because of its fair launch – of the 2 billion token supply, 50% is available to presale investors with no conditions and no vesting period.

The remaining supply is split between rewards for the community (30%) and DEX and CEX liquidity (10%).

That means there is no team allocation, all but eliminating the chances of a rug pull and putting the future of the token completely in the hands of the community. The project has also announced a $50k airdrop.

At the time of writing, the presale is in stage 30 of 30 with tokens on sale for $0.0337 – more information and the latest news on Wall Street Memes can be found via Linktree.

A Tier 1 exchange listing is likely to follow in the coming weeks.

Hard Cap $30,577,000
Total Tokens 2 billion
Tokens available in presale 1 billion
Blockchain Ethereum Network
Token type ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 100 tokens
Payment method USDT, ETH

2. Bitcoin BSC – BEP20 BTC Clone Raises $4 Million in 2 Weeks and Offers 130% APY During Crash

Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is a clone of Bitcoin in 2011 that has raised an impressive $4 million in just over 2 weeks since the original launch on September 5th, 2023. 

It has already achieved about 66% of its presale hard cap target, which is slightly above $6 million. If the rate of fundraising remains constant, this will sell out soon.

This is a Bitcoin clone, and there are 21M BTCBSC with 6.125 million available throughout presale at a constant price of $0.99, This is the BTC price as of  2011, so this BNB Smart Chain implementation is going back more than twelve years. There is a significant psychological appeal of being able to get BTC at just $0.99. It currently trades at ~$27,000, a 27,000x multiplier.

But this is a unique token with its own blockchain. It is not a fork (such as Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin SV) and comes with distinct pros and cons. This needs to be understood before involvement, and more info can be obtained from the Bitcoin BSC project whitepaper. 

In terms of the tokenomics, 100% goes towards the campaign (nothing to the founders or advisors). 69% goes to the staking pool, and 29% to the presale with 2% to DEX liquidity.

The rewards are released through smart contracts every 10 minutes, for a final release in 120 years. 

Aside from tokenomics, this token stems from the much more powerful BNB Smart Chain, which is eco-friendly and low-cost in comparison to Bitcoin’s environmentally damaging PoW mining mechanism. 

It’s an excellent crash coin to have due to its utility and APY rewards, as well as the Bitcoin theme.

Remember this is not actually BTC, but a replica with its own unique volatility profile.

Remember to stay in touch through the Twitter and Telegram socials to get the most out of this rapid-selling presale.

Hard Cap $6,063,750.
Total Tokens 21 million
Tokens available in presale 6.125 million
Blockchain BNB Smart Chain
Token type BEP-20
Minimum Purchase $10
Purchase with USDT, ETH, BNB, Credit Card

3. Launchpad XYZ – Web3 Dashboard for Crypto Investors to Buy in the Crash

Launchpad XYZ is a new Web3 dashboard with an easy-to-understand interface and curated by a highly experienced team. Web3 generally requires a high level of technical know-how, but Launchpad XYZ’s single platform will provide a space for many new users to identify and pursue crypto opportunities in real time.

Launchpad XYZ intends to be all things Web3 in one place and provide a humanized interface to bring Web3 to the masses. The platform will offer a range of tools including coin price data, NFT market data, and details about pre-sales and metaverse launches.

Launchpad Presale

Launchpad XYZ’s mission is to build its own decentralized exchange and NFT marketplace to provide a place for traders to invest without any delays. All activities on Launchpad XYZ are decentralized, so the platform will never hold your tokens or NFTs.

The team behind Launchpad XYZ is creating a Launchpad Quotient (LQ) – a number that will indicate the potential success of any given project.

Investors can use this number to decide whether or not an opportunity will take off, giving them a single tool to make an informed decision about investing.

Launchpad XYZ will also offer a standalone Web3 wallet. The only requirements are a phone number or an email, making it the most accessible Web3 wallet in the market today.

Holders of the $LPX token will receive a range of opportunities including reduced fees and access to presales and NFT mints. The Launchpad XYZ whitepaper gives details about staking – you’ll need to secure 10,000 $LPX to access the full range of benefits. The company admits there is a long road map ahead with lots to build.

However, the team behind Launchpad XYZ is highly experienced and the $LPX presale had a strong start with more than $800,000 raised within the first few hours. The presale is still in its early stages so it’s a good opportunity for investors to lock in a low price.

Launchpad XYZ has no strong competitors in that no other platform at the moment offers access to all parts of Web3. This is one of the features that make Launchpad XYZ a highly unique and intriguing platform.

Join the Launchpad XYZ Telegram group for the latest updates.

Presale Started 27 April 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None


4. yPredict – New Crypto Analytics Platform Using AI for Prediction Models

yPredict is a new crypto analytics and research platform that uses insights from both AI and top-rated developers to generate prediction models for investors.

As a response to seeing many investors using social media and other unreliable sources to predict trends, the team behind yPredict has created proven analytical metrics to better predict financial markets.

ypredict beta

The platform’s native cryptocurrency, $YPRED, is currently in presale stages and can be used within the yPredict ecosystem to purchase subscriptions.

In return, users will receive data-driven insights within model-based predictions created by AI and highly experienced quants. Several models are available to traders, each offering quality analytics.

A unique feature of yPredict is that holders of $YPRED tokens have free access to their analytics platform as well as the chance to buy predictive model subscriptions through the yPredict Marketplace.

Also of note is a Learn2Earn feature where users can earn $YPRED tokens by taking quizzes to test their knowledge of cryptocurrency.

The $YPRED tokens are minted on the Polygon blockchain and have a limited supply of 100 million. Since Polygon is one of the fastest and most scalable blockchain networks, transactions will happen at lightning speed.

For this reason and more, yPredict is looking like an ideal crypto to buy in the crash.

ypredict rivals

Long-term holding is encouraged with a relatively high selling tax of 7% per transaction. This is broken down as follows: 1% towards liquidity, 1% for development, 2% for research, and 3% for marketing.

For the presale, 80 million tokens have been allocated with the price currently at $0.1 and heading to $0.12 by the final round.

The hard cap will be at least $6.5 million. More than $3.5 million has been raised in the presale.

For more details about the presale and more, read the yPredict whitepaper. Join the yPredict Telegram channel for the latest news and updates.

Presale Started Q1 2023
Purchase Methods MATIC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Card
Chain Polygon
Min Investment 200 YPRED
Max Investment N/A


One of the best ways to diversify your portfolio during a crypto market crash is by investing in new projects. Love Hate Inu is a new vote-to-earn crypto platform that has recently started the token presale for $LHINU. 

The project sold out its $10 million hard cap in eight weeks and then the price of LHINU pumped by around 3,000% after listing on Huobi and OKX.

Love Hate Inu Polls

Why is this token presale so popular? Firstly, $LHINU can be used to participate in the voting of online meme polls.

By staking $LHINU on the ecosystem, users can vote on topics related to politics and entertainment. 

One can vote on the polls through the user interface and earn $LHINU token rewards. The platform uses a real-time staking mechanism to ensure no chance of fraud during the voting process. 

Another feature Love Hate Inu will introduce is the vote submission platform, through which users can create and host their own polls. However, the poll creators are required to distribute $LHINU to all the participants. 

One final feature is the management dashboard, which ensures that all active votes are conducted properly. Being the first blockchain-powered online voting platform, Love Hate Inu will have the first-mover advantage in this space. 

Furthermore, with the token exchange listing set to take place in Q2 2023, investors can buy $LHINU before the price rises. To learn more about this vote-to-earn crypto, read the Love Hate Inu whitepaper and join the Telegram channel

6. Tamadoge – Top Crypto Ecosystem to Invest in During the Dip

While the prices of the top cryptos have crashed from 2021’s highs, Tamadoge is a project that has already delivered high returns to early investors – and is promising much more in 2023.

The popularity of this new cryptocurrency stems from a variety of factors and, unlike rival meme coins, it offers huge utility, rewards, and potential for long-term growth through its play-to-earn game and NFT collection.

Secondly, TAMA features an extremely small supply for a meme coin – 2 billion max tokens – which also diminishes because the platform burns 5% of all tokens spent on the Tamadoge game.

When comparing that to Dogecoin, which doesn’t provide rewards and has an ever-increasing supply, or Shiba Inu which has a supply 275,000 times bigger than TAMA, it’s easier to see why Tamadoge is a more valuable long-term coin in the doge ecosystem.

This coin wasn’t developed as a joke, unlike Dogecoin, because it enables players to earn while they play.

Players who raise their digital pets the best receive the most rewards monthly from the prize pool. The Tamadoge mobile app will soon be available, with five Tamadoge Arcade games already playable.

After raising $19 million during the presale, Tamadoge was listed on the OKX exchange and promptly pumped to an all-time high of $0.194 – nearly 2,000% from the early presale price and 550% from the listing price.

The Ultra Rare NFT collection also became the top trending collection on OpenSea after 100 Pets sold for a combined 250 ETH.

Currently, TAMA is available to trade on other exchanges such as LBank and Uniswap, and will soon list on more exchanges.

Given its utility and excitement around its upcoming game, TAMA appears set for a big 2023.

Another of the best cryptos to buy during the crash is Battle Infinity. In a nutshell, Battle Infinity is a play-to-earn crypto game that specializes in fantasy draft picks across a wide variety of sports.

Whether that’s cricket, football, basketball, or baseball – users will look to create a fantasy team of their favorite players.

battle infinity homepage

The performance of the respective players in real-world games will determine how much the Battle Infinity user will generate in crypto rewards. What we really like about this project is that it is combining its play-to-earn game with the metaverse.

This means that each and every component of the game can be replicated in the virtual world. Moreover, the Battlefield Infinity ecosystem will replicate in-game assets with NFTs. Therefore, any items that players win will be owned by the user and fully verifiable on the blockchain.

In addition to this, the team at Battle Infinity is also building a decentralized exchange. This will give users the ability to trade NFTs and even buy and sell the platform’s native digital currency – IBAT.

IBAT is the token that fuels the Battle Infinity ecosystem and thus – acts as a reward for its fantasy sports game. In other words, by engaging with the Battle Infinity gaming framework, users can win real-world rewards in the form of IBAT.

Interested investors can also engage with the IBAT community via the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Battle Infinity’s presale sold out early then IBAT pumped after its initial listings.

The coin has more listings in the pipeline, while IBAT staking is now live and the wider ecosystem remains in development.

8. Lucky Block – Top Global Crypto Gaming Platform

Next up on our list of the best crypto to buy during the crash is Lucky Block. This crypto project is still somewhat new to this industry and was only released this year.

In a nutshell, Lucky Block is a global crypto competitions platform that specializes in prize draws – with incredible prizes such as a Lamborghini, $1 million house, and $1 million of Bitcoin on offer.

In order to participate in the Lucky Block draw, users will need to buy a ticket – which costs just $1. The minimum purchase is five tickets. Those holding at least $500 worth of LBLOCK tokens can claim one free ticket to the draw.

Moreover, Lucky Block is also home to its very own NFT collection – of which just 10,000 are in circulation. Holding a Lucky Block NFT offers the owner lifetime access to the prize draw at no extra charge.

When the token first launched in January 2022, presale prices amounted to just $0.00015. According to data extracted from CoinMarketCap, LBLOCK has since surpassed a value of $0.09. This translated to gains of up to 5,900%.

However, much like the rest of the crypto market, the value of LBLOCK has since retreated. In fact, as of writing, it is possible to obtain this top-rated token at under $0.001. As such, in terms of upside potential, Lucky Block is one of the best crypto to buy during this dip.

Update – LBLOCK V2, its ERC20 token version, launched in September, erasing the 12% transaction fees of the V1 coin and making it easier to list on centralized exchanges.

The coin is now listed on MEXC, LBank and, with other big exchange listings expected soon.

The project has also taken the move to drastically cut the supply of LBLOCK V2 with a 1% rolling monthly burn in action since the end of September.

That move will make the coin more scarce and, ultimately, drive up value.

9. BNB – Huge Crypto Ecosystem Backed by the World’s Largest Exchange 

BNB, formally Binance Coin, is one of the largest digital currencies in this industry for both market capitalization and trading volume. The token, which was launched in 2017, is backed by the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

While a growing number of exchanges in this space are experiencing financial issues, Binance has the resources to weather any crypto storm, and was also linked with a rescue package to buy FTX – although that ultimately failed.

BNB Price Prediction - Down 12% in 7 Days Can Binance Coin Recover or Be Next FTX Coin

The platform attracts tens of billions of dollars in trading volume each and every day across its 100+ million clients. The firm is also involved in crypto derivatives, loans, liquidity financing, NFTs, and much more.

In terms of its native BNB token, this was initially created to offer Binance exchange users discounted trading commissions. However, the token is now part of a much broader ecosystem that includes the Binance Smart Chain (BSc).

For those unaware, BSc is an independent blockchain network that supports thousands of up-and-coming tokens. Most importantly, each and every trade that is carried out on the Binance Smart Chain must be settled in BNB.

Moreover, not only does this create ever-growing demand for BNB, but it generates revenue for Binance via trading fees. Since BNB was launched in 2017, it has gone on to become one of the best-performing digital assets of all time.

Back then, early-bird investors would have been able to buy BNB at a price of just $0.11. Within the prior 52 weeks, BNB has hit all-time highs of nearly $670.

This means that in the space of five years, BNB generated maximum gains of over 608,000%. In other words, an investment of just $10 in 2017 would have seen grown to several million dollars.

While gains of this magnitude are highly unlikely, and BNB has retraced by a lot, BNB is still one of the best crypto to buy during this dip to head into the future.

10. Polygon – Super-Fast Scaling Solution that Helps Ethereum

Polygon is a lightning-fast layer-2 scaling solution that has been one of the most resistant coins since the FTX collapse.

The token enjoyed a solid start to 2023, reaching almost $1.50 and although it has dipped back under $1 at the time of writing, it’s vast utility sets it up for a strong future.

Polygon Price Forecast - MATIC Could be The Best Layer 2 Coin to Buy Today

Polygon is loved by long-term investors because it makes Ethereum even faster and more usable.

While some worried that the Merge may mean layer-2s would be pushed to the side, Ethereum upgrades actually benefit solutions like Polygon – relying on its technology to become faster and more energy-efficient.

Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a multi-chain system, while in turn benefiting from Ethereum’s security, ecosystem, and openness.

The MATIC token secures the system and is also used for governance.

It has attracted major institutional support – it is one of billionaire Mark Cuban’s biggest crypto investments and coffeehouse chain Starbucks will use it to build its Web3 capability.

The protocol also has a growing ecosystem of dApps and, still trading for under $1, appears set for a huge breakout in the next bull run.

Your capital is at risk. Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative.

11. Bitcoin – De-Facto Crypto and Top Store of Value 

Bitcoin is the world’s largest crypto project by market capitalization and without a doubt the most recognized – even by those that have never previously invested in digital assets. Those looking for the best crypto to buy on the dip should consider Bitcoin for its long-term value.

In fact, based on the current bear market, investors can build a position in Bitcoin at a huge discount when compared to its previous highs.

Get ready for crypto surge as the Bitcoin (BTC) Reserve Risk indicator turns green, tune in for Bitcoin price analysis!

This occurred in November 2021, whereby Bitcoin surpassed a value of $68,000.

BTC enjoyed a strong start to 2023, breaking $30k for the first time in almost a year but has since dipped to around $27k – although oth still represents a huge dip from its all-time high.

If and when Bitcoin regains its previous heights of $68,000, this would translate into an upside target of 150%. Strong Bitcoin proponents will argue that the medium-to-long-term target of Bitcoin is the $100,000 level, so this offers an even more attractive upside potential.

The next Bitcoin halving is expected in mid-2024 and every previous halving has sparked a strong bull run.

Best of all, investors on a budget are not required to purchase a full Bitcoin token. Instead, Bitcoin can be split into small fractional units, which means that beginners can get started with just a few dollars.

Another benefit of buying Bitcoin is that users can deposit their tokens into a crypto savings account to generate a passive income. This can come in handy while the wider crypto markets are bearish.

Your capital is at risk. Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative.

12. Ethereum – Market Leader in Smart Contracts

Another option to consider from our list of the best crypto to buy during the crash is Ethereum. This digital currency sits just behind Bitcoin in the market capitalization rankings, albeit, just like the rest of this industry, its value has taken a major hit in 2022.

For instance, towards the end of 2021, Ethereum hit an all-time high of nearly $5,000. Since then, Ethereum has hit lows of $900. This means that in less than three trading quarters, the value of Ethereum declined by more than 80%.


The price has recovered in 2023 and currently sits at around $1,900. However, once again, we would argue that this offers a superb opportunity to purchase the top altcoin on the market.

After all, should Ethereum eventually get back to the $5,000 level, based on current prices, this would require an upside of over 160%.

Therefore, in terms of price targets, Ethereum is potentially a much better investment prospect than Bitcoin. In terms of the fundamentals, Ethereum is a dominant market leader in the smart contract niche. Its blockchain framework also hosts some of the largest metaverse projects, such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.

In addition to thousands of ERC-20 tokens, notable medium-cap projects built on top of the Ethereum blockchain include DAI and Shiba Inu.

Ethereum is also worth considering in the current economic landscape due to its successful update – The Merge – which improved its speed and scalability and reduced energy consumption by 99.99%.

Your capital is at risk. Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative.

13. XRP – Global Financial Network for Banks

Another crypto project that is sure to remain relevant during and after the current bear market is XRP. This project – which was first founded back in 2012, is home to proprietary technology that enables banks and financial institutions to transact internationally.

In fact, XRP has completely revolutionized the multi-trillion-dollar interbank sector. The reason for this is that transactions conducted via the XRP network take less than 10 seconds to process. This is in stark contrast to the 1-3 working days that legacy networks like SWIFT often take.


Moreover, unlike SWIFT, XRP transactions are ultra-cheap. The price of each transaction, regardless of where the sender and receiver are located and the currency being used, averaged just $0.02. And, when it comes to scalability, XRP is able to handle more than 1,500 transactions each and every second.

If that wasn’t enough, the XRP network also solves many issues when it comes to liquidity. Ordinarily, when emerging currencies are sent and received, the transaction requires the use of correspondent banks. This means that the funds will first need to be exchanged for a major currency like US dollars or euros.

Once again, this not only results in high fees but slow processing times too. In comparison, XRP acts as a bridge of liquidity. As a result, banks and financial institutions still benefit from fast and low-cost international transactions irrespective of which currencies are being traded.

To invest in XRP in the current market climate, traders will have access to a favorable entry price. 2022 levels dipped below $0.30 per token, but XRP has now consolidated above $0.50.

XRP is currently locked in a court case with the US Securities and Exchanges Commission – though recent news has been extremely positive.

Should it win – with a judgment expected at some point in 2023 – it would send XRP skyrocketing and spark mass institutional investment, as the first fully regulated and US-court backed crypto.

Your capital is at risk. Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative.

Another way to capitalize on the crypto bear market is to invest in a top-rated metaverse project like Decentraland.

This project is arguably the biggest in the space and has attracted a long list of global brands, including the likes of Samsung, Miller Lite, Heineken, Adidas, and even PricewaterhouseCoopers.

land in decentraland

The aforementioned brands have actually purchased virtual land and digital assets within the Decentraland ecosystem, which provides the project with legitimacy. Decentraland is also behind its very own native token – MANA, which is the in-game currency of the metaverse

This means that when individuals and brands purchase real estate within Decentraland, they must use MANA to complete the payment. As such, this ensures that unlike many digital currencies in this marketplace, MANA has real-world use cases.

According to CoinMarketCap, MANA was priced at just $0.025 in 2017. This means that with an investment of just $100, 4,000 MANA tokens would have been purchased.

Fast forward to late 2021 and MANA hit an all-time high of $5.90. This translates into gains of over 23,000%. In other words, the original $100 investment would have been worth over $23,000 at its peak.

Although the price of MANA has seen witnessed a major correction, the good news is that it is now possible to invest in Decentraland at a major discount.

In fact, as of writing, MANA can be purchased at a discount of over 90% when compared to its prior all-time high.

15. Cronos – Native Token of the Ecosystem

Next up on our list of the best crypto to buy during this dip is Cronos. Otherwise referred to as CRO, Cronos is the native digital token of the ecosystem. Thie platform is one of the largest crypto exchanges in this space for trading volume.

Those with an allocation of CRO will benefit from a wide range of perks when using For instance, when staking CRO, users will benefit from discounted trading commissions. Moreover, staking CRO attracts a passive income via a fixed rate of interest.


Those using for its interest accounts will get higher APYs when staking CRO. In terms of its performance, CoinMarketCap notes that CRO was initially priced at just $0.017 when it was launched to the public in 2019. Since then, the digital asset hit highs of over $0.96.

This equates to end-to-end gains of over 5,550%. Those with an interest in Cronos can, however, enter the market at a huge discount when compared to its previous peak. In fact, based on prices as of writing, investors will pay an entry price that is nearly 90% lower than the prior all-time high.

16. Solana – Nearest Competitor to the Ethereum Framework  

The final option to consider from our list of the best crypto to buy during the crash is Solana. The reason for this is that while Solana has a minute market share of the broader smart contract industry when compared to Ethereum, it actually possesses better technology.

This is the case in multiple areas. First and foremost, due to the sheer number of transactions that the Ethereum blockchain is required to facilitate, the project is known for its high fees. This can often surpass $10 per transfer, which makes micro-transactions unfeasible.


This is a major issue when one considers that micro-transactions are a core segment of the smart contract space. After all, each and every smart contract that is deployed and/or executed requires an individual transaction, and thus – this attracts a fee.

In comparison, Solana transactions regardless of the number of tokens being transferred cost a tiny fraction of a cent. Furthermore, a major issue with Ethereum is that the blockchain can handle an average of just 15/16 transactions per second. Solana, on the other hand, reportedly can handle tens of thousands of transactions in the same timeframe.

With this in mind, it could be worth purchasing an allocation of Solana tokens to an investment portfolio in the event that the project does one day become the de-facto smart contract platform.

However, Solana has been one of the biggest it coins during this crash when it was revealed that around 29 million SOL would be unlocked – and presumably sold.

The coin quickly started dumping before the Solana Foundation announced that the unlock would be postponed, further infuriating members of the community who wanted to sell off much devalued coins.

SOL may well recover but investors should be wary until the market on the coin settles.

Why is the Crypto Market Crashing?

Those concerned about the state of the crypto market in 2022 should understand that all investment sectors go through cycles. This is especially the case with the stock markets, which over the prior 100 years, have gone through plenty of extended bullish and bearish periods.

The market was on a downtrend throughout 2022 because of rising interest rates, inflation, the Russo-Ukrainian War, soaring energy bills, political unrest in the Western world and many other macroeconomic factors.


The local crash at the end of the year was sparked by the collapse of the FTX exchange, which had wide-reaching ramifications, as well as a banking crisis in the US and continued Federal rate hikes.

There have been many bullish and bearish periods throughout market history – this includes the 2008 financial crisis, dot-com bubble, and plenty of other recessions.

The broader stock markets have, however, always recovered. In this regard, the crypto markets are no different and operate in cycles.

To illustrate this point, let’s explore the 2017 bull and bear market as a prime example. At the turn of 2017, Bitcoin was trading at just $1,000. By the end of the year, Bitcoin hit a then all-time high of $20,000 – resulting in one-year gains of 2,000%.

Many other cryptocurrencies during this period experienced even higher gains. However, after peaking at $20,000, Bitcoin and the wider crypto market entered a prolonged bearish cycle. During which, Bitcoin hit lows of nearly $3,000.

This translates into a decline of nearly 85% from its prior peak of $20,000. Crucially, as we now know, Bitcoin and the wider crypto markets eventually recovered. In fact, not only did Bitcoin regain its prior peak of $20,000 in late 2020, but it went on to hit new highs of nearly $69,000.

This means that from its low of $3,000 in late 2018, Bitcoin went on to increase in value by more than 2,200%. Therefore, those worried about the future of crypto should understand that market cycles are perfectly normal.

In fact, not only are market cycles normal, but they present a superb opportunity to buy high-quality crypto tokens at a significant discount. As such, crypto bear markets are often viewed by seasoned traders as a ‘buying season’.

Should You Invest During the Dip?

As noted in the section above, market crashes should be viewed as an excellent opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies at a huge discount. After all, why pay $69,000 for Bitcoin when investors can instead enter the market at $20,000?

However, there are several important points to make when searching for the best crypto to buy during the dip. First, much like any other bearish cycle, there will always be a number of casualties that do not survive.

FTX 1 month 1011

Thus far, we have already seen the likes of Terra Luna and Terra USD collapse by more than 99% – leaving investors with a portfolio of tokens that are now pretty much worthless. Bearing in mind that the market correction has only just begun, it would be wise to expect more projects to collapse.

The FTX exchange – and its native token FTT – appears to be on the brink, while Solana has dropped 56% in a week and could yet fall further.

As a result, it is crucial to invest only in high-grade projects during a market crash. Some notable contenders here include new crypto presales like Dash 2 Trade and IMPT – which tend to perform well despite bear market conditions – and well-established staple projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Second, it is important to ensure that crypto investments are well diversified. This means that investors should consider buying multiple different tokens from a variety of niche markets.

Third, the importance of dollar-cost averaging should not be understated during a bear market. The reason for this is that nobody can predict where the bottom is.

As such, rather than injecting a lump sum into crypto projects, traders should consider splitting investments across regular intervals.

This might see the investor place an order on a weekly or monthly basis with the view of averaging out their cost price.

How to Find Cryptos to Buy During the Dip

There are several ways to find cryptos to buy during the current market dip – which we discuss in more detail in the sections below:

Previous Dip

The first thing to explore when choosing the best crypto to buy during the crash is whether or not the project in question has survived a previous bearish cycle.

For example, the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and many other high-grade cryptocurrencies not only survived the 2017-19 bear market but have since gone on to witness significantly higher peaks.

This illustrates that the aforementioned projects have what it takes to survive the current bear market.

Look for Presales

Presales offer a superb way to grab high-quality crypto tokens at a highly attractive entry price.

This is the process undertaken by newly launched crypto projects and it allows early-bird investors to gain exposure to the respective token at a lower cost than that of the subsequent public sale.

This is one of the many reasons why we found that Dash 2 Trade and IMPT are two of the best cryptos to buy during the crash.

Target Maximum Upside

When searching for high-quality projects to invest in during a market dip, investors should take full advantage of heavily discounted prices.

For example, we mentioned earlier that in late 2021, MANA was priced at nearly $6 per token. However, considering that this ever-growing metaverse project has since hit lows of almost $0.50, this represents a discount of over 90%.

Furthermore, those buying MANA at this entry price might consider that should the token regain its prior all-time high, this would represent an upside of almost 1,100%.

Interest-Bearing Tokens

During a bear market, it is evident that portfolio valuations will take a major hit. The good news, however, is that investors can still generate income during this period.

The reason for this is that many of the crypto tokens discussed today have the capacity to earn interest via staking and yield farming.


This market insight has explored and ranked the best crypto coins to invest in during the crash that currently affects the broader economy as well as the cryptocurrency markets.

Each crypto project differs from the next, which offers a great opportunity to create a diversified portfolio of high-grade tokens at discounted prices. By diversifying during a bearish market, this will reduce the risk of being overexposed to a single project.

Nonetheless, overall, we found that the best crypto to buy right now is Wall Street Memes ($WSM) a new meme coin launched by a team with proven success in the space and a social media following of more than a million. When it wraps up its presale, it expects to launch on a major exchange, and now is the final chance at $0.0337.

The token presale has already raised more than $25 million in just 3 months since launching, at the time of writing.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) - Newest Meme Coin

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Wall Street Memes
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Wall Street Memes


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