Some investors remain fearful as a result of the bear market in cryptocurrencies. That said, this is a chance for investors to build up holdings at a sizable discount.

This guide will analyze the best crypto to buy during the bear market. We have selected the 13 best cryptos and have also included tips on how to choose coins to buy during the bear market to maximize future gains. 

13 Best Crypto to Invest in During the Bear Market

Below, investors can take a quick look at the 13 best crypto to buy during this dip:

  1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Crypto to Earn P2E Rewards During the Bear Market
  2. Fight Out – Top Fitness Crypto To Invest in During the Bear Market to Earn M2E Rewards  
  3. C+Charge – Green Crypto To Buy During Bear Market Pioneering EV Charging Industry
  4. CalvariaUpcoming P2E Card Game to Invest in To Earn In-Game Rewards 
  5. RobotEra Sandbox-Like Web 3.0 Metaverse and P2E Game Offering High Rewards
  6. Tamadoge Breed NFT Pets and Earn TAMA Tokens in The Bear Market
  7. Dash 2 Trade Emerging Crypto to Buy During the Bear Market Offering Market Insights
  8. IMPT Green Crypto To Invest in To Offset Carbon Emissions
  9. Lucky Block- Offering Chance to Win Top Rewards through NFT Competitions
  10. Binance Coin – Native Token of Major Blockchain and Exchange
  11. Ethereum – Large-Cap Crypto With Smart Contract Capabilities
  12. Bitcoin – Buy The Dip on The Original Decentralized Digital Currency
  13. Polkadot – Sharded Multichain Protocol Facilitating Inoperability

Meta Masters Guild - Next Big Crypto Game

Our Rating

MEMAG token
  • Backed by Leading Game Studios
  • Early Round Presale Live Now
  • Low Hard Cap, No Vesting
  • Playable NFTs, Rewards, Staking
  • Solid Proof & CoinSniper Audited
MEMAG token

Full Analysis of the Best Cryptos to buy in the Bear Market

Below is our full analysis of the top coins to buy during the bear market.

We’ve included the best crypto presales to invest in, long-existing large-cap tokens, NFT competition projects, and more.

1. Meta Masters Guild – Overall Best Crypto to Earn P2E Rewards During the Bear Market

MMG logoMeta Masters Guild (MMG) aims to revolutionize the world of crypto gaming by enabling players to earn real-world money through in-game activities. 

The platform is currently in its second presale phase and has already witnessed significant user interest. The project has raised nearly $700,000 USDT in a relatively short period. At the time of writing, buyers can acquire these $MEMAG at a discounted price of $0.01 USDT each. Moreover, investors should consider taking action soon as the token’s value is projected to rise to $0.013 USDT in the next stage.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Page

MMG has created an innovative system that motivates players by giving them “Gems,” which serve as the in-game currency within the platform. Interestingly, these Gems can be converted into the $MEMAG. Users can utilize them to participate in the game’s economy or trade them for actual money. This unique incentive induces players to put their time and effort into the game, thereby driving its long-term development.

MMG aims to offer a gaming experience that is both simple and user-friendly. To achieve this, the project has developed a way to simplify the game development process and eliminate any complex technicalities. This approach makes the games easy to understand and enjoyable for a wide range of players, which is vital for the platform’s long-term growth.

The platform offers players a variety of games that provide them with an opportunity to earn Gems, MMG’s in-game currency. Players can use these Gems to acquire unique NFTs, swap them for various currencies, or exchange them for $MEMAG, among other rewards.

MMG has created a digital marketplace that allows players to acquire one-of-a-kind, playable NFTs connected to the player’s digital wallet to be used within the games. Also, the project allows players to earn NFTs and other rewards by participating in the project’s community activities.

MMG works closely with various game developers to expand its footprint in the gaming industry. To achieve this, it invites game developers to create games that use the $MEMAG token, opening up new opportunities for them. Those looking to acquire a more in-depth understanding of the project’s capabilities can read its litepaper.

$MEMAG Tokenomics

The platform employs an ERC-20 token standard for its tokens built on Ethereum’s network. $MEMAG tokens have a finite supply of 1 billion, out of which 350 million tokens can be bought via the platform’s presale stages.

$MEMAG serves as the main currency for trading assets, staking, and obtaining unique NFTs from the project’s marketplace. The token can also be utilized by users to gain Gems, which is the in-game currency within the platform. Investors can enter the platform’s Telegram group to stay informed of the latest developments.

Presale Start Date 11 January
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1000 $MEMAG
Max Investment None

2. Fight Out – Top Fitness Crypto To Invest in During the Bear Market to Earn M2E Rewards

Fight Out logoFight Out is a new-age fitness app that utilizes a unique Move-to-Earn system to keep users on track to achieve their fitness goals and engage in exciting in-app competitions.

The crypto app has already seen immense success, raising over $3 million USDT within a short period of its presale stage.

With CEX listings lined up from 5 April, the prices are set to rise to $0.033 USDT per token. Thus, crypto enthusiasts should consider buying the $FGHT tokens at a presale rate of only $0.0166 USDT each.

Fight Out Presale Page

The fitness platform has partnered with notable names in the UFC, such as Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos. These partnerships will help boost the project’s reputation and impact in the fitness sector.

Fight Out has created a captivating virtual world for its users to elevate their fitness journey. By offering exclusive, tailor-made NFT avatars, known as “Soulbound Avatars,” linked to real-world fitness progress, users can connect and interact with other community members within the virtual world. This provides a one-of-a-kind and engaging method for users to monitor and view their progress and connect with others on a similar path.

The project has created an innovative in-app currency called “REPS” to motivate users to reach their fitness targets. Players can start accumulating REPS by finishing their daily workout goals. Users can then use them to purchase items from the in-app store, including cosmetic NFTs, membership deals, etc. Investors can read Fight Out’s whitepaper to enhance their understanding of the platform’s features.

$FGHT Purchase Bonuses & Tokenomics

$FGHT is an Ethereum-based token native to the Fight Out platform. The tokens have a limited supply of 10 billion, 45% of which can be bought via the project’s presale stages.

Buyers can use the tokens to participate in the project’s tournaments and leagues and buy in-game currency “REPS” with an added 25% bonus. Additionally, users can receive a purchase bonus that begins at 10% for an investment of $500, with a six-month vesting period.

In addition, investors can gain membership perks for holding $FGHT tokens. Buyers of tokens can earn up to 50% rewards as the ongoing presale progresses. Buyers can enter the platform’s Telegram group to stay on top of the latest happenings.

Presale Started 14 December 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

3. C+Charge – Green Crypto To Buy During Bear Market Pioneering EV Charging Industry

C+Charge logoC+Charge has created a revolutionary EV charging payment app that allows for easy and convenient charging and also rewards EV drivers with carbon credits for their actions.

The project has gained significant traction, raising a substantial amount of $333,000 USDT in a short period. At press time, the $CCHG token can be purchased at a low price of $0.013 USDT. With the upcoming presale stage, the token price is expected to rise to $0.0165 USDT, making it a smart investment opportunity for users to consider.

C+Charge Presale Page

The platform has developed a system that promotes sustainability among EV owners. Using the project’s $CCHG tokens to pay for charging their vehicles, EV drivers can earn carbon credits, which can be stored in their crypto wallet.

C+Charge’s app not only rewards EV drivers for their sustainability actions with carbon credits but also offers a host of helpful features to make their EV experience more convenient. The app allows users to keep track of their carbon credit balance in real-time so that they can see the immediate impact of their actions.

Additionally, it provides real-time information on charging station availability and pricing, making it easy for users to plan their trips and find the most cost-effective charging options.

The C+Charge application is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a geolocation feature that allows EV owners to quickly and easily find the nearest charging stations. Furthermore, the C+Charge project’s whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the app’s various features.

$CCHG Tokenomics

$CCHG operates on the Binance Smart Chain, with a finite supply of 1 billion tokens. During the presale stages, 40% of these tokens are available for purchase. One of the unique aspects of $CCHG is that it is removed from the C+Charge ecosystem when used for payments at EV charging stations, making it an efficient and valuable currency for EV owners. 

To stay up-to-date with the latest information about the platform, interested users can join C+charge’s Telegram group for regular updates and announcements.

Presale Started 16 December
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Binance
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

4. Calvaria – Upcoming P2E Card Game to Invest in To Earn In-Game Rewards

Calvaria is a P2E battle NFT card game that hosts monthly tournaments and facilitates staking. The game itself is called Duels of Eternity. There are multiple cities within the Duels of Eternity universe. Each has a range of characters with varying attributes. Each card is an NFT and represents a different character.

For instance, in the city of Arcilla Divina, there is an “agile character” that “relishes in destruction”. Cards can be traded in the marketplace. Most players will prefer the paid version, as they stand to earn rewards during gameplay.

The in-game cryptocurrency in this case is RIA. The project has raised over $2.8 million thus far. Investors who placed an order during the first stage of the presale were able to lock in the price of $1 for 80 RIA tokens. As of writing, Calvaria is in stage five of its presale campaign.

As such, there’s still time for early investors to place an order during the Black Friday crypto bear market – before the tokens inevitably increase in price again.

There will only be one billion RIA tokens in the Calvaria ecosystem, 30% of which will be available to early investors in the various presale stages. 20% of these tokens are allocated to the prize pool. According to the whitepaper, Calvaria’s roadmap includes partnerships with gamers, influencers, and streamers for DoE tournaments.

There will also be an in-house eSports team, offline events, and more. Investors can check out the Calvaria whitepaper for more information.

300M tokens will be up for grabs during the presale stages (30% of the supply). Here’s a complete breakdown of the Calvaria presale process:

Total Supply: 1 Billion RIA

Presale: 300 Million RIA

Stage 1 1 USDT = 100 RIA Price: $0.01
Stage 2 1 USDT = 66.67 RIA Price: $0.015
Stage 3 1 USDT = 50 RIA Price: $0.02
Stage 4 1 USDT = 40 RIA Price: $0.025
Stage 5 1 USDT = 33.33 RIA Price: $0.03
Stage 6 1 USDT = 28.57 RIA Price: $0.035
Stage 7 1 USDT = 25 RIA Price: $0.04
Stage 8 1 USDT = 22.22 RIA Price: $0.045
Stage 9 1 USDT = 20 RIA Price: $0.05
Stage 10 1 USDT = 18.18 RIA Price: $0.055

5. RobotEra – Sandbox-Like Web 3.0 Metaverse and P2E Game Offering High Rewards

For those looking for the best investment during the cryptocurrency bear market, RobotEra is most definitely worth considering. The ecosystem will include a P2E game, whereby players become robots and rebuild a virtual planet in the metaverse.

RobotEra presale review

By mining minerals, gathering raw materials, and constructing factories, players may create ‘robot companions with various traits and abilities. They will be distinct NFTs players can exchange in the marketplace.

Players can buy their own virtual land. Each land parcel is an NFT, and can be sold, or traded on the platform. RobotEra is hosting one of the best crypto presales for those who have played or like the idea of Sandbox. The token that powers the RobtoEra metaverse is TARO, which is also the name of the planet on which the game is set.

During phase one of the RobotEra presale, investors can lock in a price of $0.020 per TARO token. All they need to do is head over to the presale platform and place an order. Once the presale ends, the tokens can be claimed and added to a wallet.

TARO is the best crypto to buy during this dip. Following the first stage, tokens will climb to $0.025. They will continue to increase in price until the campaign ends. As such, the means investors can buy TARO tokens now whilst they are cheap and will lock in an upside on their investment by default with each passing stage of the presale.

To stay abreast with the latest developments, investors can join the RobotEra Telegram channel.

Presale Started November 2022
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 TARO
Max Investment N/A

6. Tamadoge – Breed NFT Pets and Earn TAMA Tokens in The Bear Market

Investors looking for the best crypto to invest in during the bear market could also consider TamadogeThis is one of the best NFT games for fans of P2E titles. Players can breed and take care of their own pets, and earn rewards for winning battles.

Each pet is an NFT and players can battle to try and get to the top of the monthly leaderboard. The roadmap also includes a Tamadoge arcade, linked to the metaverse. There will also be an augmented reality (AR) app that allows players to take their pets hunting for TAMA tokens.

TAMA tokens can be used to play games, buy special items from the pet shop, and earn rewards. Tamadoge also has its own NFT collection, which is available on the popular marketplace OpenSea. 

Tamadoge review

Investors who decide to buy one of Tamadoge’s qualifying NFTs will be able to play arcade games. They will also get a special Tamadoge puppy NFT airdropped once the main game has been officially launched. Tamadoge also runs competitions. For instance, as of writing, it’s possible to complete various tasks to be in with a chance of winning $100k worth of TAMA tokens.

Investors can stay up to date by following the project on Twitter. The market capitalization of this crypto asset is just over $33 million as of writing.

7. Dash 2 trade – Emerging Crypto to Buy During the Bear Market Offering Market Insights 

Dash 2 Trade is the overall best crypto to buy during this dip. Dash 2 Trade is an intelligent analytics platform that’s aiming to be the Bloomberg of the crypto realm. The team has a community of 70,000 traders already because it’s powered by the successful signals and crypto alerts site, Learn 2 Trade.

The platform also has its own currency, D2T, which investors can use to pay for subscription services and access advanced tools. The team at Dash 2 Trade use their years of experience, as well as sophisticated AI to identify crypto opportunities.

Dash 2 Trade Dashboard

These are offered as actionable crypto signals as part of their subscription plan. Signals also incorporate risk management, so the investor will be tipped off on where to place a take profit and a stop-loss order. Dash 2 Trade wants investors to stay informed on potentially profitable trading opportunities.

As such, subscribers can also access a bespoke scoring system for upcoming ICOs and presales. The team vets each crypto project to ensure they are legitimate.

Another useful feature is the backtesting platform that tracks real-world crypto market conditions. This allows investors to take their strategy for a test drive prior to risking any funds. Those researching what crypto to buy during the bear market shouldn’t overlook presales.

dash 2 trade

The platform’s native token, D2T got recently listed on after witnessing a quick sell-out of its presale tokens. Investors can take a look at the whitepaper for further information on the project, and become a member of the Telegram group for regular updates. Additionally, here is a full guide on how to buy Dash 2 Trade.

Presale Started October 19
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment 1,000 D2T
Max Investment N/A

8. IMPT – Green Crypto To Invest in To Offset Carbon Emissions

Environmentally-conscious investors wondering what crypto to buy during the bear market could consider IMPT. The platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and aids investors, businesses, and online shoppers in reducing their carbon footprint. The ecosystem includes a marketplace in which carbon credits (tokenized as NFTs) can be bought, sold, traded, or burned.

Investors can buy IMPT tokens and use them to purchase carbon credits. On the other hand, it’s also possible to earn IMPT tokens by shopping with any of the 10,000 socially-responsible brands that the project has partnered with. Moreover, once the investor has gained enough IMPT rewards they can swap tokens for carbon credits. The IMPT token is already listed on several well-known exchanges like LBANK,, Uniswap and Bitmart.

IMPT Presale

If investors opt to burn their carbon credits, IMPT will give them an NFT. As well as being able to check their own scores in terms of their carbon footprint impact, investors can look at the compensation quality of the brands and initiatives on the platform.

As we mentioned, this also puts early investors at an advantage, as can place an order now, knowing the price will continue to go up throughout the campaign. See the IMPT whitepaper for more information and join the Telegram group for project updates and competitions.

Chain Ethereum
Standard ERC-20
Token Price $0.018
End Date November 25 (Phase 1)
Vesting Unlock Token Generation Event
Team Denis Creighton (CEO), Mike English (CTO), Hugh Phelan (CLO)

9. Lucky Block- Offering Chance to Win Top Rewards through NFT Competitions

LBLOCK is one of the top coins to buy during the bear market. The Lucky Block platform hosts NFT competitions, and LBLOCK is the currency that powers the ecosystem. The competitions held by this platform give crypto and NFT investors the chance to win a house, a luxury five-star holiday, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, and much more.

To gain entry, investors need to purchase the NFT that is connected to the chosen competition. For instance, those that buy and hold a Platinum Rollers Club NFT will be automatically entered into all draws in this category. The prize at this time is a Lamborghini.

Lucky Block releases an NFT for every competition. For the chance to win $1 million worth of BTC tokens, investors need to purchase a ticket in the form of a BTC1M NFT. The NFT associated with the aforementioned five-star holiday is 5HOLIDAY.

Lucky Block review

Investors can head to the platform to find out more, and buy Lucky Block NFTs to gain entry. Version 2 of LBLOCK is built on the Ethereum blockchain. This also acts as a reward token. Those with Lucky Block NFTs in their wallet will earn LBLOCK tokens by default.

At the time of writing, the fully diluted market capitalization of LBLOCK V2 is over $589,000. V1 is built on the BNB smart chain and has a market cap of nearly $6 million.

10. Binance Coin – Native Token of Major Blockchain and Exchange

Binance is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. Its native token, BNB, is one of the most popular investments during a Black Friday crypto bear market. BNB is built on the Binance blockchain and can be used to settle fees on the exchange of the same name.

BNB also comes with discount perks on the platform and can be used as payment for services and goods. Because BNB tokens have various use cases, Binance Coin has remained a top 10 cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Binance Coin review

Some market commentators argue that BNB is the best crypto to buy during the bear market. Based on its price at the time of writing, Binance Coin is trading at a 59% discount when compared with its all-time high of $669 in May 2021. At the time of writing, Binance Coin ranks at number five on CoinMarketCap.

Its market capitalization at this time is over $43 billion. Whilst Binance Coin is still a large-cap currency, it is trading at a fraction of its previous valuation of $109 billion.

11. Ethereum – Large-Cap Crypto With Smart Contract Capabilities

By market capitalization, ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency. Ethereum has been around since 2015 and is a top choice for investors during a cryptocurrency bear market. Ethereum has also established itself as one of the top platforms for decentralized apps.

The Ethereum blockchain supports smart contracts that are compatible with a wide range of applications, and it has emerged as the platform of choice for developers. Ethereum moved over to a proof-of-stake in its ETH 2.0 merge.

Ethereum review

Proof-of-stake replaces the energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus technique previously used by the network. As such, one of the main critiques of the crypto industry is being addressed, which is predicted to cut Ethereum’s carbon footprint by up to 99.95%.

For many, ETH is the best crypto to buy during this dip. At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at a discount of almost 74% compared with its all-time high of $4,635 in November 2021. The market capitalization of Ethereum is around $150 billion.

12. Bitcoin – Buy The Dip on The Original Decentralized Digital Currency

Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency. BTC tokens were first released in January 2009 as a peer-to-peer payment method. The idea was to give people a currency free of control from central banks and traditional financial institutions.

By removing third-party intermediaries there was no longer a need to trust governments or banks’ monetary policies. By market capitalization, Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in existence. Investors can use it to make purchases both online and offline. Alternatively, investors can keep the asset in their portfolio, which is known as HODLing.

Bitcoin review

According to a survey carried out in July 2022, 55% of investors buy Bitcoin as part of a long-term strategy. Following the collapse of the FTX exchange, in addition to the ongoing bear market, Bitcoin tokens are almost 75% cheaper than during the all-time high of around $69,000.

As such, investors deciding what crypto to buy during the bear market could consider adding BTC tokens to their portfolio whilst they are trading at a huge discount.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin is over $322 billion at the time of writing. Its all-time highest market capitalization was $1.2 trillion and this occurred on November 10th, 2021.

13. Polkadot – Sharded Multichain Protocol Facilitating Inoperability

Polkadot addresses scalability and interoperability, two of the main problems affecting the industry. Polkadot is among the most active ecosystem of its kind, as evidenced by the number of monthly developers using it.

The native token of this open-source, multichain, protocol is DOT, which was initially released in October 2017. Another ICO was held in 2020. The fact this network can handle a sizable number of transactions on multiple chains in parallel makes it ultra-scalable.

Polkadot review

As of writing, DOT is ranked number 11 in terms of market capitalization. November 9th, 2021 saw DOT reach an all-time high of around $53 per token. Investors who think Polkadot’s native token is the best crypto to buy during the bear market can purchase DOT for an 89% discount compared with its aforementioned 2021 peak.

Polkadot has a market capitalization of $6.4 billion as of writing.

Are we Still in a Bear Market in 2023?

We’ve talked about the 13 best crypto to buy during the bear market. However, investors might be unsure if the cryptocurrency bear market is still ongoing.

As of writing, the cryptocurrency bear market is very much in full swing – see below:

  • In 2022, almost all asset classes suffered losses
  • For instance, year-to-date, the S&P 500 is down over 17.5%.
  • Bitcoin was around $69,000 in November 2021. Today, it is worth 75% less
  • According to data supplied by CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrencies had a market capitalization of over $2.1 trillion at the start of 2022
  • At the time of writing, the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has plummeted to $836 billion
  • As such, during 2022, cryptocurrencies have lost 60% of their market capitalization
  • Taking Bitcoin out of the equation, year-to-date, cryptocurrencies have gone from over $1.3 trillion to $514.5 billion

According to most analysts, an official bear market is generally defined as a decline of 20%. As such, we are still in a bear market right now.

What Starts a Crypto Bear Market?

Before deciding on the best crypto to buy during this dip, it’s a good idea for investors to familiarize themselves with how bear markets start.

This will enable them to better identify an upcoming downturn and find coins to buy during the bear market.

Total crypto market cap

Things that can cause a crypto bear market include the following:

  • Global health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • High-interest rates and rising inflation
  • Negative crypto news; such as an exchange being hacked, regulatory issues, or bankruptcy
  • Conflicts such as the Russia/Ukraine war

Although the market was down prior to the potential bankruptcy of the FTX exchange in 2022, it crashed further as more information emerged. It’s reported that investors withdrew $6 billion in crypto assets over the few days that followed the news, through fear of losing their tokens.

Additionally, Binance, the world’s largest exchange, sold $500 million worth of FTX’s native token – FTT, following the news. Binance was an early investor in FTX, however Changpeng Zhao, the chief executive sold his stake back to FTX in 2021.

In late 2022, reports emerged that Binance was willing to rescue the FTX exchange. However, this deal fell through, with Binance stating that the FTX exchange had too many issues to justify its bailing FTX out financially.

Taking all of this into account, the current bear market could be extended further.

When will the Bear Market Finish?

Newbie investors might be wondering – how long will the crypto market bear market last?

There is no definitive answer, as estimates vary depending on the source, and of course the circumstances. According to Forbes, the 2018 bear market lasted around two and a half years.

According to CoinDesk, the bear market might continue until late 2023, while other platforms suggest that it could be corrected earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Forbes suggests the average crypto bear market lasts 289 days.

It’s also worth noting that digital currencies and equities can correlate. That’s another thing for investors to look out for as oftentimes, the aforementioned factors can kickstart a bear market across multiple assets and sectors.

Should Investors Buy Crypto During a Bear Market?

Investors researching crypto market bear markets might find the idea of making purchases during a crash intimidating.

After all, cryptocurrencies are one of the most volatile asset classes. That said, it is possible to dilute some of the risk involved by creating a diverse portfolio.

  • Investors might allocate some of their funds to large-cap currencies they know to have high liquidity, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • The same investor could also place an order on presale tokens they believe have the potential to be the next cryptocurrency to explode
  • Once an order has been placed on a presale token like D2T, the price is locked in. This discounted crypto can be claimed after the final stage of presale

It’s also important for the investor to consider their tolerance for risk. After all, a bear market is an uncertain time.

However, it also presents an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency at a huge discount. If or when the token in question recovers, investors who take the risk could see gains when the next bull run kicks in.

Choosing Crypto Assets to Invest in During a Bear Market

We’ve analyzed and ranked the best crypto to buy during the bear market. It’s also important for investors to carry out their own research.

As such, below is a list of considerations for investors to bear in mind when picking coins to buy during the bear market.

Large-Cap Tokens With an Established Record

Many currencies failed to recover, even in the less severe crypto bear markets gone by. As we’ve touched on, some investors chose to buy large-cap currencies on the dip during a bear market. The logic is that the largest cryptocurrencies, much like blue-chip equities, are probably going to withstand the storm in the long run.

For example, in the present bear market, Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, is among the most popular investments. In the more established financial markets, Bitcoin is gaining institutional adoption.

BTC and ETH market dominance

Ethereum is another large-cap asset some investors look to buy during the Black Friday crypto bear market. As of writing, BTC has a market dominance of 38.4% and ETH has 17.8%. That means that Bitcoin and Ethereum represent over 56% of the crypto market. They are both highly liquid and therefore easy to sell in any crypto season.

Presale Tokens With a USP

Those looking for the best crypto to buy during the bear market should also consider presale projects with a unique selling point, or USP. This type of crypto project usually stands a better chance of succeeding once its native currency is listed and has a large audience.

Meta Masters Guild, the P2E crypto gaming platform we reviewed earlier, is a good illustration of this. The platform offers a variety of fun-filled games along with an opportunity to make additional income for players. As we said, $MEMAG is still in its presale and has every chance of taking off once it’s listed on prominent exchanges. Early Buyers also stand a chance to win tokens worth $100k.


That brings us to the end of our guide on the 13 best crypto to buy during the bear market. We’ve analyzed the cryptocurrencies we believe have the potential to be good long-term investments during and beyond the bear market.

This includes a selection of presale projects, NFT P2E tokens, carbon credit programs, competition platforms, and large-cap well-established cryptocurrencies.

One of the best presales is Meta Masters Guild, a new-age gaming project with industry-leading P2E rewards. The platform has already lined up a few games with an easy-to-use interface and a solid earning opportunity for users. Currently, buyers can grab the $MEMAG tokens for a discounted rate of $0.01 USDT. 

Meta Masters Guild - Next Big Crypto Game

Our Rating

MEMAG token
  • Backed by Leading Game Studios
  • Early Round Presale Live Now
  • Low Hard Cap, No Vesting
  • Playable NFTs, Rewards, Staking
  • Solid Proof & CoinSniper Audited
MEMAG token


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