Investors worldwide have profited from the cryptocurrency market, but understanding the associated tax liabilities can be complex. To simplify the process and reduce errors, we’ve completed a list of the top crypto tax software options to automate your yearly taxes.

Compare and find the best crypto tax software based on features like ease of use, fees, pricing, currency support, and customer service.

Best Crypto Tax Software: Top Tools

  1. ZenLedger: Overall Best Crypto Tax Software
  2. Koinly: Super-Fast Crypto Tax Software
  3. Tokentax: Best Crypto Tax Software for Complex Filing
  4. CoinLedger: Cryptocurrency & NFT Tax Software
  5. Taxbit: A Pioneer in Crypto Tax Software
  6. Bitcoin Taxes: Best Crypto Tax Software for Comprehensive Services
  7. Coin tracking: Leader for Crypto Tax Reporting
  8. Cryptotax Calculator: Best for Precise Crypto Tax Calculations
  9. Accounting: One-Stop Solution for all Crypto Tax Needs
  10. Turbotax: Most Easy-to-Use Crypto Tax Software

Best Crypto Tax Software Reviews – Compared

Let’s now take a deeper look into each of the above-mentioned tools so that you can choose the best crypto tax software for your individual needs. This analysis serves as a comprehensive crypto tax software comparison.

1. ZenLedger: Overall Best Crypto Tax Software

If you are looking for a platform to track your transactions, keep an eye on the profit and loss you make, and get the best returns on your taxes, then make sure you check out ZenLedger. Designed for accurate tax filing to protect you from overpaying, ZenLedger is best known for being fast and user-friendly.

ZenLedger is super simple. All you have to do is import your transaction history, review the data and download the form. This software also supports up to 400+ exchanges and more than 30 De-Fi protocols. No matter where and on what you invest your money, you always have a reliable partner to do your cryptocurrency taxes.

ZenLedger offers excellent customer support through chat, email, and phone calls, available seven days a week.

ZenLedger homepage

Best Features

  • Its tax harvesting tools allow you to make smart decisions while trading and save money. You can see the difference it makes with its detailed tax reports.
  • It offers a spreadsheet with all information about your past transaction history collated in one place to simplify keeping track of a higher number of transactions.
  • ZenLedger uses a two-factor authentication login process for every user to keep their data secure and their transactions private.
  • With more than 50000 happy customers and over $2.5 billion, ZenLedger has proved reliable and efficient with crypto taxes.


ZenLedger offers a free plan for up to 25 transactions. After that, you can choose any of these paid plans

  • $49/tax year
  • Up to 100 transactions
  • $149/tax year
  • Up to 5000 transactions
  • $399/tax year
  • Up to 15000 transactions
  • $999/tax year
  • Unlimited transactions


  • Fast & Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Experienced with 50k+ customers
  • 2FA for extra security


  • Local tax forms are only available for users in the USA

2. Koinly: Super-Fast Crypto Tax Software

Koinly is a popular crypto tax software specializing in super-fast tax calculation and reporting. As the application claims, you can get your digital asset tax done in under 20 minutes. Available in more than 20 countries, Koinly not only does your taxes but also gives you easy tips on reducing your taxes for the next financial year.

Connecting your transactions to your Koinly account is super easy. You can either upload a .csv file or use its API to connect your investment accounts and let Koinly directly import all the necessary data. The most exciting part is that it supports 300+ exchanges and wallets.

koinly homepage

Best Features

  • An informative dashboard to give you a glimpse into your profit or loss for a given financial year, total growth, ROI, current holdings, etc
  • Koinly tax reports are guaranteed to pass every audit. You can even download them for your team to view.
  • Its smart transform matching technology will automatically detect transactions made between your own accounts to exclude them from your tax reports.
  • Its double-entry ledger system keeps track of every transaction you make to simplify error tracking and debugging in the future.


Koinly offers a terrific plan with up to 10,000 free transactions, portfolio tracking, capital gain review, etc.

You can also switch to any of its paid plans:

  • Newbie plan for $49 per tax year
  • Holder plan for $99 per tax year
  • Trader plan for $179 per tax year

The best part is that each plan gets responsive email support and has almost similar features, barring a few additional benefits in the Trader plan.


  • Quick and efficient
  • 100% accurate audits
  • Best tips on reducing taxes
  • Easy data import and export


  • Does not accept crypto as a service payment

3. Tokentax: Best Tax Software Crypto For Complex Filing

Tokentax is one of the best crypto tax calculator software and a full-fledged crypto tax accounting firm, making its services much more reliable, comprehensive, and accurate.

Proficient in deep Crypto, Defi, and NFT, experts at Tokentax have years of experience in this industry, giving you the best returns and saving hacks every financial year. Tokentax seamlessly integrates with your wallets and digital assets.

toketax homepage

Best Features

  • It eliminates manual data entry and automatically syncs your wallets to import transaction history. Auto-syncing also makes finding and fixing errors easier.
  • You can always track your tax liability in real-time so that the numbers never catch you by surprise.
  • Tokentax has every tax form you will need, including international forms. For further assistance, you can also integrate it with applications like Turbotax.
  • If you have complex needs like a higher number of transactions, missing data, or cross-chain transactions, Tokentax experts are well-equipped to help you with the best possible returns.


Tokentax offers 4 paid plans. Let’s take a look:

  • $65/ tax year
  • Upto 500 transactions
  • $199/ tax year
  • Upto 5000 transactions
  • $799/ tax year
  • Upto 20000 transactions
  • $3499/ tax year
  • Upto 3000 transactions


  • Helmed by a tax accounting firm
  • Auto data syncing and management
  • Auto-generated forms and reports
  • Well-equipped to deal with a crisis


  • No free plan or trial

4. CoinLedger – Cryptocurrency & NFT Tax Software

CoinLedger , formerly known as CryptoTrader, is slick and is designed to be easy for anyone to use — even if you’re not a tech or finance expert. Just connect your wallets and exchanges and generate your tax report in minutes. 

Unlike other platforms, CoinLedger’s customer service team is available for all customers via chat and email. Their stellar support is why the company is rated 4.8 stars on Trustpilot with more than 500 reviews. 

coinledger homepage

Best Features

  • CoinLedger allows investors to track their crypto portfolio for free — you can view your gains & losses across all wallets and exchanges. 
  • CoinLedger gives customers a tax-loss harvesting report — which can help you save thousands of dollars on your tax bill. 
  • If you’re transacting on blockchains like Ethereum, enter your wallet address and CoinLedger will calculate your gains & losses. 
  • You can easily import your CoinLedger tax report into platforms like TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct, and Taxslayer.


  • Import your data and track your portfolio
  • $49/tax year
  • Up to 100 transactions
Day Trader
  • $99/tax year
  • Up to 1,500 transactions
High Volume 
  • $199/tax year
  • Up to 5,000 transactions
  • $299/tax year
  • Unlimited transactions


  • Integrates with 300+ exchanges and blockchains — including Coinbase and Ethereum
  • Automatic data syncs to help you track your gains and losses
  • Easy to use
  • Customer support available 7 days a week on chat and email


  • Does not accept crypto as a service payment. 

5. Taxbit: A Pioneer in Crypto Tax

Taxbit is a leading crypto tax software catering to the taxing and financial needs of individuals, large enterprises, and government agencies dealing with digital assets. CPAs and tax attorneys design the tool, so rest assured you’ll only get the best results with Taxbit.

Also, its SOC 2 certification guarantees 100% data safety. APIs seamlessly integrate with any native platform and are trusted by some of the largest government organizations.

Taxbit homepage

Best Features

  • Separate features and experts to look after individual and enterprise needs
  • Unlike other unreliable applications that use bots, every process at Taxbit is carried out by a real expert with experience.
  • Manages every type of digital asset and offers excellent portfolio management services
  • It comes with intelligent optimization tools for smart tax calculation and gets you the best returns and financial advice


Taxbit has a free plan covering unlimited transactions and offers enough features to get your taxes done. If you require additional help, you can check out its paid plans:

  • $50/year
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Email + live web support
  • $175/year
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Email + live web support
  • $500/year
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Email + live web support+ dedicated concierge


  • Proven record of expertise
  • 100% data security
  • Compatible with every type of digital asset
  • Helmed by real tax experts


  • Limited auto-syncing opportunity

6. Bitcoin Taxes: Best Tax Crypto Software For Comprehensive Services

If you need comprehensive crypto tax services and audit defense, you must try Bitcoin Taxes. Its experts not only help you file your taxes but can also help you get started with crypto investments.

Bitcoin Taxes is also well-equipped to handle complicated crypto accounts with missing transactions, lost records, or even unmatched transactions. It is helpful even if you need assistance with complex crypto trading like margin trading, Airdrops, wash sales, and staking.

Bitcoin Taxes offers an audit defense system that ensures accurate tax filing, and provides legal defense if needed. The company is ready to support you in defending yourself before the IRS or in response to a criminal investigation.

bitcoin taxes homepage

Best Features

  • Allows you to seamlessly import your income and trading information from wallets and online trading platforms like Coinbase, Bitpay, KuCoin, Kraken, etc
  • It helps you review and monitor all your individual addresses and track your capital gains from every trading platform in one place.
  • Easily integrate with applications like TurboTax and TaxACT to help you with additional taxing responsibilities.
  • Detailed reports for every stage, easy tax form downloads, and consistent support throughout the year


  • Up to 20 transactions
  • Email support
  • All standard features
  • $39.95/ tax year
  • Up to 1000 transactions
  • Email support
  • All standard features
Premium Extra
  • $49.95/ tax year
  • Up to 5000 transactions
  • Email support
  • All standard features
  • $59.95/ tax year
  • Up to 10000 transactions
  • Email support
  • All standard features


  • A comprehensive suite of services
  • Easy data imports
  • Compatible with multiple trading platforms
  • Simple integrations with TurboTax and TaxACT for better service


  • Only offers email support

7. Cointracking: Most Widely Available Crypto Tax Software

Cointracking offers you much more than just tax filing. With this application, you can track your profits and losses, find out realized and unrealized gains, and check out the value of your coins and assets from a single intuitive dashboard.

With over 1,521,000 active users and portfolios worth $41.5B, Cointracking is transparent, experienced, and reliable.

Compatible with 14 different tax methods, it is available in over 100 countries, making it one of the largest crypto tax software.

With its two-factor authentication and data and API encryption, Cointracking does all the work for you without ever requesting access to exchanges to get the best returns on your taxes without compromising your financial privacy.

Cointracking homepage

Best Features

  • With over 25 customizable reports, you can easily access all your transaction history, profits and losses, gains, and assets.
  • To help you get started, it offers detailed tutorials, video instructions, and an extensive section of frequently asked questions.
  • Works for both individual crypto traders and crypto agencies with diverse investment and tax filing features
  • Easy transaction data import and declaration with consistent professional help from the Cointracking team


  • 200 transactions
  • 2 Back-ups
  • $10.99/month
  • 3500 transactions
  • 5 Back-ups
  • $16.99/month
  • 20000 transactions
  • 10 Back-ups
  • $54.99/month
  • Unlimited transactions
  • 20 Back-ups


  • Widely available
  • Easy onboarding
  • Chart history for 18778 coins
  • Easy imports and declaration


  • Inefficient mobile apps

8. Cryptotax Calculator: Best For Precise Crypto Tax Calculations

CryptoTax Calculator smoothly integrates with several popular exchanges and uses your data to provide highly detailed computations.

It considers airdrops, Defi staking rewards, mining, and ICO participation and will streamline the tax calculation process by connecting directly to your exchange information, classifying transaction history, and processing the data to generate tax reports based on the assessment.

Its algorithm will do all the computations for you and provide detailed tax reports showing your capital gains and income. You may then easily input the information into your tax program or send it to your accountant. 

cryptotax calculator homepage

Best Features

  • Supports over 400 platforms
  • Optimized for Defi and NFT transactions
  • Supports tax rules in 21 countries
  • It can generate tax reports for all fiscal years
  • You can keep track of your crypto holdings as well as your taxes



The Rookie plan starts at $49, allows for up to 100 transactions, and is perfect for crypto enthusiasts or holders.

The features this tier tags are:

  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Exchange API Sync
  • Capital gains tax report
  • Inventory report
  • Income tax report
  • Online chat support

The hobbyist plan starts at $99, offers up to 1000 transactions, all features included in the rookie plan, and supports storing assets in wallets.


The Investor plan starts at $189, allows for up to 10,000 transactions, and covers Defi, derivatives, DEXs, staking. It also offers all the features of the two plans discussed above.


The Traders plan starts at $299, allows for up to 100,000 transactions, and offers all the features of the Investor plan. You can also analyze different tax strategies with the Traders plan.

Note that all four plans belong to the Personal and Accountant pricing segments. Get a custom quote here.


  • Automated data import
  • Exchange integration
  • Supports tax filing software exports
  • Excellent online chat support
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Crypto payments are not accepted

9. Accointing: One-stop Solution For All Your Crypto Tax Needs

Accointing provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you track and manage your crypto taxes in a user-friendly and straightforward manner.

Accointing supports over 300 exchanges and connects your wallets through API or CSV. The tool also serves as a dashboard for tracking Bitcoin portfolios.

You can also check your past performance, assess your portfolio gains and losses, and import all transactions automatically via API Connect, Wallet address, and manual input.

Accounting by Blockpit homepage

Best Features

  • Personalized dashboard with simple yet insightful visualizations to extract the actual value of your data.
  • Flexible features allow you to develop custom tax schemes.
  • Holding Period Assistance provides guided tax options
  • Comprehensive and simple-to-understand tax reports
  • Supports European and American tax reports.


Free Tax Plan

Cryptocurrency newbies can try Accointing’s free plan to curate a tax form for up to 25 transactions.

Hobbyist Plan

The Hobbyist plan costs $79 and allows up to 500 transactions for each taxation. It includes email support, a tax-loss harvesting tool, and a crypto tracker app.

Trader Plan

This plan costs $199 and allows 5,000 transactions per tax form. All of the features available in the Hobbyist plan are also included in this package.

Pro Plan

Professional traders should go with the Pro plan, costing $299, since it’ll fetch them 50,000 transactions per tax report.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports over 300 wallets and exchanges
  • Compatible with over 7,500 currencies
  • Available for both desktop and mobile
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Tracks your cryptocurrency portfolio


  • No Schedule D or other IRS forms

10. Turbotax: Most Easy-to-use Crypto Tax Software

TurboTax is one of the most widely used tax software applications, and not just for crypto. It is a convenient choice since it offers a variety of online tax planning choices, is compatible with various devices, and allows you to save your filing process.

One key feature of TurboTax is its ability to upgrade to a greater degree of tax assistance. There are also online resources to assist you with the procedure, such as a document checklist and a tax refund estimate calculator.

Turbotax intuit homepage

Best Features

  • If you upgrade to TurboTax Live, you’ll be able to speak with a tax expert
  • Simple options for uploading and importing data
  • You can easily import previous returns into TurboTax via PDF
  • The asset depreciation function in TurboTax keeps track of how much your significant purchases have depreciated over time
  • TurboTax guarantees 100% accurate calculations


TurboTax’s pricing is a simple two-plan scheme:

Free Plan

The TurboTax free forever plan is suitable for those with simple tax returns.

Self-Employed Plan

The self-employed plan costs around $199 and is best for those with more complicated tax filing requirements who wish to speak directly with a tax expert to clarify doubts.


  • Impeccable user experience
  • Personalized explanations of tax calculations
  • Friendly interview Q&A
  • Provides virtual support options and help resources
  • Covers tax topics in exceptional depth
  • Sound security measures


  • A tad expensive

What To Look For In A Crypto Tax Software?

With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular and an increasing number of people starting to trade in crypto, several software solutions have emerged. If you are trying to find the best crypto tax software to help you keep track of your taxes, check for the following aspects among your options:

1. Flexibility

As of now, a wide variety of cryptocurrencies are available for purchase. With the crypto tax software, you should be able to integrate with all the popular tokens. This way, if you are investing in multiple cryptocurrencies, you can still use the same app to calculate all the taxes.

Switching between apps and manually adding up the taxation on different tokens doesn’t sit well with you if you’re big on user experience. Even if you invest in only one crypto at the moment, such flexible tax software will allow you to switch to other tokens later without any complexities of tax calculations.

2. Automated Data Input

The whole point of using crypto tax software is to avoid dealing with all your data manually. The data includes the dates, the price of the tokens at the time of transactions, the number of tokens, how long you held the tokens, etc.

Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, but it might be an arduous task if you are a professional trader making many transactions daily. Moreover, manual input of data also opens up the chances of errors.

So, you must look for cryptocurrency tax software that can automatically input data from your wallet every time you make a transaction. Also, ensure the software is compatible with all major crypto wallets.

3. Reliability

Mistakes in calculating your taxes can be expensive, leading to hefty penalties. If the IRS notices any discrepancies in your submitted reports, you could even face tax evasion charges. Hence, picking a reliable crypto tax software with a good reputation is extremely important.

Check user reviews of a software before you decide to use it; getting insights into the experiences of other users would help you understand how reliable a software is.

4. Accurate Ready-to-use Paperwork

Working with just the IRS Form 8949 can be a complex task. To help users, most crypto tax software offers pre-filled paperwork that you can easily download and file.

However, make sure that the crypto tax calculator in the software offers 100% accuracy so you can fully rely on the pre-filled forms. A good tax software will provide comprehensive paperwork that includes your audit track, international taxes, gains and losses, etc.

5. Features

It’s understandable that different crypto tax softwares would have their own range of features. But here are a few key features that you must look for while trying to identify the best software to manage your crypto tax:

  • The software should be capable of identifying the transactions made between your own wallets. Accidentally counting these transactions can cause you to pay more taxes.
  • In case there are any duplicate transactions, the software should be able to identify and remove them from your forms. This will save you the hassle of checking for such transactions yourself.
  • A good tax software will have a comprehensive dashboard that provides all the relevant information in one place. A well-designed dashboard can significantly simplify the whole process of handling the taxes.
  • Some of the top crypto tax software also enables users to hire a team of tax professionals to double-check the reports and handle other tasks. This feature may prove helpful if you are too busy with your crypto trade.

A crypto tax software offering all these features can ensure a hassle-free experience.

6. Pricing

Last but not the least, consider how much it will cost you to use a particular software to calculate and manage your crypto taxes. Different software charges different prices based on factors like the range of integrations, bandwidth, the number of transactions you make, etc.

While you shouldn’t spend on overpriced software, sometimes paying a higher premium for a better tax software is indeed worth it. 


Hopefully, this list of the best crypto tax software options can help you reduce errors and automate the process. These software programs use data from your exchange to compile records of your profits and losses. On top of that, many crypto tax software providers offer other reports and services based on your individual needs.

To ensure that you choose the right crypto tax software, it’s important to consider all the key factors.


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