Being able to track current crypto prices in real time is useful for a trader in order to react to market movements quickly and accurately, and plan trades in advance. A huge number of online crypto price tracker sites now exist for that purpose, but which is the best to use in 2023?

List of Crypto Price Tracker Sites for Traders

Most investors and traders tend to use one or more of the websites below to track crypto price fluctuations, alongside the actual crypto exchange they choose to trade on – we’ve also included some our picks for the best cryptocurrency exchanges below that make it easy to track crypto coin prices:

  • CoinCodex – Best Crypto Tracking Site for Price Predictions in 2023
  • Dash 2 Trade – Upcoming Crypto Analytics Tool for 2023 With Price Tracking
  • eToro – Well Regulated Crypto Exchange with Mobile App to Track Live Crypto Prices
  • OKX – Trusted Crypto Exchange with Margin Trading, Real Time Crypto Prices
  • CoinMarketCap – Most Popular Cryptocurrency Price Tracker
  • CoinGecko – Widely Used Crypto & NFT Price Tracker
  • TradingView – Leading Crypto Price Chart Software
  • Coinbase – Track Crypto Prices In Different Currencies
  • Binance – Track Altcoin Crypto Prices – 600+ New Altcoins Listed
  • Live Coin Watch – Compare Live Crypto Coin Prices, Free Crypto Price API

Reviews of the Best Cryptocurrency Price Trackers

Below we explore in detail what each of the crypto price trackers on our list does well, and their various features and tools investors and traders can benefit from:

1. CoinCodex – Best Crypto Tracking Site for Price Predictions

Founded by David Černuta in 2017 right before the crypto bull run of that year, CoinCodex describes itself as a cryptocurrency data website that tracks 21870 cryptocurrencies trading on 413 exchanges and provides live crypto prices, as well as other useful metrics like the total crypto market cap – $831 billion today, up 0.05% in the past 24 hours – and Bitcoin dominance.

CoinCodex crypto price tracker site

Current crypto prices and trending coins – via

What makes CoinCodex stand out above and beyond just being a website to track current crypto prices however is the little things – CoinCodex also tracks the performance of the latest Binance IEOs, the current ETH gas fees, upcoming token sales and ICOs, writes detailed reviews of exchanges, curates the latest news for each crypto asset, allows you to set up portfolio tracking, offers a newsletter, has an app to track crypto prices on the go, and more.

Its most unique feature is also one of the most useful for users – crypto price predictions. For example while the current Bitcoin price today at the time of writing is $16,857, CoinCodex provides a free Bitcoin price prediction for the next five days and one month, forecasting it to grow in value and trade higher.

CoinCodex crypto price prediction

Bitcoin price prediction today

CoinCodex makes its BTC price prediction by taking into account various technical indicators, market sentiment, recent volatility, the fear and greed index, year on year growth averages and more. It provides similar crypto price predictions for all the altcoins tracked on its site, even newer low market cap coins – a useful tool to bookmark and add to your arsenal as a trader. Extra price data is available for users that create an account and log in.

In an interview with the CoinCodex CEO explained that the site’s founders are all ‘cryptocurrency fans‘ that follow new trends and developments in the ecosystem closely, and that passion is displayed in the wide range of crypto tools CoinCodex offers.

2. Dash 2 Trade – Upcoming Crypto Analytics Tool for 2023 With Price Tracking

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto project set to come out in Q1 2023 that will revolutionize the tracking of the cryptocurrency markets for traders, in many more ways than just monitoring price action.

Built by traders, for traders, part of its dashboard will allow traders to analyze and predict the potential future price of new altcoins and presale tokens yet to launch, and brand-new token listings on exchanges – which are often not yet tracked by sites like CoinCodex and CoinMarketCap that early on in their development.

Dash 2 Trade is the brainchild of an existing community of 70,000+ traders at Learn 2 Trade, a crypto signals provider established in 2003, predating cryptocurrency – at that time it focused on the forex markets, before also branching out into crypto after the inception of Bitcoin.

Learn more about Dash 2 Trade and other upcoming projects on our list of the best crypto presales.

3. eToro – Well Regulated Crypto Exchange with Mobile App to Track Live Crypto Prices

eToro is one of the safest crypto exchanges online, and was unaffected by the many insolvency and bankruptcy issues that affected various crypto platforms throughout 2022.

As well as being a trusted site to buy cryptocurrency, it provides useful information on current crypto price movements each day, in its ‘daily movers’ feed including which assets are up and down, and the most trending cryptocurrencies.

etoro crypto price tracking

Crypto price movements today via

eToro is also well known for being a social trading platform, i.e. one that traders can network with each other on and optionally decide to copy trade others if they wish. If you’re a beginner to trading and find crypto price volatility difficult to navigate – cryptocurrency prices fluctuate much more than other financial markets like stocks or FX – you may prefer to make use of its copy trading tools.

4. OKX – Trusted Crypto Exchange with Margin Trading, Real Time Crypto Prices

While eToro doesn’t offer leverage on cryptocurrency, OKX does and it is another well-trusted crypto exchange, ranked in the top three exchanges by trust score on CoinGecko, and the top ten on CoinMarketCap.

For that reason we rank it highly on our list of the best crypto price trackers – staying up to date with cryptocurrency prices is particularly important if you long or short crypto assets rather than just passively holding them, as small price movements amplify your gains or losses on a leveraged position.

OKX crypto price tracker

Layer 2 crypto prices via

On its crypto prices feed OKX exchange (formerly known as OKEx) makes it possible to filter for different types of cryptocurrency, from football fan tokens to NFT coins, and different blockchains.

OKX also lists some of the best new altcoins including ones we’ve followed on this site from the presale stage, such as meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA). View its price chart and sign up at OKX via the link below.

CoinMarketCap or ‘CMC’ for short has grown to become the highest trafficked crypto website in the industry, and as its website mentions it is frequently cited by major news outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg and Reuters for real time crypto price data.

CoinMarketCap crypto prices

The top 10 cryptos by market cap

CoinMarketCap had first mover advantage – it was one of the first independent live crypto price tracking websites to exist, founded back in 2013. In 2020 it was then acquired by Binance. Today a new cryptocurrency in a sense doesn’t yet exist until it is included on CMC with its price tracking and charting, such is its popularity.

Beyond its brand recognition however, CoinMarketCap doesn’t offer many unique tools, and has been criticized for charting dubious tokens on DEX platforms (decentralized exchanges) that later turned out to be scams and rug pulls. CoinMarketCap displays warnings for speculative tokens that may have manipulated smart contracts, but those warnings are often displayed too late.

6. CoinGecko – Widely Used Crypto & NFT Price Tracker

Founded in 2014 in Malaysia as a competitor to CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko has steadily grown in popularity and some now prefer it to CMC. In some aspects it goes further than CMC to provide, in its words, a 360 degree overview of the crypto market and empower users with actionable insights.

Coingecko crypto and NFT price tracker

CoinGecko NFT price tracking

For example CoinGecko produces regular state of the industry reports into the cryptocurrency and NFT markets. We reported on their eleven page NFT survey earlier this year.

CoinGecko also provide educational materials, a podcast, and their Gecko Terminal which tracks and charts crypto prices for low cap coins on decentralized platforms like Uniswap, PancakeSwap and SushiSwap.

7. TradingView – Leading Crypto Price Chart Software

TradingView is often cited as the most popular crypto charting tool, and its technical indicators have been integrated within many crypto exchanges. Since its also allows users to set up a watchlist and receive price alerts by email, no list of the best crypto price trackers would be complete without it.

total crypto market cap tradingview

Total DeFi market cap – via TradingView

TradingView can also be used to chart things not offered on other crypto tracking sites like the market cap of DeFi coins, and other financial markets like the S&P 500, the DXY, and commodities.

8. Coinbase – Track Crypto Prices In Different Currencies

Coinbase is the most used crypto exchange in the United States, and alongside the 150+ cryptos it has listed to trade, Coinbase also tracks live crypto prices of assets it has not yet listed. For that reason its often used as a resource for traders even if they don’t use Coinbase directly.

coinbase crypto price tracking

Top crypto price gainers, in THB – via Coinbase

For example it currently tracks crypto prices of over 17,000 assets on the market, even though most aren’t available to trade on Coinbase. Those can then be displayed in a range of different international currencies.

Bear in mind that assets showing high percentage gains in the past day may be scams, or the result of low liquidity on small decentralized exchanges. See our guide to understanding top crypto gainers data.

9. Binance – Track Altcoin Crypto Prices – 600 New Altcoins Listed

Binance is known for having the highest trading volume of any crypto exchange, and for listing the most altcoins – over 600 crypto coins alongside Bitcoin are listed on its international platform. Although considerably less are available on its USA facing site, Binance US.

Tamadoge crypto price chart binance

A new altcoin price chart via Binance

Like Coinbase, Binance displays real time crypto price information for many tokens that it hasn’t listed. See our full review of Binance.

10. Live Coin Watch – Compare Live Crypto Coin Prices, Free Crypto Price API

Rounding out our list of the best cryptocurrency price trackers is another website that’s been around since the 2017 crypto bull run – Live Coin Watch.

livecoinwatch crypto prices

Trending crypto coins via Live Coin Watch

As well as being a popular site to track live crypto prices, volume and the latest trends, Live Coin Watch also stands out for its many free widgets like its scrolling Marquee widget of crypto prices and their tickers. It also offers a crypto price API currently in beta.

Readers may also be interested in our guide to the best crypto tools.

Best App to Track Crypto Prices

In terms of how to track crypto prices on your mobile device or tablet to trade on the go, many of the top ten cryptocurrency price tracker sites we reviewed on our list above do also have a mobile app.

Track real time crypto prices on your phone using the CoinCodex crypto price tracker for iOS or Android, which has an average rating of 4.7/5 based on 5000+ reviews from users.

best app to track crypto prices

Also see our guide to the best crypto apps for other aspects of investing such as buying and selling crypto, copytrading and staking.

What Determines Crypto Price Movements Up or Down?

Cryptocurrency price trackers collate their data from the hundreds of crypto and altcoin exchanges across the market, but what affects crypto price to make it go up or down?

Alongside the simple answer of buys and sells, crypto price volatility can be affected by long and short liquidations, breaking crypto news events, overall market sentiment, liquidity, a supply shock or demand shock and more. On a low timeframe, technical analysis also comes into play such as an important support or resistance line being lost or broken. See our beginner’s guide on how to trade cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin price chart

Bitcoin price chart 2018 – 2023, via Binance

Heading into 2023, the bear market dubbed ‘crypto winter’ is still playing out in the wake of FTX exchange’s insolvency and some market participants fearing that crypto contagion may spread to other exchanges like Binance.

The Bitcoin price on a high timeframe has also been increasingly correlated to the stock market and the Fed’s actions – some top traders noted that the 2021 crypto bull run was likely the result of macroeconomic factors such as the Federal reserve implementing quantitative easing, whereas in 2022 they pivoted to quantitative tightening.


Many websites have been developed to track and compare crypto prices in real time using an API and the latest data from the hundreds of crypto exchanges across the market, including live price charts and market capitalization data. So many that the best crypto price trackers really have to add something extra to be worthy of bookmarking.

CoinCodex was our pick for the best site to track crypto prices right now for all the additional perks it offers – like price predictions, analysis of crypto ICOs, and breaking crypto news alerts. We also reviewed an upcoming bespoke crypto analytics tool, Dash 2 Trade, set to launch in Q1 2023 and offer a full dashboard suite for deeper level of analysis beyond just crypto price tracking.

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