Finding the best IDO cryptos can be a great way to get in early on projects with explosive growth potential. To simplify selection, we’ve researched and reviewed the best IDO crypto projects. Throughout our crypto IDO list, we’ll look at what each project brings and explore what makes the best IDO cryptocurrency. 

Let’s get started.

The Best Crypto IDOs in 2024

  1. Sponge V2 – Upgraded version of Sponge, $SPONGEV2 offers high staking yields and can be earned as a reward on a P2E game. 
  2. eTukTuk – Eco-friendly IDO with High Returns and a thrilling P2E mobile game
  3. GIGCO – IDO crypto changing the music industry.
  4. GEMS – New project aiming to shake up the esports industry.
  5. EYWA – Cryptocurrency aiming to solve the interoperability issue.
  6. Cassava Network – IDO aiming to be Africa’s crypto infrastructure.

A Closer Look at the Best IDO Crypto Projects

Ever wondered how to buy cryptos in 2024, or what the best crypto presales are? We’ve looked at some of the hottest new crypto IDOs and determined that the following projects ooze potential.

After launching straight on Uniswap in May 2023, Sponge became one of the most popular meme tokens. From a $1 million market cap, $SPONGE was worth nearly $100 million in a few months. 


The Sponge ecosystem is revamping the platform with the launch of a new token version – Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2). Before the exchange listing takes place, token holders can access $SPONGEV2 through the newly launched V2 smart contract. 

If you already hold $SPONGE, stake your holdings on the new smart contract through the Sponge website. After locking $SPONGE, your V1 tokens will be turned into $SPONGEV2. $SPONGE can also be purchased directly from the website. After you purchase $SPONGE, your holdings will directly be staked in the V2 smart contract. 

Currently, over 3.6 million $SPONGE tokens are staked into the smart contract. At press time, investors can generate over 440% in APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) through the V2 smart contract. 

According to the Sponge V2 whitepaper, the platform will soon release its play-to-earn racer game. On this ecosystem, players will compete to climb up a leaderboard and earn $SPONGEV2 as a reward.

After $SPONGEV2 lists on decentralized exchanges, it can offer soaring returns, just like the original token. Join the Sponge V2 Telegram channel and the Discord to learn more about this cryptocurrency. 

2. eTukTuk – One of The Best Sustainable IDO Coins for Crypto Gamers

eTukTuk is a new IDO project that aims to provide an eco-friendly option for the transportation system in developing countries. Its developers believe that this can be achieved by implementing artificial intelligence. That said, eTukTuk’s mission is to install EV chargers for Tuk Tuks that will be powered by AI.

etuktuk best IDO crypto

To encourage investors to fund their project, its developers recently launched a P2E mobile game that will be available for Android and iOS devices. This game is similar to Crazy Taxi, when it comes to its gameplay. In it, players will drive eTuk Tuks, pick up passengers, and avoid collisions. They’ll also be rewarded with additional $TUK tokens that they can use as an in-game currency.

Moreover, they can lock their $TUK tokens for a period of three years to earn staking rewards. eTukTuk’s APY, at the time of writing, stands at 82%.

eTukTuk’s presale will take place in several stages, during which the price of $TUK tokens will gradually increase. Its current price amounts to $0.033, while only 6% of its total token supply (2 billion) will be available during the presale.

3. GIGCO – IDO Crypto Changing the Music Industry

GIGCO ($GIG) is the latest project trying to capitalize on the music industry. It aims to blend cryptocurrency and the world of music to create a one-stop platform for booking tickets, artists, venues, and even streaming music. It’s built on the Solana network, making transactions fast and cheap. The initial DEX offering will take place soon, with 9,466,667 tokens up for grabs at $0.075 each.

gigco site

The blending of the music and cryptocurrency industries seems destined to happen. The blockchain makes the ticketing system for concerts far more secure, reduces resellers, and puts more money in the artist’s pocket. GIGCO aims to create an all-in-one platform, connecting business owners with musicians for performances. Built on Solana, the mobile app ensures easy use and swift transactions for efficient operations.

The project has already raised over $950,000 in funding with the target being $1,694,800. GIGCO is parting with 19% of the total GIG supply to raise these funds. This seems reasonable to release on the open market, especially considering the team is only allocated 10% or 19 million GIG. The remaining tokens will be divided between the community, providing liquidity, the GIGCO ecosystem, and the reserve.

Overall, GIGCO shows a lot of promise. While the project will depend on large artists joining if it wants to see massive growth, a good pool of smaller artists will be more than enough to get the GIG economy busting.

4. GEMS – IDO Project Aiming to Shake Up the Esports Industry

GEMS ($GEMS) is an Esports aggregator that uses a unique online-to-offline (O2O) model to bridge the gap between crypto-gamers and traditional Esports.  The token’s initial DEX offering is scheduled for July 21st where it’ll be sold for $0.005 on the Polkabridge platform.

gems site

GEMS plans to revolutionize the gaming and Esports industry by combining gamefi and traditional Esports, enabling more independent operations for professionals. The platform integrates gamefi, socialfi, and metaverse coins to enhance player earnings and work-life balance.

GEMS aims to not only change the way Esports players earn a living but also the way they compete. GEMS has the CEO of Arena Esports Hotel Tracy Sheridan Tan on board which is likely to do wonders as the platform plans on opening 50 hotel touchpoints in the next three years.

The goal of opening so many hotels in such a short time span is to allow teams to gather and compete in events without leaving the GEMS ecosystem. Considering how many middlemen currently take a cut in the organization of Esports events, this more complete approach could revolutionize the sector.

5. EYWA – IDO Aiming to Solve the Interoperability Issue

EYWA ($EYWA) is a new upcoming IDO crypto for 2023. It is a protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability, a big issue in the crypto space. The official date for the IDO is yet to be released but’ll be taking place on GAGARIN and will consist of 150,000 tokens at $0.20 each.

eywa website

Interoperability is a major narrative within the crypto space. Currently, it’s impossible for a project created on one network to communicate with a project created on a different, non-compatible network. There are many reasons interoperability is crucial for furthering the crypto industry, so if successful, EYWA could open many doors for developers and users alike. Things like staking platforms and dApps could be revolutionized if full interoperability is achieved, so it’s worth watching EYWA.

The EYWA NFT collection contains 53,996 NFTs featuring images of four mythical characters.

Token distribution starts through a designated section on, accessible after the Token Generation Event (TGE). The Token Sale will be conducted on two platforms: Seedify and Gagarin.

6. Cassava Network – IDO Aiming to be Africa’s Crypto Infrastructure

Cassava Network ($CSV) is an upcoming tokenized rewards platform that will initially be released on the Solana network before supporting other networks.

The project was primarily created to act as Africa’s crypto infrastructure and connect the continent’s budding economy with global markets. Cassava comes with several interesting features that could disrupt the crypto market, including creating and managing communities for projects with profile/info and links to social media, earning rewards through daily check-ins and verification of on-chain wallets and social media, and obtaining avatar accessories from mystery boxes using CB Coins to customize your avatar.

cassava website

Cassava is building a cross-promotional network that includes some of the largest names in African content (Scooper, BoomPlay, etc). Partners can work together and use the CSV rewards system to grow larger and create a bustling digital economy.

The African economy is growing rapidly, and with crypto already making waves within the continent, Cassava seems to be coming at the right time to capitalize. The official IDO date is yet to be announced, but with Cassava being one of the best upcoming initial DEX offerings, it’s certainly one to watch.

What is a Crypto IDO?

It’s all good knowing the best IDO crypto projects currently available, but fully understanding what an IDO is is just as crucial.

When a new cryptocurrency project is released, it’ll typically be done in stages. This helps the project raise funds for development and marketing without causing price problems by releasing too many tokens at once.

An IDO is a project offered on a decentralized exchange (or dex). It allows regular people to purchase the token, usually at a slight discount, before it’s listed on a centralized exchange like Binance.

How do Initial Dex Offerings Work?

Luckily, the IDO process is fairly simple. A project sets a fixed number of coins for sale during the IDO at a specific price, like GIGCO selling 9,466,667 tokens for $0.075 each.

When you buy an IDO, the coins are usually temporarily locked to prevent a sudden influx into the market. The lockup period varies but is usually just a few months.

Since IDOs aren’t available on regular crypto exchanges, they happen on specialized platforms like TrustPad. These platforms ensure the safe funding of projects by temporarily holding the raised funds until the project achieves specific goals.


While IDOs and ICOs sound similar, there are a few key differences to be aware of.

Firstly, ICO stands for initial coin offering, meaning it must be the first time the project has been offered to investors.

In contrast, an IDO requires the token to be already listed on a decentralized exchange, while ICOs usually occur through the project’s website.

ICO offerings typically involve a larger number of tokens for a smaller investment, but ICOs are usually private and cater to investors with significant capital.

For investors still struggling to decide which type of offering they want to take part in, there are some notable benefits to an IDO in comparison to an ICO:

Lockup Period – While an ICO typically has a vesting time ranging from weeks to months, IDOs offer near-instant trading and typically no or minimal lockup periods.

Liquidity – As ICOs are not listed on exchanges, they can face severe liquidity issues. Conversely, as an IDO is already listed on an exchange and the tokens are already minted there tends to be ample liquidity for trading to begin immediately.

Listings – Lastly, as the coins from an ICO tend to be minted after the fact, many of the raised funds are spent on exchange listings, costing between six and seven figures. IDOs, on the other hand, are already listed on a decentralized exchange and, therefore aren’t plagued with such issues, which results in large savings and fewer restrictions on investors.

How to Find the Top New Crypto IDOs

Finding the best IDO crypto can be difficult. However, we’ve looked at some of the best crypto IDOs for 2024 and came up with a few things to look out for new crypto IDOs.

Utility – The core of every crypto project is utility. Without utility, a project has no value. A project must solve a problem or provide real value to a sector to be one of the best IDO cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, it’s unlikely the project will amount to much. Having said that, some of the best meme coins started as parodies of the cryptocurrency craze.

Partners/Investors – Before investing, it can be a good idea to check if any prominent figures or companies have participated during the ICO or private funding rounds. Most large-scale crypto companies have a venture capital arm, and for the most part, they will do their due diligence on any investments, meaning notable investors can be a sign the project is destined for smooth sailing.

Whitepaper – Almost every crypto project comes with a whitepaper that outlines how the project works. They can be lengthy, but many projects these days also provide a slimmed-down litepaper to make things easier. It’s crucial to look through a project’s white paper to understand what it does and how it achieves this function.  If a whitepaper is filled with lofty promises but offers little explanation on how it’ll get there, it’s best to avoid the project. On the other hand, if a project has a clear purpose with well-explained goals and tokenomics, it’s a good sign. For example, one such crypto project with a sound whitepaper is Lucky Block.

Are IDO Cryptos a Good Investment?

Every IDO is different, so they cannot be blanketed into a good or bad investment. However, we’ve included some reasons IDOs can make good investments.

1. Low Cost

Getting involved with a project in its early stages is often the best way to make money in cryptocurrency. Investing in an IDO is almost as early as it gets, meaning they typically offer exposure to a project at its lowest cost.  However, it’s important to understand that a token can drop below its IDO value once it’s readily available, so research any potential investments.

2. First Mover Advantage

Being first is often the easiest advantage to realize. Investing in a project before the masses is the best way to ensure you get an asset for the optimal price. Participating in an IDO allows an investor to purchase an asset before almost everyone else, meaning IDOs can be incredibly lucrative. However, this advantage depends on demand, and things can quickly go south if a token has no demand following its launch.

3. Accessibility

While ICOs tend to be reserved for prolific or high-volume investors, IDOs are much more accessible to the average person. While retail investors have little chance of being invited to take part in an ICO, anyone with some crypto and an understanding of how a DEX works can participate in an IDO.

Additionally, as IDOs benefit from deeper liquidity, fewer restrictions are placed on IDO cryptos than ICOs, making initial DEX offerings superior for investors who prefer a flexible approach.

Also, see our guide on how to buy crypto on PancakeSwap, one of the leading platforms for IDOs alongside Uniswap.


While these projects have their merits, it’s always important to research when selecting the best crypto IDO for 2023.

The projects present exciting opportunities but come with inherent risks, so navigating the world of Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) requires a careful understanding of the project, its tokenomics, and the platform hosting the offering. 

Our top choice for the upcoming IDO is Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2). This is the new token version of Sponge – one of the most popular meme tokens of 2023. With the token upgrade, investors can now access high staking yields and win $SPONGEV2 from a play-to-earn game. 


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