An Initial DEX Offering, commonly abbreviated to an IDO, is a way for a crypto budding crypto project to raise funds to further development/marketing ahead of its initial exchange offering (IEO). Finding the best IDO cryptos can be a great way to get in early on projects with explosive growth potential. However, this is far easier said than done.

Separating promising projects from those with lofty goals and no real way of achieving them can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. But luckily, we’ve done the research and reviewed the top 12 best IDO crypto projects in order to make the selection process far easier. Throughout our crypto IDO list, we’ll be looking at what each project brings to the table and exploring the ins and outs of what makes the best IDO cryptocurrency. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The 13 Best Crypto IDOs in 2023

Below are our picks for the best IDO crypto projects of the year. We’ve provided a brief overview of each, but full reviews can also be found in the next section.

  1. IMPT – Carbon Reducing Cryptocurrency with 3-stage Presale
  2. Tamadoge – Overall Best IDO Crypto
  3. Battle Infinity IDO for Play-to-earn Gaming
  4. GIGCO – IDO Crypto Changing the Music Industry
  5. GEMS – IDO Project Aiming to Shake Up the Esports Industry
  6. EYWA – IDO Aiming to Solve the Interoperability Issue
  7. Cassava Network – IDO Aiming to be Africa’s Crypto Infrastructure
  8. Movn – IDO Looking to Make Waves in the Move-to-Earn Sector
  9. Aura Network – Speciality NFT Layer-1 Blockchain IDO
  10. SEOR – IDO Aiming to Make Crypto Development Easier
  11. BLOCKS – IDO Aiming to Solve the Interoperability Issue
  12. Colexion – Upcoming NFT IDO
  13. Skill Labs – GameFi Analytics IDO

A Closer Look at the Best IDO Crypto Projects

Ever wondered how to buy cryptos in 2023, or what the best crypto presales are? We’ve taken a look at some of the hottest new crypto IDOs and determined that the following projects ooze potential. Before any IDO makes it out to our list, we’ve taken a look at the aims of each project and how likely they are to achieve that goal.

1. IMPT – Carbon Reducing Cryptocurrency with 3-stage Presale

We recommend IMPT as the best IDO cryptocurrency project to invest in 2023. Offering a unique and sustainable use case, IMPT seeks to connect buyers and businesses to help reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere. The platform does this by offering Carbon Credits – which represent emissions removed from the atmosphere. Minted as an NFT, 1 Carbon Credit equates to roughly 1 ton of Carbon dioxide emissions.

These NFTs can be purchased from the IMPT website with IMPT tokens – the native cryptocurrency. Users can either purchase IMPT tokens with fiat currency directly or connect tokens by participating in one of the best Carbon Offset Programs. IMPT has connected with more than thousands of companies, such as Adidas, Hugo Boss and others, which will dedicate a percentage of sales margin and allocate them to impact projects.

This will be received in the form of IMPT tokens by customers that purchase from these brands via the IMPT website. After accumulating a stipulated number of tokens, customers can convert them for Carbon Credits. Notably – these credits can either be traded to acquire profits or be burnt to eradicate their existence from the decentralized ledgers of the IMPT network.

Burning the Credits will remove the represented emissions from the atmosphere, which will higher an individual’s Carbon score. Carbon score can be calculated on IMPT’s social platform – which will highlight each person’s direct impact in reducing their carbon footprint.

IMPT updated presale

The IMPT IDO will make the tokens available in 3 presale rounds – which will release 20%, 22% and 18% of the available 3 billion IMPT coins, respectively. Currently, on stage 1, IMPT is trading at $0.018 per token. Over 186 million of the allotted 600 million coins have been sold, equating to over $3.3 million.

Interested in investing in one of the top IDOs of 2023? Follow the IMPT Telegram channel to get the latest updates surrounding this project.

2. Tamadoge – Deflationary IDO for Play-to-earn Gaming

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a new crypto IDO that’s just gone on pre-sale before a planned launch on centralized exchanges later this year. Tamadoge is the native cryptocurrency of a play-to-earn crypto game by the same name.

The goal of the Tamadoge game is for players to purchase, grow, and battle NFT pets. These pets each have randomly generated stats and strengths, and the way that players care for their pets as they grow influences how they turn out. Players who win battles with their Tamadoge pets climb the game’s leaderboard and are rewarded with TAMA coin.

TAMA is central to the game’s economy. Players need it to purchase NFT pets as well as accessories and upgrades that increase their chances of winning in battle.

TAMA presale 200k

Importantly, the supply of TAMA is limited and the coin is designed to be deflationary. 5% of every TAMA transaction in the game’s marketplace is burned, meaning that the supply of TAMA decreases over time. That bodes well for early investors, especially if Tamadoge turns out to be a popular game.

Another notable feature of TAMA is that there’s no tax when buying or selling this coin. That’s unusual among new crypto projects, which typically charge royalties to pay the project’s developers. Tamadoge only makes money when TAMA is spent at the in-game marketplace to buy NFTs or digital accessories.

Overall, Tamadoge is a promising IDO that could gain value thanks to its deflationary tokenomics. Check out the pre-sale on Tamadoge’s website today.

Min Investment 1,000 TAMA (∼$10 + gas fee)
Max Investment N/A
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Debit / Credit Card (via Transak)
Chain Ethereum
Beta Sale Ends 2nd September 2022
Presale Ends Q4 2022

3. Battle Infinity – IDO for Play-to-earn Gaming

One of the best ways to profit in the crypto space is investing in IDOs, they allow an investor to get in on a project early and build up a position for a fixed price. Battle Infinity (IBAT), a massively exciting new Metaverse play to earn project has recently entered presale with DEX listings coming in the near future. The project has already garnered a lot of attention from investors so it’s worth joining the Battle Infinity Telegram group to keep up to date with the project’s latest developments.

Battle Infinity game

What differentiates Battle Infinity from other IDO cryptos is its massive amount of utility. The project is separated into six different platforms each of which has its own focus. There’s a fantasy sports league dubbed the IBAT Premier League, a staking platform titled IBAT Battle Stake, a Metaverse named IBAT Battle Arena, a P2E gaming platform called IBAT Battle Games, an NFT marketplace named IBAT Battle Market, and even a decentralized exchange crowned IBAT Battle Swap.

At the center of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is the BEP-20 $IBAT token. The token has a supply of 10 billion with 28% allocated to the presale (perfect for IDO investors). While the presale has now sold out raising 16,500 BNB, IBAT will soon be available on Pancake Swap. The tokens are used as rewards for staking and skilled gameplay as well as to facilitate transactions within the Battle Infinity universe.

IBAT token

All in all, Battle Infinity is a wildly exciting crypto project with massive potential. It’s got more utility than most established projects and with even more features yet to come, Battle Infinity seems primed to take over the crypto space in the near future.

4. GIGCO – IDO Crypto Changing the Music Industry

GIGCO ($GIG) is the latest project trying to capitalize on the music industry. It aims to blend cryptocurrency and the world of music to create a one-stop platform for booking tickets, artists, venues, and even streaming music. It’s built on the Solana network meaning transactions will be fast and cheap. The initial DEX offering will take place between August 26th and the 28th. There will be 9,466,667 tokens up for grabs at a price of $0.075 each.

gigco site

The blending of the music and cryptocurrency industries seems destined to happen. The blockchain makes the ticketing system for concerts far more secure, reduces resellers, and puts more money in the pocket of the artist. For this reason, GIGCO’s goal of creating an all-in-one platform seems like a solid idea. It will allow business owners to find musicians to put on a performance at their venue, aiding small musicians and businesses alike.

The platform will be a mobile app built on Solana, meaning it’ll be easy to use and fast enough to deal with a large amount of simultaneous transactions. The project has already raised over $950,000 in funding with the target being $1,694,800. In order to raise these funds, GIGCO is parting with 19% of the total GIG supply. This seems like a reasonable amount to release on the open market, especially considering the team is only allocated 10% or 19 million GIG. The rest of the tokens will be divided between the community, providing liquidity, the GIGCO ecosystem, and the reserve.

Overall, GIGCO shows a lot of promise. While the project will be depended on large artists joining if it wants to see massive growth, a good pool of smaller artists will be more than enough to get the GIG economy busting.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. GEMS – IDO Project Aiming to Shake Up the Esports Industry

GEMS ($GEMS) is an Esports aggregator that uses a unique online to offline (O2O) model to bridge the gap between crypto-gamers and traditional Esports.  The token’s initial DEX offering is scheduled for July 21st where it’ll be sold for $0.005 on the Polkabridge platform.

gems site

With gaming already being a multi-billion dollar industry and sharing a similar demographic as cryptocurrency, a platform partnering the two has potential. GEMS aims to blend gamefi with traditional Esports by creating an ecosystem in which Esports professionals will be able to operate much more independently. The platform will integrate elements from gamefi, socialfi, and metaverse coins in order to allow players  to earn more while having a better work-life balance.

GEMS aims to not only change the way Esports players earn a living but also the way they compete. GEMS has the CEO of Arena Esports Hotel Tracy Sheridan Tan on board which is likely to do wonders as the platform plans on opening 50 hotel touchpoints in the next three years. The goal of opening so many hotels in such a short time span is to allow teams to gather and compete in events without leaving the GEMS ecosystem. Considering how many middlemen currently take a cut in the organization of Esports events, this more complete approach could revolutionize the sector.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

6. EYWA – IDO Aiming to Solve the Interoperability Issue

EYWA ($EYWA) is a new IDO crypto for 2022. It is a protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability, a big issue in the crypto space. The official date for the IDO is yet to be released but it’ll be taking place on GAGARIN and will consist of 150,000 tokens at a cost of $0.20 each.

EYWA site

Interoperability is a major narrative within the crypto space. Currently, it’s impossible for a project created on one network to communicate with a project created on a different, non-compatible network. However, EYWA aims to solve this issue by acting as a middle layer between chains. There are a multitude of reasons why interoperability is crucial for the furtherment of the crypto industry, so if successful, EYWA could open a lot of doors for developers and users alike. Things like staking platforms and dApps could be revolutionized if full interoperability is achieved so it’s worth keeping an eye on EYWA.

There are already some established competitors that could make it difficult for EYWA to get a foothold in the sector. Quant ($QNT) for example, did over a 10x last year and focuses on solving the same interoperability issue as EYWA. However, if EYWA is able to outcompete the established players, it could become a mainstream name in the near future, making it one of the best IDO cryptos currently available.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

7. Cassava Network – IDO Aiming to be Africa’s Crypto Infrastructure

Cassava Network ($CSV) is an upcoming tokenized rewards platform that will initially release on the Solana network before rolling out support for other networks.

The project was primarily created to act as the crypto infrastructure for Africa and to connect the continent’s budding economy with global markets. Cassava comes with several interesting features that could definitely disrupt the crypto market. Aiming to create the next big rewards protocol, Cassava plans on providing creators with a brand new way to monetize their content. Users will be able to create their own digital economies, reward creators for positive contributions, and protect their ideas all using the Cassava Network and CSV.

cassava site

The Cassavas ecosystem is heavily reliant on partnerships. Platforms that choose to work with Cassava gain the ability to reward their users with CSV, incentivizing contributors, but that’s not all. Cassava is building a cross-promotional network that includes some of the largest names in African content (Scooper, BoomPlay, etc). Partners will be able to work with one another and use the CSV rewards system to grow larger and create a bustling digital economy.

The African economy is growing rapidly and with crypto already making waves within the continent, Cassava seems to be coming at precisely the right time to capitalize. The official IDO date is yet to be announced, but with Cassava being one of the best upcoming initial DEX offerings out there, it’s certainly one to watch.

8. Movn – IDO Looking to Make Waves in the Move-to-Earn Sector

Movn ($MOV) is the latest move-to-earn concept to hit the crypto market. The goal of the project is to reward users for being active. To see how other move-to-earn projects are performing, we’ve got a great STEPN price prediction article. This new IDO crypto for 2023 is set to release on July 10th with 666,666 tokens listed for $0.15 each.

movn site

While Movn does follow a similar model to some already released projects, it aims to shake things up with its ‘SuperApp’ system. The app will allow users to play third-party ‘miniapps’ which are games designed to work Movn to make the move-to-earn process more engaging. In a similar fashion, Movn users will be able to find NFTs while out and about which can be stored within the Movn SuperApp. Furthermore, users will soon be able to book facilities (e.g. a football pitch or tennis court) directly on the Movn app, even eventually being able to pay for the aforementioned facilities using MOV.

The Moven SuperApp is already downloadable and has over 50,000 users. Considering the IDO is yet to release, numbers like this are a great sign. While there is stiff competition in this sector, like from Sweatcoin’s new cryptocurrency, Movn has already established itself and seems to offer greater utility than its competitors.

9. Aura Network – Speciality NFT Layer-1 Blockchain IDO

The Aura Network ($AURA) is a layer-1 blockchain based on the Cosmos ($ATOM) ecosystem. The project aims to accelerate global NFT adoption by creating an NFT-dedicated blockchain. The AURA initial DEX offering will be hosted on Impossible Finance and is taking place on the 25th of July, 10,000,000 tokens will be available for $0.065 each.

aura site

The Aura Network has already received investment in a previous seeding round from a number of prominent figures which include the likes of KuCoin labs and Kyber Ventures. The network will be designed with NFTs in mind. Meaning, that there will likely be a big focus on having a large enough throughput to facilitate the number of transactions linked with NFT projects as well as having a way to securely store, sell, mint, and buy NFT collections.

The Aura Network testnet is already live for developers and users to play around on and see what’s possible. The mainnet launch isn’t far away either with a release expected around late Q3 2022. The NFT industry has outpaced even the traditional cryptocurrency market in recent years so it’s a surprise we haven’t seen a blockchain dedicated to the new group of assets already. With layer-1 projects, it’s impossible to predict how things will go until the mainnet is rolled out but things are looking rather bright for the Aura Network.

10. SEOR – IDO Aiming to Make Crypto Development Easier

Another intriguing project from our crypto IDO list, SEOR ($SEOR) is aiming to be the next generation of web3.0 development infrastructure. It plans on achieving this by offering creators a simple-to-use, low-code platform to develop blockchain-based applications. The project’s latest (and largest) initial DEX offering is due to take place on the 4th of July with 4,222,222 coins up for grabs at a cost of $0.045 each.

seor site

The difficulty of developing blockchain-based projects is currently a major barrier to entry for the sector. Generally, developers need years of experience working with a specific language to be able to effectively create blockchain projects buy SEOR could change this. The project is working on creating a low-code development platform that will allow the deployment of code-free contracts across a few different public chains. Furthermore, SEOR allows the deployment of lightweight oracles (a technology that allows off-chain data to be imported on-chain) in order to provide developers with reliable, customizable data.

Any project that makes the development of blockchain-based applications more simple is extremely intriguing. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how powerful the low-code development platform ends up being, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on SEOR.

11. BLOCKS – SaaS-Style IDO Offering the Tools to Shape the Metaverse

Blocks ($BLOCKS) is the next project on our initial DEX offering list. It aims to change the way the NFT community creates by providing the tools for anyone to make custom metaverse environments. The cryptocurrency IDO is due to take place on Kommunitas on June 29th and 3,333,333 tokens will be sold of for a price of $0.06 (notably cheaper than the project’s last private sale at $0.08).

blocks site

The software as a service (SaaS) business model has been one of the most successful of the decade, so it’s no surprise to see it bleed into another emerging market; cryptocurrency. BLOCKS aims to provide the tools to create metaverse assets in the SaaS format. This has the potential to be extremely lucrative for BLOCKS and provide the average person with easier access to the tools required to create within the metaverse.

With interoperability being such a large concern as the crypto market diversifies, it’s great to see BLOCKS focusing on ensuring its tools are available across multiple chains right from the start. While this approach likely costs more time during development, it ensures BLOCKS will have a sufficient userbase. With the rate at which metaverse projects are being created, BLOCKS could be exactly what’s needed to lower the barrier to entry and drive creativity in the sector.

12. Colexion – Upcoming NFT IDO

Colexion ($CLXN) is an upcoming cryptocurrency IDO looking to further the relationship between digital artists and their fans by offering a more lucrative platform for artists’ NFT art. CLXN is an ERC-20 token based on the Polygon network. The IDO date is yet to be announced but we do know it’ll be taking place on the FireStarter platform and there will be a total of 1.5 million tokens for sale at a price of $0.10.

colexion splash

The Colexion platform aims to add some accountability to the NFT space by requiring each asset to be licensed before it can be sold. Colexion owns the rights to each NFT sold on its marketplace, then when one is purchased, the rights are immediately transfered to the buyer. This guarantees each NFT sold on the platform is 100% authentic, helping to decrease the prevalence of scams within the sector.

Although the CLXN token IDO is yet to be announced, the Colexion NFT marketplace is already up and running. Currently, the main draw to the platform is its collection of Top Trumps-style memorable cricket moments. Colexion aims to work with celebrities to create licensed NFT collections which will then be sold on the platform’s NFT marketplace. With the rate at which the NFT sector is expanding, any platform that offers licensed, 100% authentic NFTs is likely to flourish.

13. Skill Labs – GameFi Analytics IDO

Skill Labs (SGK) is an analytic platform created to improve the cooperation between key stakeholders within the play-to-earn sector. With the P2E sector booming, Skill Labs is one of the best IDO crypto projects on the market. While the official IDO date hasn’t been announced, it will take place on TrustPad and 2,500,000 coins will be offered for $0.008.

skill labs site

The project aims to connect gamers and NFT investors in order to grow the Skill Labs ecosystem. The main draw to the platform is its analytical features. Users can track key metrics like ROI, payback time, and inflation from gamefi projects making it far easier to select a solid project. This is big. It means games won’t be able to hide behind flashy marketing and skewed statistics everything will be easily viewable making gamefi far more viable for the average person.

On top of simply providing analytics, Skill Labs also plans to offer yield farming optimization for its users by automatically lending to the best-performing games. With the gamefi sector growing rapidly, anything that can make it fairer on users is worth mentioning. While this might be the best crypto IDO for 2023, it’s up there and therefore is worth keeping track of to see how things progress.

What is a Crypto IDO?

It’s all well and good knowing the best IDO crypto projects currently available, but fully understanding what an IDO actually is, is just as crucial.

When a new cryptocurrency project is released, it’ll typically be done in stages. This allows the project to raise capital for future development and marketing efforts while avoiding dumping a large number of tokens on the open market can cause price issues.

An IDO is when a project is first offered on a decentralized exchange (or dex). It gives regular people the opportunity to purchase the token, usually at a slight discount, before it’s listed on a centralized exchange like Binance.

How do Initial Dex Offerings Work?

Luckily, the IDO process is fairly simple. A project will allocate a fixed number of coins to be sold during the IDO for a specific price. For example, a GIGCO is selling 9,466,667 tokens for $0.075 each.

Typically, when buying an IDO the coins will be locked for a short period to avoid them being dumped on the open market. While the lockup period will vary from project to project, it’s usually just a couple of months.

Lastly, as the projects are not available through regular crypto exchanges, IDOs tend to take place through specialist websites like TrustPad. These platforms are designed to allow users to fund projects without worrying about them running off with funds. Typically, an IDO launchpad will temporally take custody of the raised funds to ensure the project meets certain objectives.


While IDOs and ICOs sound similar, there are a few key differences to be aware of.

Firstly, ICO stands for initial coin offering. Meaning, that it must be the first time the project has been offered to investors.

The funds raised from ICOs tend to get spent on the development of the project and early marketing, meaning it’s common to not immediately receive tokens from an ICO.

While the token from an IDO must already be listed on a decentralized exchange, ICOs typically take place through the project’s website.

Generally, ICOs offer a great number of tokens for less money than an IDO. However, ICOs are typically private and target investors with large amounts of capital.

For investors still struggling to decide which type of offering they want to take part in, there are some notable benefits to an IDO in comparison to an ICO:

Lockup Period – While an ICO will typically have a vesting time ranging from weeks to months, IDOs offer near-instant trading and typically no or minimal lockup periods.

Liquidity – As ICOs are not listed on any exchanges, they can face severe liquidity issues. Conversely, as an IDO is already listed on an exchange and the tokens are already minted there tends to be ample liquidity for trading to begin immediately.

Listings – Lastly, as the coins from an ICO tend to be minted after the fact, a lot of the raised funds are spent on exchange listings which can cost between six and seven figures. IDOs, on the other hand, are already listed on a decentralized exchange and therefore aren’t plagued with such issues which results in large savings and fewer restrictions on investors.

How to Find the Top New Crypto IDOs

Finding the best IDO crypto can be difficult. However, we’ve looked at some of the best crypto IDOs for 2023 and came up with a few things to look out for when looking for new crypto IDOs.

Utility – The core of every crypto project is utility. Without utility, a project has no value. To be one of the best IDO cryptocurrencies, a project must solve a problem or provide real value to a sector. Otherwise, it’s unlikely the project will amount to much. Having said that, some of the best meme coins started as parodies of the cryptocurrency craze.

Partners/Investors – Before investing, it can be a good idea to check if any prominent figures or companies have taken part during the ICO or private funding rounds. Most large-scale crypto companies have a venture capital arm and for the most part, they will do their due diligence on any investments meaning notable investors can be a sign the project is destined for smooth sailing.

Whitepaper – Almost every crypto project comes with a whitepaper that outlines how the project works. They can be quite lengthy but a lot of projects these days also provide a slimmed-down litepaper to make things easier. It’s crucial to look through a project’s white paper in order to understand what it does and how it achieves this function.  If a whitepaper is filled with lofty promises but offers little explanation on how it’ll get there, it’s best to avoid the project. On the other hand, if a project has a clear purpose with well-explained goals and tokenomics, it’s a good sign. For example, one such crypto project with a sound whitepaper is Lucky Block.

Are IDO Cryptos a Good Investment?

Every IDO is different so they cannot be blanketed into a good or bad investment. However, we’ve included a few reasons why IDOs can make good investments.

Low Cost

Getting involved with a project in its early stages is often the best way to make money in cryptocurrency. Investing in an IDO is almost as early as it gets, meaning they typically offer exposure to a project at its lowest cost. Oftentimes, IDOs are held at a lower cost than the token is expected to trade for in order to reward and incentivize early adopters.  However, it’s important to understand that it’s possible for a token to drop below its IDO value once it’s readily available so it’s important to research any potential investments.

First Mover Advantage

Being first is often the easiest advantage to realize. Investing in a project before the masses is the best way to ensure you’re getting an asset for the optimal price. Participating in an IDO allows an investor to purchase an asset before almost everyone else, meaning IDOs can be incredibly lucrative. However, this advantage is dependent on demand. If a token has no demand following its launch, things can quickly go south.


While ICOs tend to be reserved for prolific or high-volume investors, IDOs are much more accessible to the average person. While retail investors have little chance of being invited to take part in an ICO, anyone with some crypto and an understanding of how a DEX works can participate in an IDO.

Additionally, as IDOs benefit from deeper liquidity far fewer restrictions are placed on IDO cryptos compared to ICOs, making initial DEX offerings superior for investors that prefer a flexible approach.

Also see our guide on how to buy crypto on PancakeSwap, one of the main platforms for IDOs alongside Uniswap.


To conclude, throughout this Initial DEX Offering list we’ve looked at some of the hottest upcoming projects and explored their benefits. While each of the projects we’ve looked at has plenty of merit in its own right, it’s always important to do your own research when selecting the best crypto IDO for 2023. Using the methodology we’ve provided every investor can filter through projects to find the best IDO cryptos.

With the sheer amount of utility and features packed into IMPT, it’s certainly a project to watch this year. Offering a Carbon Offset programme, investors can purchase tokenized Carbon NFTs and burn these tokens to reduce emissions. Available during its first presale round, IMPT can be purchased at $0.018 per token.

IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

Our Rating

IMPT token
  • Carbon Offsetting Crypto & NFT Project
  • Industry Partnerships, Public Team
  • Listed on LBank, Uniswap
  • Upcoming Listings - Bitmart Dec 28, Jan 1st
IMPT token


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