Crypto faucets are “online reward systems” where you can get free cryptocurrency by doing simple tasks, like filling out captchas or watching ads. In this guide, we’re going to review the best crypto faucets out there. We’ve sorted through a large number to give you a list of the ones that are worth your time.

If you’re into crypto and looking for a way to earn a bit more without spending anything, this is for you. We’ve got all the info to help you get started earning those free rewards.

Best Faucet Crypto for 2024

Here’s the best crypto faucet list to consider:

  1. 99Bitcoins — Top faucet crypto with a massive $99,999 airdrop for early birds
  2. PlayDoge — Earn crypto by feeding, training, and playing with your digital Doge
  3. Shiba Shootout — Get free tokens by playing P2E games, joining the referral program, Campfire Story sessions, and Lucky Lasso lotteries 
  4. Base Dawgz – Buy and get a chance to win multi-blockchain airdrop opportunities
  5. Mega Dice — Elevating the GameFi experience on Solana with exclusive rewards for players and holders
  6. Sponge V2 — Combining high-staking rewards with a P2E game

A Closer Look at the Best Crypto Faucet Sites

Best faucets sites have become a popular way to earn free digital assets. These platforms allow you to earn free cryptocurrencies as a reward for completing simple tasks.

In this section, we offer comprehensive reviews of the top legit crypto faucets we listed above.

1. 99Bitcoins — Learn to Earn

best crypto faucets - 99bitcoins

  • 17% of the total supply allocated for community rewards
  • $99,999 worth of BTC rewards

99Bitcoins has recently launched a new crypto faucet for its community, which is making waves in the crypto world. The play-to-earn and move-to-earn models of cryptocurrency have already amassed a market value of $8.9 billion in 2023. Now, 99Bitcoins is taking a step ahead with its innovative learn-to-earn model to reward individuals for learning about cryptocurrency.

The platform continues 99Bitcoins’ educational legacy, launching a tokenized ecosystem designed to reward individuals for learning about cryptocurrency. A total of 17% of the 99 billion maximum supply will be allocated for community rewards. This crypto faucet offers a passive income opportunity through its staking mechanism. Moreover, it offers multichain capability via Ethereum and BSC, which provides flexibility for staking.

Users can level up their 99Bitcoins ranking by completing interactive learning modules, quizzes, and tutorials rather than standard dull lectures and textbooks.

As a result, they will be rewarded with $99BTC tokens. Within weeks, the platform has already raised over $2.3 million in a successful presale.

Read the 99Bitcoins whitepaper and join the Telegram channel to get additional information.

2. PlayDoge — Play to Earn

best crypto faucets - playdoge

  • Feed, train, and play with your virtual Doge to earn tokens
  • Over 600k tokens allocated to community rewards

PlayDoge is a mobile-based P2E game whose design is inspired by the Tamagotchi virtual pet. Players will earn crypto by feeding their virtual Doge, playing with him, and training him. They’ll also earn extra tokens by playing 8-bit mini-games. This game pays homage to the 90s Tamagotchi games, combining high-definition graphics, touchscreen controls, and pixelated aesthetics.

This crypto faucet could become a key player in the crypto gaming industry since it utilizes two popular trends — Doge memes and the play-to-earn mechanism. On that note, its native token, $PLAY, has multiple utilities. It acts as an in-game currency and rewards token. Early investors can also stake their tokens for annual rewards that currently stand at 541%.

Its total supply amounts to 9.4 billion, of which 4.7 billion will be allocated to the presale. PlayDoge raised over $568k in less than three days. Moreover, this token runs on the Binance Smrt Chain, which means it could be listed on Binance once its presale ends. At the time of writing, the $PLAY taken trades at $0.00514.

3. Shiba Shootout —  Play to Earn 

best crypto faucets - shiba shootout

  • Earn free tokens by playing a P2E game, joining the referral program, and sharing your crypto stories 
  • Earn passive income through its savings feature and staking mechanism

Next, in our faucet crypto review, we have Shiba Shootout. Shiba Shootout is a dog-based meme coin that draws inspiration from the Wild West. Its main goal is to create a strong community that celebrates collaboration and creativity. Its native token, $SHIBASHOOT, is an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token. This means that it runs on both Ethereum and the BNB Smart Chain.

Investors who invest in this project will be able to earn free tokens in several ways. First, they’ll be able to play Shiba Duel, a P2E mobile game in which they’ll have to outdraw other players. Second, they’ll earn extra tokens by joining its referral program. Third, they’ll be able to earn rewards by sharing their crypto stories. 

In addition to that, early investors will earn passive income through its savings feature and staking mechanism. At the time of writing, staking rewards come with an APY of 1883%.

1 $SHIBASHOOT token currently costs $0.0195, while its price could reach $0.065 by the end of 2024. Its total supply is 2.2 billion, of which 35% will be available for purchase during the presale.  

4. Base Dawgz — Share to Earn

best crypto faucets - base dawgz

  • Share-to-earn through the Be Social for Airdrop campaign
  • Win 10% of the purchase amount via the Referral Program

If you are looking for top crypto faucets, consider Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ). It features a Shiba Inu dog breed theme, and it’s worth mentioning that seven of the best ten meme coins have a dog persona.

The project offers interoperability across blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Avalanche.

Base Dawgz also has a share-to-earn feature. In fact, it offers a campaign that rewards you with tokens in exchange for your participation.

The project offers exceptional security, as its smart contracts are subjected to strict audits. It also uses advanced technologies like Portal Bridge and Wormhole so that transactions and interactions run smoothly across the blockchains.

Investors can take the early opportunity to participate in the presale and buy tokens at a great price, currently $0.005534.

Base Dawgz’s meticulous roadmap, strong focus on community, and clear vision make this project all the more impressive.

5. Mega Dice — Stake to Earn

best crypto faucets - mega dice

  • 25% revenue share via the Referral Program
  • Airdrop rewards for active waging

Mega Dice’s reward system for $DICE holders is notably generous, particularly for those who stake their tokens. Staking not only bolsters token stability and community loyalty but also enables holders to earn rewards passively, enhancing the benefits of involvement in the ecosystem.

Stakers enjoy:

  • Passive Rewards: Earn additional $DICE tokens and SOL through a 6-month pool.
  • Enhanced Platform Loyalty Bonuses: Access preferential treatment in bonuses, offers, or game access.
  • Ecosystem Support: Contribute to token price stability by temporarily reducing circulating supply.

Rewards are calculated based on the staked amount and duration. They can be claimed anytime through the website for use in the casino, restaked, or kept in the wallet.

Additionally, Mega Dice appreciates early players with an exclusive airdrop program, distributing 15 million tokens across four stages based on wagering activities. Each stage has specific criteria and limits to ensure fairness for all players.

6. Sponge V2 — P2E Ecosystem Coming Soon

best crypto faucets - spongev2

  • Play-to-earn game coming soon

Sponge V2 is an upgraded version of the Sponge meme coin and is based on the Stake-to-Bridge model. This means that users can transition from Sponge V1 to V2 by staking their original tokens. If you don’t have Sponge V1 tokens, visit the Sponge V2 website and connect your Ethereum wallet. To make the purchase, you need ETH or USDT.

The total token supply is set at 150 billion, with a large portion going towards high staking rewards of 189% and the P2E gaming ecosystem. This distribution aims to encourage active participation and improve the utility of tokens.

Investors can capitalize on SPONGEV2 by purchasing and staking V1 tokens or by swapping them for V2 tokens.

Follow Sponge V2 on X and join the Sponge V2 Telegram channel to get the latest information about the project.


Going for the best crypto faucets can be a great way to earn free digital assets by doing easy tasks. It is appealing since people can dip their toes into the world of cryptocurrency without any investment.

However, just like with anything in the crypto world, there’s always a bit of a risk. Therefore, it’s important to do your research before diving in. Always be cautious and make sure you’re using reputable faucets.


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