Investors in the United Arab Emirates can easily buy and sell crypto from an online exchange. The key challenge is knowing the best crypto exchange in UAE.

How does the best crypto exchange in Dubai stack up against others in the cryptocurrency market?

This guide compares the best crypto exchanges in the UAE regarding security, markets, fees, payments, and more.

What is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in UAE?

  1. Evest – Top Crypto CFD Exchange for 2024
  2. Binance – Low Commission Crypto Exchange for Trading
  3. Kraken – Bitcoin Exchange With Margin Accounts
  4. Coinmama – Simple Exchange to Buy Crypto With a Credit Card
  5. BitOasis – UAE-Based Crypto Exchange With AED-Based Pairs
  6. – Top Crypto Exchange with User-Friendly Mobile App

6 Best Crypto Exchanges in UAE [Reviewed]

The reviews below cover key metrics in great detail to help investors make informed decisions based on different investment goals. This will help you choose the best crypto exchanges in the UAE and Dubai.

1. Evest – Top Crypto CFD Exchange for 2024

Evest is a global trading platform that lets UAE investors trade cryptocurrency CFDs (Contract for Differences) without paying any commission. Along with crypto CFDs, Evest also offers multi-asset trading. 

Investors can access more than 525 stocks, indices, and forex trading pairs. Moreover, the financial instruments are offered from across 100+ financial instruments. While Evest does not support direct cryptocurrency trading, crypto CFDs allow one to trade the digital token without holding the underlying asset. 

Evest platform homepage

CFD trading allows the investor to speculate on the asset’s future price. For example, leverage trading and shorting are some of the tools supported by CFD trading. On the other hand, trading cryptocurrency CFDs can be a very risky investment since cryptos are already volatile assets. Investors should access this feature if they possess a high-risk appetite.

To begin trading with Evest, complete the account creation process and choose from four account types – Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. A Silver account is good for beginners with a minimum deposit of $250 (918 AED) but charges a $5 (18.3 AED) withdrawal fee. A Diamond account is ideal for experienced traders with a minimum deposit of $50,000 (183,650 AED) and customizable trade spreads without any withdrawal fees.

According to our Evest review, investors can pay via multiple Credit card options such as VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. Investors can also access e-wallet options, including Neteller and Skrill. Evest does not charge any additional deposit fees. 

Number of Financial Instruments 525+
Debit Card Fee Depends on payment method
Fee to Buy Bitcoin No commission, spreads apply
Minimum Deposit Starts from $250

What We Like:

  • Does not charge any commission on trades
  • Offers Crypto CFDs
  • The Diamond account offers customizable spreads
  • No additional fee on deposits
  • Provides a paper trading account

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Binance – Best Crypto App UAE for Experienced Traders

For low commissions, Binance is perhaps the best Bitcoin exchange in the UAE and Dubai. The platform charges just 0.10% per slide when you buy and sell crypto here, and spreads are very competitive. Your commission will be reduced if you trade larger volumes each month, and this is also the case when you hold BNB tokens.

Bitcoin trading on Binance is fee-free for both network and maker/taker fees. They also don’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees, making their overall trading costs among the lowest in the industry.

You will often find that this exchange facilitates over $10 billion daily in volume, so naturally – liquidity levels here are significant. You can deposit crypto into your Binance for free or elect a debit/credit card.

Binance exchange homepage

Binance uses a third-party payment processor for debit/credit card payments from the UAE so that fees will vary depending on the provider. Binance is an excellent platform for short-term traders and automated bots. It offers numerous charting tools and a wide range of technical indicators.

You can even access leveraged markets – which include spot trading, futures, and options.

With over 600 digital currencies, Binance is one of the largest and lowest fees crypto exchanges and a great option for diversifying your portfolio. However, its regulatory status remains unclear, even though it has been operational since 2017.

Number of Cryptos 600+
Debit Card Fee Depends on the selected payment processor
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.10% commission
Minimum Deposit Depends on the chosen payment method

What We Like:

  • Huge selection of markets
  • Trading fees of just 0.10% per slide
  • Supports debit/credit cards
  • Numerous wallet options
  • Advanced trading tools

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. Kraken – Bitcoin Exchange With Margin Accounts

Kraken offers a standard client interface and an advanced platform packed with tools and features that will appeal to seasoned investors. Moreover, if you want to trade digital currencies with leverage, Kraken is arguably the best crypto exchange in the UAE.

First and foremost, you can buy a selection of crypto assets here with leverage of 1:5. This will subsequently amplify the value of your investment by a factor of five times. You can also trade crypto derivatives on margin via futures with much higher leverage levels on offer.

Kraken exchange homepage

On the other hand, you can also use Kraken to invest in crypto in the UAE with fiat money. After depositing your account via a bank wire, you can buy crypto at just 0.26% per slide. Like and Binance, Kraken offers lower fees when you trade higher amounts throughout the month.

Kraken was first launched in 2011 and offers many internal security tools. This includes keeping 95% of all client digital funds in cold storage. Finally, you can also trade crypto here via the Kraken app for iOS and Android.

Number of Cryptos 65+
Debit Card Fee Not available in the UAE
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.26% per slide
Minimum Deposit No minimum stated

What We Like:

  • Offers margin of 1:5 on spot markets
  • Leverage of 50x on futures trading
  • First founded in 2011
  • 65+ coins supported
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced investors

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

4. Coinmama – Simple Exchange to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum With a Credit Card

Coinmama is home to a simple crypto exchange that lets you buy digital currencies with a credit card. The platform was launched in 2015 and has since been used by more than 3 million people. Since reducing its asset library, Coinmama only gives you access to Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens.

To buy your chosen token, you must open a Coinmama account and upload an ID. After that, you can enter your credit card details and confirm the transaction. Interestingly, Coinmama does not offer a wallet. Before buying crypto here, you must enter your private wallet address.

Coinmama homepage

In doing so, Coinmama will automatically transfer the funds to your stated wallet address – so ensure this is entered correctly. Regarding fees, we should note that Coinmama is perhaps the most expensive crypto exchange in the market. First, you will be charged a spread of 2% above the market rate, irrespective of your payment method.

This is also the case with the platform’s buy commission of 3.90% and 0.90% on sell orders. Moreover, you will also be charged a credit card fee of 5%. This is in addition to any fees that your credit card issuer charges. To reduce your fees, you might consider transferring funds via SWIFT. If the transaction amount is above $1,000, Coinmama charges nothing in fees.

Number of Cryptos 2 – Bitcoin and Ethereum
Debit Card Fee 5%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin 3.90% plus 2% spread
Minimum Deposit $50 when using a credit card

What We Like:

  • User-friendly platform that lets you buy crypto quickly
  • Credit cards and SWIFT supported
  • Minimum deposit of just $50

5. BitOasis – UAE-Based Crypto Exchange With AED-Based Pairs

BitOasis, based in the UAE, specializes in offering crypto exchange services to Middle Eastern clients. The platform supports over 60 leading cryptocurrencies, covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, top metaverse tokens, DeFi coins, and more.

If you’re a beginner in this industry, the BitOasis Core platform will appeal to your skillset. You just choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy alongside your stake and confirm the order. Alternatively, experienced traders will prefer the BitOasis Pro platform, which comes packed with advanced tools and features.

Bitoasis exchange homepage

BitOasis is perhaps the best Bitcoin exchange in the UAE for those wishing to trade digital currencies against AED. Regarding fees, AED pairs attract a commission of 0.50%. This fee is reduced when you meet certain monthly volume milestones. On the other hand, if you trade crypto-cross pairs like ETH/BTC or SUSHI/USDT, you will pay a commission of 0.15%.

BitOasis supports debit/credit card payments and bank wires when making a deposit. The latter enables UAE residents to deposit funds fee-free. Debit/credit card payments, which require a minimum deposit of 300 AED, are charged at 4.5%. This is because the payment processor settles the payment in USD, and then BitOasis converts this to AED.

Number of Cryptos 60+
Debit Card Fee 4.5%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.50%
Minimum Deposit 300 AED when using a credit card

What We Like:

  • Best UAE crypto exchange
  • Based in the UAE
  • Supports AED trading pairs
  • 40+ pairs supported

6. – Best Crypto Trading Platform UAE with User-Friendly Mobile App isn’t just an exchange – it’s an entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform offers everything from crypto debit cards and loans to interest accounts and an NFT marketplace. You can also use the platform to buy digital currencies instantly with a debit or credit card.

For this, you will first need to open an account and download the app. Then, you will pay a debit/credit card fee of 2.99% and your chosen digital tokens will then be added to your portfolio, making it an affordable platform to buy cryptos in UAE. You can also deposit funds via a standard bank wire.

If you wish to use the exchange to trade Dubai cryptos such as BTC/USD or DOGE/USD, you will only pay a commission of 0.40%. This means that entering a buy order worth $1,000 would cost you just $4. As such, if you’re looking for top crypto exchanges in the UAE for low fees, this provider is well worth considering. exchange homepage

If you decide to buy digital currency here and HODl your investment in the long run, offers industry-leading security tools. You can also deposit your tokens into a crypto savings account that generates interest. This feature is available on dozens of coins, and you can choose from a one-month, three-month, or flexible term.

The highest rates are offered on 3-month accounts and when you stake CRO tokens. You may want to consider using due to its well-known wallet, considered the best crypto wallet in the UAE, allowing you to keep control of your private keys. Moreover, if you’re interested in purchasing non-fungible tokens, the NFT marketplace enables you to invest without paying any commission.

Number of Cryptos 250+
Debit Card Fee 2.99%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.40% commission
Minimum Deposit $20

What We Like:

  • Over 250+ crypto coins supported
  • Accepts debit/credit cards and bank transfers
  • Great reputation
  • Offers crypto interest accounts and lending services
  • Competitive fees

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Dubai & UAE Compared

The table below offers a summarized overview of the best crypto exchanges in the UAE that we reviewed above.

Broker Number of Coins Fee for Buying Bitcoin Debit Card Fee Supported Payments
Evest Offers Crypto CFDs 0% Commission (Only spreads) Depends on the payment provider Credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers 250+ Up to 0.40% per slide 2.99% Debit/credit card, bank wire
Binance 1,000+ markets Up to 0.10% per slide Depends on the payment provider Debit/credit card, bank wire
Kraken 50+ Up to 0.26% per slide Not available in the UAE Bank wire
Coinmama 2 3.90% plus 2% spread 5% Debit/credit card, bank wire
BitOasis 60+ Up to 0.50% 4.50% Debit/credit card, bank wire

How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange UAE for You

To select the best crypto exchange in the UAE – you’ll want to create a checklist of factors that are important to you.

In the sections below, we discuss the most pertinent metrics to consider when choosing the best Bitcoin exchange in the UAE for you.

1. Regulation

One of the main reasons why we found that is the overall best crypto exchange in the UAE is that the platform is heavily regulated.

It holds licenses with several tier-one bodies – such as ASIC, the FCA, and CySEC. As such, you can deposit funds and trade crypto here safely.

Not all UAE and Dubai crypto exchanges are licensed though – so this is the first thing to check when choosing the best platform for you.

2. Tradable Cryptos

At one end of the spectrum, you have crypto exchanges like Coinmama – which support just two digital currencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that you will need to open an account with another exchange in order to diversify your portfolio and invest in other tokens.

For instance, when buying Dogecoin in the UAE or some of the best Dubai cryptocurrencies, always consider the crypto assets the crypto exchanges offer.

However, the likes of and Binance give you access to a huge number of markets – which is ideal for diversification.

3. Sign-Up Offers

Top crypto exchanges in the UAE offer a sign-up bonus to those registering an account for the very first time. Although bonuses are always nice, this shouldn’t be your overarching motivation to join a crypto exchange.

After all, in most cases, you will need to meet certain trading requirements before you can cash the bonus out.

4. Fees

The best crypto exchanges in the UAE offer low deposit fees and commissions.

Coinmama and BitOasis, on the other hand, charge 5% and 4.5% for the same transaction. Coinmama will also charge you a 3.90% buy commission and a spread of 2%.

As such, you must be aware of the fees and commissions that apply before you open an account with a crypto exchange.

5. Tools & Features

We also found that top crypto exchanges in the UAE offer tools and features., for instance, came out as the best crypto exchange for interest accounts and pre-paid debit cards. The same exchange also offers an NFT marketplace and even crypto loans.

In contrast, Coinmama offers a basic service. You are required to enter your wallet address when you buy crypto. This means that Coinmama will automatically send the tokens to your wallet as soon as the transaction is processed.

6. Payment Methods

All of the top crypto exchanges in the UAE that we reviewed today accept bank wire transfers. Although this payment option typically has the cheapest fees, you might have to wait a number of working days for the funds to arrive.

Instead, if you want to buy cryptocurrency instantly, the top crypto exchange in the UAE also supports debit/credit cards. The former also accepts several e-wallets, including PayPal.

7. Customer Service

The best crypto exchanges in the UAE offer customer service via a live chat feature, which allows you to speak with a support team member in real time. Avoid exchanges that only offer support via email.

In a nutshell, yes – crypto exchanges are legal in the UAE, and residents have plenty of options in this respect.

Crucially, it appears that government authorities are exploring ways for the UAE to become the global hub for all things crypto and blockchain. Just make sure that you are using a regulated exchange.


Selecting the top crypto exchange in Dubai can be difficult. However, reading reviews of the best crypto exchanges in the UAE can help you make an informed decision by providing a clear overview of their features and benefits.

Nonetheless, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and stay alert of potential scams and threats to your crypto assets.


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