Many investors in Slovakia have diversified their portfolios by adding cryptocurrencies. Although numerous exchanges are available in Slovakia, we wanted to make crypto investing accessible by finding ones that offer a range of trading features and low fees. After comparing several exchanges, we found the best crypto exchanges in Slovakia and ranked them as below.

To help investors make the right choice, we reviewed several exchanges, highlighting their benefits and how they fare against the rest. Let’s get into the details of the reviews, and our guide will help investors know everything about choosing the right crypto exchange and buying Bitcoin.

The Best Crypto Exchanges in Slovakia for 2023

  1. – Popular Exchange with a User-friendly App
  2. Bitstamp – Crypto Exchange with Low Fees
  3. Coinbase – Most Popular Exchange Globally
  4. Binance – Slovakian Bitcoin Exchange Offering 600 Cryptocurrencies
  5. Bitcoin Suisse – Regulated Exchange for Individuals and Merchants
  6. BitPanda – Slovakian Crypto Exchange Offering Indices
  7. Gemini – Regulated Exchange Offering NFTs

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Slovakia Reviewed

We wanted to make a Slovakian investor’s journey to crypto investing pleasurable, so we found several exchanges that offer great features. is definitely one of the best crypto exchanges in Slovakia. One of the great things that investors will benefit from this platform is the large coin offering. Investors can choose from 250 coins and join 50 million global users to choose this platform. The reason so many have joined is that the platform caters to beginner and pro traders. And the mobile app contains all the features found on the desktop but is conveniently designed for a mobile screen.

Opening an account is simple, and depositing it is possible via debit/credit cards, bank wire and ACH. Investors can take advantage of trading cryptos with a card on the app for free in the first month. Thereafter, a charge of 2.99% applies. Depositing cryptos is free, but each coin carries its own withdrawal fee. A minimum of 100 USDC is required to start trading on The platform offers great fees—0.4% for a monthly trading volume of $25,000. platform

Investors who don’t want to trade but want to earn from their coins can opt for staking. enables investors to lock in their coins for a year on the exchange and earn interest on them. Various staking coins are available, and some provide up to 14.5% interest per annum. Stablecoins offer an annual percentage yield (APY) of 10%. Otherwise, investors can stake CRO, the platform’s native coin. Its APY is only 4%.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
250+ Tier-based 0.4% 100 USDC


  • Large coin offering
  • Offers staking coins
  • Low fees
  • Free crypto deposits


  • Low APY for Cro staking

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2. Bitstamp – Crypto Exchange with Low Fees

Bitstamp logoOne of the best Slovakian crypto exchanges is Bitstamp. Besides being around since 2011, Bitstamp offers more than 73 cryptos and provides a platform ideal for beginners and expert traders. Investors receive 24/7 global support to have queries answered promptly, and expert traders even have their own platform, offering indicators, signals and other features to position themselves best in the market.

Investors can fund their accounts via ACH and SEPA for free. Another option is an international wire, but that incurs a 0.05% fee. A minimum of €7.5 is required to start trading. Investors can also buy cryptos with their cards, but the fee is 5%. SEPA withdrawals cost €3, and a wire withdrawal is 0.1% Trading fees are 0.5% up to $10,000, then decrease to 0.25%.

bitstamp platform

We were glad to see that Bitstamp takes investor security seriously. It’s important that an exchange is regulated and looks out for the best interests of its clients. Luxembourg Financial Regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier regulates Bitstamp to ensure that the platform upholds high financial ethical standards to provide secure crypto trading.

Investors can also stake coins on Bitstamp, but they can choose only two coins. Ethereum offers an APY of 4.39%, and Algorand can earn interest of up to 5% per annum.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
73 Tier-based 0.5% €7.5


  • Low minimum deposit
  • Regulated
  • 24/7 support
  • Platform specifically for pros


  • Only two staking coins

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

coinbase logoCoinbase is one of the biggest crypto exchanges globally. It offers its services to more than 100 countries, and almost 100 million users are registered on the platform. A part of Coinbase’s appeal is that it offers two platforms: beginner trading and Coinbase Pro. Advanced traders don’t pay to use Coinbase Pro, but they benefit from moving averages, Fibonacci and many other advanced features.

Investors buying Bitcoin with Coinbase will have to deposit a minimum of $25. The fees are split between the taker and the maker. Takers pay 0.6% and makers incur a 0.4% fee. Once traders surpass a monthly trading volume of $30,000, the fees lower. Apple Pay is available for crypto purchases.

coinbase platform

Depositing funds is possible through bank wires, debit/credit cards, Ideal and SEPA. An ACH deposit is free, but a USD wire costs $10. A SEPA deposit is only 0.15. Investors can withdraw funds via Paypal and Instant Card Cashouts.  Withdrawing via SEPA incurs a charge of 0.15.

Two great features available on Coinbase are NFT purchases and staking. Although staking provides only up to 5.75% interest per annum, Coinbase has made NFT purchases free for a limited period.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
100+ Taker/maker based 0.6% taker, 0.4% maker $25


  • Low SEPA deposit/withdrawal fee
  • Free NFT purchase fees
  • Coinbase Pro platform is free
  • Several withdrawal methods


  • Low staking interest

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

4. Binance – Slovakian Bitcoin Exchange Offering 600 Cryptocurrencies

Bitstamp logoAnother contender for the best crypto exchange in Slovakia is Binance. It’s not a surprise that it has one of the highest trading volumes of all exchanges since it offers more than 600 coins. On top of that, it enables investors to stake more than 100 coins, offering high interest. In fact, some staking coins enable investors more than a 100% return after 90 days.

Binance offers Slovakian investors to euro fund their accounts via P2P Express, SEPA, Etena Account Balance and AdvCash Account Balance. SEPA is the only method that incurs a charge of €1, and the other methods are free. Another option for investors to fund accounts is with a credit card. That comes with a 1.8% fee, which is one of the lowest of all exchanges. The trading fees make Binance one of the top crypto exchanges in Slovakia. It charges only o.10%. No wonder more than 90 million users have joined this platform.

binance platform

The one thing that Binance really needs to improve is regulation. Considering they’re based worldwide, Binance needs to prove more to clients that it wants to be upheld to high financial standards. The company has started the process in France by being regulated by French authorities, but that should be the norm in every country it operates.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
600+ Fixed 0.1% €3


  • Large range of coins
  • High APY for staking coins
  • Low trading fees
  • Card fees low


  • Lacks regulations

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. Bitcoin Suisse – Regulated Exchange for Individuals and Merchants

bitcoin suisse logoBitcoin Suisse is a Swiss company that has established a presence in Europe and is one of the best crypto exchanges in Slovakia. It was great to see that Bitcoin Suisse wants customers to feel their funds are secure, which is the reason it’s regulated by Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen. The company has also been subject to Swiss AML regulations to combat terrorist financing and money laundering. It also offers a bank guarantee by a state-backed Swiss Cantonal Bank.

The platform offers staking of all the major coins such as Tezos, Dash, Polkadot and Cosmos, to name a few. The staking periods vary from several days to a month. Staking Cosmos for 21 days can make investors up to 19.25%.

The platform enables investors to trade more than 40 cryptocurrencies, and the minimum amount required to trade is CHF 200. But Slovakian private clients need to deposit at least CHF 100,000, and institutional clients need to deposit CHF 500,000.

bitcoin suisse

As for the fees, Bitcoin Suisse charges a fee of 1.25% for all trading pairs. An additional fee of 0.50% applies to pairs that major exchanges don’t support. Trading is made simple on the Bitcoin Suisse app, available on iOS and Android.

The great benefit for businesses to use Bitcoin Suisse is that it enables them to set up a cryptocurrency payment platform. Bitcoin Suisse allows businesses to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum to offer a larger range of payment options to their clients.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
30+ Fixed 1.25% CHF 100,000


  • Good returns for staking
  • Empowers merchants to charge crypto
  • Regulated
  • Decent selection of altcoins


  • Extremely high minimum deposit

6. BitPanda – Slovakian Crypto Exchange Offering Indices

bitpanda logoOne of the great Bitcoin exchanges in Slovakia is BitPanda. It’s specifically tailored for the European market. It has more than 3.5 million users and is one of the few exchanges that enable traders to invest in crypto indices. Three indices that this platform offers are BitPanda Crypto Index 5, 10 and 25. Investors can also earn up to 13.5% interest by staking coins.


BitPanda splits its fees between takers and makers on BitPanda Pro. Takers pay a low fee of 0.15%, and makers are charged only 0.10%. Investors have several options to fund their accounts through SEPA, Neteller, cards, Sofort and Skrill. A minimum amount of €25 is required to fund an account. But investors need only €1 to start trading. More than 60 cryptos are available on the platform.

BitPanda has taken significant steps toward regulations. It’s regulated by MiFID II and PSD2 and is fully compliant with AML5, which offers secure offline storage.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
60+ Taker/maker based 0.15% taker, 0.10% maker €25


  • Low fees on BitPanda Pro
  • Specifically for European market
  • Regulated
  • Offers crypto indices


  • 1.49% fees on normal trading platform

7. Gemini – Regulated Exchange Offering NFTs

gemini logoGemini is one of the best Slovakian crypto exchanges offering investors to earn interest of up to 8.05% on crypto. Although beginner traders will find the platform to be user-friendly, Gemini has designed a special platform for active traders to use advanced tools for strategy enhancement.

The platform offers a secure, compliant and convenient custody solution, coupled with 24/7 support. Gemini is licensed by the State of New York to the custody of digital assets and is a fiduciary under New York Banking Law. It’s regularly audited and provides $200 million in cold storage insurance coverage for certain crypto losses on the platform.

gemini platform

Gemini offers more than 60 coins and is a premium place for NFT purchases. Its fees vary depending on several factors, but mobile app users pay $0.99 for transactions but also incur a convenience fee of 0.5%. Active trader fees are split between taker and maker. Takers pay 0.4%, and makers pay 0.20%. The auction fee is 0.01%. Cards, bank wires and ACH are available for depositing funds.

Another great feature on the platform is the Gemini Fund Solutions, enabling fund managers a platform to execute trades, crypto custody and clearing.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Fee Minimum Deposit
60+ Varies 0.4% taker, 0.20% maker $0


  • Broad range of coins
  • Low fees for mobile transactions
  • Regulated
  • Offers fund manager solutions


  • High fees for certain avenues

The Best Slovakian Crypto Exchanges Compared

We compared the best crypto exchanges in Slovakia to see how they fared against each other.

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Buying Fee  Minimum Deposit Payment Methods 250+ Tier based 0.4% 100 USDC Cards, bank wires and ACH
BitStamp 73 Tier based 0.5% €7.5 SEPA, ACH and bank wire
Coinbase 100+ Taker/maker based 0.6% taker, 0.4% maker $25 Cards, bank wires, SEPA and Ideal
Binance 600+ Fixed 0.1% €3 SEPA, P2P Express, Advcash Account Balance, Etana Account Balance
Bitcoin Suisse 40+ Taker/maker based 1.25% CHF 100,000 Bank wire
BitPanda 60+ Taker/maker based 0.15% taker, 0.10% maker €25 Cards, SEPA, Skrill, Neteller, Sofort
Gemini +60 Varies 0.4% taker 0.20% maker $0  Cards, bank wire and ACH

How to Choose the Best Slovakian Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choosing the best crypto exchange in Slovakia requires investors to analyze several factors. Some of the most important ones are:


The best Slovakian crypto exchanges are regulated. The crypto market is moving toward the same regulations that the stock market has had in place for decades. That’s important to do because it gives institutional investors surety that cryptocurrencies are a safe investment.

When a Slovakian crypto exchange is regulated, it has to abide by high financial standards that protect investor interests. Exchanges can’t do whatever they please with investors’ money, and penalties should be applicable to dissuade them from even trying anything nefarious.

Tradeable Cryptos

Many altcoins have become popular, and only a few exchanges offer a large coin range. It’s important that an exchange offers as many cryptocurrencies as possible so that investors can buy them easily. Also, exchanges should offer digital asset pairing, which many investors prefer to trade because some offer lower fees than fiat/crypto pairs.

Binance offers more than 600 cryptocurrencies, enabling altcoin investors to access a large selection.

Sign-up Offers

Some of the best Bitcoin exchanges in Slovakia will offer sign-up bonuses. They do that to entice users to become clients, and some bonuses may be a deposit to start trading or rewards such as lower fees for a limited time. Sign-up offers are more common among up-and-coming exchanges trying to grow their client base, so investors shouldn’t expect to find them at every exchange.


It’s crucial that investors examine each exchange’s fees. High fees can make a big difference in returns, as losses are magnified by high fees and profits shrunk. Investors need to determine all the fees involved from depositing to withdrawals. Exchanges shouldn’t have hidden fees that sneak up on investors after closing a trade.

Tools & Features

The best cryptocurrency exchanges offer a platform convenient for beginners to place trades without struggling but advanced enough for pro traders to benefit. That’s the reason some exchanges offer two platforms. Catering to both skill levels is important as some beginners eventually become professionals, so they shouldn’t have to change exchanges to find a platform suitable for their needs.

Payment Methods

Exchanges should offer various payment methods to customers to make account funding simple. Investors are likely to be discouraged from investing with an exchange not offering their preferred payment method. The very least an exchange should accept are bank wire, cards and Paypal deposits.

Customer Service

Traders seek immediate help when they’re stuck, so some of the best crypto exchanges in Slovakia offer 24/7 support. It’s necessary to address traders’ concerns promptly so that traders can open positions and avoid missing out on profits.

How to Use a Slovakian Crypto Exchange

Our step-by-step guide will make opening a crypto account straightforward.

Step 1: Register with an Exchange

When you know the crypto exchange you want to buy through, head over to the site or app. From there, navigate to the page to create an account and fill in the required details. Expect to be asked for basic personal details like your name, date of birth, and address. You’ll also need to provide your email, verify it, and create a username.

Step 2. Verify Account

A regulated exchange will need to confirm your identity before allowing you to trade. Expect to be asked to provide proof of ID, int he form of a passport, driver’s license, or similar, and proof of address with a bank statement or utility bill.

Step 3: Deposit

With your ID confirmed, you’ll be able to add money to your new crpyto exchange account. Follow the process for your preferred payment method, at this point you may come across a minimum deposit requirement, which can vary depending on the platform.

Step 4: Search for Crypto

You have two options to buy crypto with the money you’ve deposited. You will be able to browse the list of coins your exchange offers, and make a choice from there, or you can search for a specific coin you want to buy. Locate the search bar or icon on the exchange, type in what you’re looking for, and select the coin.

Step 5: Buy Crypto

Once you’ve found the coin you want, choose how much you want to buy, either as an amount in your balance or the number or fraction of a coin that you want.

The Slovakian government hasn’t imposed any prohibitions on crypto trading. Furthermore, Bitcoin isn’t really regulated in Slovakia, but it is regarded as legal to hold and trade. The government has established strict practices regarding cryptocurrency circulation.

Exchanges can acquire two licenses to make their services legal. They can get a license for rendering e-wallet services and also for cryptocurrency exchange operations.  Several exchanges in Slovakia are regulated by financial boards, holding them to high ethical financial standards.

Crypto Tax in Slovakia

Crypto is taxed in Slovakia. Individuals profiting from crypto are taxed, and income from cryptocurrency sales is considered as other income on the tax return. Taxpayers can offset their crypto earnings against costs incurred to generate that income. Although, the costs obtained can be offset only up to the amount of income earned.

In Slovakia, other income is taxed at 19% or 25%. Individuals who earn less than €35,022.31 are taxed at 19% and those earning above that amount are taxed at 25%.


The aim of our guide was to find the best Slovakian crypto exchange. We analyzed the best way to buy Bitcoin in Slovakia by comparing several exchanges. We looked at each exchange’s fees, regulations, features and customer support. Several exchanges offered everything that Slovakian investors needed to invest in crypto.


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