Cryptocurrencies can be a great diversification opportunity for investors looking to enter and trade in a new market. However, an important aspect of trading cryptocurrencies is to choose the right exchange that can help users in their trading activities. 

This guide reviews the best crypto exchanges in Poland by comparing their fees, pricing structure and other features that can benefit users. 

The Best Crypto Exchanges in Poland for 2024

In the table below, we have listed some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland for 2024

  • – Earn Up to 14.5% by staking Crypto
  • Bitstamp – API & Whitelisting Capabilities
  • Coinbase – Staking and Governance Protocols
  • Binance – Leverage Your Crypto Trades
  • Gemini – Top Crypto Exchange in Poland
  • BitPanda – Invest with Multiple Payment Methods
  • Paxful – Sell BTC with 300+ payment methods

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Poland Reviewed 

When looking for the top crypto exchanges in Poland, users may want to compare and review the biggest crypto exchanges on factors including the cost of transactions, availability of payment methods and the number of cryptos available to trade. 

In the sections below, we will review the best Poland crypto exchanges in 2024.

1. – Earn up to 14.5% by staking crypto is one of the top crypto exchanges in Poland and the rest of the world, with over 50 million users buying and logo cryptocurrencies on the platform. The platform is great for mobile-first users since the app boasts a simple user interface and can connect to its separate DeFi wallet. is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland, giving access to over 250 crypto assets. The platform charges a simple fee of 0.40% per transaction. However, credit/debit card purchases cost 2.99% per transaction. 

Alternatively, users do not have to pay a fee if they choose to make an ACH wire transfer. However, the one issue while using is that this platform does not support fiat deposits. review

Apart from trading cryptos, offers the opportunity to earn interest on holdings with Crypto Earn. Depending on the token being staked, users have the chance to earn up to 14.5% interest annually. 

The platform also facilitates the buying and selling of CRO – the native token of Holding CRO has its benefits. Firstly, users can earn 2% extra on their crypto staking by holding a certain number of CRO coins. Additionally, traders can be rewarded with reduced fees of up to 10%. 

Notably, users can sign up with the Visa Card and get up to 5% cashback on their crypto transactions. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
250+ Maker/Taker fee 0.40% $20 (ACH wire transfers)


  • 250 + cryptocurrencies available 
  • Crypto Earn to make interest on crypto holdings 
  • Increase interest and reduce fees with CRO tokens
  • Visa Card to earn 5% cashback when buying cryptos


  • No fiat deposits supported

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

2. Bitstamp – API & Whitelisting Capabilities 

Bitstamp is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Poland, catering to a client base of more than 4 million. The Bitstamp platformBitstamp logo gives users access to over 70 cryptocurrencies with a low pricing structure. 

For users with a 30-day trading volume lesser than $10,000, a trading fee of 0.50% per transaction is applied. This reduces with the increase in trading volumes. Bitstamp also supports instant deposits with credit cards, allowing traders to begin trading as quickly as possible. 

Providing an advanced trading platform, Bitstamp provides API capabilities to tailor to unique workflows and establish integrations with unique software services. 

Bitstamp day trading

Furthermore, the platform institutes a robust privacy data encryption policy to secure users’ assets online safely. Demonstrating whitelisting capabilities, Bitstamp creates a list of trusted recipients to protect users’ funds from being intercepted by malicious hackers.

All these elaborate features do come with a cost. Fees are expensive on Bitstamp – an 8% fee being applied on all small credit card transactions. The fees can go down to 5% with an increase in the size of transactions. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
70+ Spread Fee  0.50% transaction fee on a 30-day trading volume below $10,000 Varies per Payment Method


  • 70 + cryptos available to trade
  • Low fee of 0.50%
  • API capabilities
  • Whitelisting capabilities to reduce chance of fraud


  • High credit card fees

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

3. Coinbase – Staking & Governance Protocols 

Coinbase is one of the best Poland crypto exchanges for users looking to access a wide range of crypto-related features, includingcoinbase logo staking, trading and governance protocols. 

Along with Poland, Coinbase is available in more than 100 countries and is used by more than 98 million verified users. After signing up, users can begin trading in more than 100 cryptocurrencies after paying a 1.49% fee per trade and a 3.99% transaction charge when using a debit/credit card. 

Coinbase also allows users to stake to a third-party validator or their private dedicated validator. This benefits users looking to earn rewards in the form of interest on tokens. 

Furthermore, users can participate in governance protocols on Coinbase. All assets dedicated to governance will be held in cold storage – keeping them offline. Participating in the governance of a network also allows users to participate in voting decisions of the particular network, which is something that most exchanges do not offer. 

Coinbase also offers an advanced trading platform – Coinbase Pro. First of all, Coinbase Pro allows users to trade in more than 250 crypto assets. The Pro account can also be optimised to analyse real-time and historical cryptocurrency data and various complex charting options to navigate future trades. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
100 + (250 + with Coinbase Pro) Maker/Taker fee and slide fee Maker/taker fee of 0.50% + 1.59% slide fee $50


  • 250 + cryptos with Coinbase Pro
  • Staking options and participating in governance protocols
  • Stores 98% of investors’ assets in cold storage


  • 3.99% fees on credit/debit card transactions

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

4. Binance – Leverage Your Crypto Trades

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume, making it one of the top Polish cryptoBinance logo exchanges to begin trading with. 

Binance provides users with a wide variety of features. Firstly, the platform boasts a vast portfolio of more than 600 cryptos. Along with trading, users are welcome to stake and earn interest on cryptocurrencies with Binance. 

With Binance Leveraged Tokens, users can gain increased exposure to specific assets on the platform. Similarly, Binance Options offers built-in leverage to simplify options trading for retail investors. 

Binance review

Additionally, Binance offers liquid pools, allowing users to easily swap tokens and collateralise their crypto assets to borrow other assets. All of this is possible with the low spread fee of 0.1% per transaction. 

The fee can be further reduced by 25% if users purchase a specified amount of BNB tokens – which work as the central currency of the Binance network. 

The platform also gets the community together by offering multiple social features among users. For example, the battle feature places cryptocurrency users in a head-to-head battle to see who is more profitable over a certain period. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
600+ Maker/Taker fee 0.1% $50


  • More than 600 tradable cryptocurrencies 
  • Low fees per transaction
  • Leverage and options trading
  • Reduce fees with BNB holdings
  • Community features to build participation 


  • May be better suited for advanced traders

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.

5. Gemini – Top Crypto Exchange in Poland

Next on our list of best Poland crypto exchanges is Gemini. This cryptocurrency exchange is available in more than 60 countriesgemini logo and allows users to invest in 50+ crypto assets. 

Gemini also provides digital wallet options and a mobile wallet – which is beneficial for beginner investors. On the other hand, Gemini’s Active Trader Platform makes the platform attractive for advanced traders due to an abundance of advanced charting features, multiple order types and block trading capabilities. 

In terms of fees, Gemini has a complex pricing structure. Gemini takes a standard fee for trades under $200, from $0.99 to $2.99. Transactions increasing by $200 are met with a fixed fee of 1.49% per trade. 

Gemini Crypto Exchange

However, traders using the Active Trader Platform follows a maker/taker pricing model, starting at 0.25% and 0.35%, respectively. 

Gemini has tight security protocols and has insured all assets lost due to a security breach, hack or fraudulent transfer. However, the platform has yet to record a successful hacking attempt on its site. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
50+ Standard fee per transaction (Maker/Taker model for Advanced Trading Platform) $0.99 – $2.99 for <$200 transactions.

0.25% maker and 0.35% taker fee (Active Trader Platform)

Varies per Payment Method


  • Maximum of $2.99 fee for transactions below $200
  • Digital wallet and mobile app 
  • Advanced trading platform for senior traders
  • Assets are insured against hacking, theft and fraud


  • Complex pricing structure

6. BitPanda – Buy cryptocurrencies with multiple payment methods

BitPanda is one of the top crypto exchanges available for investors in Poland. Users can invest in stocks, precious metals and ETFs, which are great for diversification opportunities, and cryptocurrencies. 

BitPanda allows users to begin trading in cryptocurrencies starting at just €1. Payments can be made using bank transfers, e-wallets, MasterCard and VISA. Additionally, users in Poland can pay or cash out using EUR, CHF, GBP, USD or TRY. 

bitpanda homepage

BitPanda charges a 1.49% trading fee but also adds hidden fees, making its pricing structure complex. These fees can be added to prices in real-time. 

Additionally, Bitstamp offers multiple income-earning opportunities with staking opportunities, affiliate programmes and ambassador programmes. The platform also allows users to stake BEST – BitPanda’s native token, which can be staked for up to 15% annually. 

BitPanda Academy is another feature which users can access to study the cryptocurrency markets. On the other hand, advanced traders can access BitPanda Pro to access lower fees and multiple API keys. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
6 Slide fee, payment fees + hidden fees 1.49% fee per transaction + additional hidden fees Varies per Payment method


  • Multiple payment methods
  • Purchase cryptos with as little as €1
  • BitPanda Academy for beginners
  • BitPanda Pro for advanced traders


  • Complex Pricing Structure

7. Paxful – Sell BTC using 300 Payment Methods

For users looking to trade BTC solely, Paxful is the best Bitcoin exchange in Poland. This crypto exchange enables users in Poland Paxful Logo to buy and sell BTC exclusively. The exchange allows sellers to join the platform and act as merchants to sell their BTC tokens in multiple ways. 

Notably, sellers can sell their assets in more than 300 payment methods, including credit cards, Amazon Gift Cards and wire transfers, to name a few. Since this is a P2P community that sends the money directly to sellers, Paxful does not support any fiat currencies.

While using Paxful, users are not required to pay fees on the site itself. However, sellers may charge differing fees, depending on the payment method used. Paxful charges a standard fee of 1% from sellers on every transaction. 

Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit
1 Fee per transaction + additional fees per payment methods 1% commission per transaction Varies per Payment method


  • P2P marketplace that connects buyers and sellers
  • 300 + payment methods 
  • Low transaction fee for sellers


  • Only supports BTC trading

The Best Poland Crypto Exchanges Compared

The table below compares the various fees and cryptos available on the best Polan crypto exchanges.

Exchange  Number of Cryptos Pricing Structure Bitcoin Trading Fee Minimum Deposit 250+ Maker/Taker fee 0.40% $20 (ACH wire transfer)
Bitstamp 70+ Spread Fee (Reduces per Trading Volume) Begins at 0.50% Varies per Payment Method
Coinbase 100 + (250 + with Coinbase Pro) Maker/Taker fee and slide fee Maker/taker fee of 0.50% + 1.59% slide fee $50
Binance 600+ Maker/Taker fee 0.1% $50
Gemini 50+ Standard fee per transaction (Maker/Taker model for Advanced Trading Platform) $0.99 – $2.99 for <$200 transactions.

0.25% maker and 0.35% taker fee (Active Trader Platform)

Varies Per payment Method
BitPanda 6 Slide fee, payment fees + hidden fees 1.49% fee per transaction + additional hidden fees Varies per Payment method
Paxful 1 Fee per transaction + additional fees per payment methods 1% commission per transaction Varies per Payment method

How to Choose the Best Poland Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

When choosing the best Polish crypto exchange, users may want to evaluate and compare the various options on several important factors. For example, the number of cryptocurrencies available to trade and the pricing structure may be some key metrics to look at when choosing the right exchange. 

The sections below cover some top factors to consider when choosing the best Poland cryptocurrency exchange.


Many users look to begin trading with a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Since a regulated exchange is required to meet certain safety standards, it may be a suitable option for users to begin trading with a safe and stable exchange. 

etoro review

Tradable Cryptos

An important metric for comparing the best Poland crypto exchanges is the availability of tradable cryptos. Users may have differing interests when beginning their cryptocurrency investments. Therefore it is important to look at the cryptocurrencies available on the platforms beforehand. 

For example, users looking to diversify their funds may look at Binance due to the number of cryptocurrencies available on the site. On the other hand, the Paxful exchange may be a suitable option for users looking to buy and sell Bitcoin. 

Sign-up offers

Sign-up Offers are an important feature that platforms use to entice new investors from the get-go. By offering incentives in the method of bonuses or sign-up rewards, users can look to benefit from multiple strategies. 

For example, offers a $25 sign-up bonus for users who refer new users to stake CRO tokens using a VISA card. Other offers can be in the form of affiliate programmes or fee discounts, which can be lucrative for users. 


More than the cost of the fees when trading cryptocurrencies, users may want to evaluate the hidden costs and extra fees, which may significantly affect the overall transaction fees. 

The best crypto & Bitcoin exchanges in Poland offer users a simple pricing structure model that allows them to begin trading by referring to a straightforward fee structure. 

Platforms like charge a 0.40% fee on transactions. Binance also charges a low trading fee of 0.1% on all transactions. 

Tools & Features

Depending on a user’s trading requirements, additional tools & features can be crucial when choosing the best crypto exchange in Poland. For beginners, a simple and intuitive platform that allows users to trade with a well-designed mobile app may be essential. 

On the other hand, skilled investors may want an advanced trading platform that offers high-leverage options and multiple charts to analyse trades.

eToro Crypto Portfolio

Platforms may offer crypto bundles and a social trading platform that allows beginners to diversify funds quickly. While platforms like BitPanda offer an advanced trading platform suitable for skilled traders. 

Payment methods

Depending on the cryptocurrency exchange, users may have the option to begin trading with different payment methods. For example, Paxful allows sellers to trade using more than 300 payment options. 

Whereas most platforms offer users credit and debit card options. 

Customer service

The best Polish crypto exchanges try to stand out by providing 24/7 customer support to assist and simplify an investor’s trading process. Many platforms offer dedicated account managers that work around the clock to respond to customer enquiries and complaints. 

If this is an essential factor for users, then they can evaluate the different options to see which platform best caters to their individual needs. 

How to Use a Polish Crypto Exchange 

If you’re looking for how to buy BTC in Poland, the next step for investors is to learn how to begin trading with a Polish crypto exchange. In the example below, we show users how to start trading cryptocurrencies in Poland with a standard guide to what you can expect from the simple process. 

Step 1: Register with an Exchange

Users can start trading by choosing a crpyto exchange platform and heading over to its website or downloading its app.

Once there, it should be easy to find the option to create an account. You’re going to be asked to provide a range of personal information including your name and contact details. You’ll also need to create a password and probably set up two-factor authentication to protect your account.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Before you can begin trading with a platform, you’ll need to go through document verification.

This means you’ll be asked to provide some identification documents, such as a passport or ID card. Next, you’ll need to confirm your address by way of a bank statement or utility bill they will need to complete a quick verification process

Step 3: Deposit Funds

To start trading, you first need to fund your account. This should be an easy step and you’ll just need to follow the payment methods offered by your chosen platform, be that by card, e-wallet, or transfer. Different platforms will have different minimum and maximum deposit amoutns.  

Step 4: Search for Cryptos

With money in your account, it’s time to buy crypto. You should be able to browse through the coins offered if you’re not sure yet what you want to buy. Alternatively, you may know what you want and you’ll need to search for it. Trading platforms will have a search bar where you can type in the name or the symbol for the coin you want.

Step 5: Buy Crypto

When you’re ready to buy, there will likely be a clear option to acquire the coin you want. If the coin is worth more than the money you have available, you can buy a fraction of a coin, as well. 

In 2018, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) clarified that the trading of cryptocurrencies is legal in the country. In an official and non-binding statement, the Polish financial regulator said that there are no regulations prohibiting the conduct of cryptocurrency exchanges in Poland. 

However, the report also noted that the cryptocurrency exchanges must abide by strong anti-money laundering and terrorism financing rules. The KNF further said that if the exchanges providing regulated services don’t have a permit, appropriate supervisory actions will be taken.

Therefore, users may want to properly research and evaluate exchanges in the region, ensuring that they are well-regulated and adhering to the rules and restrictions laid out by the KNF in Poland. 

Crypto Tax in Poland

For users looking to trade in cryptocurrencies in Poland, they must abide by specific tax laws in the country. Since 2019, revenues from crypto trading have been subject to a tax on investment income. 

The tax on any profits made on cryptocurrency trading is fixed at 19%. Furthermore, income from the sale of virtual assets also represents an income from property rights. This is subject to a further 1% tax on civil actions on the purchase or exchange contract. 


Investors looking to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Poland can do so with the available crypto exchanges in the region. This guide has evaluated some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges by comparing them based on tradable cryptos, pricing structure and other factors that may make them suitable options for investors. 


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