It’s never been less complicated for Austrian traders to buy and sell digital currencies online. However, finding a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange can be one of the biggest hurdles for traders.

In this beginner’s guide, we help clear the mist by reviewing the best crypto exchanges in Austria for 2024.

The Best Crypto Exchanges in Austria for 2024

The best crypto exchanges in Austria from our research are listed below:

  1. Crypto.comSecure Crypto Exchange With Savings Accounts
  2. Bitstamp Crypto Exchange With Advanced Trading Tools
  3. BinancePopular Crypto Exchange for Low-Cost Trading
  4. LocalBitcoins – P2P Bitcoin Exchange With Over 60 Accepted Payment Methods
  5. Coinfinity – Austria-Based Exchange With Secure Cold Storage Wallet
  6. Bitpanda – Austrian Crypto Trading Platform With Multiple Markets

Traders can find a full review of the above-mentioned crypto exchanges next.

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in Austria Reviewed 

When researching the top crypto exchanges in Austria, we focus on a list of key metrics. This includes available digital assets, regulation, trading fees, user-friendliness, and features.

In order to choose the best crypto exchange in Austria, consider one of the providers reviewed below.

1. – Secure Crypto Exchange With Savings Accounts is one of the best Austria crypto exchanges to offer digital asset savings accounts. Austrian traders can access over 250 cryptocurrencies here. This covers large-cap offerings like Bitcoin, meme tokens like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, and also lesser-known projects.

The platform offers interest on stablecoins such as USDC, DAI, and Tether. Interest is also offered on non-stablecoins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The yield on offer via Crypto Earn is up to 14.5% APY, although terms and conditions apply in order to get this high rate.

For example, a specific number of CRO tokens (the platform’s native cryptocurrency) will need to be staked within a certain timeframe. The fee to buy and sell cryptocurrencies is up to 0.4%, which is competitive. The minimum deposit is $20 (around €19) and traders can fund their account via SEPA at no charge.

Those wishing to make a deposit via a debit card will be required to pay a 2.99% fee. The Visa card allows people to receive up to 5% back on purchases, and up to 8% on staked CRO (this depends on the card chosen). Moreover, the platform offers a rebate in its native currency to qualifying traders for paying fees with CRO. also has its own NFT marketplace where Austrian traders can purchase a range of unique digital assets with no commission payable. As we talk about later, cryptocurrencies are taxed in Austria.

This platform has Austrian traders covered. allows traders to generate a complete tax report in a few clicks. The service is free and supports more than 30 wallets and exchanges. This is a convenient way for traders to calculate crypto taxes without a third party.

Number of cryptocurrencies 250+
Debit card fee 2.99%
Fee to trade crypto Up to 0.40%
Minimum deposit $20


  • Over 250 cryptocurrencies to choose from
  • Great reputation and adequately regulated
  • Low commission and trading fees
  • Staking and interest-earning options on cryptocurrencies
  • NFT marketplace and crypto Visa card


  • Need CRO to access additional benefits

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Bitstamp – Crypto Exchange With Advanced Trading Tools

Bitstamp logoBitstamp is another top crypto exchange that Austria residents are accepted at. Its TradeView platform provides traders with real-time market insights. There are also numerous order types and a range of analytical tools.

The fee to trade digital currency pairs is between 0% and 0.5%. The fee payable depends on the trading volume generated within 30 days. For example, those trading less than $10,000 within 30 days will pay 0.50% to trade. Anyone with a trading volume between $10,000 and $20,000 will be charged 0.25%.

Those trading $20 billion or more on the platform within 30 days are not charged. As such, it’s fair to say that most people will pay a fee of 0.50% to trade at Bitstamp.

Bitstamp Review Austria

There are over 70 assets at Bitstamp. Traders can use Bitstamp Earn to receive staking rewards on their holdings or new purchases. At the time of writing, this is limited to Algorland and Ethereum 2.0. However, the platform states that more will be added later.

People can buy crypto with a credit card in Austria, however, this attracts a charge of 5%. Moreover, the platform states additional fees may be charged by the provider. SEPA deposits are free of charge, but withdrawals command a €3 fee. The minimum trade amount is $10 at Bitstamp.

Number of cryptocurrencies 70+
Debit card fee 5%
Fee to trade Bitcoin Up to 0.50%
Minimum deposit $10


  • Trading fee of up to 0.50%
  • Advanced trading platform


  • High fee to buy crypto with a credit card

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges globally. On this platform, Austrian traders can buy and sell more than 600 cryptocurrencies with little cost in terms of fees.  When making a deposit, traders can choose between a credit/debit card, Advcash, and SEPA.

Notably, Visa and Mastercard command a fee of 1.8%. The commission charged on crypto trades is up to 0.10% which is super competitive. This platform offers a discount on trading fees to those who buy BNB, Binance’s native cryptocurrency. Traders who buy BNB tokens can opt to pay trading fees with BNB for a 25% discount.

Binance home

The platform also reduces fees for people who trade in high volumes. High-volume traders should check the fee table for more information. Binance also has its own Visa card which offers up to 8% cashback on purchases.

The Binance card can be used to make purchases in over 60 million locations wherever Visa is accepted. The card can now be linked to Samsung and Google Pay. There are no fees on transactions made in euros, however, traders are advised to check for third-party charges.

Binance also has a marketplace for NFTs and mystery boxes. This allows Austrian traders to buy and sell digital collectibles and art, as well as in-game assets. The Binance app makes it easy for people in Austria to buy and sell crypto on the move.

Number of cryptocurrencies 600+
Debit card fee 1.8%
Fee to trade crypto Up to 0.10%
Minimum deposit Depends on payment type


  • Over 600 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Low commission and trading fees
  • Yield farming and staking supported


  • Not suitable for beginners

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4. LocalBitcoins – P2P Bitcoin Exchange With Over 60 Accepted Payment Methods

Localbitcoins logoLocalBitcoins is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in Austria for P2P trading. As the name suggests, the platform allows people to buy Bitcoin directly from other sellers. Traders can filter the results down by country or territory, amongst other things.

This allows people to buy Bitcoin from local traders and also create advertisements to sell their BTC to others. Once the filter is applied, Austrian traders can view a list of advertisements and choose the best deal for them.

Each buy or sell advertisement will stipulate a location, price equation or margin, accepted payment type, currency, and the minimum/maximum transaction limit. The platform accepts over 60 payment types. Sellers can accept anything from PayPal, Advcash, and Skrill, to wire transfers and SEPA.

Localbitcoins review Austria

It is up to each individual seller. However, as we touched on, the buyer is able to filter the results so could choose to only view advertisements accepting SEPA, for instance.

The LocalBitcoins wallet is on the main dashboard so traders can access it on any device with a web browser. Traders can send Bitcoin to someone else with a LocalBitcoins wallet for free. Any transfers made to external wallets will attract a network transaction fee.

A 1% fee is charged for every completed trade after creating an advertisement. The amount a trader needs to deposit will depend on the advertisement they choose. However, LocalBitcoins states that this can be no lower than €5 in any case.

Number of cryptocurrencies 1
Debit card fee N/A
Fee to trade crypto Fees depend on the seller
Minimum deposit From €5 but varies depending on the seller


  • Serves more than 100 countries
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Over 60 payment methods to buy Bitcoin


  • Only one crypto asset available

5. Coinfinity – Austria-Based Exchange With Secure Cold Storage Card Wallet

Coinfinity logo This Austrian Bitcoin exchange only offers BTC tokens. This platform is registered with the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). The fee to trade Bitcoin at Coinfinity is 1.5%. To combat some of the risks of hacking, Coinfinity’s Card Wallet offers traders a tamper-proof storage solution.

This is delivered to the home address of the trader and features a code that is unique. The manufacturer of the card has no record of the code. This card does not enable traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies but instead offers a secure way to hold Bitcoin offline.

Coinfinity review Austria

Another option is to link Coinfinity to a Bitcoin wallet. Deposit options here include bank transfer, both instant and standard, and also SEPA. Traders may buy Bitcoin via a credit card, but only at the Bitcoinbon shop.

Austrian traders can also buy Bitcoin via one of Coinfinity’s ATMs in the country. Austrian traders local to Graz can also go to the ATM in the office and purchase Bitcoin with cash.

Number of cryptocurrencies 1
Debit card fee N/A
Fee to trade crypto 1.5%
Minimum deposit None stated


  • Registered with Austrian Financial Market Authority
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Secure cold storage card wallet


  • PayPal not accepted
  • Only Bitcoin available

6. Bitpanda – Austrian Crypto Trading Platform With Multiple Markets

Bitpanda logo Bitpanda is one of the best Austria crypto exchanges for those looking to diversify later. This is because traders can also access stocks, ETFs, crypto indices, and precious metals.

The minimum stake is €1, as Bitpanda supports fractional trading. At the time of writing, there are 96 cryptocurrencies available to buy, sell and swap. Verified customers can fund their euro wallet via EPS, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill SEPA, or credit/debit cards.

The platform states that SEPA is free of charge and instant. The Bitpanda credit card offers traders cash back. BEST is the platform’s ecosystem token which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bitpanda has a rewards program that allows Austrian traders to earn interest on every BEST transaction. The more BEST tokens an investor holds, the higher the reward offered. Furthermore, depending on the BEST VIP level, traders can get up to 12.5% staking rewards.

Finally, Bitpanda has an optional savings plan. This entails setting up a recurring investment to build a portfolio passively. The automatic buy orders can be set up using SEPA or a credit card.

Number of cryptocurrencies 96
Debit card fee Not stated
Fee to trade crypto Up to 1.49%
Minimum deposit €25


  • Up to 12.5% staking rewards
  • Platform has its own ecosystem token
  • Bitcoin savings plan available


  • Some payment methods attract extra charges
  • Fees higher than other platforms

The Best Austria Crypto Exchanges Compared

Crypto exchange Number of cryptos Debit card fee Fee for trading crypto Min deposit Accepted payment methods 250+ 2.99% Up to 0.40% $20 Credit/debit cards, SEPA
Bitstamp 150+ 5% Up to 0.50% $10 Credit/debit cards, bank transfers
Binance 600+ 1.80% Up to 0.10% Depends on the payment type Credit/debit card, SEPA, Advcash
LocalBitcoins 1 N/A Depends on seller From €5 but varies depending on the seller 60 +
Coinfinity 1 N/A 1.5% plus mining fee None stated SEPA, instant and standard bank transfers
Bitpanda 96 Not stated Up to 1.49% €25 Depends on verification status. EPS, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill SEPA, or credit/debit cards.

How to Choose the Best Austria Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

There are things that traders can look out for when choosing the best Austrian crypto exchange.

As such, below we offer a list of the most important considerations to make before selecting a provider.


All the best Austria crypto exchanges are regulated. Whilst crypto exchanges are not supervised by the FMA, choosing a regulated platform should give traders a better experience.

This is because regulated trading platforms stick to a high set of standards and protocols in order to keep their license.

Tradable Cryptos 

A key thing to look out for when researching the best Austria crypto exchanges is the number of tradable assets available. This is because there aren’t many crypto traders with just one asset in their portfolio.

  • By choosing an Austrian crypto exchange with plenty of assets, it’s easy for traders to create a diverse portfolio later on.
  • Selecting a platform that facilitates fractional trading is also a bonus.

Sign up Offers

The best cryptocurrency exchanges in Austria run sign-up offers and other promotions. offers rewards in CRO tokens. Traders who sign up using a specific code may be eligible for $50 worth of CRO.


No two Austrian Bitcoin exchanges are exactly the same. As such, it’s crucial that traders check the fee structure of any exchange prior to creating an account and making a deposit.

Some common fees found at an Austrian Bitcoin exchange include:

  • Deposit Fees – A fee charged when funding a trading account. This can also differ between payment types. For instance, at, traders pay 2.99% on each credit/debit card deposit.
  • Commissions – Most of the top crypto exchanges in Austria charge commissions to traders when they place a buy or a sell order. At Coinfinity, this is 1.5%.
  • Spreads – Another commonly charged fee is the spread. For those unaware, this is the difference between the buy and sell price of the crypto asset in question. The tighter the spread, the less the trader will pay.

Tools & Features

The top crypto exchanges in Austria offer investment tools and features.

Other features to look out for when searching for the best cryptocurrency exchanges are interactive price charts and the option of various order types.

For beginners, educational content such as guides and video tutorials are usually helpful as well.

Payment Methods

Traders searching for the best Austria crypto exchanges might already have a payment method in mind. In this case, it’s especially important to see what the exchange supports.

Customer Service

Finding the best cryptocurrency exchange in Austria will also require traders to explore the customer service department. For example, it is important to make sure there are multiple avenues when customer support is needed.

How to Use an Austrian Crypto Exchange 

While the process will look a little different across crpyto exchanges, the steps should generally be the same. Here is what to be prepared for.

Step 1: Open an Account

Choose your crypto trading platform, head to the website or download its app, and complete all the registration details you are asked for.

Information required by the broker will likely include a username and password. A contact email address is also going to be needed to confirm an the account.

Many platforms will also ask for a date of birth, address, and nationality. Additionally, traders will be asked a few simple questions regarding their investment experience.

Step 2: Upload ID

Due KYC procedures, you’re likely to be asked to provide some identification documentation. This is a standard practice among Austrian Bitcoin exchanges. The process should be easy and there will likely be a range of options.

Austrian traders should be able to find a full list of accepted KYC documents on their chose trading platform.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Platforms will have different minimum deposit amounts. Check what you need to deposit and the payment methods available, then complete the proscribed steps from the platform.

Step 4: Find Crypto 

You will be able to search for the crypto coins you want to buy. Look for the search bar on the trading platform and type in the name or the code for the coin/s you’re looking for.

Step 5: Buy Crypto 

Austrian traders can buy crypto from a range of platforms with different minimum purchases. If the desired token is valued higher than the minimum purchase (such as Bitcoin), then it will be a fractional investment.

Crypto exchanges are legal in Austria. They are not governed by a specific body but the FMA requires all platforms to adhere to anti-money laundering laws, report obligations, and comply with customer due diligence and KYC rules.

The easiest way for traders to ensure they are dealing with a legitimate and trustworthy platform is to opt for an Austrian Bitcoin exchange that holds one or more regulatory licenses.

Crypto Tax in Austria

Prior to March 2022, there was no specific tax bracket for cryptocurrencies. It was classed under the umbrella of progressive income tax.

The crypto tax reform in Austria has changed all that.

Here’s some more information on the taxation of crypto assets in Austria:

  • All cryptocurrency trades are taxed at the same 27.5 % rate as stock transactions
  • Long-term gains will be taxed as a result of the reform, with the exception of so-called legacy holdings
  • In this case, crypto that was bought before February 28, 2021, is still subject to the prior tax rules
  • 27.5% tax is payable when cryptocurrencies are mined, sold, or spent
  • Interest earned from crypto assets are also subject to this tax rate. Staking rewards are also taxed at 27.5%
  • Importantly, crypto-to-crypto trades are not taxed according to the latest reform
  • Traders who obtain cryptocurrency by mining will need to use the fair market value in euros on the day it was purchased
  • People who traded it or spent the tokens, rather than selling, will need to deduct the cost basis from the fair market value of their cryptocurrency in euros
  • Again, this must be based on the day the person traded or used it

Both under the old and new tax laws, there are some savings available for Austrian cryptocurrency investors:

  • Speculative Trading Allowance – If the annual profit from cryptocurrency gains was less than €440, the investor won’t pay taxes on it
  • Long-Term Gains – If investors have held onto a cryptocurrency for more than a year and it was purchased before February 28, 2021, they are not subject to taxes when sold

As we touched on in our review of the best crypto exchanges in Austria, offers a handy app that is free of charge and lets investors prepare their taxes.


It’s more simple than ever to trade crypto assets online. The tricky part for most traders is deciding on the right platform. This guide reviewed the best crypto exchanges in Austria for low fees, safety, and easy platform navigation.


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