Choosing the best crypto exchange in South Africa for your requirements should primarily focus on the reputation of the platform for security, regulation, and positive user feedback.

Alongside that you can research factors like trading fees, supported range of coins, minimum deposits and account balances, customer support, technical indicator tools and so on.

In this comparison guide, we’ll list and review the best crypto exchanges in South Africa for 2024.

The Best Crypto Exchanges South Africa for 2024

A list of the best crypto exchanges in South Africa right now can be found below:

  • – Leading Crypto Exchange with Low Trading Fees
  • – Best Platform to Trade Crypto With Leverage
  • Binance – Low Commission Crypto Exchange for Trading
  • Coinbase – Top Crypto Exchange for Beginners
  • Kraken – Bitcoin Exchange With Margin Accounts
  • Luno – Popular Crypto Exchange App for Mobile Traders
  • VALR – Domestic Exchange to Buy and Sell Crypto

Read on to find out which of the above crypto exchanges is the right for your trading and investment goals.

The Top Bitcoin Exchanges in South Africa Reviewed

You will need to think about what your main priorities are when choosing the best crypto exchange as a resident of South Africa.

For example, are you looking for the best crypto exchange in terms of fees and supported markets, or are you more concerned with trading tools and features?

To ensure that you select the South Africa crypto exchange for your requirements – consider one of the platforms reviewed below.

1. – Leading Crypto Exchange with Low Trading Fees is one of the best crypto exchanges in South Africa for its low-fee policy and diversified asset library. Regarding the former, you can buy and sell crypto here at a commission of just 0.40% – which is very competitive. We like that rewards its users with lower commissions when trading higher volumes.

You won’t be short of trading opportunities at the exchange, not least because it is home to over 250 digital currencies. Large-cap tokens include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, Shiba Inu, Tether, and more. You can also access a variety of metaverse coins – such as Decentraland and The Graph.

Once you have purchased your chosen digital currency, offers a solid custodial wallet that will ensure your tokens are kept safe at all times. You can also download the DeFi wallet which gives you sole control of your private keys. Many South Africans will use for its interest-earning accounts. review

All you need to do here is choose your preferred term – from flexible, 1-month, and 3-month accounts, and you will be paid a competitive APR of up to 14.5%. offers numerous benefits when you buy and stake its native digital token – Cronos (CRO). This includes lower trading commissions and higher crypto interest yields.

We also like for its growing NFT marketplace – which covers a variety of projects across art, photography, sport, and more. When you buy an NFT via the platform – no fees or commissions are charged. In terms of getting started, we found that you can typically open a verified account in less than five minutes.

To buy digital currency instantly, you might decide to deposit funds with your credit or debit card. Bank wires are supported too. Either way, when you buy and sell digital assets here – you can download the app for iOS or Android. This will give you access to the cryptocurrency markets 24/7 no matter where you are.

Number of Cryptos 250+
Debit Card Fee 2.99%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.40% commission
Minimum Deposit $20

What We Like:

  • Over 250+ crypto coins supported
  • Accepts debit/credit cards and bank transfers
  • Great reputation
  • Offers crypto interest accounts and lending services
  • Competitive fees

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. – Best Platform to Trade Crypto With Leverage review

The next platform to consider from our list of the best crypto exchanges in South Africa is Although isn’t technically an exchange – this CFD trading platform allows you to speculate on the future value of over 470+ digital currency pairs without owning the underlying token.

And as such, this is a great option for those of you that are concerned about how to safely store your crypto assets in a private wallet. Not only that – but when you trade crypto CFDs at – you will not be charged any buy or sell commissions. Spreads – which is the gap between the bid and ask price of the pair you are trading, are very competitive here.

We also like because it allows you to enter the market with a long or short order. This means that you can enter a position depending on whether you think the crypto asset will rise or fall in value and thus – this offers superb flexibility in all market conditions. review

Another major benefit of trading crypto CFDs at is that you will have access to leverage facilities. This means that you can enter positions with more than you have available in your account. In terms of supported markets, you can trade Bitcoin against the South African rand, the US dollar, euro, and more.

Most other pairs contain the US dollar but you can also speculate on crypto-cross pairs like ETH/BTC. In addition to cryptocurrencies, also offers thousands of stocks and ETFs, forex, indices, and more. Getting started with a account is very simple and fast – and the minimum deposit is just $20.

However, this is on the proviso that you fund your account with a debit/credit card or a supported e-wallet. If, on the other hand, you opt for a bank wire, you need to deposit at least $250. We like that does not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. Finally, is authorized and licensed by ASIC, FCA, CySEC, and the NBRB.

Number of Cryptos 470+ markets
Debit Card Fee No fee
Fee to Trade Bitcoin Commission-free
Minimum Deposit $20 on debit/credit cards and e-wallets and $250 on bank wires

What we like

  • 0% commission on all supported markets
  • Trade crypto with leverage
  • Ability to go long or short
  • $20 minimum deposit when using a debit/credit card or e-wallet
  • Great mobile app for iOS and Android

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and can afford the risks.

3. Binance – Low Commission Crypto Exchange for Trading   

binance logo

Binance is the next platform to consider in your search for a top-rated South African crypto exchange. This exchange comes with some notable pros and cons – albeit we’ll start with the former. First and foremost, Binance is home to over 600 cryptocurrencies and 1,000+ trading markets

You can trade crypto here with industry-leading commissions of just 0.10%. If you decide to buy and stake BNB tokens – which is native to Binance, then you will be offered even lower fees. As one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges for both volume and client accounts, Binance attracts significant amounts of liquidity.

This ensures that you always have access to favorable market conditions. We also like Binance for its advanced trading suite – which allows you to perform technical analysis via indicators and chart drawing tools. Binance is also popular with South African investors that wish to earn interest on their crypto investments.

Just like, Binance offers a variety of savings accounts, terms, and yields. On the flip side, Binance no longer allows South Africans to deposit funds with a debit or credit card directly on its platform. Instead, you will need to go through a third-party payment processor which can result in hefty fees.

Another major drawback of using Binance is that its regulatory status still remains unclear. The exchange has previously been hacked, although Binance did reimburse affected customers. In terms of security, Binance offers two-factor authentication alongside cold storage of client funds. The Binance app for iOS and Android also comes with biometric features.

Number of Cryptos 600+
Debit Card Fee Depends on the payment processor
Fee to Trade Bitcoin 0.1% standard commission
Minimum Deposit Varies depending on the payment type

What we like

  • Standard commission of just 0.10%
  • Huge collection of crypto markets
  • Offers NFTs & staking
  • No account management fees
  • Simple account opening process

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4. Coinbase – Top Crypto Exchange for Beginners

coinbase logo

Coinbase is one of the best South African crypto exchanges for complete beginners. If you want to buy Bitcoin or other digital currencies here, you can typically complete the process in under 10 minutes from start to finish. This includes the process of opening an account, uploading ID, and linking a payment method.

The fastest payment option to use at Coinbase is a debit or credit card – which will be processed instantly. You will need to pay a rather hefty transaction fee of 3.99% though – so do bear this in mind. Coinbase also offers bank wire transfers at a much more competitive fee.

With that said, Coinbase is also expensive when it comes to trading commissions – with the exchange charging 1.49% per trade. This fee needs to be paid every time you buy and sell crypto. In addition to offering a beginner-friendly trading interface, Coinbase also makes the process of storing your digital currency investments simple.

coinbase platform screenshot

In fact, most South Africans will keep their tokens in the Coinbase web wallet, which removes the need for you to worry about private keys. Instead, you can just log into your Coinbase account to access your investments at any time. Plus, your Coinbase web wallet is protected by cold storage (98%) and two-factor authentication.

We also like that if you try to sign in to your Coinbase account with a new IP address or device, an additional security check is implemented. In terms of markets, Coinbase supports dozens of carefully selected cryptocurrency projects – most of which are considered large-cap tokens.

Number of Cryptos 60
Debit Card Fee 3.99%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin 1.49% standard commission
Minimum Deposit $50 is recommended by the exchange

What we like

  • Great crypto exchange for beginners
  • Good selection of supported coins
  • Supports debit and credit card payments

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

5. Kraken – Bitcoin Exchange With Margin Accounts

Next up on our list of the best South African crypto exchanges is Kraken – which has been offering digital asset trading services since 2013. As such, Kraken has cemented its status as a trusted exchange for nearly a decade. The Kraken platform offers a number of notable features – including margin accounts.

This allows you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on margin of up to 1:5. For instance, if you wish to trade $1,000 worth of Bitcoin, you would only need to put up a margin requirement of $200. This will suit those of you that wish to invest in digital currencies with more than you have available in your account.

If you have experience in trading financial derivatives, you might also want to check out the Kraken futures platform. Not only does this allow you to go long or short on your chosen digital currency market, but you can apply leverage of up to 50x. In other words, a position of $50,000 would require a margin of just $1,000.

If you are simply looking to buy and sell crypto via spot market prices, then Kraken also has you covered. Those trading small volumes throughout the month will pay a very competitive commission of just 0.26%. Higher volume investors will receive more competitive commissions through a maker-taker pricing structure.

In total, Kraken gives you access to over 65 crypto spot markets, which largely focus on high-cap projects. You can also download the Kraken trading app to access your account on the move. Kraken does not offer a proprietary wallet that allows you to retain control of your private keys. With that said, this might suit beginners nonetheless.

Number of Cryptos 65+
Debit Card Fee 3.75%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin Up to 0.26%
Minimum Deposit Not stated

What We Like:

  • Exchange was launched in 2013
  • Supports 65 crypto assets
  • Margin trading facilities

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

Luno review

Luno offers an entry-level crypto exchange platform and app that might appeal to first-time investors. In particular, we found the Luno app for both iOS and Android both simple and straightforward to navigate. Luno supports just 8 cryptocurrencies – which is on the low side.

This is inclusive of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, Uniswap, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin. In terms of making a deposit in ZAR, you will first need to open an account with the exchange and upload some ID. After that, you can opt for EFT without paying any fees.

Luno review

However, if you want your EFT payment processed instantly, then you will be charged a premium of 1.40%. Moreover, standard buy and sell commissions amount to 2%, which is expensive. The good news, however, is that ZAR withdrawals via EFT are fee-free. In terms of features, we like the Repeat Buy tool offered by Luna.

This allows you to invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies automatically at a predetermined amount and date. You can also use the Luno wallet app for keeping your crypto tokens secure. Luno claims to keep 95% of all client funds in cold storage – which is further protected by multi-signature protocols.

Number of Cryptos 8
Debit Card Fee Not available in South Africa
Fee to Buy Bitcoin 2%
Minimum Deposit Not stated

What We Like:

  • Supports ZAR deposits and withdrawals via EFT
  • Straightforward mobile app
  • Expensive, albeit very transparent fees

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

7. VALR – Domestic Exchange to Buy and Sell Crypto

VALR review

The final option to consider in your search for the best Bitcoin exchange in South Africa is VALR. This exchange has a physical presence in South Africa – which perhaps will suit those of you that wish to buy and sell crypto with a domestic platform.

At VALR, you will have access to over 60 digital currencies – which is inclusive of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and Solana. Naturally, all cryptocurrency prices on this platform are quoted in ZAR. When it comes to fees, both bank wire and crypto deposits are processed without a charge. However, credit card deposits come with an admin fee of 3%.

VALR review

ZAR withdrawals cost R8.50 or R60 when using the fast-track service. Exchange buy and sell orders are charged at just 0.10% – which is very competitive. However, if you want to buy crypto instantly without trading with market participants, you will be charged 0.75%. Simple crypto swaps can be executed at 0.85% of the trade size.

In terms of safety, VALR claims to keep client funds in cold storage wallets, but no percentage figure is given. Setting up two-factor authentication is mandatory and internal controls include multi-signature protocols. Finally, VALR implements automated onboarding technology – so you should be able to set up an account in a matter of minutes.

Number of Cryptos 60+
Debit Card Fee 3%
Fee to Buy Bitcoin 0.75%
Minimum Deposit Not stated

What We Like:

  • Based in South Africa
  • 60+ crypto assets supported
  • Accepts credit cards

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

The Best African Crypto Exchanges Compared

The table below provides a summarized overview of the Bitcoin exchanges reviewed in the sections above:

Crypto Exchanges Number of Coins Fee for Buying Bitcoin Debit Card Fee Supported Payments 250+ Up to 0.40% 2.99% Debit/credit card, bank wire 470+ Commission-free No fee Debit/credit card, bank wire, e-wallets
Binance 1,000+ markets Up to 0.10% Depends on the payment provider Debit/credit card (3rd party), bank wire
Coinbase 60+ 1.49% standard commission 3.99% Debit/credit card, bank wire
Kraken 65+ Up to 0.26% 3.75% Debit/credit card, bank wire
Luno 8 2% Not available in South Africa EFT
VALR 60+ 0.75% 3% Debit/credit card, bank wire

How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for You

If you’re still searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa for you – then consider researching the core factors discussed below. 

Safety and Reputation

When choosing the best Bitcoin exchange in South Africa, the first thing to consider is the reputation of the platform and what safety features it offers. 

For example, is licensed by US regulators – so safety is assured. is another great option when it comes to reputation – as the platform is authorized and regulated by ASIC, FCA, CySEC, and the NBRB.

You should also look at what internal security features are offered to ensure that your crypto investments are kept safe. For example, we like crypto exchanges that keep client tokens in cold storage alongside support for two-factor authentication.

Tradable Cryptos

Some cryptos such as BTC and ETH can be used in many different ways. From crypto staking to betting via the best Bitcoin casinos in South Africa. When you use an exchange like Luno, you will have access to just eight crypto markets. At the other end of the spectrum, you have and Binance – which support 250+ and 600+ digital currencies respectively. 

As such, the best South African crypto exchanges offer a wide variety of coins and markets which subsequently allow you to diversify.

buy shiba inu on

Moreover, it’s also worth looking at whether there is support for margin accounts. For instance, allows South Africans to trade crypto CFDs with leverage – which enables you to amplify the value of your position. also offers support for both long and short orders, which means that you can attempt to profit from both rising and falling digital asset prices.

Sign-Up Offers

You might find that your preferred global crypto exchange offers a sign-up promotion as a means to entice new customers., for instance, allows new customers to earn up to $50 in free crypto tokens once certain conditions have been met. 


Trading commissions vary from one exchange to another. It goes without saying that the best South African crypto exchanges that we reviewed today offer very competitive trading fees.

For example, at you can buy and sell Bitcoin and 250+ other digital assets at 0.40% per trade. If you trade larger amounts or stake CRO tokens, your commission will be reduced. 

At, you can trade crypto CFDs across more than 470+ markets without paying any commission at all. On the other hand, some crypto exchanges can be costly when it comes to fees.

For instance, Coinbase charges a standard trading commission of 1.49% per trade. At Luno, this will cost you even more at 2%.

Tools & Features

The best South African crypto exchanges discussed today offer notable features that allow you to take your digital asset investments to the next level. 

For example, once you have bought digital currencies at – you can then deposit your funds into a savings account that pays interest. Depending on the token, lock-up period, and whether or not you stake CRO – you could earn an APR of up to 14.5%. credit card

You might also look out for the credit card – which allows you to spend your digital assets in the real world. As the card is issued by Visa, you can use it at ATMs, in-store, or online.


You should assess whether or not your chosen crypto exchange offers a wallet for the safekeeping of your digital tokens. All of the exchanges discussed today offer a web wallet – which means that you leave your tokens in your account. 

Some exchanges also offer a proprietary crypto wallet that you can download via an iOS or Android app. In many cases, this gives you full control over your private keys – which means that nobody has access to your crypto tokens other than you.

Payment Methods

Before you can invest in African crypto projects, you will first need to fund your crypto exchange account.

The best crypto exchanges in South Africa that we came across support instant deposits via Visa and MasterCard. This option can be costly though, so be sure to check what fees apply.

For example, while Coinbase charges 3.99%, at no deposit fees are charged whatsoever. If using a domestic exchange, then you will also have the option of using EFT. 

Be sure to check what withdrawal fees apply with your preferred payment method too.

Customer Service

We prefer crypto exchanges that offer real-time customer service via live chat or telephone.

If your chosen exchange only facilitates assistance via support tickets and/or email, then it remains to be seen how long you will need to wait before you receive a reply.

In a nutshell, yes – crypto exchanges are legal in South Africa. There are only two points of consideration to bear in mind.

First, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has previously issued guidance on the risks of investing in crypto assets. However, the SARB has not gone any further than this in terms of banking crypto investments.

Second, it appears that FNB is now blocking payments that are linked to crypto purchases. As such, this is something to consider when choosing a suitable payment method at your preferred exchange.


This comparison guide has reviewed a selection of the best crypto exchanges in South Africa for 2024. In summary, top crypto exchanges in South Africa not only have a great reputation but offer low fees and plenty of trading markets.

All in all, we found that offers the best crypto exchange in South Africa for its competitive commissions, wide asset selection, and simple user interface.

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