Are you looking to improve your cryptocurrency trading skills? This guide reviews 11 of the best cryptocurrency courses in 2024. We analyze each course by studying the cost structure, supported content, and more. 

Keep reading to learn about our top picks, which cover lessons on NFTs, blockchain technology, evaluating price charts, and much more. 

The Best Crypto Trading Courses for 2024

  1. Jacob Crypto Bury Discord – Overall Best Crypto Course in 2024
  2. Rekt Capital – Emerging Crypto Course For Beginners and Advanced Traders Alike
  3. BitDegree – Top Online Cryptocurrency Course Offering Rewards 
  4. Blockgeeks – Cryptocurrency Trading Course with 1,600 Unique Programs
  5. Blockchain Council – Educational Platform Offering Live Training Courses
  6. Udemy – User-Friendly Learning Platform Offering 213,000 + Courses
  7. Coursera – Access Multiple Free Crypto Courses
  8. RocketFuel – Learn to Analyze Cryptos with this Top Crypto Course
  9. Bulls on Crypto Street – Crypto Trading Bootcamp and Free Masterclass
  10. MIT Media Lab – Popular Course on the History and Future of Cryptos 
  11. Piggibacks – Learn the Ins and Outs of Technical Analysis with this Trading Platform

A Closer Look at the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Course

The sections below review each pick by analyzing the types of courses offered, the cost of the platforms, and the additional features they may provide:

1. Jacob Crypto Bury Discord 

  • Instructor: Jacob Crypto Bury
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner and experienced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: No
  • Duration: 10–20 minutes
  • Price: Patreon membership, £8, £20, and £45 per month

One of the best crypto courses to join in 2024 is the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord. Jacob Crypto Bury is a popular YouTuber with more than 11K subscribers. Popular for his crypto token breakdowns, Jacob has created his own discord to offer members valuable information about the crypto markets. 

On Discord, users can learn more about some of the best cryptocurrency presales and trading signals. In the past, Jacob has given his analysis on popular cryptocurrency projects such as Tamadoge (TAMA) and Battle Infinity (IBAT), both of which soared by 20x and 7.5x, respectively. 

Discord regularly updates members with technical analysis and fundamental research on new digital assets. crypto trading signal Jacob Bury

He has been analyzing upcoming presale projects, which can also offer huge growth opportunities. The Jacob Crypto Bury Discord is used by over 1,500 people, who benefit from the Discord’s daily insights. 

It is one of the best crypto signals, and VIP members can get access to new signals and buy and sell positions on the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord server.

Join the Jacob Crypto Bury YouTube channel to learn more about what hot cryptos to buy this 2024

2. Rekt Capital

  • Instructor: Rekt Capital
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner and intermediate investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: No
  • Duration: 17 hours
  • Price: $297–$997

One of the best ways to start trading or increase your knowledge is to learn from seasoned professionals. Rekt Capital may be the perfect fit for people looking for such an opportunity. Instead of simply focusing on a single aspect of trading, Rekt Capital has creatively brought multiple courses to its website, giving users the option to choose and learn whatever they want.   

Along with courses, Rekt Capital also provides insightful newsletters that can keep one updated about market movements, news, the best crypto to buy at the moment, and other important events. Featured on popular finance websites like Forbes, Cointelegraph, The Startup and more, Rekt Capital has an ever-growing userbase. The newsletter service too is enjoyed by more than 47,000 subscribers at the moment. 

rekt capital homepage

There are four courses provided by Rekt Capital at the moment, each with excellent testimonials to prove the quality and knowledge they offer. These four courses include:

  1. Altcoin Investing Course: For all the investors looking to increase their knowledge about altcoins and investing at the right time, this course can be an excellent pick. Consisting of 9 modules and 2 bonus tutorials, this course can help one learn about the specifics of altcoins to make great profits potentially. 
  2. Technical Analysis Course: Technical analysis is a crucial skill for traders and investors. The 17-hour video-based course is an excellent resource for beginners and professionals to master TA.
  3. Bitcoin Investing Course: You will gain access to 8 video lectures and 3 bonus lectures that will prepare you to be ready to take on Bitcoin’s volatility and reap the rewards. 
  4. Risk Management Course: To make consistent profits, learn to manage risk effectively by minimizing losses. The 10 on-demand video tutorials cover this topic thoroughly. Master risk management based on your risk appetite and avoid huge losses.

3. BitDegree 

  • Instructor: 33+ instructors
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 30 minutes–5 hours
  • Price: free, $1–$499

BitDegree is a blockchain-based online education platform that allows members to earn and learn about cryptocurrencies. The BitDegree platform has many courses, from crypto basics to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) to NFTs or even studying tokenomics. 

One of the best cryptocurrency courses online, BitDegree offers a range of free cryptocurrency trading courses and educational content. Depending on your skill level, one can filter the level of courses, ranging from beginner to advanced. One can also select courses depending on their duration, lasting from 30 minutes to more than 2 hours. 

A transparent educational platform, BitDegree also allows one to view the ratings and reviews of each course before signing up. 

BitDegree home

One of the aspects that makes BitDegree a top trading platform is the scholarship offering. Users can earn BDG, the native cryptocurrency of BitDegree, by applying for scholarships on the platform.

Top students and regular BitDegree users can earn BDG tokens as they progress through the courses. After earning tokens for each course you complete, BDG can be leveraged within the learning platform to purchase additional courses. 

Students can directly convert their BDG tokens to Ethereum (ETH). Along with a range of cryptocurrency content, one can partake in the free web development course to master web design fundamentals. 

Along with the free crypto learning course, one can begin learning on BitDegree from $1.99 onwards. After browsing through the available content, users can purchase the paid courses with credit card options or PayPal. Should you purchase the content with BDG tokens, you will receive a 20% discount. 

Out of 20 reviews on Sitejabber, BitDegree has a positive rating of 4.25 stars out of 5. 

4. Blockgeeks 

  • Instructor: Dmitry Buterin, Miko Matsumura, Randy Pratt, Taiki Maeda, Michael Rosmer, Paul Baranowski
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Experienced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 16+ hours
  • Price: $6–$15

Blockgeeks is a popular crypto trading platform founded in 2016, offering some of the best online crypto courses. On Blockgeeks, one can access more than 1,600 unique cryptocurrency courses. 

With over 98,000 people using Blockgeeks, the platform lets you engage in courses, read through research guides, and discover hundreds of recent articles on the cryptocurrency markets. Notably, the Blockgeeks teachers are experts in blockchain technology, as some hold high positions in the top companies in this space. 

Blockgeeks home

All the courses are in video format and can easily be followed. Some included courses are ‘Blockchain Basics’ – which offers an introduction to crypto principles and the use of coding languages such as JavaScript in the blockchain.

Another popular course on Blockgeeks is ‘The Bitcoin Network.’ This course explains how decentralized finance works and the concept of crypto mining and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). 

Other crypto trading courses on Blockgeeks include Ethereum Development, Blockchain Ecosystem, and more. These courses teach you all, from the best crypto games, to Web3 technologies and their use cases. 

One of the best cryptocurrency courses online, Blockgeeks also offers a course completion certificate verified on the Ethereum blockchain. Once an accelerated program has been completed on this platform, Blockgeeks issues a non-fungible Blockgeeks AP ERC-721 token and certificate. 

Besides the free trading courses, Blockgeeks offers pro courses that require a monthly fee. The Pro – Annual course costs $6 a month, or you can purchase a monthly Pro-Course, which costs $15 a month. 

5. Blockchain Council 

  • Instructor: 12+ 
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner and experienced traders
  • Requirements: depending on the course
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 8 hours –2 days
  • Price: $149–$911

One of the best crypto trading courses for learning about blockchain and Web3 development, Blockchain Council is another top educational platform in 2024. 

This platform provides blockchain certifications after users complete the supported courses. The certifications are acquired after getting a good understanding of blockchain use cases and their business applications. Blockchain Council also lists the names of all the certified professionals on its online website. 

Blockchain Council course

Offering multiple lifetime courses, Blockchain Council offers a range of educational material on anything from 3D design to the top Web 3.0 crypto projects and gaming and metaverse development. One can enroll in a series of live training courses on Blockchain Council. The duration of these models is 15 hours, as they offer an in-depth understanding of complex subjects such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), NFTs, and more. 

For instance, the Certified Artificial Intelligence Developer live training course elevates your knowledge of the AI space. It contains practical training and requires members to pass an online certification exam. This particular course costs $399. 

On Blockchain Council, one can sign-up for a free membership plan. There is also an individual membership plan, which costs $249 a year. This plan gives a discount on self-placed training courses and a 50% discount on all instructor-led training content. Users can join the individual membership plan to receive the Blockchain Council certification after completing a course. 

A popular trading course, Blockchain Council has a customer rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot after being rated highly by 144 people. 

6. Udemy

  • Instructor: 1000+ 
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Begginner and advanced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 1–17 hours
  • Price: $15–$30

Founded in 2010, Udemy offers a total of 213,000 trading courses to choose from including a fully fledged crypto day trading course. This platform has also recorded 52 million users that have studied various educational programs. 

After visiting the Udemy website, we found that the platform offers more than 3,300 cryptocurrency-based courses, of which nearly 500 are free. People can learn about crypto investing, Python technology, how to stake cryptocurrencies, and even how to build a crypto mining business. 

One of the top courses on Udemy is the ‘Cryptocurrency Investment Course: Fund your Retirement,’ which has acquired a 4.4 rating from over 20,000 members. This paid course costs $15.99. 

On Udemy, there are only pre-recorded video training cryptocurrency courses. Unlike most other crypto trading courses we discussed, Udemy does not feature live learning options for digital assets. However, this top platform offers a range of quizzes, practice tests, and coding exercises you can learn from. 

Udemy course

Compared to the other best cryptocurrency trading courses, Udemy costs much lesser. We found that most paid courses range from the $15 – $30 mark. 

7. Coursera 

  • Instructor: 10+ 
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner and advanced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 2 hours to 6 months
  • Price: $59 per month or $399 per year

Coursera is an online learning platform allowing users to access cryptocurrency-based educational materials. 

On Coursera, you can find a variety of free crypto trading courses that span from 1 week to 12 months in duration. Notably, all the crypto-based courses are offered by specific educational institutions and are taught by top-rated professors. 

Coursera home

One of the popular courses offered by Coursera is ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies,’ which has an excellent rating of 4.6 from over 2,800 reviewers. Over 700,000 people have enrolled in this particular course, as it helps one to understand the basics of Bitcoin at a technical level. This course teaches you about cryptographic hash functions, data structures, and public keys. 

Notably, the crypto courses Coursera offers are pre-recorded lectures, so they may not offer the same authenticity as a live session. Popular courses such as Introduction to Applied Cryptography, Decentralized Finance infrastructure, and Financial Technology (Fintech) innovations are popular modules that one can enroll in. 

8. RocketFuel 

  • Instructor: Jeff Wang 
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginner and advanced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: No
  • Duration: Self-paced
  • Price: $47–$77 per month, or $997 per year

RocketFuel is a crypto education community that over 10,000 users have joined. This platform aims to educate users on crypto investing and the use cases of blockchain technology by focusing on three elements – education, analysis, and community. 

On RocketFuel, members can access hours of video content to learn the basics of trading in this space. However, the organization also emphasizes the importance of analysis since it is important to identify the right crypto projects to invest in and study. The platform sends members weekly newsletters and reports on various coins in the crypto space. 

RocketFuel crypto

Finally, RocketFuel brings together its community through its own Telegram channel. On the channel, users can interact with crypto enthusiasts and gain much information. To join RocketFuel, users can join either the Starter, Premium, or Elite membership program. 

 One can access RocketFuel’s mobile app on the Premium plan and study in-depth concepts about GameFi (Gaming Finance) and NFTs. The Elite channel offers group coaching sessions, provides weekly meetups with RocketFuel investors, and gives you exclusive access to several whitelist projects. 

The Starter package costs $47 per month, while the Premium subscription costs $77. The Elite subscription is set at an annual rate of $997. 

9. Bulls on Crypto Street 

  • Instructor: Kunal Desai
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Novice traders
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: No
  • Duration: 12+ hours
  • Price: $798

Our next crypto course is Bulls on Crypto Street, a popular educational platform for crypto and NFT trading. One can engage in a free cryptocurrency masterclass on Bulls on Crypto Street. In this particular feature, members will be taught how to trade popular altcoins and NFTs. 

This platform offers a wide range of articles and guides which are free to use. The topics range from technical analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum to the next cryptos to explode

Bulls on crypto street home

Bulls on Crypto Street’s main offering is a trading bootcamp, which will teach you everything about cryptocurrency trading. This bootcamp gives members access to on-demand videos comprising more than 100 lessons. You can also learn about trading psychology, fundamentals of digital assets and access tutorials on risk management. 

The bootcamp course costs $798 but gives members lifetime access. 

10. MIT Media Lab 

  • Instructor: Crypto industry experts, financial regulators, internet entrepreneurs, and economists
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Advanced and experienced investors
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: six weeks
  • Price: $2,800

MIT Media Lab is a popular research-based institution that offers one of the best cryptocurrency courses. 

The MIT cryptocurrency course gives a detailed insight into the latest developments in the world of digital assets and upcoming crypto projects. A course offering advanced and beginner-friendly content, you can study the evolution of money and learn about the use cases of blockchain technology. 

MIT home

The MIT crypto course gives users an understanding of the use cases of smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) and offers detail on the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. 

This course teaches users about the impact that cryptos have had on banks and other centralized institutions but also describes the potential challenges this space can face in the future. Consisting of six modules, this course will span six weeks and cost $2,800.  

11. Piggibacks 

  • Instructor: Kundai Dzawo  
  • Level [Who is it best for]: Beginners and experts
  • Requirements: None
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Price: $297

On Piggibacks, members can access some of the best educational content for technical analysis. One of the most popular modules on Piggibacks is the ‘Ultimate Cryptocurrency Trading Course,’ which gives you access to over 50 training videos comprising 8 hours’ worth of content. 

You can learn to read candlestick patterns, draw support and resistance lines, and use multiple timeframes. One can also finesse their cryptocurrency strategies by learning to use MACD indicators and moving averages. This course costs $297, or one can make four monthly payments of $97. 


Piggibacks also offers a free trading guide, which will teach you EMA, MACD, and RSI strategies. One can also access a range of free trading classes and learn how to start trading with some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance. 

How To Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Course

To find the best crypto course, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

1. Instructors

Choose courses led by experienced and certified instructors with a deep knowledge of the crypto market. This will help you avoid schemes. On that note, some classes include many instructors, while courses like Jacob Crypto Bury, Rekt Capital, RocketFuel, and Bulls on Crypto Street have one specialized instructor.

2. Course Content

Opt for courses that best suit your investment habits. Moreover, we advise you to take classes that cover multiple topics, from blockchain fundamentals to advanced investment strategies. You can also choose between live sessions, pre-recorded classes, and interactive courses.

For example, Udemy is perfect for pre-recorded courses, while Blockchain Council is a good choice for investors who prefer live training courses.

In short, your choice should be based on your preferred learning style.

3. Duration and Structure

Crypto courses can last 10 minutes to 12 months, depending on your chosen format. On that note, some classes are fixed, and some are more flexible. 

For example, if you prefer setting your learning schedule, you should opt for RocketFuel. On the other hand, if you want to listen to classes on specific dates, opt for platforms that schedule their lectures, like Blockchain Council.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to have a basic understanding of crypto fundamentals to attend some advanced crypto courses. Moreover, most courses take place in several stages. 

4. Levels

You should choose a course based on your level of expertise. For example, if you’re new to crypto trading, opt for classes covering cryptocurrency investments’ basics. 

For example, Bulls on Crypto Street is an ideal cryptocurrency trading course for beginners. This platform provides short educational classes on all aspects of blockchain technology. Conversely, if you’re a professional crypto investor and you want to improve your trading knowledge, choose platforms that offer advanced courses, like Blockgeeks. 

At the same time, platforms like BitDegree and Rekt Capital are suitable for both beginners and intermediate investors.

5. Certificate

Our list includes courses that provide certificates upon completion, as well as those that do not come with a certificate. With that in mind, these certificates usually refer to the organization that issued them. As such, they are only certificates of course completion.

However, some certificates have greater importance, such as the Blockchain Council’s Certified Blockchain Expert certificate. This certificate is widely recognized and it can open the door to many career opportunities.

6. Price

Crypto courses can be free, like those on Coursera and BitDegree, or they can cost up to $2,800, like the one on MIT Media Lab. 

The cheapest crypto classes include Jacob Crypto Bury, where patreon members pay £8, £20, and £45 per month, Blockgeeks, whose courses cost between $6 and $15, and Udemy, which ranges from $15 to $30. 

On the other hand, some of the most expensive courses include Bulls on Crypto Street ($798), Blockchain Council ($149–$911), and Rekt Capital ($297–$997). That said, choose the course that best suits your budget.

What Can You Learn From a Crypto Course?

Before beginning the above courses, readers should carefully analyze what they wish to learn from a cryptocurrency course. The sections below will help you understand the different concepts which you can learn and develop when engaging in a crypto course: 

  • Technical Analysis
  • Learn about New Crypto Projects
  • Cryptography and Cryptographic Hash Functions
  • Web3 Development and NFTs
  • Blockchain Technology and Fundamentals
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets and Mining
  • Methods for Preventing Network Attacks

Since the crypto space has been known for being the target of various cyber crimes, it is important to understand how to tackle this problem by reading solutions from the available cryptocurrency courses. 


This guide has reviewed ten of the best cryptocurrency courses in 2024. We have covered various educational courses, covering everything from the basics of blockchain technology to studying technical charts and learning about NFTs. 

Our top recommended alternative to trading courses is the Jacob Crypto Bury Discord, which offers regular updates on new presale projects. Users can join the Jacob Crypto Bury YouTube channel to access token analysis and price predictions. 


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