Trading cryptocurrencies using automated software frees investors from having to watch the markets around the clock. As this is also a popular method to reduce the learning curve, many platforms offer some form of automated trading service.

We’ve researched a wide range of providers and as a result, this comparison guide will reveal the 11 best crypto auto trading platforms of 2023. This guide also covers the automated investment process and different tools available, for those unfamiliar with this somewhat passive form of trading.

Best Crypto Auto Trading Platforms for 2023 Ranked

Below is a list of the best crypto auto trading platforms for 2023.

  1. Dash 2 Trade Multifaceted Crypto Analytics and Signals Platform
  2. Learn 2 Trade AlgorithmTop Trading Bot that Automates Crypto Trades
  3. eToroAutomated Smart Portfolios and Copy Trading
  4. Cryptosignals.orgCrypto Trading Signals via Telegram 24/7
  5. Endotech – Algorithmic Trading for Crypto Markets
  6. 3Commas – Automated Binance Crypto Bots
  7. Shrimpy – Unlimited Digital Asset Automation
  8. Pionex – Hands-Off Trading With Advanced Software
  9. WunderTrading – Smart Terminal With Strategy Automation
  10. CryptoHopper – Exchange Offering Algorithm Intelligence Tools
  11. CoinRule – Sends Automated Buy and Sell Instructions From Major Exchanges

Top Automated Crypto Trading Platforms Reviewed 

We’ve found and reviewed the best automated crypto trading platforms for 2023.

We covered a range of metrics, such as what features and tools are offered by the platform, as well as legitimacy, strategies, exchange compatibility, and more.

1. Dash 2 Trade – Multifaceted Crypto Analytics and Signals Platform

Dash 2 Trade is a new one-stop interface for investors who wish to improve their chances of success in the cryptocurrency markets. The overarching goal of the experienced team behind the platform is to offer access to their in-depth knowledge, as well as advanced automated and manual trading tools and features.

This will open the doors to profitable trading opportunities for all kinds of investors, whether inexperienced or seasoned. The analytics terminal will provide access to a plethora of features. One of which is the crypto signals trading service.

For anyone unfamiliar with this semi-passive method of trading, let us explain. Dash 2 Trade uses advanced automated crypto bots and AI technology to monitor the markets 24/7 looking for opportunities to make money. The platform then passes on the information it finds to its subscribers, which will include the asset, the entry point, and the direction (long or short).

dash 2 trade crypto signals platform

Each signal, or trading tip, will also be inclusive of a stop loss and take profit order. This analytics and signal platform is behind one of the best utility tokens, D2T. This can be used to pay for subscriptions – which offer unfettered access to the analytics platform. Moreover, there are various tiers with a slew of different benefits.

After raising more than $14.5 million through its presale, the D2T token was listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Changelly Pro, LBank, BitMart and Uniswap. With a fully diluted market cap of more than $13.6 million, D2T is currently trading at $0.013 per token.

Investors can also check out the Dash 2 Trade’s whitepaper to learn more about this project.

2. Learn 2 Trade Algorithm – Top Trading Bot that Automates Crypto Trades

Learn 2 Trade logoThe Learn 2 Trade (L2T) Algorithm is an automated trading cryptocurrency bot that scans the crypto markets to look for profitable trading strategies. A popular trading platform that is known to offer several crypto signals, Learn 2 Trade spent two years developing this cryptocurrency trading bot. 

The Learn 2 Trade Algorithm’s main aim is to lower the entry barrier for crypto-based trading. The L2T algorithm analyzes the crypto markets for new investments by leveraging over 100 technical indicators. Moreover, this bot can analyze dozens of cryptocurrency pairs simultaneously. 

Along with the technical analysis, the L2T Algorithm uses machine learning and fundamental research while executing trades. With the capacity to generate 40 trades per month, the Learn 2 Trade Algorithm has a claimed success rate of 79%. 

Learn 2 Trade algorithm

The cryptocurrency bot facilitates day trading – which involves buying and selling particular cryptocurrency assets within the same trading session. The algorithm also utilizes stop/losses and take-profits to avoid potential losses. 

The Learn 2 Trade Algorithm also connects with trading platforms, such as Cornix, to support automated trading. Thus, the bot can execute new strategies 24/7 without needing manual intervention. 

This cryptocurrency bot can be accessed after users purchase a monthly subscription, costing £49. Members can access the Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel and link it with their Cornix accounts, allowing the cryptocurrency bot to automatically make new trades.

 Once the crypto bot executes new trades, users will be directly notified on the Telegram group. 

The payment can be made via multiple credit/debit card options such as VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. E-wallets such as PayPal are also supported payment methods. 

3. eToro – Automated Smart Portfolios and Copy Trading

etoro logoeToro is one of the most popular crypto brokers out there. It is regulated by multiple financial authorities, making it one of the most credible and transparent crypto exchanges available today. Although eToro is primarily used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it also supports copy trading

For instance, users on eToro can choose to automate their trades by copying the portfolio allocation of other investors. This means that traders no longer need to worry about the best long-term crypto projects to invest in or how the market is going to move. Instead, any position opened and closed by the chosen trader will also be repeated in the user’s portfolio. 

eToro review automated trading

Users of eToro can choose whom to copy based on their risk appetite, performance history, and investment style. Alternatively, those who would rather prefer to diversify their crypto investments can also opt for an eToro Smart Portfolio. These are baskets of cryptocurrencies selected by eToro’s AI algorithm, which are regularly rebalanced by the best crypto bots based on market sentiments. 

Some of the top Smart Portfolios specifically focused on cryptocurrencies include Napoleon-X, DeFi Portfolio, DAO, Big-Crypto, and seven others. eToro does not charge any fees for using copy trading or Smart Portfolios. However, users will have to meet the minimum deposit condition and will have to pay trading fees of 1% plus the spread.

The minimum investment for copy trading is $200, Smart Portfolios require a minimum fund allocation of $500.

Crypto assets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

4. – Cloud-Based Crypto Trading 24/7 allows investors to automate their trading strategies with signals and has been in operation since 2014. As we mentioned earlier, this form of semi-passive trading revolves around automated technology scanning the markets 24/7 so investors don’t have to.

The platform offers a variety of payment plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Investors can pay monthly at a cost of £42. Alternatively, the fee is £78 quarterly, £114 twice a year, or £210 annually. Essentially, investors who opt to pay annually get the same benefits – at a discount of 58%. review

This includes 2-3 daily tips on the crypto signals Telegram group. Each signal will include the entry, take profit, and stop loss values, as well as the risk/reward ratio, which is usually 1:3. claims to have an 82% success rate, which will no doubt be appealing to investors looking for the best automated crypto trading platform.

Investors can expect signals based on Ethereum, Binance, Bitcoin, Chainlink, Polkadot, Ripple, and Cardano. can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as the aforementioned Telegram. This platform offers one of the best crypto apps, so investors can see any signals they receive in real-time on the go.

5. Endotech – Algorithmic Trading for Crypto Markets

Endotech has 25 different pre-defined strategies available to its users. The platform has already designed algorithms that can be used for different crypto markets and trading strategies. Users of Endotech can simply choose the algorithm they wish to run on their crypto exchange account. 

This platform is compatible with seven crypto exchanges, which include Coinbase, Binance, FTX, BitFinex, and Interactive Brokers. Once the user links their exchange and Endotech account, their chosen algorithm will be automatically deployed. review

Moreover, Endotech also has a slightly different pricing model. For retail customers, the subscription fee is a percentage based on allocated funds. But most of the money Endotech makes is from performance fees. In other words, if the algorithms do not turn a profit, performance fees will not apply.

6. 3Commas – Automated Binance Crypto Bots

Investors can also take the guesswork out of trading with 3Commas. This is one of the best crypto auto trading platforms for customization. The platform aids investors in building their own crypto auto-trading bots which can be set to run under most conditions 24/7. Once created, 3Commas trading bots are compatible with over 18 major exchanges.

This provider also offers Binance trading bots, which cover automated strategies for futures, options, and DCA (dollar cost averaging). This comes in long and short varieties. Like many of the best automated crypto trading platforms, 3Commas also offers Grid bots, which are best used in sideways markets.

3commas review

There is also a smart trading terminal with advanced features such as an analytics dashboard. This is in addition to a range of crypto bot presets, and signals. Live chat is available for investors who need assistance with their automated cryptocurrency trading endeavors and someone usually replies within five minutes. There is s free trial on a range of plans.

The starter plan costs $14.50 and has a Grid bot, DCA, options, an unlimited scalper terminal, and active smart trades, as well as a demo. There is also an advanced crypto auto trader plan which is $24.50 per month and also offers unlimited DCA bots. The pro plan is $49.50 and comes with a slew of other benefits but most be paid in a lump sum annually.

7. Shrimpy – Unlimited Digital Asset Automation

Shrimpy is a social and automated crypto trading platform with a range of robots and tools. In a similar way to eToro, Shrimpy allows investors to begin rebalancing their portfolio right away by developing index funds focused entirely on digital assets.

Although, unlike eToro, the investor will need to choose between manual or automated rebalancing of the assets inside the portfolio. Copy trading is also available at Shrimpy, so investors can mirror the positions of others. It’s also possible to imitate the portfolios of a range of large investment funds such as Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, and BlockChain Capital.

Shrimpy review

Like Dash 2 Trade, Shrimpy enables investors to backtest their strategies using advanced market data. Shrimpy is compatible with more than 25 crypto exchanges, including Coinomi, Coinbase, and Binance. The starter plan begins at $15 per month and includes tracking, spot trading, a 15-minute balance refresh, five exchange accounts, and three portfolios.

There is also a pro account priced at $63 per month and an enterprise account which is $299. The latter includes five portfolios, 25 exchange accounts, 1 and 5-minute balance refresh, API access, and priority support. Investors can save 20% by paying annually.

8. Pionex – Hands-Off Trading With Advanced Software

Pionex offers automated cryptocurrency trading on the cloud and there are 16 built-in bots to choose from. As with many of the best automated crypto trading platforms we’ve talked about so far, Pionex offers DCA bots, as well as a range of others. This platform also allows investors to create their own crypto index bot.

This crypto bot is suitable for rebalancing and supports a range of strategies. We found this to include dual and multi-coin modes. When creating a crypto index bot, it’s also possible to incorporate parameters such as trigger price, periodic and threshold rebalancing, total profit, and many other customizable conditions.

Pionex review

Pionex has monthly trading volumes of over $5 billion. The provider promises 99.99% uptime, so crypto auto trading bots never miss an opportunity. Bots can be connected to exchanges and brokers such as CoinLedger, Binance, Simplex, and Sumsub. There is also an automated crypto trading app available for iOS and Android users.

9. WunderTrading – Smart Terminal With Strategy Automation

WunderTrading is one of the best automated crypto trading platforms for referral rewards. The platform offers investors a 20% commission for every purchase made by whomever they recommend. The person who has been referred to the platform will also get a 10% discount on any of the one-month subscription plans available.

This platform offers a variety of auto cryptocurrency trading features. We found this to include DCA bots and Bitcoin-focused Arbitrage, which is an algorithmic trading system that aims to profit from the price difference across a range of markets.

WunderTrading review

There is also a crypto portfolio tracker, multiple account management options, and a futures spread terminal. Wundertrading is partnered with Bitpanda Pro, BitMex, Coinbase Pro, Binance, Kraken, and many more exchanges.

The four auto crypto trader plans range from $0 to $44.95 per month. At the time of writing, Wundertrading is offering a 7-day free trial of its pro plan, which is usually $24.95 per month.

10. CryptoHopper – Exchange Offering Algorithm Intelligence Tools

CryptoHopper allows investors to connect all exchange accounts and manage them via the terminal for free. Automated trading tools include market making, arbitrage, DCA, and free charting software.

Meanwhile, auto cryptocurrency trading features, such as trailing, enable investors to track price fluctuations and place buy and sell orders whilst taking a completely hands-off approach.

Investors can also copy the positions of others via AI trading bots. After creating an account, investors can try out the social trading platform for free and there is also a selection of preconfigured robot templates to choose from

CryptoHopper review

Some of the tools available for auto trade cryptocurrency enthusiasts include short selling, DCA, and triggers. The latter responds to the rise and fall of tokens early to catch bear markets early. Investors can create their own customized actions including order types and notifications.

There are four plans including a free one with 20 positions, manual trading, portfolio management, and all supported exchanges. At the time of writing, CryptoHopper is offering a 7-day free trial for its explorer plan.

This is $16.58 per month and includes 80 positions in addition to the same benefits as the free plan. The other two plans are adventurer at $41.58, and hero at $83.25 per month. The latter includes market arbitrage, all coins for signals, and 500 positions.

11. CoinRule – Sends Automated Buy and Sell Instructions to Major Exchanges

CoinRule looks for the most effective market indicators to allow for the smart allocation of investors’ funds. Investors can set their own auto-trade parameters and can also test rule performance using the strategy tester on the main dashboard.

There are more than 200 rules to choose from and investors also have the option of building their own. This covers short and long trading rules with single or multiple coins, stop loss, take profit, and more.

CoinRule review

It’s also possible to trade across a range of crypto exchanges here. 10 exchanges are supported by CoinRule, which includes Coinbase Pro, Kraken., Binance, and many more.

What is Automated Crypto Trading?

Using software that tracks the digital currency markets for investors (and in many cases, places orders) is known as automated crypto trading. Making an online account with a bot provider and choosing a strategy or plan are prerequisites for partaking in automated crypto trading.

Upon choosing an automatic trading bot, the software will often buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the investor’s behalf. The algorithms used will be based on either the settings provided when customizing it or a preset strategy.

APIs are used by the majority of automated crypto trading algorithms. The role of API trading bots is that they act as a middleman, connecting to another exchange or brokerage on the investor’s behalf.

Types of Auto Crypto Trading Systems

The ability to reduce some of the emotion involved in trading, by automatically buying and selling when particular conditions are satisfied, is one of the main benefits of strategy automation. This is why, with so many providers out there, we’ve reviewed the best crypto auto-trading platforms in 2023.

Next, we’re going to touch on some of the most common ways to auto-trade cryptocurrency. This includes semi-passive investing tools such as signals, as well as copy trading, and more.

Crypto Robots

Many of the best crypto auto trading platforms we talked about today offer access to a range of crypto bots. Crypto trading robots are automated software programs that assist investors in timing their orders when buying and selling digital currencies.

  • This software’s major objectives are to boost profits while lowering risks and losses
  • Investors can manage all of their cryptocurrency exchange accounts with these applications
  • On some platforms, investors can create trading bots to meet their goals
  • This means they can specify a bot’s settings to force it to purchase a particular cryptocurrency at a specific time or price
  • In some cases, investors can simply go to a crypto bot trading site and start using ready-made software with pre-defined rules

Moreover, some platforms offer fully-passive automated trading bots such as Grid, DCA, options, futures, and those built for specific exchanges like Binance. We talked about these options in our earlier reviews.

Additionally, backtesting services are offered by some crypto bot trading platforms. This allows investors to practice a technique or strategy before using it in a real-world transaction. This greatly lowers risk when trading.

Strategy Building Using Automated Trading Tools

It’s also possible for investors to use automated features and tools to create their own strategy. For instance, Dash 2 Trade’s cutting-edge strategy builder will be available to all D2T holders.

This allows investors of various skill levels to build their cryptocurrency trading strategy using the platform’s advanced measures.

Dash 2 Trade Strategy builder

Holders of D2T tokens can also backtest their automated trading system at Dash 2 Trade. This considers volume, volatility, and order book activity from the most important exchanges. It reflects real-time market conditions across all data sources.

Dash 2 Trade also has the capacity to carry out on-chain analysis and monitor social sentiment around the clock autonomously.

This alerts investors to potentially sizable price fluctuations that could be taken advantage of. On-chain analysis monitors leading crypto networks like Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Ethereum looking for profitable trends.

Automated Presale and ICO analysis

Another way to use automated trading tools to shorten the learning curve is to utilize ICO (initial coin offering) and presale analysis offered by some platforms. Presales offer plenty of upside potential for investors since they can get in early and buy tokens at a discounted price at various progressive stages.

As such, it’s likely that the presale price will rise once a certain quantity of money has been raised and tokens hit an exchange. Dash 2 Trade offers a bespoke scoring system for ICOs and presales. Based on a rigid rating methodology, the Dash 2 Trade analytics tool has the potential to pinpoint the very best impending presales so investors don’t have to.

Dash 2 trade Presale launches

The Dash 2 Trade analytics tool considers a wide range of factors, including the credentials of the team behind the tokens, whether the network contract has undergone a legitimate audit, and also tokenomics. Additionally, Dash 2 Trade conducts a manual audit to evaluate important key performance indicators that cannot be adequately assessed by automated trading tools.

This might, for instance, involve a thorough examination of the whitepaper, in addition to studying the project’s viability from the standpoint of investments. Dash 2 Trade’s main objective is to beat the cryptocurrency market. The Dash 2 Trade platform will produce a score for the presale launch after the manual and automatic analysis processes have been completed.

Copy Trading

We’ve touched on Copy Trading at various points throughout this guide. Copy Trading enables investors to mimic the trades of more seasoned investors, who subsequently benefit by a predetermined sum or percentage.

The gains or losses are dependent on the size of the initial investment.

Copy trading

After allocating some funds to a specific trader, the investor automatically mimics everything they do. Because they don’t need to contribute and still receive the same rewards as the traders they follow, this form of social trading is suitable for those with little to no experience.

Here’s a quick example:

  • The investor allocates $1,000 to Copy Trading
  • The trader who is being copied allocates 4% of their funds to a buy order on DOGE/USD
  • They also allocate 6% of their funds to a sell order on ADA/USD, believing the value of the pair will fall
  • As a result, the investor will see a $40 long order on DOGE/USD and a $60 short position on ADA/USD in their portfolio
  • When a position is closed, any gains or losses are also mirrored, in proportion to the investment size

The majority of copy trading platforms show the historical trading results of different experienced traders. This allows investors to make more informed choices when choosing an auto crypto trader.

Remember, trading success in the past does not ensure the same outcome in the future.


The best crypto auto trading platforms offer signals. This is a trading strategy that entails an investor subscribing to a platform and allowing it to identify crypto market opportunities for them. This is a semi-automated way of trading cryptocurrencies, as the investor doesn’t need to sit at their computer monitoring the markets for hours on end.

Instead, the hard work is done for them. The investor can then take the information given to them as part of their subscription and then head over to their chosen exchange to place the order.

The best platforms allow investors to take control and ensure their losses are capped at a predetermined point, or even better, they can cash out when the profit hits the required value.

Dash 2 Trade signals

As we touched on, Dash 2 Trade fully understands the importance of risk management for its trading community. As such, each of Dash 2 Trade’s top crypto tips includes a take-profit and stop-loss price.

See a hypothetical example below:

  • Let’s say the stop-loss price in the signal is 1% lower than the entry value on a long position
  • Once these parameters have been set, this means the position will be closed as soon as the crypto price falls by 1%
  • Let’s say that on the same order, the take-profit price suggested in the signal is 3% higher than the entry price
  • This means that the investor’s position will be closed as soon as a 3% profit has been obtained – thus their gains have been locked in
  • The same goes for short positions, but the opposite way around

Whether the price rises or falls, these predetermined conditions give investors the peace of mind that their losses will not get out of control. Nor will they mistime the market for the desired profit percentage, as everything is automated.

Is Automated Crypto Trading Profitable?

Some platforms offer automated crypto trading plans and promise investors they can make millions of dollars using bots.

Investors should avoid platforms making these claims as they are often unfounded. That said, although there are no guarantees, it is possible to make returns when utilizing an automated trading strategy. 

  • Investors should research the automated crypto trading platform in full before signing up
  • This entails looking at a range of metrics and performing due diligence
  • One of the first things to look into is the legitimacy of the provider
  • Investors can take the provider for a trial run via a paper trading account

Some reputable automated crypto platforms may include Learn 2 Trade Algorithm, which was created by the Learn 2 Trade developers. This platform is one of the biggest and most successful educational platforms in this space. It also created the Dash 2 Trade platform. 


After reading this guide, investors will have a clearer idea of which might be the best automated crypto trading platform for their overall objectives. We like the semi-passive features and tools offered by Dash 2 Trade.

The terminal offers investors in-depth and on-chain analysis, backtesting that mimics real conditions, social sentiment data, and crypto trading signals.

Dash 2 Trade - New Listing

Our Rating

Dash 2 Trade
  • Also Listed on Bitmart, Changelly, LBank, Uniswap
  • Collaborative Trading Platform Token
  • Featured in Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph
  • Solid Proof Audited, CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Trading Community of 70,000+ Members
Dash 2 Trade


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