With the Binance Smart Chain growing to become one of the most widely used smart contract networks on the market (thanks to its low fees and fast transactions), finding the best BSC tokens to buy can be a rather profitable endeavor. A sizable number of notable projects have been created on the network, 11 of which we’ll be discussing today.

In this guide we review the 11 best BSC tokens to buy in 2023, discuss what a BSC token is, and cover how to buy the number one BSC token on the market.

11 New BSC Tokens to Invest in

Selecting the best BSC tokens to buy can be difficult, there are a plethora of assets out there but few are actually worth their salt. We’ve reviewed 11 of the best BSC coins currently available. Each project we’ve mentioned has a great team, strong fundamentals, and has been enjoying a high trading volume.

  • C+Charge – Overall Best BSC Token Offering Carbon Credits for EV Charging
  • Battle InfinityUpcoming P2E Project with High Rewards For
  • Zcash Privacy-Focused Token
  • Cosmos – Internet of Blockchains Network
  • CoinWind – Smart DeFi Mining Platform
  • PancakeSwap – Well-Known Decentralized Exchange
  • BinaryX – Popular BSC Metaverse Game
  • Trust Wallet – Binance-Owned Non-Custodial Wallet
  • Baby Doge – Popular BSC Meme Coin
  • Venus – Lending and Stablecoin Service
  • Ellipsis – Low-Slippage Curve Finance Fork

A Closer Look at the Best Binance Smart Chain Coins to Buy

In order to make the process of selecting an asset to invest in a bit simpler, we’ve included detailed reviews of the best BSC tokens to buy right now. While each of the projects we’ve included is solid and fulfills a necessary purpose, it’s always important to do your own research before investing.

1. C Charge – Overall Best BSC Token Offering Carbon Credits for EV Charging

C+Charge has taken the charging of electric vehicles (EVs) to a whole new level by creating an innovative platform that prioritizes simplicity and environmental responsibility. 

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the project attracted significant investment during its presale, totaling almost $1.7 million USDT. Early adopters can buy $CCHG tokens at a discounted rate of $0.017 USDT before the price increases to $0.018 USDT in the upcoming presale.

C+Charge Presale

One of the platform’s most remarkable features is its incentivized program encouraging EV owners to use $CCHG tokens for charging. By doing so, they earn carbon credits accumulating in their digital wallets, helping the environment and rewarding the EV owners simultaneously. With the C+Charge app, users can enjoy a seamless charging experience that includes real-time carbon credit tracking, accurate charging station information, transparent pricing, convenient payment options, and other recommendations. The geolocation feature makes it even easier for EV owners to find nearby charging stations.

The C+Charge whitepaper analyzes the platform’s innovative features, including its long-term reward program. The document presents a clear vision of how the platform can revolutionize the EV charging industry and positively impact the environment.

$CCHG Tokenomics

The platform’s tokenomics are unique, as it features an exclusive $CCHG token that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. With only one billion $CCHG tokens set to exist, 40% are available for purchase during the presale. One of the token’s distinguishing features is its “burning” mechanism, which reduces the supply while increasing its value each time it is used for charging payments.

Stay updated with the latest developments in the C+Charge project by joining the Telegram community. You can learn more about the platform and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for sustainability and innovation.

Presale Started 16 December
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Chain Binance
Min Investment None
Max Investment None

2. Battle Infinity – Upcoming P2E Project with High Rewards For 

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a massively exciting project aiming to create an all-in-one play-to-earn gaming ecosystem by merging the P2E and Metaverse sectors, all while adding a host of utility-centric features. Battle Infinity was KYC-verified by CoinSniper and audited by Solid Proof early in its development.

best BSC token to buy - Battle Infinity

Clearly, Battle Infinity’s focus on creating a Metaverse gaming ecosystem packed with utility has resonated with investors as the project had one of the best crypto presales, raising over $5 million in three weeks.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem is split into six distinct platforms, each having a specific purpose. This approach makes it far easier for investors to pick and choose the elements of the project that they would like to interact with. There is a fantasy sports league (rolling out during phase 7 of the IBAT roadmap), a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, an immersive Metaverse world, a P2E gaming platform, and a dedicated staking platform allowing investors to earn rewards from their crypto holdings.

Best BSC token to buy - IBAT tokenomics

As the best BSC cryptocurrency, it should be of little surprise that IBAT is powered by a BEP-20-based token dubbed $IBAT. The asset has a total supply of 10 billion, 28% of which was allocated to presale investors. Overall, Battle Infinity is an excellent project with extremely strong fundamentals and a great community. Therefore, we can safely say it’s one of the best BSC tokens to buy.

IBAT is now listed on PancakeSwap and LBank exchange with a market cap of over $40 million. Check out the IBAT Telegram group for the latest updates.

3. Zcash – Privacy-Focused Token

Zcash (ZEC) is a BSC-based cryptocurrency founded in 2016 with the goal of creating a heavily decentralized, secure, and anonymous crypto network – similar to Monero (XMR). With privacy being a large part of the crypto-ethos, it’s no wonder that Zcash quickly picked up steam. As it stands today, ZEC stands within the top 50 largest cryptocurrencies (excluding stablecoins).

zcash chart

Most crypto transactions are recorded on a public ledger meaning that every transaction is viewable. While personal details are not shared, wallet addresses, balances, and transaction amounts are available to anyone. In order to provide its users with a greater level of anonymity, transactions on the Zcash network can be sent either transparently or shielded. The former acts in the same way as Bitcoin, transactions are public. Conversely, the latter does not reveal sending/receiving addresses or the amount being sent.

For fans of privacy, Zcash is one of the best BSC tokens to buy. The network provides a great deal of security, yet also offers organizations or individuals a way to transact openly – perfect for anyone subject to audits.

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

4. Cosmos – Internet of Blockchains Network

Cosmos (ATOM) is a well-established project that aims to solve the ‘hardest problems’ in the industry. It is dubbed an ‘internet of blockchains’ and provides services designed to help unify the crypto industry – something that is needed before cryptocurrency will be able to enjoy mainstream adoption.

cosmos chart

While there is a massive amount of projects that aim to become the new de facto network for certain services, Cosmos instead has a focus on creating an ecosystem of networks that will be able to interact with one another and share tokens without issue. Interoperability is an important narrative in the crypto space so Cosmos is worthy of its title as one of the best Binance Smart Chain tokens.

With everything considered, Cosmos is up there with the best BSC tokens to buy. The project is already performing well and still has plenty of room for growth. With interoperability being so crucial for the widespread adoption and demystification of crypto, Cosmos currently could be one of the best cryptos on the market.

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

5. CoinWind – Smart DeFi Mining Platform

CoinWind (COW) is a platform aiming to reshape the current DeFi mining landscape by automatically matching the token a user pledges to a relevant pair (e.g. BSC/BUSD) in order to eliminate the problem of low single-asset yields. This makes for a far more convenient alternative when compared to an investor having to swap a portion of their tokens to a certain pair and elevates CoinWind to one of the best BSC tokens to buy.

coinwind chart

In order to generate yields for its users, CoinWind automatically transfers deposited tokens to various different pools based on the rewards and the company’s strategy at the time. Furthermore, by using a combination strategy CoinWind can reduce the chance of impermeant losses resulting from token price changes. The CoinWind platform is still in its early stages but the team has large ambitions. There are plans for a DeFi asset bank that will provide users with a safe way to store and earn interest on their assets.

CoinWind is one of the best Binance Smart Chain projects on the market. The platform is well designed and the COW token should pick up some traction once the fear surrounding yield farming products dies down in the wake of the Celsius fiasco.

6. PancakeSwap – Well-Known Decentralized Exchange

The PancakeSwap Token (CAKE) rose to prominence during the DeFi boom as one of the best decentralized exchanges on the market. The platform features a massive variety of crypto-assets and gives users the ability to add projects not found by default using its contract addresses, meaning that almost every project can sell tokens via PancakeSwap if it so chooses.

pancake swap chart

The platform works by incentivizing users to deposit tokens in liquidity pools with rewards in the form of interest. This liquidity is then used to facilitate the buying and selling of assets on the platform. Users that provide liquidity and given LP tokens that can be used to recover their portion of the pool once the staking period is over. Furthermore, users can farm LP tokens in order to earn the platform’s native $CAKE token.

PancakeSwap is one of the largest DEXs on the market and has almost $3 billion in total value locked (TLV). With figures like this, it’s likely that PancakeSwap could be one of the best BSC crypto projects out there. It’s got millions of users and only continues to grow.

BinaryX is behind CyberDragon, one of the best crypto games on the BSC network. The project has done well to build up an active user base and attract a lot of attention from investors looking for the next Axie Infinity. With a low barrier to entry and the CyberDragon game being easy to get started with, BinaryX is could be one of the best BSC tokens to buy this year.

binaryx chart

The CyberDragon game follows the classic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) model but adds a series of DeFi elements to bring the genre into the 21st century. In-game assets are tokenized in the form of NFTs, allowing players to freely buy, sell, and trade the in-game items without hassle. This opens up the possibility of investors playing the game in order to earn a form of income. There are both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment game modes, so there’s something for everyone.

All said and done, CyberDragon offers reasonable earnings potential and is an incredibly inventive and innovative game which is why BinaryX is well deserving of being dubbed one of the best BSC tokens to invest in.

8. Trust Wallet – Binance-Owned Non-Custodial Wallet

As the name implies, the Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is the propriety cryptocurrency of the Binance-owned Trust Wallet. The wallet was initially launched in 2017 but garnered the attention of leading crypto exchange Binance in 2018 as the demand for non-custodial, user-friendly wallets grew exponentially.

Trust Wallet Token Chart

Trust Wallet itself is an exceptionally well-designed crypto wallet that provides immense value to its users. It’s a non-custodial wallet meaning users have complete control over their keys and therefore maintain 100% ownership over their assets. Furthermore, it features an in-built way to buy crypto and a staking platform, allowing users to buy and earn interest on assets from a singleplatform. The TWT token provides Trust Wallet users with several benefits including reduced fees, discounts on in-app purchases, and governance capabilities.

Trust Wallet is a well-known and massively popular non-custodial wallet. With backing from Binance, the TWT crypto is up there with the best BSC tokens to invest in. Binance has more than enough funds to keep the wallet operational, even during market downturns so it’s likely that TWT will weather even the worst of the market without much issue in regards to solvency.

Meme coins were all the rage in 2021 following Elon Musk’s endorsement of Dogecoin. From the resulting hype, a number of projects were born including Baby Doge (BabyDoge). While it’s understandable for an investor to think Baby Doge is simply a fork of the regular Dogecoin, the project has made a few improvements on the original.

baby Doge chart

Outside of its cute artwork, Baby Doge also boasts faster transactions than Dogecoin and features a hyper-deflationary model designed to drastically reduce the circulating supply over time. Furthermore, Baby Doge automatically distributes 5% from each transaction among BabyDoge holders. While its real-world utility is still under development, there are plans for a Baby Doge card, a mobile application, and integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

For investors that don’t mind the extra risk associated with meme coins, Baby Doge is likely one of the best BSC tokens to invest in. It has a good amount of utility and clear plans for the future – a rarity in the meme coin sector.

10. Venus – Lending and Stablecoin Service

Venus (XVS) is a BSC-exclusive lending platform and provider of a synthetic stablecoin called VAI. The project aims to make crypto lending and browsing simple to use and intuitive, allowing even crypto-novices to participate in the market.

venus chart

Considering the number of lending platforms on the market, investors might be wondering what makes Venus different. The platform enables incredibly fast and low-cost transactions, allowing lenders and borrowers to get more for their money. Furthermore, Venus users have the ability to mint VAI on demand as long as they post a minimum of 200% collateral. Lastly, updates to the Venus platform are decided by the community using XVS as a governance token.

With the amount of utility packed into the Venus ecosystem, it’s no surprise so many investors consider it to be one of the best Binance Smart Chain tokens on the market. The need for secure stablecoins is large right now, so if Venus’s VAI shows stability for a prolonged period, there’s no reason why it couldn’t enjoy widespread adoption.

11. Ellipsis – Low-Slippage Curve Finance Fork

Ellipsis is a highly secure BSC-based swap platform, it allows users to exchange one crypto for another with a focus on ensuring minimal slippage. The project is derived from an authorized fork of the Curve Finance protocol.

ellipsis chart

Users of the Ellipsis platform can earn interest on their crypto assets by locking up assets in one of the wide range of Ellipsis pools. Furthermore, users can vote for pools to receive the token distribution, providing users a greater deal of control over the platform.  It’s important to note that while Ellipsis is one of the best Binance Smart Chain projects, it is currently part the way through a migration to a new cryptocurrency called EPX. While the project will be staying largely the same, the supply will go up drastically with EPS holders receiving 88 EPX for every token they migrate – similar to a stock split.

Ellipsis is an interesting take on a well-established lending protocol. The project has made several improvements to Curve Finance and therefore is worthy to be considered alongside the best BSC cryptocurrency projects.

What is a BSC Token?

While it can be difficult to work out what makes a crypto a BSC token when explained clearly it’s simple to understand. A BSC token is any cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Tokens built on the Binance Smart Chain use the BEP-20 standard, so if you ever see crypto referred to as BEP-20, it can be considered a BSC token.

Prior to the invention of the Binance Smart Chain, the crypto giant created the Binance Chain and the Build and Build (BNB) token, more commonly referred to as the Binance Coin. Tokens built on the original Binance Chain use the BEP-2 standard and lack the same advanced functionally as BEP-20-based assets.

However, as decentralized applications (dApps) rose in prominence, the need for a chain that supports smart contracts and can interact with other networks increased massively. This led to the creation of the Binance Smart Chain, a new version of the Binance Chain based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Developers soon flocked to the Binance Smart Chain as it provided a lower-cost and faster alternative to developing on the Ethereum network.

Soon, the Binance Smart Chain became one of the most-used networks in the world for developers looking to create projects, particularly those that are transaction heavy. This led to an explosion in the value of the BNB token, which in turn shined even more of a light on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why Invest in BSC Coins?

Every project on the Binance Smart Chain is different meaning it’s important to research the individual coin before investing rather than just buying a project because it uses the BEP-20 standard. With that said, there are a few similarities between the best BSC cryptocurrency projects. The network is based on the ERC-20 standard meaning BSC (BEP-20) coins have full compatibility with the Ethereum network. While it might not sound like it, this is a big deal.

Anyone that has tried to swap a token pegged to a specific network for one pegged to a different network can tell you how confusing the process can be. However, BSC coins don’t suffer from this issue meaning it’s far simpler to transfer tokens between platforms. This massively lowers the technical barriers often associated with investing in smaller projects not yet found on centralized exchanges.

Ethereum is known for all but crawling to a halt and charging exorbitant fees when the network gets congested. On the other hand,  BSC has a much higher throughput meaning it can handle a greater number of transactions per second before the network begins to slow. Additionally, transaction fees on BSC platforms are far lower, making it the better choice for projects like crypto games.

Overall, coins built on the Binance Smart Chain have all the benefits of the Ethereum network and none of the downsides. This means that BSC-based coins have an excellent platform to build upon and a greater chance of long-term success. But Binance is also always adding new upcoming coins.

How to Buy BSC Crypto 

Figuring out how to buy the BSC projects can be tricky. However, with this handy guide, any investor will be able to purchase our top BSC crypto, CCHG, without hassle.

Step 1 – Register with an Exchange

Before an investor can purchase CCHG, they first need to register with a regulated exchange like eToro. Because $CCHG is a BSC coin, BNB will be needed to complete the purchase.

Simply head over to the eToro website and complete the sign-up process by providing a few basic details like name and email. As eToro is a regulated broker, the account will also need to be verified using a photo ID (passport, driving license) and proof of address (bank statement, utility bill).

eToro signup form

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Step 2 – Deposit & Buy BNB

Once the account has been created, click on the ‘Deposit Funds’ button, decide how much to invest, and press ‘Deposit’. The funds will arrive promptly but first-time deposits are known to take a short while longer. Then, click on the eToro search bar, enter ‘BNB’, press ‘Trade’, enter an investment amount, and press ‘Open Trade’. The BNB will be viewable in the eToro portfolio. We have a comprehensive guide covering the process of buying Binance Coin for anyone that needs a little more assistance.

buy bnb etoro

Step 3 – Buy CCHG

You can now head over to the C+Charge presale page to buy the CCHG tokens. After clicking on the “Buy Now” option, users can connect their wallets to the presale page and enter the number of tokens they wish to swap for BNB/USDT. The tokens can be claimed by the buyers once the presale ends.

Conclusion – Top BSC Coins

Throughout this guide, we’ve reviewed some of the best BSC tokens to buy, explored what the Binance Smart Chain is and its benefits, and provided a detailed guide covering how to buy the best BSC coin on the market – C+Charge.

C+Charge is our number one pick for the best BSC token to invest in, and for a good reason. The project has already seen an explosive investor response as it glides through its presale stages. Its unique approach to promote sustainability and offer carbon credits to users for charging their EVs has helped it gain increased user traction.

C+Charge - Eco Friendly Crypto with Real World Utility

Our Rating

C+Charge Logo
  • Democratizing Carbon Credits
  • Incentivizing Wider Adoption of EVs
  • Real Life Use Case for Web3 Technology
  • First Platform Allowing EV Owners to Earn Carbon Credits On or Off Chain
C+Charge Logo


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