A blockchain game is any crypto game or NFT game, with or without play to earn mechanics, that makes use of blockchain technology. The blockchain gaming trend was kicked off by CryptoKitties back in 2017 – virtual pets represented as non-fungible tokens – and expanded on by major names like The Sandbox and Decentraland that built entire metaverse platforms and achieved a multi-billion dollar market cap.

In this guide, we take a snapshot look at the best blockchain games according to DappRadar, based on number of unique active wallet (UAW) addresses in the past month – a way to accurately track the number of players. We also review some upcoming and new blockchain games as a potential investment.

Top Blockchain Games Right Now

  1. Lucky Block CasinoOverall Best Blockchain Game Globally in 2023
  2. Tamadoge – Blockchain-Based Meme Coin with Limitless P2E Opportunities
  3. RobotEra – Metaverse Blockchain Game to Buy on Presale
  4. Calvaria – New Blockchain Game Offering Several Game Modes
  5. Silks – New Horse Racing Blockchain Game
  6. Battle Infinity – Upcoming Fantasy Sports Metaverse Game
  7. Neopets Meta – New Solana-Based Blockchain Game
  8. Axie Infinity – Top Blockchain Project with $1.3 Billion Market Cap
  9. Alien Worlds – Innovative Metaverse Project to Watch in 2023
  10. Splinterlands – Popular NFT Trading Cards Game

Reviewing the Best Blockchain Games to Invest In

The highest 30 day volume of players on DappRadar’s top blockchain game at the time of writing, is Neopets Meta with over 1 million active players monthly.

For those more interested in investing in blockchain games and their native crypto coins – we’ll first review some new and upcoming crypto games on various different blockchains, then include some well-established titles among the best blockchain games.

1. Lucky Block Casino – Overall Best Blockchain Game Globally in 2023

LBLOCK logoLeading the way when it comes to the best blockchain games is Lucky Block Casino. Launched in November 2022, Lucky Block Casino is designed to cater exclusively to crypto-savvy individuals by providing an environment that doesn’t require KYC checks.

The platform’s most exciting feature is its vast selection of games that are accessible to all. Over 2,700 games are available at the Lucky Block Casino, including slots, table games, and live dealers. The casino also has a selection of provably fair games that highlight the house edge and verify gaming outcomes.

Lucky Block Casino

On top of its “traditional” games selection Lucky Block Casino also has a built-in sportsbook. This sportsbook offers over 30 markets on many popular spots, including soccer, NFL, NHL, and basketball. There’s even a section dedicated solely to e-sports – ideal for fans of Call of Duty or Counter-Strike.

As one of the best Bitcoin casino sites, Lucky Block ensures all users are catered to by making it simple to make a deposit. At the time of writing, gamers can fund their balance using Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Dogecoin, and many more popular coins/tokens. Importantly, when gamers go to make a deposit (or withdrawal), there are no hidden fees to contend with.

Lucky Block sports betting

However, what really makes Lucky Block Casino one of the best blockchain games is its unbelievable welcome bonus. This bonus will match new users’ first deposit by 200% (up to a maximum of 10,000 EUR) plus 50 free spins. As if that wasn’t enough, Lucky Block has several other enticing promotions, such as the “Monday Reload.”

This promotion sees users receive up to 40% extra on their first deposit every Monday – providing an excellent way for gaming enthusiasts to kick off their week. The casino also has a “Game of the Week,” which enables users to receive free spins on a different slot platform every Wednesday.

Lucky Block promotions

Finally, Lucky Block Casino also has an extensive help center and a dedicated customer support team, making it easy for crypto-gaming newcomers to get personalized help when needed. As such, Lucky Block Casino is undoubtedly our top pick when it comes to the best blockchain games of 2023.

2. Tamadoge – Blockchain-Based Meme Coin with Limitless P2E Opportunities

TAMA logoTamadoge is a new blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency that offers its own gaming metaverse, known as the “Tamaverse.” With TAMA, the native ERC-20 token, users can compete for rewards in the Tamadoge ecosystem.

While this is yet another Doge token that has entered the meme coin space, Tamadoge offers multiple use cases that set it apart. Firstly, TAMA tokens can be used to purchase “Tamadoge Pets,” which are the in-game NFTs in the ecosystem. The NFTs can be bought and upgraded from the online store and used to compete within various gaming modes.

The platform has also launched the “Tamadoge Arcade,” containing five playable blockchain games. However, this feature is just the beginning since Tamadoge’s team soon aims to release an augmented-reality (AR) app. According to the whitepaper, this app will enable gamers to interact with their Tamadoge Pet in real life.

Tamadoge blockchain game

Moreover, with the release of ‘Tamadoge Run,’ Tamadoge again made headlines. This is the fifth game in the Tamadoge arcade series and has already made an impact. Tamadoge Run allows gamers to dodge ghouls and sprint through a haunted graveyard while offering scope for uncapped TAMA earning potential.

Tamadoge is 100% secure, as Coinsniper has verified the project, and Solid Proof has audited the contract code. Furthermore, Tamadoge’s team has even launched a merchandise store whereby avid gamers can purchase hoodies, t-shirts, and accessories with a Doge-style theme.

Tamadoge Arcade

From a total token supply of 2 billion, 1 billion coins were allocated for the $TAMA presale in 2022. The project completed a successful presale round after collecting more than $19 million. Throughout the presale round, the TAMA price surged from $0.01 to $0.03.

Following this, the cryptocurrency conducted its initial exchange offering (IEO) on OKX – one of the biggest global cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Since then, Tamadoge has also been listed on various other exchanges, including LBank, Uniswap, MEXC, XT.com, and BKEX.

Tamadoge NFTs

Currently, TAMA is trading at $0.0114 per token and boasts a market cap of $11.7m. Interested investors can join the Tamadoge Telegram Channel to stay updated with this project.

3. Calvaria – New Blockchain Game Offering Several Game Modes

Players that enjoy play to earn games offering different characters with unique sets of abilities will enjoy Calvaria – a tactical game providing true in-game ownership. Calvaria is card game requiring players to defeat opponents using tactics to acquire unique cards while participating in seasonal tournaments.

The game enables different game modes to cater to players with different goals and preferences to obtain various upgrades or buy them in-store. Collectible NFT tokens are used to increase the strength of the decks, which can be resold on secondary markets.

The game will be available on PC and mobile app to ensure non-crypto users have access.  Calvaria is based on different factions striving to accomplish their unique mission and offers players the story mode option. That enables participation in the game without asset ownership.

Calvaria has developed its platform to ensure players entertain themselves while earning rewards for participation in game and winning tournaments. The NFT marketplace enables players to buy cards and other in-game assets to progress while the staking platform rewards players for locking in their coins to receive $RIA tokens.

Players can select between a single-player campaign or player vs. player. The single-player model enables exploration of the game’s universe, then proceeds to different battle stages. Rewards offered are unique cards or power-ups to be used in play-to-player mode – main battle mode requiring players to use collectible NFT tokens, power-ups and unique cards to beat the other player strategically.

Calvaria Cards

Calvaria recently finished its presale after raising more than $3 million. On February 7th, 2023, the token was listed on the BKEX exchange. After already being listed on other popular exchanges such as LBank and Uniswap, RIA will also be listed on Changelly Pro.

Investors requiring more information about this crypto game can subscribe to the Calvaria Telegram channel.

4. Meta Masters Guild – Top Blockchain Web3 Gaming Cryptocurrency

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-based Web3 gaming guild. By using MEMAG, the native token, to control the in-game economy, Meta Masters Guild will let users access staking benefits and take part in multiple blockchain-based mobile games.

Built as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, MEMAG can be staked on the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem to earn various benefits. Along with MEMAG, Meta Masters Guild offers GEMS, the in-game currency. Gems can be earned by competing in mobile games and also be collected within the platform.

According to the Meta Masters Guild litepaper, the platform is already developing three games. The first is a racing game named Meta Kart Racers. Being developed by Gamearound, a leading Web3 developer, Meta Kart Racers will let players compete for in-game rewards through Player v Player battles.

Another game being developed is NFT Raid, an NFT-style fantasy fighting project. Players can purchase in-game NFTs from the online store and stand a chance to earn Gems by battling various warrior factions. Gamers can also possess higher in-game attributes by purchasing Premium NFTs.

The final project is Meta Masters World, the platform’s metaverse ecosystem. While this project is still in the discovery phase, Meta Masters Guild states that it will be an open-world ecosystem where users can collect Gems, explore the platform and buy NFTs through a marketplace.

From a 1 billion token supply, 350 million MEMAG tokens had been allocated for the Meta Masters Guild presale. Through seven rounds, the presale managed to raise $4.97 million.

Join the Meta Masters Guild Telegram channel to learn more about this upcoming blockchain game.

5. Silks – New Horse Racing Blockchain Game

Silks is fast becoming the #1 sports NFT on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea, rated a top 50 listing on leading NFT market analysis site Nansen and backed by top investment firms.

A unique offering in blockchain gaming, Silks was the first of its kind – a compelling horse racing NFT project. The play to earn mechanic in this game has an exciting cross over in real life – when a players’ digital horse wins a race in real life, they earn crypto rewards in the game.

Silks blockchain game

The fun and authenticity doesn’t end there for fans of gaming and horse racing – everything down the DNA of your stud plays a role in this blockchain game in some form. Silks is partnered with a real-world thoroughbred horse training facility in Kentucky – Circle 8 Ranch. They are also strategically partnered with Tropical Racing, a horse racing company that specializes in thoroughbred horse breeding and racing. Both of these companies are owned by Troy Levy, one of the Silks co-founders.

In terms of an investment vehicle – horse racing does well in all market conditions, even throughout recessions, and can be a hedge in those bad times, such as the adverse macroeconomic conditions of 2022.

Silks Throughbred RaceHorses

At the time of writing, horse racing is having a record year in terms of sales prices for horses and the size of prize purses at the races. Silks is also having a good year – featured in Cointelegraph recently when they secured $2 million in seed round funding from crypto VCs to bring the metaverse horse racing experience to the masses.

Find the latest news and roadmap update at Silks.io.

6. Battle Infinity – Upcoming Fantasy Sports Metaverse Game

Battle Infinity is an upcoming fantasy sports themed blockchain game and its native token IBAT is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Battle Infinity recently sold out its presale and is currently available to buy on crypto exchanges, including PancakeSwap. The IBAT presale saw high demand after being featured in Yahoo Finance, BeinCrypto, CryptoPotato, CryptoNews.com and other crypto news outlets.

Battle Infinity blockchain game

IBAT is this NFT-based metaverse game’s play to earn rewards token – for example players can craft their own sports team and compete against other teams in matches and leagues, earning IBAT for winning and placing high in the league standings.

Learn more about this unique new blockchain game ecosystem via their Telegram announcement channel. This new crypto project was CoinSniper KYC verified and completed a Solid Proof audit.

7. Neopets Meta – New Solana-Based Blockchain Game

Running on the Solana blockchain, Neopets Meta is a play to earn, free Web3 game driven by its loyal community following and its fun virtual pet gameplay, a mixture of pet care in a Neohome and combat in the Battledome.

Neopets Meta

This blockchain game is based on classic browser game Neopets.com which has over 150 million players or ‘Neopians’. They were introduced to blockchain gaming when Neopets Meta and its metaverse platform were developed in 2021.

Part of its popularity is also down to its GameFi activities and incorporation of staking.

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8. Axie Infinity – Top Blockchain Project with $1.3 Billion Market Cap

Despite the Ronin hack, being branded a ‘disaster’ by Bloomberg in mid 2022, and its native cryptocurrency AXS being down over 90% since its all time high set in November 2021, the Axie Infinity game platform still commands over half a million active players each month.

Axie Infinity top blockchain game

That’s testament to its appeal, fun factor and play to earn utility – Axie Infinity didn’t kick off the blockchain game craze but was one the first and best play to earn crypto games. Player around the world and particularly in developing countries in Asia – such as the Philippines – flocked to Axie Infinity to play and and earn AXS.

Axie Infinity (AXS) went on one of the most explosive bull runs in history, from $0.10 on Binance to $166. Today it is trading at under $12. The project still has a market cap of more than $1.37 billion.

9. Alien Worlds – Innovative Metaverse Project to Watch in 2023

Connected to the WAX and Ethereum blockchains, Alien Worlds is an innovative metaverse project where everything is tokenized including all in-game assets. The Alien Worlds player base is slightly lower than that of Axie Infinity, also over half a million monthly UAWs being tracked.

The Alien Worlds blockchain game has an impressive backing from venture capital crypto investors including Animoca Brands (who developed the Otherside metaverse game with Yuga Labs), Binance and others.

Alien Worlds Game

Alien Worlds gameplay takes various forms such as staking, participating in DAOs, trading NFT cards and mining to earn Trilium (TLM).

Alien Worlds is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and its ecosystem frequently places in the top 2 rankings of the best blockchain games on DappRadar.

One of the most popular NFT trading card games, Splinterlands runs on the Hive blockchain, which supports a range of decentralized apps, blockchain games and wallets. Inspired by trading card games of old like Magic: The Gathering, this blockchain game helped bring gamers from the mainstream into cryptocurrency gaming.


Trading cards won can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and flipped for a profit on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea depending on their rarity. The combat is advanced – with each battle having a different combination of combat rules, a Mana system, and a deep level of strategy.

The library of Splinterlands cards is over 500+ with 64+ abilities and four types of rarities. Each fighting character has their own form of attack such as melee, speed, range, and magic. To date its tournaments have awarded over $6.1 million in cash prizes, and players can also participate in individual quests to rise the rankings.

Splinterlands’ native token is Splintershards (SPS) which is listed on Crypto.com and LBank – where Lucky Block is also listed and Tamadoge will be listed after launch.

Why Invest in Blockchain Games?

We reported on the latest DappRadar industry report finding that blockchain game platforms and their related utility tokens ‘weathered the storm’ of the 2022 bear market better than other types of crypto assets such as DeFi coins.

Crypto VC investment as a result has remained high in crypto games, surpassing the levels of 2021 by 33% in 2022 and projected to reach $12 billion by the end of the year.

Investment in Web3 Gaming

Blockchain gaming investment 2021 – 2022

Major traditional video games producers like Sony, creators of the PlayStation, are also taking notice and invested $1 billion in Epic Games – the leading US video gaming developers who created Fortnite – to build a metaverse.

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) alone have increased their level of investment in Web3 gaming to $7.6 billion in 2022, despite Bitcoin, Ethereum and most altcoins being in a downtrend.

Industry Detractors of Blockchain Games

Some video games companies have had negative reactions to blockchain games, such as Valve banning NFTs and blockchain games from being hosted on Steam, its games platform and store. Xbox executive Phil Spencer also criticized some crypto gaming products as more ‘exploitative’ than entertaining.

Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell did acknowledge that blockchain technology deserves recognition, but said in late 2021 that there were too many scams and ‘sketchy’ products to risk exposing gamers to them.

Despite the Valve blockchain games ban, they continue to be popular with both gamers and investors. The blockchain games we reviewed in this guide have been audited by Solid Proof and verified by CoinSniper, two services to audit new crypto projects, and Battle Infinity sold out its presale in record time – raising 16,500 BNB in just 24 days.

Leading companies Epic Games and Ubisoft have been very receptive to promoting mass adoption of blockchain gaming – Ubisoft is even one of the founding members of the Blockchain Game Alliance that Alien Worlds is member of.

Best Blockchain Games – Conclusion

To conclude, this guide has taken an in-depth look at the best blockchain games on the market, before exploring the myriad reasons why investors may wish to gain exposure to this rapidly-growing area of the market.

One of the top blockchain games in 2023 is Lucky Block Casino – the brand-new platform from the creators of Lucky Block. This huge gaming ecosystem features slots, table games, live dealers, and even an integrated sportsbook. New users will receive a 200% bonus on their first deposit plus 50 free spins, making it a great time to get involved.



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