The market in crypto tokens has had a good shake-out in 2022 – but the practical possibilities of the blockchain remain undiminished. Some crypto exchanges have faltered and token prices have dipped, yet the best blockchain app development companies continue to produce decentralized applications (DApps) that are in demand.

Below we review ten of the best blockchain app development agencies. The Web3 marketplace is extremely diverse, with development firms handling a range of metaverse, NFT and blockchain work. We therefore include many types of firms as we delve into the world of the blockchain builders and pick out the hottest operator in 2023.

The 10 Best Blockchain App Development Companies

Below we review ten of the best blockchain app development agencies working in the fields of fintech, metaverse, NFT, gaming and business enterprise solutions:

  1. Tech Alchemy: Top Blockchain App Development Company with Stellar Testimonials
  2. SoluLab: Award-Winning Provider of Blockchain Solutions
  3. Labrys: One of the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies in Australia
  4. LeeWayHertz: Best Blockchain App Software Development Company for White Label Work
  5. Consensus: The Blockchain App Development Company Behind the Metamask Wallet
  6. Immutable: A Key Player in Blockchain App Game Development
  7. Infograins: One of the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies for Full-Service Provision
  8. Chain: Provider of Business and Developer Blockchain Tools
  9. Empirica: Fintech and Crypto Market Maker Specialists
  10. Tatum: Dedicated Provider of Off-The-Shelf Blockchain Software

Top Blockchain App Development Agencies Reviewed

Below we present an overview of the blockchain development sector, taking in firms of all sizes and specializations.

Top ranking goes to Tech Alchemy, the best blockchain app development company from many perspectives.

1. Tech Alchemy: Top Blockchain App Development Company with Stellar Testimonials

Based in trendy Shoreditch, London, this elite team is more than a blockchain app development company: the firm handles mobile and web app development projects with the aim of helping technology-based startups to get their ideas implemented.

The Tech Alchemy team comprises 2 founders, 8 designers, and 45 developers and has a number of successful projects under its belt.

Successful Tech Alchemy Projects

1. TOAD: For an advertising company called TOAD, Tech Alchemy produced a platform to help planners pick the perfect outdoor advertising site. The platform uses a proprietary AI engine to cut planning time from days to minutes – as well as increase the accuracy of audience targeting. TOAD founder G. Hintzen remarked that Tech Alchemy ‘were a solid partner that fulfilled expectations.’

2. Triptalk: the Tech Alchemy team execute a project for revolutionary travel app Triptalk. This mobile app allows people to book their holidays as a group, enjoying social media content together as they review their trip options. Triptalk founder A. Trapani said that Tech Alchemy ‘are fully invested in the work, making them a good partner for multi-year engagement.’

3. House of Crops: In a foray into ‘agtech’, Tech Alchemy built a trading platform for agricultural products for German online broker House of Crops. Central to the project is a serverless web application which the team had to ensure was in compliance with trade laws, as well as featuring the latest security standards. M. Wedel, the founder of House of Crops, said that TechAlchemy ‘outshines other developers.’

Tech Alchemy’s provision of the best blockchain app development services has not gone unnoticed. The team’s work has been featured on the BBC, AWS (Amazon Web Services) as well as Product Hunt and Clutch.

On its Medium blog, the team produces regular and incisive blog articles on key cryptocurrency issues.

With an established reputation for immaculate product delivery and great client service, we expect to see Tech Alchemy behind many effective blockchain projects in the future.

2. SoluLab – Award-Winning Provider of Blockchain Solutions

Launched in 2014 by veterans of investment bank Goldman Sachs and cloud provider Citrix, this firm offers a full suite of services across blockchain app software development as well as web and mobile apps.

The company has 150 staff spread over 4 offices based in the USA, Canada and Australia. The team has tackled in excess of 1,500 successful projects and has racked up numerous awards including Top App Development Company (from appfutura), one of the Top Blockchain Companies (awarded by and 2020 Honoree in US Inc.’s Best Workplace category.

Clients looking to invest in the metaverse, NFTs and the blockchain in general have welcomed SoluLab’s wide experience across Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and more – as well as its expertise in smart contracts, dApps and DeFi.

Consultations are free with SoluLab. The firm offers case studies in no less than 18 product sectors, including Artificial Reality/Virtual Reality, E-Learning, the Internet of Things and more.

3. Labrys: One of the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies in Australia

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Labrys has what it calls a ‘laser focus on blockchain technologies.’ Notably, the team is proud of having enough in-house expertise to ensure that work is never outsourced. The firm offers ‘full-stack’ capability, which means it can handle all programming aspects of a blockchain app.

A typical Labrys blockchain app development project might include any of the following eight service areas:

  1. NFT Development
    This centers on building NFT collections, performing integration with leading NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, and supplying NFT minting platforms for clients to brand as their own.
  2. Smart Contract Development
    Smart contracts are critical to the blockchain in token generation, staking and DeFi yield farming, DAOs, DEXs and NFTs.
  3. Full-Stack MVP Development
    ‘MVP’ means Minimum Viable Product: this is what Labrys can provide with any Web3 product idea.
  4. Blockchain Consulting
    Offering advice on how to optimize blockchain and Web3 strategy.
  5. POC Development
    POC stands for Proof of Concept.  This is an affordable way of showing the world that your idea works.
  6. Token Development
    Ever wondered how the best new crypto comes into being? Labrys make it happen with full token issuance capabilities.
  7. Enterprise Blockchain Development
    If a company needs to set up their own blockchain to suit their unique business needs, Labrys know how to do it.
  8. Blockchain Integrations
    Getting blockchains to work together is becoming more important as the crypto world continues to expand.
  9. UI/UX Design
    User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are key priorities for all the best blockchain app development companies.

4. LeeWayHertz – Best Blockchain App Software Development Company for White Label Work

Working from US offices in San Francisco, New York and Chicago, LeewayHertz has 14 years of experience in the blockchain space.

The firm has 250+ full-stack developers (‘full-stack’, as we have observed, means handling all programming aspects of a blockchain app: both backend and frontend). This agency has built 150 digital solutions and specifically 50+ blockchain products.

LeewayHertz operates across the full range of Web3, blockchain, NFT, metaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT). Industries tackled include fintech, healthcare, insurance, logistics, startups and on-demand app development.

This firm specializes in the area of ‘White Label’ development. If a company wants to offer a product to its clients, but does not have the know-how to produce it, then it will seek a provider of white-label goods. It can then slap its own label on the supplied product.

LeewayHertz provides white-label services in 6 key areas:

  1. Crypto wallets.
  2. Blockchain explorer.
  3. Network stats.
  4. Crypto swaps technology.
  5. DAOs.
  6. Token generators.

5. Consensys: The Blockchain App Development Company Behind the MetaMask Wallet

Consensys is one of the best blockchain app development agencies when it comes to modular work. That means building blockchain products that other developers can use as building blocks in their own projects.

In this capacity, Consensys is grounded in expertise with the Ethereum blockchain. Consensys founder J. Lubin also co-founded Ethereum. So it is this programmable blockchain that Consensys uses to offer scalable solutions for the best DeFi apps, NFT applications and other asset management and trade software.

Key Consensys projects include:

  • The MetaMask crypto wallet: the free wallet famed for ease of use and flexibility with 30 million monthly active users.
  • The Infura Web3 building system: used by 430k developers including top firms Uniswap, Paraswap, Compound and Zapper.
  • The Truffle smart contract development tool: offering end-to-end development assistance; downloaded 4.8 million times.

Consensys has 2,000+ global partners including Microsoft, AWS, Hitachi and P&G.

6. Immutable: A Key Player in Blockchain App Game Development

A 300-strong team headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Immutable splits its blockchain work into two areas:

  1. ImmutableX: Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution and NFT minting/trading platform.
  2. Immutable Studios: NFT game development studio.


Over 54 million NFTs have been minted on ImmutableX in 2022 – with zero gas fees charged. Users further traded over 9 million NFTs. The platform also allows developers to scale their blockchain game for wider use using the ImmutableX Layer 2 scaling solution. This uses Zero-knowledge roll-ups provided by Starkware.

Immutable Studios

The studio is responsible for two games considered to be among the best blockchain games of all: strategy card game Gods Unchained (available on Mac/PC), and action RPG Guild of Guardians (available on mobile).

Immutable has its own crypto token called IMX (learn how to buy IMX) and a highly-experienced management team. Prior to joining Immutable, C. Clay – Game Director for Gods Unchained – for example, was the Game Director for the bestselling game Magic: The Gathering Arena.

7. Infograins: One of the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies for Full-Service Provision

As a blockchain app development company, Infograins stands out for the sheer scope of its offering.

With pure blockchain work, the firm divides its activity into three areas:

  1. Core: wallets, smart contracts (using the Solidify language), public and private blockchain development.
  2. Enterprise: Developing blockchains for Procure 2 Pay, finance, logistics, healthcare and insurance.
  3. Custom: DeFi and chain-specific solutions (Polkadot, Polygon, Binance) as well as ICOs and IDOs.

Infograins also offers expertise in NFT gaming and marketplace development – as well as semi-fungible token creation. Web3 gaming, including Unity programming, is also covered.

Based in five continents – with offices in India, the UK, Australia, the USA and the UAE – Infograins showcases 3 products in particular:

  1. The Bharat NFT marketplace, which uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards.
  2. The Slice ledger, which is a blockchain network compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and comes with a free wallet.
  3. The Bouquet NFT collection – 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs.

8. Chain: Provider of Business and Developer Blockchain Tools

Chain positions itself as a bridge for quality brands to get on board with Web3.

In September 2022, the firm scored a notable success with the $12m sell-out of luxury jewelry brand Tiffany’s 250-strong ‘NFTiff’ collection – developed with Chain.

The firm offers four main product groups:

  1. Sequence: this is an immutable ledger designed for business use. With it, businesses can streamline their ledger process using the blockchain to deliver simplified and immutable accounting.
  2. Chain Cloud: as cloud specialists, Chain provides the Chain Cloud as a protocol for developers to access blockchains on-demand using completely automated nodes.
  3. Chain NFTs: Chain calls their full NFT service ‘white glove’, which means brands can use their technology as they see fit to develop an NFT portfolio.
  4. Chain Enterprise: Chain works with big-name clients like Nasdaq, State Street, Visa and orange to deliver custom business blockchain technology.

Chain has developed its own crypto token – XCN – which may be bought in order to obtain governance input into the official Chain protocol.

9. Empirica – Fintech and Crypto Market Maker Specialists

Empirica is a boutique provider based in Poland with some operations in Germany and Switzerland. The firm has 40+ employees and focuses exclusively on fintech, including key blockchain applications for financial markets.

Empirica is involved in making software for crypto market-making, and in addition has two proprietary products related to investing and trading:

  1. Proprietary algorithmic trading platform: this has been developed so that traders and ‘quants’ (quantitative analysts) may develop and test trading algorithms on the markets. (Retail investors can make use of the best algorithmic trading platforms available for non-professionals).
  2. Robo Advisor: this is an AI product designed for wealth managers. It allows them to develop sophisticated investment algorithms, as well as gain insights into their clients with the aim of lowering client churn. This is a white-label product, which means it can swiftly be tailored to match a client’s branding and strategic priorities.

Notably, Empirica developed brokerage solutions for MetaTrader 5, the hugely-popular trading platform available via some of the best investment apps on the market. The firm also partners with banking specialist axxiome in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and is a founder of the IT Corner trade association.

10. Tatum – Dedicated Provider of Off-The-Shelf Blockchain Software

Tatum provides software for other developers to build, test and run blockchain apps. Rather than operate on a consult-and-build basis like many blockchain app developers, Tatum has developed a number of blockchain software packages that other developers can purchase instantly online.

Central to Tatum’s offering is the Tatum JS SDK (Software Development Kit). This is a single, unified package based on the Javascript language which allows developers to integrate instantly with any of 40+ blockchain protocols.

This is supported by the Tatum CLI (command line interface for blockchains) and the Tatum REST API, which allows developers to access the Tatum infrastructure.

Other off-the-shelf products for developers include an NFT WordPress Plugin (which allows users to mint and sell NFTs direct from their WordPress website), virtual accounts for use in multi-currency wallets and NFT Express, which provides white-label NFT gas-free minting services.

Tatum offers a four-tier pricing system including free, $9 a month, $49 a month and enterprise level.

What are Blockchain App Development Firms?

As a rule of thumb, clients engage blockchain app development firms to help them get set up in the world of Web3 – whether that is with a simple DApp accessible via mobile, or an entirely new distributed ledger and blockchain to suit their corporate needs.

Some firms in this field have scored enormous success by taking a single blockchain app and running with it.

Ever heard of Binance, for example? (If not, perhaps read our Binance review). Binance is the world’s biggest crypto exchange with $80 billion worth of crypto business done every day. And Binance started in 2017 like every other blockchain app: as a bright idea turned into blockchain reality by some developers.

  • Binance founder C. Zhao is reportedly now the 19th richest person in the world with a net worth of $65 billion and 70% of Binance shares.

What Services do Blockchain App Development Companies Offer?

Typical services offered by blockchain app development agencies include:

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

The simplest definition of a DApp is a computer program designed to work with one or several blockchains. All the best blockchain app development agencies would thus consider themselves as architects of DApps – whatever sector the DApp works in and whether the front-end of the DApp is accessible via the web or on mobile.

Examples of DApps include crypto wallets like Metamask (30m estimated users), DeFi applications like decentralized exchange PancakeSwap (149k unique active wallets), gaming platforms like Alien Worlds (204k unique active wallets), NFT marketplaces like Solana’s Magic Eden (21k unique active wallets) and betting platforms like Serious Dice (29k unique active wallets)

Despite 2022 seeing a bottoming out of the crypto sector, dApps remain big business:

  • According to Emergen Research, the global DApp market was worth over $10 billion in 2019, and is likely to be worth over $360 billion by 2027. That is an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate of 56%.
  • Top DApp statistics platform DappRadar tracks 9,000 DApps.

Enterprise Blockchain

Whereas both professionals and the general public use DApps, Enterprise Blockchain relates to corporate blockchain work only.

Often a company will want to set up its own technological backbone to handle its business faster as well as protect data against cyber-tampering. A custom distributed ledger is often the way forward. Companies like Chain and LeewayHertz offer strong enterprise blockchain credentials, as does giant Consensys.

  • Our top pick Tech Alchemy conducted a successful enterprise project with its construction of the House of Crops trading marketplace.

Smart Contracts

Without smart contracts, there would be no blockchain as we know it. Programmable smart contracts give developers enormous flexibility to set up systems of transaction which work independently of outside influence. This allows blockchains to operate in a decentralized fashion: thanks to smart contracts, no single entity is in a position of power which can then be abused.

  • Ethereum smart contracts are commonly written in the Solidity programming language.
  • Labrys is one of the firms we review that publicizes its expertise with smart contracts – but we would expect all the best blockchain app development companies to be proficient at implementing them.

NFT Services

White-label NFT minting and trading is a very popular area for many developers, including LeewayHertz, Infograins, Tatum and Chain.

Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse

The best Play-to-Earn games make up a huge development sector in their own right. On our list above, we have focussed on Immutable – the firm behind blockchain favourites Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians.

How We Rank the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies

Five factors we always bear in mind when considering blockchain app firms are:

1. Service Scope: A Spectrum

In order to get a full picture of the blockchain development landscape, we have not ranked agencies on the basis of size or service provision; we have included all scales of business model. We observe, though, that many of the best blockchain app development companies (as well as the worst!) can be categorised into two types of service provider:

  1. Full-service companies offer a broad range of blockchain-related services; typically NFT, metaverse, crypto and blockchain implementation. From our list above, Infograins and LeewayHertz are examples of full-service companies.
  2. Specialist companies focus on a particular area of expertise. From our list above, Empirica and Tatum are examples of specialist companies. Empirica focuses exclusively on fintech, and crypto market making in particular. Tatum focuses on its existing Javascript SDK (Software Development Kit).

Somewhere between full-service and specialist companies are firms that focus on a couple of key areas.

  • Big player Immutable, for example, develops NFT games as well as puts its Layer 2 scaling solution ImmutableX to various ends.
  • Likewise, Consensys grounds various activities in its familiarity with Ethereum (thanks to its founder J. Lubin also being a co-founder of the ETH blockchain).

2. Cost

Whether a client is looking to develop the next crypto to explode or launch a dApp on mobile, cost is always going to be a key consideration.

As with any service provider, costs with the best blockchain app development companies depend on the complexity of the project and, ultimately too, the prestige and size of the contractor. A contract with Metamask creator Consensys, for example, is likely to cost a lot more than with a boutique provider like top-ranking Tech Alchemy.

One exception to this rule of thumb is Tatum, who provides a 4-tier subscription model. Clients can choose which level of service to opt for, and pay accordingly.

To get a quote on a blockchain project, simply contact a blockchain app developer. They will be happy to give you pricing information.

3. Successful Completed Projects

One of the reasons why we rate Tech Alchemy so highly is that the company – though small – has shown that it can successfully complete projects. What’s more, the scope of some of their key projects – their TOAD advertising planning app, Triptalk mobile app and House of Crops marketplace – shows a versatility that is highly impressive in such a streamlined operation.

4. Testimonials

Again, Tech Alchemy scores best in our list on the basis of client testimonials. In all three quoted examples given by the agency, the founder of the client’s company has taken the time to praise them – and a common commendable theme that emerges is Tech Alchemy’s readiness to pick up the phone and deal with client concerns instantly.

5. Website

For a blockchain app developer to have a poor website is fairly unforgivable in marketing terms. Clients will rightly wonder how an agency plans to run a blockchain development project successfully if it cannot even sort out its own website. Of the service providers we review above, we rate Infograin’s website best for UX (User Experience) and Consensys’ website best for depth of material.


Above we have reviewed ten of the best blockchain app development companies. We have taken a wide purview, including established giants like Ethereum legends Consensys (responsible for the Metamask wallet) and  Gods Unchained creator Immutable as well as smaller ventures based around the world like Labrys and Empirica.

We conclude that London-based Tech Alchemy comes out on top of the pile in 2023. A compact team focused on continual accountability to their clients as well as clean project delivery, Tech Alchemy has delivered a string of successful projects. Clients rave about Tech Alchemy with stellar feedback, and that says it all.

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