Looking for the best crypto for beginners can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, having the right information can make all the difference.

This guide is specifically designed for crypto newbies who are interested in diving into the world of cryptocurrency, but don’t know where to start.

We’ve listed 10 of the best beginner crypto to buy right now, based on their price potential, liquidity, and most importantly, their accessibility and suitability for those starting in this field.

Let’s begin.

Which Crypto to Buy For Beginners?

Many of the hottest cryptocurrency projects on the market are beginner-friendly since technological advances have made investing more accessible than ever. Below are 10 of them – all of which will be reviewed in the following section.

  1. PlayDoge — Combining Doge meme nostalgia with Tamagotchi gameplay for play-to-earn rewards
  2. WienerAI — The best AI-powered meme coin for beginner investors
  3. Sealana — Send SOL, grab $SEAL tokens, and ride the newest crypto wave
  4. Base Dawgz– A New Meme Coin With a Funny Mascot and Cross-Chain Functionality
  5. Mega Dice — Enter the world of GameFi with daily rewards for all, perfect crypto for beginners
  6. 99Bitcoins — Get a hold of the $99BTC token to gain access to staking rewards
  7. Sponge V2 — Enhanced utility, rewards, and a P2E game; total token supply capped at 150 billion
  8. eTukTuk — BEP-20 token suitable for crypto beginners who prefer P2E games
  9. Ethereum – Highly accessible token for beginner crypto portfolio
  10. Bitcoin — Most popular and biggest beginner crypto to trade with low fees

A Closer Look at 2024‘s Best Crypto for Beginners

Being a crypto beginner and investing in cryptocurrency doesn’t need to be complicated. All of the coins listed above can be purchased seamlessly using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Furthermore, many of them are still in the early stages of their life span – making them ideal for long-term investors.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the best beginner crypto in the market today:

1. PlayDoge — Best Cryptocurrency for Beginners Combining Doge Meme Nostalgia With Tamagotchi Gameplay

Why is PlayDoge the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Community-Driven development
  • $PLAY tokens staking at a high rate of 181%
  • Play-to-Earn mechanism incentivizing active engagement

best crypto for beginners - playdoge

PlayDoge is a promising cryptocurrency for beginners who enjoy mobile games. It is a play-to-earn (P2E) game that integrates blockchain technology, offering staking and rewards for early participants. When you buy presale tokens, you have the option to stake. Staking is now available on both BNB and ETH chains.

This multi-utility token started its presale on May 28th and raised over $250k in just a few hours. Its nostalgic design integrates the legendary Tamagotchi virtual pet concept into the new digital economy of crypto. 

Players can earn and use $PLAY tokens in the cryptocurrency market. Given the rapid growth of the global video game market and the increasing popularity of play-to-earn games, PlayDoge is a good entry crypto positioned for a significant market share.

PlayDoge has a total token supply of $9.4 billion, with $4.7 billion reserved for presale.

 At the time of writing, the $PLAY token trades at $0.005.

2. WienerAI — Best ERC-20 Crypto For Newbies Interested in AI

Why is WienerAI the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Transparent presale event
  • Combination of AI and meme coin fundamentals
  • Fast, reliable, no-fee transactions

best crypto for beginners wienerai

WienerAI is the best crypto to buy for beginners who are into dog-based meme coins and AI. Namely, this project aims to capitalize on the hype created over dog-based meme coins and AI-powered tokens.

This approach proved to be successful as $WAI managed to raise over $348K in just a few days. This dog and AI fusion was also used by ScottyAI, a new ERC20 token that managed to complete its presale much earlier than planned.

WienerAI is also built on the FOMO effect, which could help it become the top dog among the dog-based meme coin community once it gets listed. WienerAI’s total token supply amounts to 69 billion, and early investors can buy 20,700,000,000 $WAI tokens during the presale at a current price of $0.000718.

WienerAI is also on our best crypto to invest in for beginners list because of its staking rewards, which currently come with a 1951% annual return. This makes it an ideal project for crypto beginners who want to explore the dog-based meme coin community.

3. Sealana — Best Solana Beginner Coin with Easy Purchase Method

Why is Sealana the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Strong presale performance with raised over $4M
  • Solana-based meme coins are expected to surge during the current crypto summer frenzy
  • Easy “send-to-wallet” purchase method

best crypto for beginners Sealana

Sealana is a Solana meme coin inspired by the character from South Park – Gamer Guy or the Fat Computer Nerd. However, as is often the case in the meme coin world, this character has been given the appearance of an animal, in this case, a chubby seal that enjoys chips and tinned tuna.

Sealana has so far managed to raise over $4M, mostly due to the FOMO effect created around this project. This also happened to SLOTH, a Solana-based meme coin that concluded its presale by raising over $15M. 

This project is suitable for beginners as it uses a single-tiered presale setup. I.e., the $SEAL token will be sold at a fixed price of 6,900 $SEAL tokens for 1 SOL. Moreover, once the presale ends, all purchased tokens will be airdropped, which will facilitate the claiming process.

To learn more about Sealana, check its Telegram channel and X (Twitter) account.

4. Base Dawgz – Best Beginner Friendly Crypto With a Cross-Chain Functionality

Why is Base Dawgz the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Available across five top blockchains
  • Unique Share-to-Earn $DAWGZ airdrop campaign
  • Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology

best crypto for beginners base dawgz

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is the beginner friendly crypto that is entering the multi-billion meme coin space. It has a hilarious and unique mascot – a Shiba Inu with goggles, dressed in a base-jumping suit.

The project features cross-chain capabilities, so holders can smoothly transfer tokens between networks like Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Solana. This also points to Base Dawgz’s focus on community. 

Investors can start early and buy tokens even during the presale. In fact, a fifth of the total token supply is allocated to the presale. 

Another feature of this project that users can enjoy is the Be Social for Airdrop campaign. The campaign encourages users to create and post content related to Base Dawgz and gain points in return. Once the presale concludes, those points can be replaced with tokens. 

Many consider this project the best cryptocurrency for beginners. Its meticulous roadmap, use of the latest technology, exceptional social rewards, and strong emphasis on security all indicate potential for great success. 

5. Mega Dice — Multi-Utility Solana-Based Token for Beginners That Allows Its Holders to Play Casino Games

Why is $DICE the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Presale bonuses and a 25% revenue share through their referral program
  • $DICE holders who stake will earn a share of the casino profits
  • Multiple airdrop seasons offering substantial rewards 

best crypto for beginners Mega-Dice

Mega Dice is an established Telegram-based casino that offers over 4,000 casino games and betting on 50+ sports. Its native token, $DICE, is a suitable option for beginner investors since it offers multiple benefits. Investors can use it to play casino games, conduct trades, and earn daily rewards. What’s more, early investors will receive bonus $DICE tokens and qualify for the Mega Dice airdrop.

On the other hand, those who stake their tokens will be able to earn additional $DICE tokens and SOL and get access to exclusive games. Selected $DICE token holders will also receive limited edition NFTs that they can trade or use to unlock special rewards.

Mega Dice’s roadmap is divided into 5 stages, which include marketing, presale launch, presale token claiming, and DEX launch. The $DICE token has a maximum supply of 420 million. 35% of tokens will be distributed towards the presale, 15% towards airdrops and casino $DICE pool, while 10% will go to staking.

This token has so far managed to raise over $439K, while its current price stands at $0.069.

6. 99Bitcoins — Get a Hold of the $99BTC Token to Begin your Crypto Journey 

Why is 99Bitcoins the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • A strong community with over 700,000 YouTube subscribers and 2 million registered users
  • Token holders gain access to exclusive content
  • $99,999 worth of $99BTC tokens airdrop

best crypto for beginners 99btc png

Looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies? Meet 99Bitcoins, your go-to guide. Started as BitcoinWithPaypal.com, it evolved into a hub for crypto education. Now, it’s launching something big: the learn-to-earn platform. And that is what makes it great for beginners!

You learn about crypto, and you earn $99BTC tokens. It’s all about interactive modules, quizzes, and tutorials. The more you learn, the more tokens you earn.

Hold on to those tokens, and you can unlock a world of rewards: staking rewards, exclusive courses, trading webinars, and more.

If you’re not a learner but still want rewards, stake your tokens and watch your rewards grow.

7. Sponge V2 — An Upgraded Version of Sponge V1 That Uses a Stake-To-Bridge Model

Why is SpongeV2 the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Has a Unique Stake-to-bridge system
  • Over 13k current holders
  • Features a play-to-earn gaming system

best crypto for beginners sponge-v2

Sponge V2 is a new meme coin that aims to replace its predecessor Sponge V1. This project uses an innovative staking system called stake-to-bridge. This means that investors will be able to get V2 tokens by locking their V1 tokens into V2 staking pools. Once the Sponge V2 launches, it will replace the Sponge V1.

With that in mind, Sponge V2 is a good crypto coin for beginners as it promises massive APYs. On that note, staking rewards on the polygon network go up to 392%, while the reward rate on ETH goes up to 171%. Moreover, unlike V1, the V2 is a utility token. This means that investors will be able to use it to play the P2E game, Sponge Racer, and earn additional rewards.

Sponge V2 has a total token supply of 150 billion, and over 9 billion tokens have been staked so far. Its current price is $0.002351 per token. After the presale, its price will go up by 9402.91%. In other words, the $SPONGEV2 token could repeat the success of its predecessor, V1, which achieved a $100 million market cap.

8. eTukTuk — Earn $TUK Tokens by Playing a Crazy Taxi-Style p2e Game

Why is eTukTuk the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Supports EV adoption in developing nations
  • Eco-friendly crypto projects offering high annual rewards
  • Features a play-to-earn game allowing users to gather rewards 

best crypto for beginners etuktuk

eTukTuk is one of the best eco-friendly cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024. The goal of this project is to improve the transportation system in developing countries through AI. On that note, its developers plan to install solar and AI-powered EV chargers for Tuk Tuks to reduce their impact on the environment.

To support its ambitious plan, eTukTuk’s developers have also created a mobile P2E game for Android and iOS devices. Its gameplay is reminiscent of the popular arcade game Crazy Taxi. Players will have to drive passengers to different locations within a certain time frame. Once they complete their missions, they’ll be rewarded with $TUK tokens.

This BEP-20 token is an ideal investment for crypto beginners as they’ll get a chance to try P2E games and diversify their portfolios with sustainable tokens. In addition to that, they’ll be able to stake their tokens for rewards whose current APY is 82%. At the time of writing, the $TUK token trades at $0.0325, which makes it a favorable investment.

9. Ethereum — Highly Accessible Token for Beginner Crypto Portfolio

Why is Ethereum the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Second cryptocurrency by market capitalization
  • Allowing for transparent and secure transactions without intermediaries
  • ETH uses PoS consensus, which enables staking

best crypto for beginners ethereum

Those starting as a crypto beginner may consider adding Ethereum to their portfolio. Ethereum is still regarded as the best cryptocurrency to buy by many analysts since it forms the foundation of the DeFi and NFT industries. In addition, Ethereum’s smart contract functionality makes it ideal for decentralized app (dApp) developers in various niches.

Ethereum is a viable option for the best beginner crypto to trade since it is incredibly accessible. The vast majority of crypto exchanges and brokers will offer ETH as a tradeable asset since it remains the second-largest crypto in the world, according to CoinMarketCap.

Another reason to consider Ethereum, as a good entry crypto, is the transition to a ‘Proof-of-Stake’ (PoS) consensus protocol. This transition, dubbed ‘The Merge’, improved Ethereum’s scalability and reduced GAS fees – which have plagued network users for years.

10. Bitcoin — Biggest Beginner Crypto to Trade with Low Fees

Why is Bitcoin the Best Crypto for Beginners 

  • Well-established and the most decentralized
  • Easy to understand how it works
  • Has multiple use cases

best crypto for beginners bitcoin

Bitcoin needs no introduction, as this digital currency was what started the cryptocurrency revolution and has become the best Proof-of-Work coin on the market. Even though other projects may have more ‘exciting’ use cases, market participants still opt to invest in Bitcoin due to its first-mover status. This adds enormous credibility to Bitcoin and is the reason that broader financial markets have adopted the coin.

Bitcoin is likely the best-starting crypto to invest in since many trading platforms offer fractional BTC investing. This means that investors can buy ‘fractions’ of a coin instead of purchasing an entire Bitcoin, which is priced at over $69,000 at the time of writing.

Another reason Bitcoin could be the best beginner token is that it is now accepted by merchants worldwide as a payment method. Since BTC is the largest digital currency, we’ll likely see demand continue to rise for this coin over the long term.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Crypto

Selecting the best crypto for beginners involves understanding its significance and potential volatility to make informed investment decisions. And now that we’ve discussed the best cryptos for beginners, let’s focus on the factors to bear in mind when making an investment decision.

With that in mind, presented below are five elements to keep in mind when choosing which crypto to invest in: 

Focus on Use Cases

One of the most important factors to consider is the project’s use case. Projects that survive over the long term have real-world utility, providing a reason for demand to remain high.

Look for Strong Price Potential

Beginners looking for the next cryptocurrency to explode may wish to consider cryptocurrencies with a low price point. Although these tend to be riskier, they often provide scope for triple-digit (or even quadruple-digit) returns.

Many of the best crypto presales will meet these criteria. However, as presale projects are still in development, it’s vital to understand that prices can be more volatile than established coins once they become listed on CEXs or DEXs. 

Make Sure the Tokens are Accessible

Another way to seek out beginner cryptos is to ensure the tokens are accessible. This means they can easily be purchased through the best crypto exchanges using a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

Find Cryptos Offering Regular Income Opportunities

Beginners may also wish to consider cryptocurrencies that offer regular income. This can be through staking or liquidity mining – both of which are prevalent in the DeFi space.

However, income can also be made through projects like Tamadoge, which offers play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics. These mechanics provide tokenized rewards for skilled gameplay, which can be spent on in-game items or exchanged into different digital currencies. 

Review the Project’s Roadmap, Development Team & Whitepaper

Finally, it is crucial to review each project’s roadmap, development team, and whitepaper before making an investment decision. These three elements help inform whether the project will be a success or whether it could be a ‘rug pull.’

In addition, the best beginner crypto projects will also have elements that add to their legitimacy. This may be through KYC verification on CoinSniper or a smart contract audit through SolidProof.io – both of which help build trust in the project. 

How to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners?

To start investing in cryptocurrency as a beginner, first, choose a reliable exchange where you can buy crypto, similar to picking a stockbroker. Once you’ve selected an exchange, create an account with them, and then learn how to build your crypto portfolio.


Discovering the best crypto for beginners involves understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading for beginners, ensuring a smooth and informed entry into the market. With that in mind, this guide was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the best crypto for beginners so that you, the reader, can make smarter investment choices.


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