While there are hundreds, if not thousands of online casinos out there, not all of them have the same quality or are easily available in the US. We’re here to tell you all about one of the most popular crypto casinos, BC.Game.

It is so well-liked by US players because of the massive array of games and excellent promotions. Our BC.Game review looks at all of the games, promo codes, benefits, payment speeds, and any shortcomings of this online casino to help you find out if you want to join millions of other BC.Game users.

180% first deposit bonus up to 20,000 BCD

How to Sign Up & Play at BC.Game

Step 1: Create An Account

Register to BC.Game

First, you’ll want to click the “Visit BC.Game” button below to go to their site.

Next, you’ll want to enter your email address and password, as well as agree with the user agreement.

This is where you get your free spin, so take it to claim your free coins!

Step 2: Deposit Funds Into Your Account

  1. Go to “Wallet” on the upper part of the screen
  2. Select your chosen crypto, and how much of your balance you’d like to deposit(if you don’t have any on the BC.Game wallet, you’ll need to transfer them there.)
  3. After 2 network confirmations, your coins will be ready!

Step 3: Start Gambling On BC.Game & Using Promo Codes

BC.Game promo code referral code

  1. On the lower-left of the screen, click on “Promo/referral code”
  2. Type in the codes seen in the above sections
  3. Pick the game you’d like to play or search for it using the search bar on the upper part of the screen
  4. Get gambling!

BC.Game Pros & Cons

Now that we’ve gone over BC.Game’s main selling points, let’s look at its pros and cons to determine if it’s really worth its salt.



  • An expansive array of games
  • A lot of in-house-produced games
  • Quick, 5-45-minute withdrawals
  • A variety of promotions to help you earn currency
  • Transparent house edge
  • Sports and eSports betting
  • Extremely modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Fully licensed gambling site
  • Fair sports betting odds
  • BC.Game has its own coin and NFT
  • One of the best NFT gambling sites
  • Achievement-like medal system



  • Fairly limited in terms of poker
  • Limited direct fiat deposits

BC.Game Bonuses (4.8/5)

BC.Game Promotions & Bonuses

There are a variety of bonuses you can claim on BC.Game, most of which will make an immediate deposit on your account.

BC.Game Welcome Bonuses

BC.Game Welcome Bonuses are relatively complicated, so stick with us. The first welcome bonus you get is that your BCD gets unlocked 5% faster. By default, all BCD you get through offers, promo or referral codes, etc. starts out locked and is released by wagering according to the formula: Wager * House Edge * 20%. This means that the more you play, the faster your BCD unlocks!

The second benefit you get is BCD matching of your first 4 deposits according to the following rules:

  • 1st Deposit: 180% up to 20,000 BCD
  • 2nd Deposit: 240% bonus up to 40,000 BCD
  • 3rd Deposit: 300% bonus up to 60,000 BCD
  • 4th Deposit: 360% bonus up to 100,000 BCD

Naturally, the deposit percentage goes up with the amount you wager.

BC.Game Shitcodes

BC.Game shitcodes are another way to get bonuses to use at the casino. Each shitcode or shitlink has a specific level you need to be at to claim it, to claim BC.Game shitcodes, all you need to do is click on them. These codes are time-limited, and you can find them by subscribing to the following:

Make sure you’ve set up notifications for each of them so you don’t miss even a single BC.Game shitcode for 2024.

Promos for Existing Customers

BC.Game has a variety of promotions running for its existing users. First of all, there are medals, a system similar to achievements in most computer games. By wagering and engaging with the community, you earn medals which you can then redeem as follows:

  • 5 Medals: 20 BCD
  • 10 Medals: 800 BCD
  • 15 Medals: 2400 BCD
  • 20 Medals: 10,000 BCD

Another way to earn BCD is by participating in daily tasks. These might be playing a certain game, interacting with the community, or the like.  You also get to spin a wheel once a day, giving you a variable amount of BCD. Furthermore, BC.Game routinely gives weekly/monthly bonuses to its players.

Every 6 hours, COCO, the BC.Game’s mascot will appear on the site, if you can click on COCO as soon as it appears on the screen, you get a reward.

The faucet is a simple way to get a little bit of your money back after gambling- it’s a cashback prize taken from a percentage of all player’s bets.

To incentivize community interaction, BC.Game has a bot awarding 6 random people in the chat with crypto once every 6 hours.

Finally, there’s the King of Bonus promotion. As the best Ethereum casino site, BC.Game rewards its highest spenders with a monthly bonus each month, with the bonus hinging on the cumulative monthly wager.

BC.Game Loyalty Program

BC.Game VIP Levels

This BC.Game review wouldn’t be complete without seeing how it treats VIPs. The VIP program at BC.Game has 22 different levels, and the SVIP level above it. Each time you gain a VIP level, you get a secret chest that increases in value the higher your level is. Generally, these chests contain small amounts of currency in the early levels, before ramping to some really insane stuff at the later levels.

Some of the benefits of increasing your VIP level include:

  • Instant chargebacks
  • Zero-fee withdrawals once a day
  • Up to 20% rakeback
  • The ability to tip other players
  • And many more

However, where the VIP really kicks in is with the SVIPs(Super-VIPs). Benefits SVIPs are provided include:

  • 24/7 Customer Service by the exclusive host
  • Rakeback and recharge privileges
  • The highest levels of Luckyspin
  • The fastest channel for their deposits and withdrawals
  • Exclusive, SVIP-only codes

In your SVIP secret treasures, you can find some of the following:

  • Large coin rewards
  • A full, all-expenses-paid trip to the most exotic and entertaining places on the planet
  • A full week of full celebrity treatment at an elegant hotel suite
  • You may be chosen to attend the annual SVIP party where you’ll be treated to champagne, fine dining, and much more

BC.Game Bonus Codes

BC.Game Referral Codes

At the time of writing, you don’t need any bonus codes to claim offers at this casino. Should this change, we’ll bring you the latest codes needed to claim BC.Game bonuses.

BC.Game Payments & Withdrawals (4.9/5)

BC Game Deposits and wihdrawals

BC.Game handles all of its payments and withdrawals through cryptocurrencies. Regardless of whether you’re withdrawing or depositing your funds, you can do it through the in-app wallet.

This makes withdrawals and deposits extremely easy, and due to BC.Game accepting 150 different cryptocurrencies, the chances are you won’t have to swap tokens before making a deposit or withdrawal. They even accept a minority of fiat currencies through specific methods, although it’s generally easier to deposit and withdraw through crypto.

One thing worth noting about the BC.Game withdrawal process is that each withdrawal has a coin-specific minimum and a coin-specific withdrawal fee. Usually, this fee is somewhere around 0.1%, a fairly negligible amount, but it’s worth keeping an eye out to make sure you aren’t paying more than you’re planning to.

Accepted Methods Minimum Deposit Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Time
150 Cryptos including BTC, USDC, USDT, and ETH, some fiat currencies None Coin-specific 5-45 minutes

Games Available at BC.Game (4.9/5)

BC Game app review

One of the best things about BC.Game is that it goes out of its way to ensure that most of the games on the platform are provably fair. This means you can check the game’s integrity by going to its GitHub page and looking at the code behind it directly. Let’s look over the wide variety of BC.Game casino games:


There are a variety of slots games available at BC.Game, whether you’re looking for something classic like Gates of Olympus or a more modern experience like Endorphina, the platform has got you covered. All the slots have gorgeous, animated graphics, with impeccable sound design truly capturing the oomph of winning a spin. Outside of this, you’ll find some peripheral mechanics, such as the ability to pay $2.5 to double your chances to win in Gates of Olympus.


Ah roulette, the quintessential casino game. The first thing we’ve got to praise BC.Game for in terms of roulette is the table experience. With most of its 99+ roulette games, you get to hear the tokens of the other players hit the table. Once again, the graphics and sound design are remarkable, however, an impressive feat considering most tables take up to 6 players is that the game lags extremely rarely, and has never frozen in our hours of playtime.


The blackjack tables at BC.Game are extremely competitive. With a house edge of only around 1%, it’s one of the few games where you might be able to make money assuming you play perfectly. If you’ve ever had dreams of trying to out-skill the blackjack dealer, but it’s a bit too intimidating to do in real life, the BC.Game versions of blackjack are the next best thing.


Now, poker is strangely enough one of the games with weaker representation at BC.Game. With only 69 results, the poker scene at BC.Game leaves something to be desired. With that being said if you’re not looking for an ultra-competitive poker experience, poker at BC.Game will do you just fine with the excellent graphics and sound design present in each game.

Other Games

There is an abundance of BC.Game-exclusive games to play on the site. A popular recent example is Crash, a game where a rocket, plane, or similar object flies, and the later you predict when it’ll crash, the more you pay out. Ever wondered what the best mines gambling site is?

There are also some creative BC.Game casino games out there such as Mines or Sword. Naturally, there are also simpler games like Dice or Coinflip, each of which provides a unique, graphically cohesive experience that’s difficult to forget. For football fans, BC.Game is also one of the top FIFA World Cup crypto betting sites with daily promotions.

BC.Game also provides one of the leading crypto lottery games in the space. All in all, if you’re looking to experiment with what games you play, look no further than BC.Game.

Live Dealer Games at BC.Game

BC.Game Live Games

There are a variety of live dealer games available on BC.Game – almost 500 in fact. You’ll find a wide variety of games, ranging from live blackjack tables to roulette, or even completely new games thought up by the community.

Note, however, that these games largely don’t support the free currencies given out by BC.Game, they also have a slightly higher house edge on average, as they need to pay for the dealer. The gameplay is smooth, all of the dealers we’ve had the pleasure of playing with have an excellent camera and microphone, and the games are professionally run to ensure no cheating.

All in all, if you’re a fan of live games, BC.Game is a treat for sore eyes.

BC.Game Software

As we’ve discussed at length in this BC.Game review, the graphics and sound design for most games on BC.Game is astounding. This is mostly due to these games coming from excellent game software providers. Excitingly, a lot of the games are actually developed and shipped in-house. However, that’s not to say there aren’t many third-party games available on the site. BC.Game includes games made by creators such as:

  • Pragmatic Play
  • Nolimit City
  • Evolution Gaming
  • BetSoft
  • PlaynGo

All in all, while there are a couple of duds here and there, BC.Game maintains extremely high integrity when it comes to gaming software.

BC.Game Sports Betting

BC.Game app sports betting

Recently, BC.Game has begun to offer sports betting. With sports betting as big as it is, many gamblers want to dip their toes in it. BC.Game does a great job of separating by sport, as well as by live or upcoming matches. This way, you won’t get lost even if it’s your first time betting on a sports event.

Furthermore, when BC.Game gets a partnership for sports betting, keep an eye out for a BC.Game shitcode for 2024, as they’re often released together with the partnership.


BC Game Sports Betting Options

In terms of sports, BC.Game offers a very impressive array given how little time it has been since it first started offering sports betting. Sports you can bet on include:

  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Waterpolo
  • Golf
  • Cycling

Furthermore, due to BC.Game’s partnership with Cloud9, one of the biggest esports companies in the world, BC.Game also allows you to hinge your bets on esports. It’s also extremely easy to navigate, letting you quickly find your favorite sports, leagues, and more. The options on what kind of results you can bet on are also quite varied.

All in all, beneath this eSports betting site lies a fully-fledged sports betting system that leaves little to be desired. However, do note that sports betting isn’t available in all currencies.


BC.Game Sports Betting Odds

With sports betting, each bet lives and dies by the odds, and because of that, it’s important to go to betting sites that offer good odds. Now, while BC.Game is certainly not the cream of the crop when it comes to cutting-edge odds management, it isn’t half bad.

Sure, you might see the outlier here and there, but seeing as the sports betting portal is constantly being upgraded, we feel like BC.Game might be able to go up and compete with the greats soon. Its odds are already rock-solid, and its quick-bet feature helps bettors place their bets with a single click.

BC.Game User Experience

BC.Game's Excellent UI

This is where BC.Game truly blows its competition out of the water. The entire website has an expert design, with no room for you to get lost or be unsure about where something is.

The sidebar contains games, promotions, and even crucial information so if you need to look something up quickly, it’s probably easily accessible through the sidebar. The main page is, naturally, full of game thumbnails. If you hover over any of these thumbnails, you’ll be able to see the house edge clearly spelled out.

One of the biggest advantages of BC.Game over its competitors is how well it does social integration and user engagement. The chatroom always sits on the right side of the screen if you want to talk to the community, or simply pick up drops from the chat.

This gives BC.Game a unique social aspect, especially when combined with tipping and SVIP’s ability to cause token drops around once a week.

If you want to go to your wallet or withdraw funds, look to the top of the screen and select the option you want. Since BC.Game accepts 150 different cryptos and a variety of fiat, you’re unlikely to find yourself bothered on that end either.

The wallet itself is also great, even letting you purchase BC.Game’s NFT. Now, simply putting all of this information on the screen all at once is a feat in and of itself, however, doing it without confusing the user or cluttering the interface? That’s nothing short of brilliant design.

BC.Game Mobile App

bc.game mobile

In the 21st century, any digital casino worth its salt will have a high-quality mobile app. As we’ve seen in this BC.Game Casino review, it doesn’t joke around when it comes to user-friendliness and efficient space utilization. The mobile interface is every bit as sophisticated as its desktop counterpart.

While it can’t quite fit everything on the screen here, you can always pull up the sidebars by dragging towards the left or right of the screen. BC.Game also shows a willingness to adapt to mobile design- opting to showcase singular games rather than decision-paralysis causing groups on its mobile app.

The BC.Game app is first-rate from top to bottom, and functions every bit as well as its desktop counterpart.

About BC.Game

BC.Game Review

BC.Game, launched in 2017, is an online casino accepting fiat and over 150 cryptos for depositing. This lets pretty much any crypto holder play at the casino without needing to swap coins. The site is home to 3 million users and has had over 1 billion bets placed on it since its creation.

At first, the Monero casino site was home to only 16 games, but after a few years in the business, this number exploded. It’s available in most countries and offers a wide variety of games ranging from traditional casino games like roulette, baccarat, or poker, to BC.Game originals like Crash, CoinFlip, Hilo, or Mine.

The casino has live dealer games available around the clock and even shows you the house edge in each of them, so you know how much you’re risking at all times. One of BC.Game’s most unique features is its own currency – the BC Dollar ($BCD). When you make your first, second, third, or fourth deposit, BC.Game will match it with 180%, 240%, 300%, and 360% in BCD respectively. The casino also provides awards for achieving medals in games, completing daily tasks, or engaging with the site’s mini-games.

As can be expected of the best Bitcoin casino site, BC.Game features an extremely sleek user interface, with each game packed with state-of-the-art graphics and intense soundtracks. The BC.Game app is available on mobile, and lets you gamble from anywhere in the world.

BC.Game is also a CGF (Crypto Gambling Safety) verified operator, integrated with the Lightning Network, ensuring instant deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin. As we’ll see below, the casino is extremely generous in its promotions, giving away hundreds of dollars in crypto to its users. Did you know that BC.Game is also one of the top Bitcoin Cash casinos in 2024?

BC.Game User Reviews

When an online casino has been around for a while, it’s bound to collect criticism and praise from various users. That is why it’s important to go through players’ reviews, find out what they complain about, and see if their concerns are justified. Our experts have looked at thousands of reviews, analyzed them along with the casino’s responses, and created a comprehensive overview of the issues.

  • Slow Verification Process

One of the frequent complaints players have is about the KYC process. Many users see it as slow, cumbersome, and generally a huge obstacle to withdrawing their funds. Our experts looked at the matter and concluded that the verification process can vary in length but it’s mostly down to users not following the right procedures. BC.Game’s help page provides a detailed guide on how you can ensure the process is smooth and optimized.

  • Ineffective Customer Support

The fact that casinos often hire third-party customer support agencies means they’re not always as knowledgeable about the product as they should be. During our investigation, we did encounter some problems in terms of reply speed. However, the agents were ultimately able to provide satisfying answers.

  • Outstanding VIP Services

While the customer support seemed subpar at times, many users had nothing but praise for the VIP host services. Players above VIP level 70 receive personalized assistance from these hosts. We tested this service as well, and it’s fair to say it lives up to the hype. Priority help, special bonuses, and event invitations definitely make it feel VIP.

BC.Game Summary

As one of the leading decentralized gambling sites in 2024, BC.Game provides a variety of game types, live games, and supports a dazzling 150 cryptocurrencies, we’ll be going over each of these in detail down below in this BC.Game casino review.

➕ Welcome Bonus 180% to 240% matched bonus on your first 4 deposits
⌨ Bonus Code 3ish9dz7
🎮 Available Game Types Slots, roulette, baccarat, poker, blackjack, Crash, and many more
🎲 Live Games Yes
💠 Payment Methods 150 Cryptos including BTC, USDC, USDT and ETH. Limited fiat support.
💵 Minimum Deposit None

BC.Game Licensing & Regulation

BC.Game is one of the few licensed crypto-gaming platforms, having oversight under the Master Gaming License as part of Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V.(CIL). Past this, BC.Game has been in the game for years and has successfully grown a userbase of 3 million bettors that stick around, most of which come back to the site on a daily basis.

This, alongside its continued expansion, partnerships with major companies, and nigh-complete transparency of its actions lead us to believe it’s an extremely trustworthy entity.

Furthermore, BC.Game is part of an ongoing push for licensing and regulation in the crypto gambling space, and offers extremely speedy withdrawals. All in all, all of these signs point us to the conclusion that BC.Game is not only fully licensed but also an extremely trustworthy entity in its own right.