Play-to-earn games have become extremely popular within the crypto ecosystem and are expected to be one of the biggest growth markets in the space in the next decade. Axie was one of the first platforms to burst onto the blockchain gaming space, and despite a market correction is still popular today. Its online video game enables players to collect and mint NFTs, representing digital pets known as Axies.

Playing the game requires players to hold the platform’s native token, AXS. In this guide we speculate on an AXS coin price prediction for 2024 – 2030. We also detail the coin’s use cases and factors influencing the AXS price.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction

Axie Infinity and the AXS token exploded into life during the 2021 bull run, surging from around $5 at the end of June to an all-time high of $165 – an increase of 3,200% – in November 2021.

However, the token has since crashed due to a multitude of factors and issues in the ecosystem, as well as because of the crypto winter and macroeconomic conditions.

Let’s explore the potential prices AXS could reach in the next few years.

  • End of 2024: AXS may face strong resistance all the way up, given the number of investors who bought the coin at highs and want to exit their positions. We predict AXS to trade between $10 to $15 by the end of 2025.
  • End of 2025: As Axie Infinity is trying to incorporate more use cases with the development of the Axie Core, the token may perform strongly in the medium term. We predict that AXS can trade between $36 to $50 by 2025.
  • End of 2030: Cryptos are expected to become more mainstream by the end of the decade. As the leading crypto gaming token, AXS has the potential to reach a high of $200. 

⟗ Coin Name Axie Infinity
💲 Price $6.02
🔆 Coin Symbol AXS
⏳ Price Change 1h0.36%
🌕 Price Change 24h 0.52%
💵 Market Cap$885,411,920
🥇 Rank78
🌐 24h Volume78
🔄 Circulating Supply147,114,710
💰 Total Supply270,000,000

Axie Infinity – Latest News

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest news surrounding this GameFi crypto coin:

  • As of February 2023, Axie Infinity recorded nearly 400,000 monthly players on its ecosystem.
  • Since the start of 2023, Axie Infinity has increased by 45%. The token is still more than 90% below its all-time high.
  • After dropping by more than 20% in the last 14 days, Axie Infinity is currently priced at $8.4 per token.

Axie Infinity Price History

The blockchain provides an abundance of NFT video games such as Axie Infinity, but the game was one of the first to get major interest, media coverage, and a large volume of players.

Players found Axie Infinity to be extremely simple to play compared to most multiplayer games, while its reward system and positive news coverage, only drove the mania around the game.

The volume surge had a direct impact on AXS. At the beginning of April 2021, The Axie Infinity token had its initial coin offering (ICO), closing the first day at around $7.70.

High volatility ensued at the end of the month as AXS dipped to $6.50 before a short-term rally to almost $11.

The excitement didn’t last long as AXS kept making lower lows and eventually reached $3 by the end of May 2021. One month after its ICO, the Axie Infinity coin lost more than 50% of its value.

That would’ve shaken out the weak hands, but the diamond hands didn’t have to wait long for a massive spike.

AXS Price Pump and Crash

After reaching $3, the AXS coin ranged only for a month before massive buy volume entered the market at the end of June 2021. Not only did AXS set an ATH, but it rallied just over 5,200% to reach $165 in November 2021.

The mania around the coin drove its growth, with investors and players interested in news articles that described players in developing countries earning more from the game than the average wage and an ever-surging price.

At its peak, Axie Infinity was attracting nearly 3 million players every month.

November 2021 marked the top for AXS before falling just days later after setting an ATH. Bitcoin’s crash signified that it dragged the rest of the market with it, and the Axie Infinity cryptocurrency was one of the casualties.

While many of the major altcoins lost about 70% of their value, AXS plummeted even lower.

As the crypto winter lengthened and major coins struggled, investors moved quickly to sell off their AXS.

Problems with the game mechanics and supply outweighing demand meant that the token and game was already in major trouble before the Ronin Bridge Hack

Ronin Bridge Hack

In March 2022, hackers made away with approximately $625 million of assets after exploring a weakness in the Ronin cross-chain bridge.

It remains the biggest crypto hack ever and the game and coin have both been on a downward spiral ever since, with investor confidence gone and a massively falling player base.

As of last year, Axie Infinity had fewer than 200,000 monthly players, a huge decrease from its peak.

Axie Infinity Soars in 2023

In 2023, Axie Infinity enjoyed favorable upside price movement. On January 23rd, the token soared by more than 22%. As per a report by Decrypt, Axie Infinity soared after the AXS token unlock. Nearly 2% of the overall AXS token supply was unlocked, which helped AXS boost its price. As of April 2023, AXS is trading at $8.4.

Recapping AXS Key Events

Despite its issues, Axie Infinity is still considered one of the best crypto games to play. Our Axie Infinity price prediction includes recapping key AXS events to highlight the massive volatility that the coin has experienced.

  • AXS began trading on major exchanges at the beginning of April 2021 and closed the first day at $7.70.
  • The coin dipped to $6.50 at the end of the month before a short-term rally to $11.
  • By the end of May 2021, AXS had lost more than 50% of its value since the ICO as it dropped to $3.
  • A month of consolidation followed before buyers stepped in at the end of June to launch AXS on an epic rally. The coin pumped just over 5,200% to reach an ATH of $165 in November 2021.
  • Ronin Bridge hacked with $625 million stolen from the project’s developers Sky Mavis.
  • In January 2023, AXS rose by 21% after 2% of tokens were unlocked
  • Currently, AXS is priced at $8.4.

AXS Coin Price Prediction 2024

In the medium term, Axie Infinity may have a problem due to the current in-game economics. The play-to-earn industry has been plagued with the problem of consumer retention. There is no clear indication of whether users want to enter such platforms due to the exciting gameplay or simply wish to monetize their time on projects such as Axie Infinity. 

As seen with the AXS token, the price has dwindled as the number of active players reduced. Given the current uncertainty in the global markets, we cannot pinpoint when the crypto revival will begin. Thus, we foresee AXS between a price of $10 to $15 by the end of 2024. 

AXS Coin Price Prediction 2025

Axie Infinity has already started working on improving the in-game dynamics. Recently, Axie Infinity the concept of Axie core. With the reduced growth of active players, Axie Infinity’s Axie Core project aims to strengthen the emotional bond between users and their Axie NFTs. 

To convince members to hold on to their NFTs for a longer period, they will introduce customization options. Axie Core will let one add accessories to their pets. Axie Core will also let members upgrade their pets and stand a better chance of earning rewards within the ecosystem. Axie Infinity Origins, which is the battle version of this ecosystem, will also implement new game mechanics and daily rewards in season 2. 

By the end of 2025, AXS has the potential to reach a price of $36. If a bull market returns and a new catalyst for Axie or the wider GameFi asset class appears then, AXS may reach the $50 mark. 

Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030 Prediction

 As seen with the current bear market, the crypto winter can be brutal, and it can dish out a tremendous amount of pain. However, a report by Olymp Trade suggests that 10% of the population will be using cryptocurrencies by the end of the decade. As one of the biggest assets in the crypto gaming sector, we may see the price of AXS grow substantially.

A few altcoins that went on several bull runs usually outdo the previous high by about 120%. If the same were to happen with AXS, our Axie Infinity high price prediction for 2030 would be around $200. We expect AXS to reach a minimum price of $50 by the end of the decade.

Potential Highs & Lows of Axie Infinity Coin

In the table below, we have compiled the possible AXS highs and lows for the next few years.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2024 $15 $10
2025 $50 $36
2030 $200 $50

What is Axie Infinity Used For?

The key reason investors buy cryptocurrency is for capital gains. But for the coin’s value to increase, adoption is necessary and that happens because of utility. Let’s take a look at AXS’s use cases.

Earn Rewards

The key attraction of playing Axie Infinity is that players earn while they’re entertained.

Many users in the DeFi ecosystem credit Axie Infinity as the pioneers of the play-to-earn concept. Now, the game has switched to play and earn. Players earn $ASX, which they can exchange for other currencies.


One of the key reasons for blockchain development was to offer a decentralized exchange to conduct peer-to-peer transactions without involving a third party.

We’ve discovered the best peer-to-peer exchanges. The Axie Infinity coin is part of that ecosystem, so AXS holders can send the coin globally. They can also use it to buy goods or services where AXS is accepted or to swap it for other assets.


Earning interest on coins is a way investors receive a passive income from crypto. By locking in coins on an exchange, investors receive interest. An exchange usually pays interest with the coin staked.


Players use AXS, which serves as the platform’s governance token, to vote on future developments of the game’s infrastructure.

What Drives the Price of Axie Infinity?

Although Axie Infinity is largely responsible for influencing the AXS price, macroeconomic factors also play a role.


The AXS coin is central to Axie Infinity’s platform. Its use is essential for playing, earning and transacting. The demand for AXS increases as more users play the Axie Infinity game or transact with the coin. The bigger the demand for the coin, the higher its price should spike.

Market Sentiment

AXS’s price action has revealed to us that it’s closely tied to Bitcoin. When Bitcoin rallied in 2021 so did Axie Infinity. The same happened with Bitcoin’s crash, though AXS plummeted deeper than Bitcoin. The market’s sentiment has a significant impact on the price of AXS. If a large buying volume for Bitcoin emerges, AXS could potentially increase as well.

Is AXS the Best Coin to Buy in 2024?

Axie Infinity’s platform offers players numerous benefits, and AXS investors who got in during the lows profited handsomely. As mentioned in our Axie Infinity price prediction, this token has been corrected by nearly 80% in the past 12 months. Part of the reason is due to the reduced active player count, along with weakening economic conditions. 

However, AXS boosted in 2023 after nearly 2% of vested tokens were unlocked on January 23rd. The price of AXS subsequently rose by more than 21% in 1 day. However, the cryptocurrency project still needs to find a way to naturally attract members to its platform. While the Axie Core project is allowing players to upgrade and customize their Axie NFTs, the future of AXS is hard to predict.

Alternatively, projects such as Love Hate Inu are emerging as possible alternatives to Axie Infinity. Unlike Axie Infinity, Love Hate Inu enables users of its Vote-to-Earn concept to generate income while voting on the platform.

Love Hate Inu – New Project Revolutionizing the Vote-to-Earn Industry

Love Hate Inu altcoins

Love Hate Inu is a cryptocurrency project that has been gaining significant attention recently, thanks to its unique use case. The project leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a secure and anonymous platform for voting. By staking the LHINU token, users can participate in legitimate voting activities, while fraudulent activities such as vote manipulation and voter intimidation are minimized.

The project’s vote-to-earn concept incentivizes users to participate in voting activities by offering rewards in LHINU tokens, with the number of tokens earned based on the amount staked. Love Hate Inu’s platform provides a user-friendly dashboard that displays recent votes, staked LHINU, current rewards, and tools for creating new polls, making it easy and accessible for anyone to participate in the voting process.

Love Hate Inu’s innovative approach addresses longstanding issues within the global voting industry and offers a transparent, secure, and fair platform for expressing opinions. The project has already provided a glimpse of what voting would look like on its website, and investors have shown massive interest as expected, which is evident judging by the pace at which the presale tokens are currently close to being sold out.

$LHINU Tokenomics

Love Hate Inu Vot-to-Earn

Love Hate Inu’s distribution model is designed to ensure fair distribution and community involvement in decision-making through polls. The 10% allocation for liquidity provision, exchange listings, and rewards is also a thoughtful touch that will benefit both the project and its supporters.

Additionally, being an ERC-20 token makes it easily compatible with various wallets and platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem. The staking feature of LHINU tokens creates an opportunity for participants to earn passive income through the vote-to-earn concept.

Presale Started 7th March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Min Investment None
Max Investment None


We reviewed Axie Infinity and do not believe it represents a good investment at the time of writing, given the token’s poor performance, falling player base, and lack of investor confidence after the massive Ronin bridge hack.

Although the game may recover in the next bull run, it is difficult to foresee that scenario play out as the game was already struggling to retain and attract players before the crypto winter set in.

Alternatively, we believe new projects such as Love Hate Inu could replicate the early success of Axie Infinity and attract a user base due to being newer on the market.

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