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Zebedee and Viker Launch Bitcoin Play to Earn Games – But Meta Masters Guild Has a Better Sustainable Games Model

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Payment processing company Zebedee and mobile game studio Viker have unveiled two new play-to-earn game titles, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, that offer players the chance to earn cryptocurrency as rewards.

The games, available on both iOS and Android, are the latest in a series of releases from Viker that utilize Zebedee’s payment technology to provide a fresh take on classic games.

Bitcoin Chess is a traditional chess game with the added incentive of earning Bitcoin, while Bitcoin Scratch gives players packs of scratch cards with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin if they match the correct combinations.

The partnership between Zebedee and Viker has already produced 10 Web3 games powered by Bitcoin nano-transactions. The play-to-earn games offer players a small amount of Bitcoin per session, with the goal of creating a more engaging experience for players and ultimately making the game more profitable for the developers, despite the revenue share.

“Ultimately, implementing rewards with Zebedee’s platform isn’t about players earning money, it’s about creating a more interesting and fun experience. Because earning these tiny rewards simply feels great, regardless of if it’s small amounts that won’t materially impact most people’s lives,” explained Viker co-founder Dan Beasley.

“But at the same time, it’s real money that you earn just for having fun. So when you can play chess and get Bitcoin for it, why would you play a version without that? They’re both chess, one is just more rewarding.”

Zebedee’s payment platform is what makes these small payments possible. Using the Bitcoin Lightning Network, payments can be as small as a fraction of a cent and processed instantly.

In contrast to the focus on tokenization and earning mechanics of play-to-earn games like Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, another Web3 gaming ecosystem entering the scene, Meta Masters Guild (MMG), is positioning itself as a play-and-earn project with a strong focus on engaging gameplay, fun, and longevity.

Play-and-Earn vs Play-to-Earn: A More Sustainable Gaming Model

Meta Masters Guild will be the first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform. The cutting-edge platform will allow gamers to engage in a decentralized gaming ecosystem, where they can earn cryptocurrency as a reward for their in-game achievements. However, the focus will be on creating more sophisticated, highly engaging games that have staying power.

With the mobile gaming market being larger than console and PC gaming combined, MMG is positioning itself to tap into a vast audience of casual gamers.

Advantages of MMG Games Over Other Play-to-Earn Games

MMG seeks to stand out from other crypto games by taking a “Play-and-Earn” approach, rather than the typical “Play-to-Earn” Web3 game model. This new model shifts the emphasis away from netting profits and instead puts gaming first.

Consequently, MMG games will offer gamers an immersive experience while also giving them rewards. In other words, making the game fun enough to attract gamers rather than trying to pump the game’s token to investors.

MMG will also focus on mobile games. The mobile gaming market is the largest and most profitable in the industry, with a huge base of casual players. MMG is taking advantage of this by developing mobile games that are cheaper and quicker to produce, making it easy to bring new games to market.

The mobile gaming market was valued at $92.2 billion in 2022 according to Newzoo research – a figure that outpaces console ($51.8bn), PC ($38.2bn) and browser gaming ($2.3bn) combined. This presents MMG with immense opportunity for growth.

One of MMG’s key advantages is the use of two tokens, MEMAG and GEMS. MEMAG is the native token of the MMG ecosystem, used for various transactions within the platform. GEMS, on the other hand, is used for rewards and in-game currency. By separating the two tokens, MMG avoids the problem of consistent selling pressure on the tokens, which can affect the stability of other crypto games.

First Web3 Play-and-Earn Games from MMG

MMG is currently working on three exciting games, each with their unique gameplay and features. The first game, Meta Kart Racers, is a kart racing game that allows players to purchase and upgrade karts and drivers and compete in player-vs-player races for the Meta Kart Championship. The game is expected to launch in late 2023.

Raid NFT, another in-development game, is a turn-based fantasy fighting game where players align with a warrior class and battle other players. The game, still in its concept stage, will feature both PVP and single-player modes, providing players with multiple ways to earn assets.

Meta Masters World is the project’s open-world metaverse, where players can explore, collect resources, complete quests and interact with other players in an unstructured environment.

MMG is also developing a marketplace where all in-game assets are ownable and tradeable as NFTs, and it is open to other developers and indie studios to join their platform and ecosystem.

The Meta Masters Guild is set to provide players with a new level of gaming experience, with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while having fun.

“We are dedicated to bringing fun and playable Web3 mobile play-to-earn games with sustainable in-game economies,” said company CEO Gabriel Hristov. “Rewarding our community is of paramount importance to my team, which means producing gaming titles that everyone enjoys and wants to come back for more – that’s our main objective.”

The game’s MMEMAG token is currently in its presale stage and is quickly attracting interest from investors, having raised nearly $689K in a short time, with over $100K of that in the past day alone.

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