You Can Earn Money By Playing This Crypto Game – How Does it Work

Calvaria, one of the leading metaverse and play-to-earn projects, has raised more than $2.4 million during its presale. The presale is currently in the last stage, and it will end after $3,075,000 has been raised in funding.

Calvaria has raised $2.4 million

The Calvaria presale is garnering a lot of attention, and the rate at which the presale tokens are being sold out shows that it will be closed soon. More than 79% of the presale tokens have already been sold.

The RIA token will be listed on exchanges as soon as the presale event is over. The price has gradually increased with each new stage of the presale. The investors that participated during the first presale stage are guaranteed triple-digit gains.

During the last presale stage, 1 RIA is priced at $0.0325. Less than 20 million tokens remain during the presale. Retail interest in RIA is growing, as is interest from large whale addresses. One whale address spent nearly $100,000 ahead of the presale deadline and bought more than 3 million RIA tokens.

Calvaria is one of the best P2E games

The Calvaria presale is garnering much attention because of several reasons. The hype and the interest that has grown around this project can be attributed to its solid fundamentals and tokenomics, as seen in its whitepaper.

The Calvaria whitepaper has also revealed that the maximum supply of the token is below 1 billion tokens. This supply is around 50% less than other Web3 gaming projects such as Decentraland and the Sandbox. 15% of the entire RIA supply was made available during the presale, 4% will go to exchanges, and most of the tokens will be used for the staking and prize pools.

Besides the robust tokenomics, RIA could be set for significant gains given the growing interest in play-to-earn gaming by the traditional gaming industry. A recent report by fintech firm Zebedee said that P2E remained attractive to gamers. The firm conducted a survey involving US gamers saying that 67% were likely to play free games if they could earn cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, investments in the Web3 gaming sector have continued to increase over the past year despite the ongoing bear market. This indicates that these investors can see the long-term potential of these projects.

However, there has been hesitance from traditional gamers to embrace blockchain gaming. Calvaria is stepping in to solve this problem by attracting traditional and blockchain gamers. The platform will have both free-to-play and play-to-earn options. Non-crypto players can access all the game’s features if they are unwilling to use cryptocurrencies.

If Calvaria manages to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming, it could trigger notable adoption for the project and emerge as one of the best P2E gaming projects in the crypto sector. It could also give the project a competitive edge in a space dominated by older players such as Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, and the Sandbox.


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