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IMPT is a new blockchain-based project focused on innovation in the sphere of conservation and reducing carbon emissions. IMPT hopes to make it easier for people to manage their carbon emissions with transparency and efficiency. It is well-poised to take the position as one of the most successful eco crypto launches of the year.

IMPT presale has now raised $2.7m

The IMPT presale has thus far been extremely successful, and has captured the hearts and minds of conservationists and eco-warriors alike.

Thus far, $2.7m has been raised in the presale, which has now been running for less than a week, showing that there is a large degree of interest in IMPT amongst the community.

Is IMPT the year’s largest eco crypto launch?

The world of cryptocurrencies often tries to optimise to offer very specific and tailored products to customers with a focus on speed, scalability, reliability, transparency, and efficiency.

However, there is often very little focus on ameliorating environmental concerns; even with decisions such as Ethereum’s move from proof of work to proof of stake, it could be argued that the environmental consequences (PoS uses less energy than PoW) were a mere byproduct rather than the first objective.

IMPT is a project whose sole objective is to use blockchain as a means to further environmental goals.

The team hopes to achieve this goal by making it far easier for individuals and companies to manage carbon credits on-chain.

Given the amount that is being raised, which is particularly impressive considering the currently bearish state of the market, IMPT may well be the largest eco crypto launch of 2022.

Earn rewards for “responsible shopping”

The idea of investing responsibly is something that has been pushed forth by many advocates of ESG, but the idea of “responsible shopping” is one that has yet to be fully explored.

The IMPT shopping platform allows users to earn IMPT as cashback on their spending, which means that shopping at outlets which have high ESG scores automatically translates into an ability to convert your spending into more carbon credits.

When one earns IMPT from their spending, they can choose to convert the IMPT into carbon credits and mint them as NFTs. NFTs as carbon credits can be bought, sold, or redeemed depending on one’s carbon emissions and consumption.

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IMPT - New Eco Friendly Crypto

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