XRP/USD Price Chart

Despite the overall bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market, the price of Ripple (XRP) has continued its upward rally and remains well-bid around the $0.388 mark. This is primarily due to recent developments in the Ripple-SEC lawsuit, which have brought some positive news for XRP investors.

However, the cryptocurrency market has declined following Jerome Powell’s remarks on higher interest rates and the uncertainties surrounding Silvergate Bank. This has created uncertainty among traders and investors, which may limit any potential rises in XRP prices.

XRP Community Awaits Summary Judgment in Ripple-SEC Lawsuit

It is important to mention that the XRP community has been eagerly anticipating the resolution of the Ripple-SEC lawsuit, which could significantly impact the cryptocurrency’s future. Recently, attorney James K. Filan’s updates have generated excitement among community members, as Judge Torres issued a judgment on the parties’ applications to prohibit expert testimony.

This news has not only impacted the XRP community’s outlook but has also caused a surge in the price of XRP. On March 6, the day Judge Torres released her decision on the parties’ applications to exclude expert witnesses, XRP’s price rose from intraday lows of $0.357 to intraday highs of $0.374.

What Does the Expert Testimony Ruling Mean for the Ripple-SEC Lawsuit?

It is important to note that the recent decision on the parties’ applications to exclude expert testimony is a significant development in the Ripple-SEC case. The decision allows for expert testimony to be presented by both sides during the August trial. This means that both Ripple and the SEC will be able to call upon their expert witnesses to provide testimony on various aspects of the case.

The Ripple-SEC lawsuit has been a major concern for the XRP community for a long time. However, recent developments have sparked enthusiasm and optimism among community members. With the recent ruling on expert testimony and the potential for an impending summary judgment, the future of XRP appears more promising than ever.

Risk-Off Wave In Crypto Market

The cryptocurrency market has been going through a period of decline in recent days, primarily due to a combination of factors such as Jerome Powell’s comments on the possibility of higher interest rates and the uncertainties surrounding Silvergate Bank.

Jerome Powell’s remarks have heightened uncertainty among traders and investors, causing many to worry about the potential effects of higher interest rates on the market. This has resulted in a general decline in the market, with several cryptocurrencies experiencing losses.

Furthermore, uncertainties also surround Silvergate Bank, a significant player in the cryptocurrency industry. The bank’s recent earnings report has sparked concerns about its exposure to cryptocurrency risks, which has contributed to the existing sense of uncertainty among investors.

These factors may limit any potential increases in XRP prices, despite positive news regarding the Ripple-SEC lawsuit. Although XRP has managed to sustain its upward trend so far, it may face difficulty in maintaining this trend if the overall cryptocurrency market continues to decline.

XRP Price Prediction

As of now, the XRP price stands at $0.3885, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.9 billion. Over the last 24 hours, XRP has experienced a 2.50% gain. XRP currently holds the 6th position in the market, with a live market cap of $19.7 billion.

XRP/USD Price Chart
XRP/USD Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

From a technical standpoint, the XRP/USD pair is currently gaining immediate support at $0.3845. A break below this level could potentially push the XRP price toward the $0.3695 level, while resistance remains at the $0.4000 and $0.4095 marks.


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