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Trust in third party custodians has been heavily damaged over the course of the last year thanks to numerous centralised exchanges experiencing difficulties, and many investors are looking for a safe and non-custodial haven for their speculative assets.

In addition to the centralisation risks that were posed by bodies such as the Luna Foundation Guard in the Terra project, centralised exchanges such FTX have collapsed, and a series of centralised counterparties such as Celsius have also caused retail traders to lose their faith in the cryptocurrency markets.

Understandably, this has meant that many retail investors and traders are looking to invest in projects without significant counter party risk.

FightOut: earn in safe way for exercising at home

FightOut is a new project currently in its presale that gives retail crypto users the opportunity to benefit from the crypto space without needing to trust third parties.

In fact, to make use of FightOut one doesn’t even have to leave their living room in order to be able to enjoy the benefits of earning for exercising.

The FightOut mobile app tracks one’s exercise in real time and allows them to earn points for it, which are then reflected for their avatar’s statistics in the metaverse.

Those who exercise with FightOut are able to earn FGHT tokens in exchange for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

FightOut’s efforts to traverse the divide between the physical world and the digital mean that the team are also intent on building their own gyms in the physical world.

These gyms will be built directly for the benefit of the FightOut community, but they are not a prerequisite to using the platform.

FGHT has now raised $2.1m at its presale

The team at FightOut have been working to diligently over the past few weeks, and this has been reflected in the support that they have received from their community.

The exploding popularity in “move to earn” has been phenomenal over the course of 2022 despite the bear market.

The FightOut team has now managed to raise $2.1m from their FGHT token at their presale, which is particularly impressive when one considers that we are in the depths of a bear market.

The FightOut community is clearly bullish on the value that comes with using blockchain technology in order to incentivise people to stay healthy and to exercise.

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