After reaching $1.2 trillion in market valuation, the crypto market seems to have slowed down in its gains.

At press time, the industry’s value has dropped to $1.17 trillion, reflecting a 0.93% decline in the past day.

However, this downtrend hasn’t dampened the overall bullish sentiment in the crypto space, as several altcoins continue to trade positively.

One such is Stellar Lumens’ $XLM token which is showing a strong daily gain north of double-digits.

This has led many crypto experts to wonder if the cross-border asset could eventually make a massive comeback to the $0.50 price peg before the year runs out.

Although this might seem far-fetched, $XLM is a strong contender for an improved bull run if the market holds up.

Nonetheless, investors are paying close attention to a list of market-changing altcoins that could experience a 10x uptrend in the coming months.

$XLM Posts Strong Daily Gains

Stellar Lumens is one of the little-known altcoins in the vast array of 23,000 cryptocurrencies.

However, it has an impressive track record and is highly scalable. Despite the broader market suffering a slight retrace, $XLM has posted a strong daily gain.

At press time, the digital asset is trading at $0.10, reflecting a 9.63% increase in the last 24 hours.

market-changing altcoins

Thus far, the cross-border asset has gained 22.7%, with its monthly close standing at 16.19%.

This strong bullish trend is further emphasized in its 180-day performance, which saw it gain 41.61% in the same period.

Its year-to-date (YTD) performance is also at a healthy 43.6% since the year began. However, it’s not all rosy for the Stellar Lumens project.

The blockchain protocol has posted a negative 14.27% in the last 12 months.

market-changing altcoins

The strong daily gain seems to have rubbed off on its technicals. So far, $ XLM’s 50-day single moving average (SMA) price of $0.08 shows it is in a strong bullish position.

This ideology is further strengthened by its 200-day SMA price trajectory of $0.0899, which is on the same scope as the 50-day SMA.

Looking at its relative strength index (RSI) oscillator figure of 76.32, it is clear that $XLM is in a high-flying overbought zone.

While this might seem a bad time to buy Stellar Lumens, the broader market sentiment and in-house fundamentals could still see it continue its uptrend charge.

On its moving average convergence and divergence (MACD), $XLM shows a strong buy signal as the green trendline leads the upward climb.

Given its position as a decentralized payment network, Stellar Lumens blockchain has recently been tapped by the largest regulated stablecoin, USDC, for integration via the Coinbase exchange.

In addition, the protocol has launched Stellar Ramps with MoneyGram in North America.

This shows a strong fundamental base supporting the remittance network. Meanwhile, several new projects are bringing even more functionality into the crypto space.

Ecoterra: Bridging Sustainability Goals for Everyone

Environmental sustainability is one of the most talked about topics in the global ecosystem.

However, efforts are largely segmented to corporate institutions, with the average person not empowered to contribute towards an eco-friendly ecology.


A new blockchain project, ecoterra, is looking to change that. The platform aims to make it possible for anyone to participate in fighting against climate change and making the planet more sustainable.

The project is fully vetted by the Certik blockchain security firm and allows people to recycle their numerous household items. This includes plastic, glass, and aluminum materials.

Ecoterra also features a recycle-to-earn (R2E) app that allows users to monitor their environmental impact in real-time.

This way, users can view their ecology status directly on their smartphones. In return for recycling their items, users are rewarded with the $ECOTERRA token.

Ecoterra is not only focused on individuals. The platform also features a marketplace for carbon offsets where companies and well-meaning individuals can trade carbon credits and cut down on their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, it offers a marketplace where companies can launch eco-friendly products and services for individuals to tap into.

The ecoterra ecosystem is powered by the $ECOTERRA token.

The ERC-20 token has so far raised more than $5.59 million from several investors in its presale.

At press time, the digital asset is selling for $0.0925. However, its price is expected to rise to $0.1 in the next few hours.


yPredict: Utilizing AI In Predictive Trading Strategy

Another market-changing altcoin with huge upside potential is $YPRED, the utility token of the yPredict platform.

The blockchain platform is created by the top 1% of AI and blockchain engineers. It focuses on offering investors access to predictive analysis and insights on popular crypto assets in the emerging marketplace.

ypredict altcoins

yPredict features prediction marketplaces, sentiment analysis, real-time technical analysis, and 25+ chart recognition patterns.

With AI becoming increasingly important, yPredict provides investors with a competitive edge to get the insights that will help them make a profit on their portfolio.

The platform also offers alternate database points for companies to use in creating their own in-house AI-powered coin predictive machine.

yPredict is powered by a deflationary token, $YPRED. Also in its presale stage, the digital asset has enjoyed outstanding success in the emerging industry.

So far, $YPRED has garnered over $2.64 million in presale raise, with more inflows coming in.

At press time, interested investors can purchase the token at a current presale value of $0.09.

Buy $YPRED Now

DeeLance: Blockchain Smart Workplace Concept

Rounding up our list of market-changing altcoins is $DLANCE, the utility token of the decentralized recruitment marketplace, DeeLance.

This innovative project aims to provide a smart and permissionless platform for seamless interaction between freelancers and employers.

Deelance market-changing altcoins

Unlike traditional recruitment platforms, DeeLance offers a range of cutting-edge features, such as a digital collectible marketplace and a metaverse concept.

It also empowers freelancers through the ownership of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What sets DeeLance apart is its incredibly low client fee, charging only 2% compared to the industry giants like Upwork and Fiverr, which charge ten times as much.

The platform also directly rewards freelancers with cryptocurrencies for completed tasks, making it even more inclusive and accessible for workers anywhere in the world.

To ensure transparency and security, DeeLance operates on an escrow system where employers securely store funds until the freelancer meets the agreed-upon terms.

This protects employers and guarantees the delivery of top-quality work before payment is released.

In addition, freelancers also get something in return. With the DeeLance NFT marketplace, freelancers can directly tokenize their work to retain control of their assets.

This makes it a viable option for retaining copyright ownership on original content.

Furthermore, DeeLance features a 3D immersive metaverse concept that allows employers and freelancers to collaborate in real time.

It also allows freelancers to directly pitch their ideas to prospective clients and immediately get the needed feedback.

The metaverse concept on DeeLance is powered by NFTs (or digital avatars) which are easily available on its marketplace.

Still in its presale stage, the $DLANCE token has raised over $1.44 million from investors.

At press time, investors can purchase the token at a current presale value of $0.043.


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