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Will Lucky Block Go Up in 2022 – New CEX Listings for ERC-20 V2 Token, No Transaction Tax


LBLOCK, an ERC-20 crypto coin, is on a bullish streak after being listed on several of the best exchanges, including Pancakeswap, LBank, and now MEXC. Investors are very optimistic and bullish on LBLOCK, especially since it’s CEX listing on MEXC, so will Lucky Block go up in 2022? Let’s find out…

Lucky Block’s V2 Token Listed on MEXC

Since its listing on the MEXC global exchange on August 1, the LBLOCK V2 token price has rocketed to trade at $0.0030. With one of the most incredible starts to 2022, Lucky Block has already demonstrated that it can generate tremendous profits for investors. 

Lucky Block has also introduced the V2 token, a new cryptocurrency that does not impose transaction taxes. As a result, Lucky Block will soon be included in major centralized exchanges, significantly affecting its long-term worth.

Where to buy Lucky Block?

You can buy LBLOCK on a growing number of controlled and decentralized exchanges (DEX), including Pancakeswap and LBank. Most importantly, the Lucky Block token’s upgraded ERC-20 token version is also available on MEXC from August 1. So if you are looking to buy Lucky Block, go for MEXC Global.

The LBLOCK coin is available in the Lucky Block ecosystem in two versions: V1 and V2. V1 is a BEP-20 coin supported by decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain. V2 is an ERC-20 version that centralized exchanges will support. Besides, the official Lucky Block Telegram provides updates on future CEX listings.

Lucky Block ERC-20 V2 Upgrade

The ERC-20 V2 upgrade was executed this month without imposing a transaction tax, and it will not carry any Lucky Block jackpot pool prizes. The V2 cryptocurrency is better suited for day trading and speculation on controlled exchanges like MEXC and LBank.

The ticker symbol for the V2 token is LBLOCK, whereas the price parity of the V1 and V2 will be maintained using a mint and burn process. The V2 upgrade was required because it makes it easier for centralized exchanges to list the coin, making it accessible to a broader audience and increasing its liquidity.

Long-term Lucky Block investors can continue participating in the rewards program on decentralized exchanges because the V1 coin will be retained. LBLOCK is mentioned as one of the top DeFi coins by PancakeSwap, one of the top DeFi exchanges.

No Transaction Tax LBLOCK V2

LBLOCK v2 is an Ethereum-based coin that adheres to the ERC20 protocol. Unlike its V1 predecessor, LBLOCK V2 is not subject to transaction taxes, nor is it eligible for payouts from Lucky Block jackpots. V1 token holders might move their tokens to the LBank exchange to participate in the migration process. Sending V1 tokens to LBank, MEXC, or other exchanges where the V2 token will be listed at this time will result in token loss.

Investors can’t transfer LBLOCK V1 (BEP20) tokens to V2 (ERC20). When the bridge between the two versions of LBLOCK goes live, current V1 holders will profit from an increase in the V2 price.

LBLOCK Price Chart

Will Lucky Block Go Up in 2022?

Following the announcement of the MEXC listing, Lucky Block soared to a high of $0.00499 on August 1. However, the gains were short-lived as investors began to sell overbought LBLOCK. Since then, the LBLOCK/USDT pair has already completed a 50% Fibonacci retracement; this could be a nice opportunity for those who have previously missed the bus.

LBLOCK is consolidating in a narrow trading range of $0.0024-$0.0035 on the technical front. On the upside, a break through the $0.0035 resistance level opens up additional buying opportunities until the next resistance level of $0.0050. Moving averages are also indicating an uptrend in LBLOCK.

In any scenario, a breach of the $0.0027 level may bring up additional selling opportunities to $0.0024 and $0.0018. Given the current developments, such as LBLOCK ERC-20 V2 upgrades and its placement on larger exchanges, a favorable trend is predicted.

Recent developments on tax-free ERC-20 block V2 underpin LBLOCK. Moreover, the upbeat technical outlook appears to have piqued the interest of digital currency investors. As a result, we can anticipate higher LBLOCK prices in 2022.


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