ETH reach $3k

Will ETH reach $3k before the merge?

The Ethereum merge has now been announced for the 15th or 16th September (the exact date depends on the hash rate up to this time), and many are wondering if the price of ETH can reach $3k and what effect this will have on the wider market.

This hotly-anticipated event is something that the Ethereum community is very excited about, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most important developments in the world of crypto so far.

The changing of Ethereum’s consensus mechanism from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake is a huge change, and one that fundamentally alters the blockchain forever.

Assuming that the merge is successful, dApps that run on Ethereum should not experience any major changes: those who have deposits into Aave, Maker, Uniswap, etc., will not experience an extreme change: their funds will remain in whichever dApp they were before the merge and there is nothing that the user is required to do.

There are many common myths around the Ethereum merge and what it will mean for the blockchain, particularly with regard to gas fees and transaction costs. For example, there is nothing in the merge that stipulates that gas costs will reduce whatsoever – that aspect of the Ethereum rollup relates to the development team working on implementing rollups.

Transactions may be somewhat faster, in that the Beacon Chain can process a new block every 12 seconds rather than every 13.3 seconds on the mainnet. The theoretical 10% increase is important, but ultimately quite insignificant: is the merge is successful then the uptick in demand for block space will offset the advantages of PoS in terms of transaction speeds.

If ETH reaches $3k, alt coins will benefit hugely

Nevertheless, there are huge some benefits to the ecosystem. Notably, ETH emissions will fall drastically and this means that the cost of maintaining the consensus is dramatically lowered, which ought to be positive for the price.

Ethereum is currently trading just under $2k, and is still down over 60% from its ATH.  However, the crypto markets can surprise people: in 2017 Bitcoin rose from $2k to $10k in just over five months – could Ethereum reach $3k, and perhaps in an even shorter timeframe?

All tokens traded against ETH benefit when the Ethereum price rises, as it is the tide that rises all boats.  This is most obviously seen in locked liquidity pools, where alt coin prices directly benefit from the rising price of ETH, regardless of whether or not anyone is trading them.

Assuming that ETH does go on a bull run and this process repeats, alt season becomes far more likely. There are many projects that stand to benefit from this development, particularly small caps that still have a lot of room to grow.

Tamadoge is one such project.  A play to earn ecosystem that combines the aesthetics of Tamagotchi with the hype of puppy tokens, the project offers a P2E ecosystem, a plethora of utility in artificial reality and a customised metaverse known as the Tamaverse.

Third tranche of Tamadoge presale finishing soon – $4.3m raised

The Tamadoge presale is being conducted in a series of tranches in which the later rounds of the presale have a higher price per TAMA.

The third tranche of the presale is almost complete, with the price currently at 66.67 USDC per TAMA. So far, over $4.3m has been raised for the project

Tamadoge $100k giveaway

In order to celebrate the success of the presale so far, the Tamadoge team have decided to conduct at $100k giveaway. There are several ways to enter the prize draw on Gleam, but the main prerequisite is that users must be holding at least $100 of Tamadoge on the day of the draw.

This is not the only way that people can earn in the Tamadoge ecosystem.  There are giveaways, but one can also earn from their contributions to the game by playing. As the product line is rolled out to completion, we shall see more and more opportunities for payouts.

Tamadoge listing on LBANK

Shortly after completing the presale Tamadoge will also be listing on LBANK.  LBANK is a centralised exchange, and the team hopes that listing in such a place with an ETH pairing will allow the project to grow significantly, as it is exposed to more and more liquidity.

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