The value of prominent crypto assets has risen significantly over the course of the last few weeks, as many people begin to speculate that the worst of the bear market may be over, and we may be on the brink of starting a new cycle.

The XRP price could rise to $1

The XRP price struggled during the last bull market, and continued to struggle throughout the bear market, as US regulators have continued their battle with Ripple Labs over the sale of their unregistered security.

The entire case pivots on whether or not XRP is to be deemed a security, and there are many who believe that the team at Ripple Labs are likely to win the case.

MEMAG may be a more promising investment than XRP

There are a range of different projects that may be more promising for investors than a foray into XRP, and MEMAG is one such project.

Without being mired in the same level of regulatory turbulence, the team at Meta Masters Guild are focused on pushing play to earn gaming opportunities to the masses via mobile gaming and racing games that have incredible user interfaces.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the team has managed to raise an impressive $1m through the MEMAG presale, which is currently live on their website.

FGHT is changing the fitness space, and could also outperform XRP

FGHT is the native token of the Fight Out ecosystem, and their presale has been selling out extremely quickly, with over $3.2m now having been raised.

Fight Out aims to ensure that people are rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle and pursuing their health and fitness goals, and rewards people for doing this by distributing REPS and FGHT tokens.

Thus far, the Fight Out presale has been hugely successful, and has already managed to raise an impressive $3.2m in only a matter of weeks.

RIA may outperform XRP – the presale is now coming to a close

The Calvaria presale is another presale that has been performing exceptionally well as of late, and is now drawing to a close with only eight days remaining before the project goes live.

Calvaria is a play to earn gaming ecosystem in which players can curate their own battle decks and wage war against one another, and in so doing are able to earn RIA tokens as rewards.

Those who wish to participate in the RIA presale before the token begins listing on exchanges ought to head over to the Calvaria website, where they can still acquire the token at early bird prices before trading goes live.

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