boom winter

Crypto prices could soon flourish once more, as many analysts believe that the bearish winter will soon give way to a bullish spring and summer.

Regulatory fears in crypto winter may have been overdone

Regulatory fears may have now peaked, and the bearish sentiment that was felt towards the crypto markets in the past may now have reached its climax – the BTC price has, after all, already recovered significantly from $15k to $25k.

There is greater regulatory clarity every day, particularly now that Gensler is choosing to follow the El Salvador model more closely in designating everything other than BTC a security.

China’s interest rate freeze is positive for markets

There are many who believe that China’s decision to not raise interest rates any further could be a huge catalyst to a coming bull market, with investors such as the Winklevii making the case that the next bull market will be catalysed by Asia more than the West.

Recently, China decided not to continue with their policy of rate rises, which spurred a rise in many Chinese crypto projects such as NEO.

The Bitcoin halvening is only a year away

Lastly, there is only one year left before the Bitcoin halvening, which historically has been a very bullish moment for the Bitcoin price since it cuts the inflation rate in half.

If history rhymes, then the price of major crypto assets could be expected to rally as we go into the halvening and accelerate significantly some months afterwards, once the effects of smaller miner holdings begin to be felt.

Many investors are currently choosing to capitalise on the current state of the markets by choosing to invest in presales and early stage projects, such as METRO, FGHT and TARO – when the bull market comes back into swing, many of the best performing assets will be those that currently have significantly less market share.

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