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Many analysts are speculating why the Bitcoin and crypto prices have been rallying over the course of the last week, and what new catalysts could shape the price performance moving forward for the rest of 2023.

Speculation mounts that Powell won’t raise rates much further

Speculation has been mounting that Chairman Powell won’t continue to raise rates much further over the rest of 2023, thanks to expectations that the stock market is due for a recession.

The rising cost of capital has disincentivised many investors from participating in risk on assets, and now that inflation appears to be coming down somewhat the incentive for continuously raising rates has been diminished.


Meta Masters Guild is a brand new gaming guild that creates its own games, and the first of their games is one in which players are able to race karts in the metaverse to earn play to earn rewards.

Players must choose a team from one of three different factions, which can then race against one another in order to earn rewards in the MEMAG token.


C-Charge is a project that is positioning itself as one of the greenest ICOs of 2023, and aims to use carbon credits in order to make the process of paying to charge electric vehicles as seamless as possible.

Capitalising on the rise in ESG investing, CCHG is determined to use their token to reward those who charge their electric vehicles with carbon credits.

The goal to leverage the crypto industry and the ESG industry is one of the main reasons why so many speculators are bullish on the value of CCHG moving forward.


FightOut is a move to earn project that has been turning heads in the crypto space thanks to their focus on rewarding their users for health and fitness.

Those who make use of the FightOut platform to exercise can be rewarded for their efforts with the FGHT token and the REPS token, which ought to act as an extra incentive for people to remain consistent in working towards their fitness goals.

Moreover, these tokens can be used by the community in order to upgrade their avatars in the metaverse, which is to provide a welcoming community of people working alongside one another.


RIA is the native token of the Calvaria ecosystem, which is a brand new play to earn gaming ecosystem that is launching across multiple blockchains.

The presale has been a huge success thus far, and has successfully raised $2.8m. However, there are now fewer than two weeks left to contribute before the presale has completed, meaning that those who wish to participate ought to now do so.

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