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Since the market is experiencing a slowdown, why is Battle Infinity Fantasy Sports P2E Coin a good investment for Crypto Winter? First, let’s learn about Battle Infinity and Crypto Winter.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a groundbreaking crypto-gaming platform that allows players to explore a 3D metaverse. Players in the IBAT ecosystem can engage with one another and win rewards for skilled gameplay. These prizes are obtained similarly to the greatest play-to-earn games in that they are awarded in the platform’s native token.

In the case of Battle Infinity, this token is known as IBAT, a BEP-20 token at the heart of the ecosystem. Is it worth buying Battle Infinity since crypto winter seems to prevail?

What Is Crypto Winter?

“Crypto winter” is a term used to describe the period when cryptocurrency prices are low and there is a lack of interest from investors. Investor Mike Novogratz first used the term in November 2018. He said that the lack of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market would lead to a “crypto winter.”

Crypto winter doesn’t mean that cryptocurrencies are gone for good. New investors will likely start investing in these coins once they get back on their feet and recover from this price dip.

Why Is It Happening?

The name “Crypto Winter” comes from the country of Switzerland. In terms of defining the term “crypto winter,” we could say that it’s a period in which the prices of cryptocurrencies decline significantly. This decline can often last for several months or more.

The market definition of the term “Crypto winter” is usually used to describe the period between December 2013 and February 2014. This was when the price of Bitcoin fell by over 80% in just one month. However, it is not always referred to as “Crypto winter.” The price of Bitcoin dropped in 2022, often referred to as “Crypto winter.”

The price of Bitcoin dropped by about 80% from its peak value in December 2020, but some prefer not to use this terminology as it seems more like a self-fulfilling prophecy leading people to believe that “Bitcoin is dead.”

The failure of the TerraUSD cryptocurrency project in May triggered a risk-off sentiment across the market. Then the cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network froze withdrawals, causing a sell-off that sent Bitcoin to a 17-month low.

Since you’re familiar with crypto winter, let’s look at Fantasy Sports, Battle Infinity, and IBAT Premier League to see how much IBAT is worth as a coin.

Fantasy Cricket Works During Crypto Winter

Fantasy sports have been a popular pastime for decades. It is a game that allows participants to draft teams of real-life athletes and then compete against each other by predicting the statistical performance of those athletes. Participants earn points based on the actual performance of their players in games.

The goal of Fantasy Cricket, an online system-based game, is to field a virtual team of real cricket players who compete in real matches worldwide. The goal is to field a better squad than your opponents by selecting 11 players from the active rosters on a particular day.

Fantasy Cricket

Dream11, FanFight, Gamez, Dream11, MyCircle11, and many others are just a few of the many Fantasy platforms that have sprung up on the internet throughout the years. Cricket’s standard Twenty20, One-Day International, and Test series formats are available on these sites, as are games from a wide range of domestic leagues, international competitions, and ICC fixtures.

The second innings contest, fantasy five-a-side, and even the entire four innings of a Test match are just a few unique features you’ll find on these fantasy applications. Cricket fantasy is more than just a game of chance; it calls for extraordinary analytical and intuitive skills.

Knowing the fundamentals of cricket and doing research will equip you with the knowledge you need to outsmart the odds and win the game.

What is Battle Infinity?

The Battle Infinity Fantasy Sports platform is an innovative blockchain-based fantasy sports game built on Ethereum smart contracts and powered by the P2e coin, an ERC20-compliant token. The token will buy and sell players, pay fees, and enter contests. The Battle Infinity platform is an online multiplayer game where you can play with friends or random opponents from around the world.

The IBAT Premier League is the main means customers can accumulate reward points. Battle Infinity’s fantasy sports league allows players to assemble squads and compete for points based on their chosen clubs’ actual standings in the regular season. Those that accumulate the most points will climb the rankings and be eligible for IBAT prizes.

Moreover, since IBAT Premier League players are arranged as NFTs, they may be easily traded by users. Since the value of players is determined by supply and demand, this increases the potential earnings of using IBAT. If a player has had a solid season, their market worth will certainly increase.

Battle Infinity Challenges and Solutions

The world of fantasy sports is dominated by two companies, DraftKings and FanDuel. They are the industry’s leaders, with a total market share of 98%. Recently, they have been facing increasing competition from other startups in the space.

Sharp Surge in IBAT Price Despite Crypto Winter

Since IDO, IBAT has increased by almost 100% before returning to $0.0043.  The token’s value has overgrown following its listing on Pancakeswap and LBANK. However, several recent developments have kept the IBAT afloat despite a bearish crypto market.

Battle Infinity, a platform for play-to-earn fantasy sports activities that debuted its IBAT token on the LBank exchange last week, has been listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap.

CoinGecko is a top crypto statistics portal with over 12,000 crypto assets listed. It is regarded as the primary listing platform for the crypto community to follow token values and rank projects alongside Coinmarketcap.

Over the past several weeks, the Battle Infinity team has hosted a series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to better communicate with the existing community and attract new players. Team members recently joined the Meta Blockchains Telegram group to discuss the project’s current state and plans.

IBAT Announces $3K Winners

Recently, IBAT held a $3,000 giveaway, and the top scores who submitted their information within the deadline received their winnings in their designated wallets if you were one of them, congratulations on your results!

Battle Infinity

More information regarding the Battle Infinity NFT (non-fungible token) games platform can be found in the whitepaper, roadmap, and

So, despite a slowdown in the crypto market or a “crypto winter” season, fantasy cricket games, particularly Battle Infinity, have a future, as investors can still make money with IBAT.

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