Coin prices appear to stabilize as the crypto market prepares for significant consolidation. The unique features of Calvaria make it a top choice among investors looking for opportunities.

RIA Token Selling Out Quickly

Developers of the Calvaria blockchain game have confirmed that they are moving quickly towards completing the presale of their native token, RIA. According to the announcement, 85% of the tokens allotted for the fourth stage of the presale have already been sold.

The achievement means that RIA’s presale is approaching the $2 million capital raise mark.

Calvaria’s fourth presale has proven to be the most challenging so far, but that is to be expected given the current market situation. Despite this, sales for this stage are expected to close by the month’s end.

The RIA presale began just a little over a month ago. Through it, Calvaria’s developers hope to sell RIA tokens to early investors across ten stages. RIA’s price started the presale trading at $0.010, but its price has so far risen to $0.025 at the fourth presale stage.

This means that early investors have earned over 100% gains already. With six stages left, there is still an opportunity for new investors to make a profit.

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new blockchain game that combines non-fungible tokens with the metaverse. In the game, players are transported to a virtual world where they will be able to purchase NFT trading cards. Here, the objective is to build a deck that is strong enough to defeat other opponents.

Each trading card in Calvaria is an NFT, which means it belongs to the player. Players can profit from them by selling the tokens on the in-app marketplace of the game. Calvaria’s developers also organize social media competitions and engagement initiatives in which players and community members can win cash prizes.

The platform is currently giving away $100,000, and interested users can join the competition.

What RIA Does

RIA is the native token for Calvaria. The digital asset is incredibly versatile, allowing players easy access to all of the platform’s features.

Players looking to purchase NFTs in the game’s in-app marketplace can do so with RIA. Also, the asset can be staked, so holders can use their existing RIA tokens to earn more.

By staking RIA, users can gain access to Calvria’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which makes decisions on the game and proposals made by developers and community members.

It is also worth noting that holding RIA is usually the prerequisite for gaining access to the game’s competitions and other community engagement initiatives. Buy RIA on Presale Now

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