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There is an increasing level of excitement among investors for crypto trading platform Dash 2 Trade (D2T) as it positions itself to become the go-to destination for traders who want an edge in the cryptocurrency market. With its cutting-edge features and tools that will offer users unparalleled levels of visibility into the markets, the project has seen a surge in popularity recently, with over $10 million raised so far with only 19 days left until the end of its presale. Some whales have invested heavily in D2T, raising over $400k within 24 hours at one point and setting the project up for a potential 10x rally in 2023.

At the heart of D2T are its powerful artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, which allow for sophisticated analysis of market data and trends. This makes it easier for traders to understand how different tokens are performing and how best to invest in them. In addition, the platform provides up-to-date data and real-time notifications of price shifts, giving traders the ability to take advantage of market changes as they happen.

The platform also offers automated trading tools such as portfolio tracking and a smart trade bot. With these tools, users can build custom portfolios that are tailored to their individual needs and have their trades executed instantly, with no manual intervention.

To top it all off, Dash 2 Trade has an intuitive dashboard with a simplified user interface that makes it easy for even novice investors to get a handle on the project’s features. The crypto trading platform also offers three different subscription tiers so users can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

In addition to providing advanced analytics and automated trading tools, Dash 2 Trade will also feature social media metrics on its platform.

In light of the recent events with FTX, the developers behind Dash 2 Trade have decided to launch their platform sooner than planned and sell fewer tokens. The original plan was to hold 9 presale stages and sell 665 million D2T tokens; however, this has been cut back to only 4 stages, with a total of 262.5 million Tokens available for sale or tools that can help detect scams in the crypto space following the collapse of FTX.

This article will explain the main ecosystem feature of Dash 2 Trade and how it can help investors get a leg up in the markets in 2023 and beyond.

How the FTX Collapse Benefits Dash 2 Trade

After FTX’s recent market failure has left many people skeptical, Dash 2 Trade is set to launch with a bang. There is now a high demand for better analytics tools that go beyond what most platforms currently provide. Dash 2 Trade will offer features such as on-chain data analytics, professional-grade market indicators, advanced alerts, social metrics, and more.

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Features of Dash 2 Trade Crypto Trading Platform

The team behind Dash 2 Trade’s crypto trading platform is comprised of veterans from Learn 2 Trade. With over 70k members worldwide, this well-known trading brand has years of experience helping traders succeed. They have now teamed up with Quant, AI developers, and other experts to create a unique crypto trading dashboard and ecosystem that includes these features:

Risk Profiler: At the end of the day, consistently profitable trading comes down to more than studying market trends. It requires an understanding of why people make certain decisions — which is where Dash 2 Trade comes in. The Dash 2 Trade platform helps traders understand their risk profiles and how they can use that information to make informed trades. The platform will help traders become aware of market psychology, including their own, helping traders improve their decision-making skills and avoid common emotionally-driven trading mistakes.

D2T token: The Dash 2 Trade will use the D2T token to power its features and for traders to pay subscription fees. The ERC-20 token can be used tax-free and provides users access to signals, social trading, and more market opportunities.

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Social Metrics: Not only does the crypto trading platform give social metrics for well-known sites like Reddit and Twitter, but it also uses data in real-time to support investors get ideas of what coins are surfacing in the investment community and why. This allows traders to understand the positive or negative feelings around a certain project before making any choices.

Whale Alerts: Dash 2 Trade’s whale alert service is the best way to track large transfers of crypto assets, and identify potential whales and market makers.

On-Chain Analysis: Dash 2 Trade provides users with on-chain analysis and professional grade indicators so they can assess market sentiment, volume, and price movements in close to real-time.

Data Aggregation and Indexing: The platform keeps track of data from major exchanges and provides an indexing service so users can follow what’s happening on the blockchain. By simplifying things, traders using this service won’t miss out on important market events or news.

Trading Competitions: D2T tokens can be used to join trading competitions hosted by Dash 2 Trade. By providing rewards for learning and trading, it creates an incentive for traders to keep developing their skills.

Community: Dash 2 Trade will depend on contributions from investors, developers, market experts, and traders from around the world. The Discord chat will be one of the main places where people can talk about the crypto trading platform and trading strategies.

Auto-trading: Dash 2 Trade’s auto-trader allows users to create automated trading strategies. The platform’s innovative features enable users to link orders with their broker API for customization, as well as get an automatic review of how the auto-trader is performing.

Presale Rating System: Without the proper knowledge, traders can make foolish decisions with how they invest their money. Dash 2 Trade will address this by providing a scoring system for presale tokens that include essential details like whether the team is legitimate and if an audit has been done correctly. With more information, traders can pick and choose which presales to participate in instead of trusting every project blindly.

The “DashScore” system ranks a project based on five categories with a detailed 100 point system.

Strategy Builder: Dash 2 Trade’s strategy builder and back-testing tools give users insights into strategies for live market conditions, so they can experiment in the market before risking any capital. The available information includes crucial data points such as volume, volatility, and order activity from prominent exchanges. If a trader’s assessment reveals that their current strategy is unprofitable after all this analysis, they can make changes and test again.

Subscriptions: The free tier gives access to market and social metrics while the Starter tier, accessible through a monthly subscription of 400 D2T tokens, provides more detailed information about presale launches, on-chain data, three watchlist items, automated trading tools, and the Discord channel. The Premium tier is available for 1000 D2T and comes with all features including on-chain data analytics, trading competitions whale alerts ,and pro indicators .

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Dash 2 Trade’s crypto trading platform will change how traders investigate and invest in cryptocurrency by providing tools like auto-trading, analytics, and social metrics with AI assistance. If you’re considering investing and interested in learning more about the Dash 2 Trade project, read the whitepaper.

With only 30% of D2T tokens remaining and the presale coming to a close in 19 days, now is the time for investors to buy in. So far, sales have generated over $10.2 million, with each token available at $0.0533 apiece. However, due to high demand Tokens are selling out quickly; with only 23% of tokens left.

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