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Web3 Hiring Marketplace DeeLance NFTs Guarantee Recruiters Get What They Paid For – How to Invest Today


DeeLance, the new blockchain and Web3-based platform that powers the freelance and recruitment marketplace, is generating much buzz in cryptocurrency.

The revolutionary platform launched its token, $DLANCE, on presale less than a week ago, and it has already raised over $38,000 from investors.

The disruptive project aims to create a seamless and faster hub where recruiters can connect with freelancers in seconds.

Early investors have less than 13 days to lock in the lowest price of $DLANCE and earn a 40% increase when its presale ends.

A Decentralized Workspace for Freelancers and Recruiters

DeeLance is surging to be one of the best crypto projects in 2023 due to its stacked utilities geared toward the recruitment industry.

According to IBISWorld recent report, the recruitment industry is currently worth $761 billion.

DeeLance aims to revolutionalize this sector by creating a more simplified way for recruiters to hire freelancers, transfer payments, and guarantee optimal service production.

Crypto enthusiasts assert that the disruption concept of DeeLance towards the recruitment sector is enormous. The platform has all it takes to go toe-to-toe with already-established traditional freelance and recruitment companies such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Compared to the stated conventional firms, the project offers a spate of integral perks to employers and freelancers.

First, DeeLance charges employers a 2% hire fee and a 10% fee for freelancers, which is highly competitive.

In addition, the novel freelance and recruitment platform offer users a transparent and secure payment structure.

Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, DeeLance incorporates escrow functionality to protect both hirers and freelancers from loss by releasing funds only when tasks are transferred and approved.

Recruiters can also opt to use crypto as a means of payment to facilitate swift transfers and avert foreign exchange fees.

DeeLance Exciting NFT Marketplace and Metaverse World

The transfer of ownership from freelancers to recruiters is the major challenge of traditional workspaces such as Fiverr and Upwork. This entails specifying who owns the rights to any piece of content or task performed by freelancers.

The DeeLance ecosystem solves this challenge by integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to tokenize tasks.

When a recruiter hires a freelancer and pays for services such as written content, designed graphics, programming, or software development, they automatically receive an NFT to represent full ownership of purchased services.

This feature allows employers to fully own purchased services with no complexities and use them without restriction.

Furthermore, DeeLance creates a marketplace in its freelance and recruitment ecosystem to help users interact with the metaverse world while accessing job opportunities and a seamless payment structure.

Employers planning to hire freelancers for various job roles will be able to communicate in the metaverse as NFT avatars.

Even better, interviews, meetings, and advertisements can all be conducted within the DeeLance virtual ecosystem, and freelancers can freely advertise their previous services to attract more clients.

At the heart of the DeeLance project is its native token, $DLANCE.

Although contracts between recruiters and freelancers can be paid via cryptocurrencies and fiats, users keen on setting up virtual offices, meetings, and adverts are required to pay with $DLANCE tokens.

This means that early adopters of the metaverse token in its ongoing fast-selling presale can lock in great discounts on metaverse office space, meetings, and adverts on the platform.

DeeLance is not just a short-term investment; it is the future of metaverse business in the coming years.

Buy $DLANCE Now – Over $38,000 Raised in Less Than a Week

The $DLANCE token processes all ecosystem transactions and facilitates governance and staking.

Holders of this digital asset will be to pay for virtual offices and advertise services to clients seamlessly.

Investors from crypto and recruitment communities can leverage the low-priced metaverse project token and earn up to 40% profit before their presale ends.

As of press time, $DLANCE trades at $0.025 USDT. The digital asset price will increase to $0.027 USDT in its second presale stage and $0.030 in its third stage.

The platform offers reputable payment options for its utility token, ranging from a credit card via Transak, Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT.)


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