Walmart Getting into Crypto - Files Blockchain and VR Patents, But What Are Its Plans

Retail giant Walmart seems to be venturing into the crypto and blockchain industry. The company’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club, recently filed an application for multiple blockchain-related patents. The trademarks relate to cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Walmart files for crypto, blockchain, and VR patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office website shows that the retail giant has filed for multiple trademarks related to blockchain technology. The records of these patent filings are 97775159 and 97775152. The patents could see the retail giant’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club, offering a wide range of virtual items.

Because of this filing, Sam’s Club will offer virtual goods, including home decorations, personal care products, and sports goods. Moreover, the filings have also mentioned crypto assets and NFTs. It also includes virtual and augmented reality education and healthcare.

The Walmart subsidiary could also explore digital wallets and other forms of software that can contain a portfolio of digital assets. It is not the first time that Walmart is filing for a crypto-related trademark application.

In 2018, the retail giant announced that it would release bulkcoin for Sam’s Club members. In early 2022, there were reports that the retail giant was planning to venture into the metaverse. At the time, Walmart filed the first round of trademarks related to NFTs. The filing was made towards the end of 2021.

More companies continue to file for trademark applications

There has been a notable increase in the number of companies filing trademarks related to NFTs, metaverse goods and services, and cryptocurrencies. A sporadic growth was witnessed in 2022 despite the bear market that rocked the industry at the time.

In November last year, licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis compiled a report about the number of trademark applications related to digital currencies and their related goods and services.

“Through October, 4708 US trademark apps have been filed for digital/cryptocurrencies + related goods and services,” the report said.

The report also noted the trademark applications filed for the metaverse and other virtual goods and services. The applications in this area increased from 4,997 compared to the 1,890 filed in 2021. The data shows significant interest in the metaverse and related areas despite the challenges witnessed in the growth of this industry.

There was also significant interest in NFT trademark applications, according to the statistics published by Kondoudis. Despite the significant drop in NFT trading volumes and sales, the number of trademarks related to NFTs and similar products rose from 2,142 in 2021 to 6,855 in October 2022.

Some of the largest brands globally have already filed for trademarks associated with the digital asset sector. These companies include Nike and Rolex, with the latter planning to bring NFTs, NFT marketplaces, and a cryptocurrency exchange onto the platform. These filings appear not to be slowing down as interest in digital assets continues to grow amid the bearish sentiment across the market.

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