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VC in Crypto – Web3 Games Best Position to Grab Eye Balls and Investors

vc in crypto focuses on decentralized games

Venture capitalists invested approximately $10 billion in startups and companies within the crypto industry despite the recent winter season, data from Galaxy Digital reveals.

Some of the key themes that have still been attracting investors’ money include the metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized games, with the latter possibly becoming the fastest growing segment in the entire ecosystem due to its appealing characteristics to users across the world.

In regards to the prospects of this corner of the crypto industry, Lucas Matney, the crypto editor for TechCrunch, writes: “Gaming does seem like a great consumer beachhead for crypto and I’d expect plenty of these dedicated crypto funds to dump a significant quantity of their funds into studios and platforms pursuing this”.

Some of the most popular gaming tokens including Decentraland (LAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and The Sandbox have experienced severe losses so far in 2022 while others like ApeCoin (APE) – the native token of the APE ecosystem – are right where they started when the year kicked off.

However, these projects have shown that there is an interest out there for play-to-earn (P2E) initiatives and, even though external forces have shocked the crypto market in the past few months, this does not mean that the prospects of this trend are now less attractive.

With this in mind, investors may be focusing on early-stage projects that offer asymmetrical risk/reward opportunities. For venture capitalists, success is not generally achieved by identifying the best project among all. Instead, they typically spread their eggs in many baskets and offset their losers with the gains produced by the top winners of the portfolio.

Lucky Block and Battle Infinity – Two Under-the-Radar Blockchain Games

vc in crypto - lucky block

Two early-stage projects stand out in the crypto ecosystem due to their appealing value propositions and innovative tokenomics.

The first to mention is Lucky Block, a blockchain game that rewards users who buy an NFT to participate in one of the many competitions that are currently active within the platform. Currently, NFT holders may participate to win $1 million in BTC tokens, a $1 million house, or a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.

In addition to participating in these competitions, NFT holders are also entitled to receive a portion of the reward pool whether they win or not and may also benefit if the price of the game’s native token – LBLOCK – rises as a result of higher demand for this crypto asset.

Recently, LBLOCK was listed on a major centralized exchange – LBANK. Today, the price is rising 45.3% at $0.0038 per coin.

Battle Infinity’s Pre-Sale is Getting Hotter and Hotter

ibat presale keeps moving forward

A second project is also making its way into the decentralized gaming ecosystem and investors still have a chance to grab some tokens at a price that may never come back. We are talking about Battle Infinity, a metaverse and GameFi project that is aiming to become the next Axie Infinity.

The developing team behind this innovative crypto project is raising capital via the pre-sale of the game’s native token – IBAT – and, thus far, data from BscScan indicates that the project has exceeded 3,000 holders.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem will feature multiple play-to-earn experiences including a fantasy sports game called the IBAT Premier League. In addition, users will be able to exchange their IBAT tokens for other crypto assets while they will also be able to sell NFTs and stake their tokens to earn rewards.

In theory, investors still have 70 days to invest in IBAT before the pre-sale is over. However, 44.4% of the tokens meant to be sold have already been bought and this means that the event could be over much sooner than expected.

With as little as 1 BNB, investors will be entitled to receive 166,666.66 IBAT tokens. With so little on the line, and considering the appealing prospects of the decentralized gaming segment, this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in a project much like a VC in crypto would. By risking little on a venture that may (or may not) be widely successful in the future.

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