Many apps have come forward to bridge the gap between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 over the last few years. A recent example is United TeleBot (UTB) – a Telegram bot that doubles as a crypto wallet and an investment tool. The instant and fully-automated crypto app is set apart by its interactive user experience and guaranteed returns.

Here is a closer look at UTB and how it succeeds in building a Web 3.0 community from Telegram’s growing traffic.

How UTB Changes the Popular Narrative About Crypto

The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies seems distant today, despite its large potential in decentralizing industries with better transparency. The reasons come down to two. First, the high technical barrier to the crypto market. Second, the high volatility of the market. Most people are apprehensive about taking their dive into the crypto market, as a result.

United TeleBot (UTB) aims to solve both.

Built inside a Telegram bot, the app features an interactive onboarding process, guiding you in each step. If it takes you almost half an hour and multiple complicated steps to install a crypto wallet in general, UTB cuts down the time to a few seconds. You can complete the process in just two clicks. The UTB wallet currently supports deposits in ETH, BTC, BNB, USDT, and BUSD. In addition, it supports withdrawals and conversion.

With UTB, your funds are where your discussions are, secured by the Telegram app. To add an extra layer of protection, you can create a password on Telegram by going to the Privacy and Security section under Settings. Although UTB is fully automated using AI, there is a human behind always ready to help. Reach out to the 24h support for any doubts or queries. The UTB Chat Group is also a useful source of investment tactics and strategies.

The next feature that explains the fast growth of UTB is guaranteed returns. It offers a daily growth of (at least) 1% for every penny you invest in.

UTB monetizes the growing stream of traffic to Telegram, using its close alliance with Teletraff Bot, which is becoming a popular promotion tool on Telegram. Relying heavily on a referral system, it brings a calculable income for every new account. UTB’s special algorithm requires you to get three referrals before you can withdraw your gains. The referral system helps UTB grow its audience, which it can then monetize. In exchange, it shares the profits with users.

Assured Daily Token Growth on United TeleBot: Explained

UTB is gaining thousands of new users weekly, who use it as a wallet and an investment tool. The growing community boosts the market cap of UTBAI – the native token of the platform. Generally, a rapid increase in the market cap leads to a rapid increase in the price of the native tokens. Whales take advantage of the bull wave to exit their position and maximize their profits. That, in turn, leads to a crash, reversing the gains. The speculative nature of most crypto assets undermines their utility and adoption.

Rather than simply distributing profits among community members, UTB divides them into small, daily increments based on a predetermined monthly income. As a result, the price will not increase from $100 to $200 in an instant. Instead, it gradually rises over the course of time (a week to several months), rendering speculative moves ineffective. The approach makes the product more stable and trustworthy.

For this, UTB uses an advanced self-adjusting algorithm – the result of a deep experiment based on the capabilities of neural-driven AI. While one aspect of the algorithm focuses on controlling price growth, the other motivates users to engage with the platform using a Ladder Rating system. UTB will send you daily push notifications on your profits, along with weekly and monthly statistical updates.

An Introduction to the UTB Ladder Ranking System

To see your Ladder Position or UTB rating, click the Referral button on the menu. The rank is determined by:

1) The number of users you have invited to the platform

2) The impact of their investments

3) The amount of tokens you hold

The higher your rating, the more income you will generate from your funds. The returns can be anywhere from 1% to 10%. UTB uses an adaptive, neural-driven algorithm to rank users. As you scale the ladder, you will unlock new bonuses and sometimes even additional mechanics. The Ladder System will host two seasons yearly, with special events and prizes. As a new season begins, the points are reset, giving a fresh start for all UTB club members. It does not affect your funds.

How to Join United TeleBot?

You can add United TeleBot, now in the open Beta stage, to your Telegram app in a single click. The Beta V2 of the platform will go live in March 2023 with new mechanics. According to the roadmap, the app will add new options for both deposit and withdrawal, including Telegram’s spin-off token TON and credit cards, in April. More cryptocurrencies and payment methods will be integrated later.

The features are limited to deposits, withdrawals, conversion, and a slot machine (beta) as of now. It will soon host the Ladder Season, drawing more traffic and engagement to the community with exciting rewards.