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Fight Out is a new Web3 fitness platform that aims to revolutionize the move-to-earn (M2E) crypto niche and the broader fitness industry by becoming the first platform to financially reward its users for working out.

Existing M2E platforms like STEPN and Sweatcoin only reward users for steps, but Fight Out will reward users for various exercises, including gym workouts.

The Web3 fitness startup hopes that the prospect of financial reward for exercise will entice users to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone knows that inactivity contributes significantly to illness, disability, and poor mental health. As a result, Fight Out wishes to establish a platform where everyone leads an active, healthy lifestyle because society benefits from it.

The platform has raised more than $5.4 million in its presale, and interested investors have only 17 days left to purchase the token before it ends.

Fight Out Is Here to Change the Game

Web3 games have evolved to address the exploitative business model of Web2 games by granting ownership of in-game assets to their player base, allowing players to benefit from their dedication and hard work. However, the new Web3 gaming strategy has three major flaws.

Firstly, they prioritized earning methods over creating an enjoyable, fun-filled game. As a result, rather than playing for fun, people play the game for work.

These play-to-earn games‘ economic models prioritize NFT “breeding” as the best path to financial success and demand expensive NFTs to begin participating. This means that as soon as the project’s player base tries to cash out, demand for the NFTs will plummet as new user acquisition drops.

As a result of these factors, access to Web3 games is limited to a Web2 audience. Furthermore, the high Web3 understanding required to begin playing and benefiting limits anything approaching mainstream market acceptance.

Fight Out believes gamers should be rewarded for their hard work, achievements, and contributions to the gaming community. It also wants to create a healthy society for everyone to live an active lifestyle.

Users of the Fight Out Play-to-Earn gaming environment can train in real life to boost their avatar’s stats and participate in play-to-earn contests to win FGHT and other prizes.

They will receive unmatched material, a metaverse experience, and real-world events from the platform. Also, with the addition of fantasy MMA, players may train their combat intelligence to increase their chances of winning.

Access to Elite Athletes

With Fight Out, users can finally incorporate their real-life physique into a game.

The user’s real-life training and accomplishments impact the in-game features, including stamina, regeneration, accuracy, jump height, distance, ability to execute moves, dodge, counter, and all other actions they perform in games.

Players also have access to virtual gyms and top-tier master classes created by elite athletes acting as ambassadors.

In order to achieve this goal, elite athletes from the boxing and mixed martial arts scenes, such as UFC fighter Amanda Ribas and champion boxer Savannah Marshall, have already joined forces with Fight Out.

This helps bring more gaming and fitness enthusiasts into the ecosystem. Users can look forward to learning from on-demand video classes covering cardio, technique, mobility, strength and conditioning, and challenges set by these ambassadors.

Invest in FGHT Before Presale Ends

Fight Out is currently conducting a presale of the FGHT crypto token, which will power its web3 ecosystem, to fund the development of its revolutionary fitness platform.

So far, the FGHT token has raised more than $5.46 million from investors in its ongoing token presale.

At press time, the $FGHT is selling for $0.028. The presale will end in 17 days, with the price increasing every 12 hours until a maximum of $0.0333.

To purchase the token, investors must have the Metamask wallet installed on their PCs and the Trust wallet installed on their mobile devices. Credit cards, USDT, and ETH are all acceptable payment methods.

Fight Out has already pre-announced listings on seven exchanges from April 5 –, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

Presale participants should also be aware that they can earn up to 50% more FGHT in bonus tokens, which are triggered based on the purchase amount and vesting period selected.

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