Despite the current downturn, investors are still optimistic about the crypto industry’s future as several high-value assets are expected to enter the market.

This article will examine some of these three coins and the possible reasons for price surges and 10x gains.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

D2T is the first coin on our list. It is a digital asset with an impressive use case that will certainly witness price gains soon.

D2T powers Dash 2 Trade, a research, and analytics platform that provides crypto investors quick access to all the information they need to optimize their profits.

D2T crypto

Dash 2 Trade, which aspires to be the “Bloomberg terminal for crypto,” provides numerous appealing features to prospective crypto investors. These include regular signals, a strategy builder, and a trading application program interface (API).

The platform’s developers also recently launched a presale dashboard that offers curated signals, backtesting, social trading, an auto-trading bot, and technical indicators.

D2T allows players to make payments for Dash 2 Trade and engage in trading competitions. The digital asset is in its final stage of presale and has so far raised over $9.2 million out of its developers’ planned $13.2 million goal.

Dash 2 Trade’s developers have also secured partnerships with LBank and BitMart to list the token as soon as the presale is over.

Impact Project (IMPT)

Investors interested in making profit while also doing good for the environment would appreciate the Impact Project. It is the most prominent environmental, social, and governmental (ESG) investment option in the crypto market, allowing investors to easily purchase and trade carbon credits.


With the Impact Project, credits are in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform allows investors to access high-quality eco-sustainability projects worldwide, which will go a long way in helping to reduce the global carbon footprint.

The Ethereum-based platform has also secured partnerships with over 25,000 companies, which are now part of its affiliate network. These companies, including big names like Nike, Samsung, and Amazon, will commit a portion of their revenues towards funding these eco-sustainability initiatives while rewarding their customers who shop via the Impact Project.

IMPT, the Impact Project’s native token, has had the year’s most impressive presales. The digital asset has raised over $16.9 million, exceeding most analysts’ expectations and moving from strength to strength even in a bear market.

The IMPT token will be listed on three exchanges, LBank, Changelly, and Uniswap, on December 14th for $0.0253, 10% higher than the current presale price.

Calvaria (RIA)

Even amid the bear market, crypto gaming has continued to be a highly resilient space. The opportunity to earn profit while engaging in a fun activity is just too good to pass up, and many gamers are attracted to crypto gaming for its embrace of the play-to-earn model.

Calvaria CRYPTO

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is set in an afterlife-themed metaverse, and it tasks players with buying NFT trading cards and building decks used to compete with other players.

Calvaria’s objective is for players to build trading card decks and compete with one another. To obtain the platform’s Earned RIA (eRIA) token, they must build decks using various techniques, capitalizing on character strengths.

The platform has a primary ecosystem token called RIA. With RIA, players can buy and sell NFTs in Calvaria’s in-app marketplace and participate in game governance. The digital asset also allows holders to participate in games and competitions organized by Calvaria’s developers.

RIA is in its final presale stage and has raised over $2.38 million. The game’s developers have also announced that once the presale period is over, the digital asset will be listed on LBank and MEXC.

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